SO HERE WE ARE . . . TOGETHER AGAIN, facing a New Year (2016) with really – NO NEW CHALLENGES, since what new challenges can we possibly face at this juncture in time, that will be in addition to what we’ve been facing for several generations, that have already carried us to where we are today, that could possibly be new?


WELL FOLKS . . . the STRAW is on the way. And it seems that what most people are doing about it, is just hanging around waiting to see what happens, when ultimately, the Camel will FALL to its knees?

AND THEN, THERE ARE THE PEOPLE . . . who can’t even see it coming, much less understand where their complicity has played more than just a bit of a hand.


As I wrote in my last Editorial of 2015 . . . I will pick-up from there – in this, the FIRST Editorial of 2016, meaning that to this BLOG, it’s all still on the table, with no one who deserves it . . . to be spared.

We all know that the Camel can take just so much. And we also know who it is, or rather, whom they are, who are throwing the straws upon that poor Camel’s BACK without thought or pity. And we know who will be left to pick-up that poor Camel once it SUCCUMBS . . .


I BELIEVE . . . that no matter what we do or say at this juncture, the Camel is going down – LIKE IT OR NOT. But, as in every SOCIAL collapse, a POLITICAL collapse follows, and that’s where we come in.

IF WE ARE SUFFICIENTLY AWARE . . . we don’t have to go down with the Camel. And not only that, there’s no reason for us to suffer along with all the people who have been at best, just sleepwalking on their way to the edge of the cliff, and at worst, speeding-up their process by being stupid, greedy, having a lack of historical knowledge, and the outright abandonment of our Constitutional Rights & Basic Individual FREEDOMS.


1 – Do not surrender any part of your Constitutional RIGHTS.

2 – Make no apologies for being RIGHT.

3 – Do not argue with LEFTISTS or IDIOTS . . . one-in-the-same.

4 – Don’t just take any Politician’s word for just anything.

5 – Hold the Feet of the Politicians to the FIRE for all of their promises.

6 – Do not accept lying and cheating by Politicians as anything being like normal.

7 – Don’t believe what the Media Says or Writes, just because it’s the Media.

8 – Don’t be quiet or shy when standing-up for all of our RIGHTS!

9 – Don’t be sucked into donating to Charities just because of the hype. Check them out!

10 – Be very careful of what you write, who you believe, and which BLOGGERS you trust.

11 – As for Global Warming/Climate Change . . . let the LEFT Freeze in the Dark.

12 – Surround yourself with Like-Minded Conservatives. And make plans to get through whatever might lie ahead in 2016. And don’t be embarrassed or timid to be called a PREPPER, because if nothing happens, what have you lost? But, if it all hits the fan, for one reason or another, who will be laughing then?

13 – REMEMBER ALINSKY’S RULES FOR RADICALS . . . Use it against the LEFT the way they’ve used it against us. And if Civil Disobedience is within the parameters of the law, no matter how far you have to stretch the law works – OVERWHELM THEM AND ORGANIZE. Remember, what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

14 – AND FINALLY . . .

Pick your Favorite CONSERVATIVE Republican Candidate, and go with that person all the way. And regardless of who the Republican Nominee is . . . do whatever you can to get that person into the White House.

AND PLEASE . . . make sure to spread the word about GALGANOV.COM


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Another Islamic attack and massacre, this time in Paris.
    And once again the Western democracies will refuse to see it and admit what is happening.
    How many have to be killed…9,000….100,000…400,000…2 million….4 million…??
    I say at least 4 million before we even see a problem.
    We are pathetic.

  2. Howard, it is a good signal for 2016 that, once again, your advice for the coming year is right on the money, in all respects.

    Thank you for ringing in the new year in a positive way, in spite of the potentially dark days ahead.

  3. A blessed and happy New Year to you and your family! Let’s add No. 14 to your list: Put God in the forefront of all your thoughts and actions to make sure 2016 goes the RIGHT way!

  4. A happy and healthy new year to you, Anne, and your four-legged family. I agree with you Howard… we never know where it will hit and we never know when it will hit, but it’s gonna hit. The camel is We The People and We – especially those of us derisively described by the fraud Pretendent as clinging to our guns and religion – will be the battalion that will save America, if it can be saved. In 2016 let us resolve to be ready for that fight. Hopefully it will be peaceful, but it may not be.

  5. Happy New Year Howard. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

    I think you should resurrect the blog on dealing and NOT dealing with liberals in ones personal life. Kinda goes with this piece!!

