Silence Is The Penicillin Of Despots



The greatest weapon the LEFT has at its disposal is PSEUDO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, where they pretend that a FREE PRESS and the UNOPPOSED right to debate, to speak, and to be heard, is the foundation of their purpose and philosophy . . . WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE.

IN ALL TRUTH . . . Freedom of Expression – to the LEFT, only counts when it is their TRUTHS . . . while all other opinions are to be shunned at best, demagogued as an act of intimidation, or just kept silent at worst. And thus far . . . the LEFT has been more successful at this, than just somewhat.

ISN’T IT STRANGE . . . how LEFTISTS in their universities want “SAFE ZONES”, where Freedom Of Expression is NOT ALLOWED? Or how LEFTISTS show up at Conservative meetings and rallies to shout down the speakers? Where it doesn’t seem to happen amongst Conservatives to the LEFT.

And then there’s the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who warns FREE PEOPLE in America that they BETTER NOT speak poorly of . . . or criticize Moslems – or else? How’s that for Freedom of Expression?

OR HOW ABOUT THE DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS, who are making a lot of noise, also about banning criticism of Islam and Moslems? Have they never heard of the FIRST AMENDMENT?

Here’s an example of how egregious the left are about free speech, even 7-Decades After The Fact:

World War II ended in 1945 with VE Day, SEVENTY YEARS AGO . . . so how come France, the nation of Napoleon, where FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is part of their Holy Grail, as they pretend it is, has all of a sudden succumbed to release THEIR WAR RECORDS, which include the sordid history and names of French People who supported the Nazis, who sent enormous numbers of French Jews to Hitler’s Death Camps, while they aided and abetted the Germans in their Nazi War Effort . . . ONLY because they were finally forced to come clean about their Nazi Supporting Past?


BECAUSE OF THE LEFT . . . this type of information wasn’t – just NOT spoken about, but was NATIONALLY CENSORED, because the French didn’t want the truth to come out, to be the BIG LIE about their RESISTANCE, which was very much in the minority . . . compared to the COLLABORATORS, who profited and walked in LOCK-STEP with the Nazis, who were very much in the majority.

THIS IS THE SAME TACTIC USED BY THE LEFT WORLDWIDE . . . whether in Canada, the United States of America, and Israel. They only want us to know the TRUTH, which they believe we should know . . . AND THEY LIE ABOUT THE REST.


I’M NOT AN INSIDER . . . FAR FROM IT – I don’t get to rub shoulders with any of the rich and famous like the TV Media does. The politicians have no idea who I am. I am not invited to fancy banquets or cocktail parties. I am not married to an insider. I am not the son of an insider. And I am not paid HUGE amounts of money by anyone in the Mainstream Media for my thoughts and or comments.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . I’m generally thrilled when I receive just enough money from the people who read this BLOG, who help cover some of my costs.

AND I ANSWER TO NO ONE . . . And that really bothers the mainstream media more than anything, because unlike them, people like me can write our opinions without fear of losing a job, or a position with other insiders, because we are the furthest people removed from the MADDING-CROWD.

Even on FOX News, do a little research, and you might be shocked to learn of the nepotism within their on-air staff, which includes; who they are related to, and for which politicians or lobbyists they worked for, before coming to FOX News.


I recently read an article in USA Today, which is not one of my favorite News Publications, which I read nonetheless, because it’s important to understand how the other side thinks, on how an otherwise GUN CONTROL ADVOCATE changed his opinions after thinking it over very carefully, predominantly, because the OPEN CARRY LAW comes into force on January 1st throughout Texas.

The writer is a journalist, who after covering a plethora of mass shootings, finally realized that the victims of these shootings were primarily in GUN FREE ZONES, including the most recent San Bernardino Shooting in California, where a Moslem (Bonnie and Clyde) Couple reigned murder and mayhem upon an unarmed and unsuspecting people, in what could only be described as an Anti-Gun Environment.

IN A LEAD ANTI-GUN EDITORIAL . . . on the same page, I read that there are many grocery stores in Texas, in preparation for OPEN CARRY, which are posting NO OPEN CARRY signs on their premises, giving the impression that GUNS ARE NOT WANTED.

Well . . . Anne and I are in Texas, in Austin nonetheless, which might be the most Liberal City in all of Texas, where there are some major grocery stores with NO OPEN CARRY gun signs, but not one of them says NO GUNS . . . JUST NO TO OPEN CARRY.

So . . . as the LEFTIST Media is as they are . . . they either just make it up, or stretch the truth as far as they can, until it no longer really resembles the facts.


1 – The PRO-CARRY Journalist, who was initially against CARRY-LAWS, decided to CARRY concealed, because he does not want to be a VICTIM or a SOFT TARGET as he put it, and hopes that he will never have to draw his gun.