  6. Thanks Howard, your advice is well founded for Canadians as well. We have a cavorting prince of photo ops parading his face around the media acting like a prime minister, but I doubt he really knows how to be a PM. He is very much like Obama who has been pretending to be a president these last pathetic 7 years. Sad that the PM admires the US socialist so much.
    Rod Kemp
    Mount Albert. Ontario, Canada

  7. There are lots of jokes on the enter net most not that funny, but this one is really funny . The new prime minister for Canada
    Promised sunny days and lower taxes for the middle class, ha ha ha wow that is a funny one.problem is the joke is on Canadians.
    Happy new year
    Ross, Williamstown ontario

  8. Good advice as always Howard….

    As the Americans see the light at the end of the Obama tunnel, we Canadians are just beginning our journey into darkness with our substitute teacher at the helm of our Country…..there is much to do and your list is most timely….

    Thank you and all the VERY best for the New Year before us….

  9. Great advice, as usual, Howard! Wishing all here a healthy, happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  10. Happy New Year to you and your bride. I think the following applies.

    There is no one so blind as he/she that will not see.

    This applies to politics, government, finance, etc., and religion.

  11. Silence is NOT golden. We have been silent too long and the corrupt liberal politiicans, media and corporations have gotten control. Like the Phoenix, America the Great will rise again. Be strong. Be faithful. Be aware and awake.

  12. Yes Howard, that is good advice. At best we need to surround ourselves with good people. Remember those who have been faithful to keep us safe and hold on to our freedoms. Life is sacred and if you do sacrifice your life make sure it is for the “good of mankind.” Be at peace with all men as much as you possibly can but stand for that which is just and within the Law of the Eternal One. THANK YOU HOWARD!

  13. A very Happy New Year to you, Anne & Straeker as well as all the readers of your blog space. As 2016 gets going, we will see what will happen in the USA as the election in November kicks into high gear. This election will make or break the US – economically and politically. I must say that I am not optimistic because there are so many problems – all of them big. Socialism & the left seem to be growing fast and democracy is no longer rule by the majority for the majority – so sad!!

  14. 100% with you on all 12 points Howard. All the very best to you and your family for 2016.

  15. “don’t argue with idiots” – ask them what percentage of earth’s atmosphere is made up of CO2 ( 0 . 034% ) and let them figure it out for themselves. Happy New Year

  16. YOUR 13 suggestions, is perfect I couldn’t change one or add one, that’s what makes Howard so very special. His insight is like no other’s out there of course yours truly. I blog but when compared to Howard “PALE IN COMPARISON. We are so fortunate to have such a remarkable friend on our side, he teaches us, warns us and is right practically all the time. Happy New Year to Howard and Anne and Stryker and lil kitty. Looking forward to the best ever!

  17. We should be holding the kid with the hair piece, accountable over the FNFTA and demand to have transparency
    everywhere within Government.
    I have nothing to hide, why should the aboriginal hierarchy be able to.

  18. Howard, Alas I am not an American, so I can’t vote. What I don’t understand is how come the Republicans who won the houses in 2014, are just sitting and doing nothing. I was sure that they will fry Hillary about her blunder in Ben Ghazi and to start proceedings against Obama to be impeached. What happened to all the big talk?
    Happy New Year
    Steve , Montreal

  19. On a positive note, if we view the CAMEL as being the LIBERALS, the LAST STRAW [TRUMP] will bring THEM down to their knees! Reastically, NOTHING can be done about those people who are “sleeping at the switch” re: our DECREPIT Government and its INEFFECTIVE President! It is NECESSARY for the CONSERVATIVES to STAND for the THRUTH and SPEAK OUT regarding the LIBERAL’s Socialistic Views. Trump’s message of “we need to make our Country great again” is true! Now, he needs to announce a good V.P. AMEN!

  20. On point, again! Are we ready for 2016? Whether or not we are ready, 2016 is here now. We can choose to fight or sit, keeping our mouths and comments, to ourselves. I choose to fight. I still haven’t decided which Republican candidate I will vote for on Super Tuesday Primary, March 1st. However, I will back the candidate that is selected by the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18-21. July is an earlier date than what has been in the last several decades, it gives us more time to fight! 🙂

  21. No army is better than the leader. No group is better than the leader. You are the perfect leader of this group that read your blog. Now let us get a president as the perfect leader of this country, so we can get it back on track. I will back Trump all the way as the best of the bunch. He has guts and the wisdom. He knows hot to find the right people to help him in his business, as he will also in government. Let us make this a Happy New Year.

  22. I know I will be emailing my new liberal MP about the forced supposed refugees entering my country and the possibility of turning My country into what has and is happening in Europe

  23. Happy New Year to you and yours. Obama should be impeached and our prime minister fluff should stick to his part time drama job!!!! We also have a socialist leader in Alberta, God help us all! I am an old guy and I will apply for refugee status because I understand they are entitled to a considerably larger monthly income than I am. Perhaps our P.M. could find it in his heart to treat pensioners as well, seeing as we paid taxes for 50 to 65 years. Dave Shearer Fawcett AB. Can.

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