2 – On the other hand, the ANTI-CARRY writer would rather put his trust to protect himself in the police, instead of in himself, who in the case of the police, are always on time to write the report after the fact, which is what he wants for you.


I am very PRO-GUN, and very PRO the RIGHT-TO-CARRY, Concealed or Open. And I am absolutely 100% against shopping or dining in any location that posts a sign on their door that effectively claims . . . THIS IS A SOFT TARGET.

And in Texas, I’ve yet to see the restaurant, grocery store, or retail store large or small that says NO GUNS. And if I come across any, all they’d be telling me, is for me to take my business and money elsewhere.

In 2016, I will do the exact same thing I’ve been doing most of my life . . . standing-up to the Political Class and Dishonest Media, while doing everything I possibly can to fight for all of our FREEDOMS . . . especially FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.


I was going to end this editorial after my promise to continue the good fight. And leave it at that. But, just before I was about to upload this editorial, one of the READERS to this BLOG, who is a retired Warrior from the Korean Days (early ‘50’s), reached out to me with a troubling Revelation that I could not ignore.

It appears that the Wounded Warrior Project, might not be quite what we think it is, as much as what we would like it to be. It certainly made me blink when I went through their Financial Statement.

If the research I’ve done is just a little bit true . . . The Wounded Warrior Project has become a MASSIVE Industry that is all about Image, Fundraising, Huge Executive Salaries including generous Expense Accounts, Trips, Conferences, Celebrity Endorsements . . . Etcetera.

But don’t just take my word for it . . . CLICK HERE:

I will make these additional New Year promises to you . . . I never lie to you, and never will. I will never take what is not mine. I will never hide the truth. I will take on all comers. And in spite of wherever the road takes you and me together, I will follow it to hell and back if need be.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The whole world, (read UN), does nothing, until Israel puts up a tent on the West Bank. Then there is an Emergency UN meeting to stop this Zionist aggresion. I am almost getting used to it.

  2. The administration wants us to not have guns. Does that include their secret service for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc? Why would they need guns if no one has a gun? Do they really think they can get guns away from drug dealers, rapists, thieves, etc.? This is nothing but more control of the law abiding people. They will never control the outlaws.

  3. Howard, had I just sent you a copy of MY recent note to WOUNDED WARRIORS about THEIR note to me re my having not sent them any money recently…due to their extravagance in administrative salaries etc? BRASS BALLS! B-29 Gunner

  4. I pray the day will never come Howard….although, if you are silent, we will, all who follow you, know that Freedom of Expression is indeed dead….Here’s to your speaking your mind, openly and without hesitation, nor edit, until that day when you decide to be silent, because you chose to be silent….in maybe another thirty, or forty years….!

  5. Dear Howard,

    You are one fantastic Patriot, for truth, for justice, and for the American Way / Canadian Way. God Bless You and keep you always safe.

    Thank you for all you do for mankind. Thank you for this wonderful Blog for which I always look forward to reading.
    And God Bless Ann and all your family.

  6. THANK YOU. I have requested information from them 4 times about how much of the money goes to the veteran and they refused to answer. I refuse to give them one cent. I am a vet and so are my sons so no one should think the wrong thing about me. The only group that is legit is The Salvation Army where ALL donations go to help others. Not one cent of the money given to The Salvation Army goes to the people running the organization. The Red Cross is like WW. I had to pay back money I got in Army.

  7. Go Howard go, I agree with you 100%…also Peggy Bland from TX, she hit it right on the head. I just wonder why it is so difficult for the Liberals not to understand…unbelievable.

    Susan Hughes, Buckeye, AZ USA

  8. Howard, love your blog!!! You say you are not a Conservative but you write like a moderate Conservative, and sure not even the moderates of the Democrats. As a conservative leaning INDEPENDENT. We sure think and believe the same in almost all issues. God Bless you, Sir, and….HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  9. Howard, don’t your words AND I ANSWER TO NO ONE sound familiar? This is one of the main reasons that TRUMP has been so successful. People are FED UP with the GOOD-OLD-BOYS NETWORK! The love of GREED, POWER & ENTITLEMENTS has ruined America. “Making America Great Again” will not be an easy chore; however, it’s STILL possible IF the TRUTH is abided by as it SHOULD be…and how YOU have replicated it. Also, NEPOTISM will always exist because of certain people’s EGOS, INSECURITIES and NEEDS! AMEN!

  10. You GO Howard. I don’t have much money, but please this minimal contribution to ease your expenses. Thank you so much for the work you do. Linda Ward, Houston, Texas USA

  11. In reality I should not have to have a permit to carry “and defend” innocent people who respect the laws of this land. I do know however that those who have carry permits have to take a “safe carry” course and a background check. Those who carry without a permit are the ones who are dangerous because to begin with they are already breaking the law. This tells me they do not respect the law or what it stands for and that is freedom! Our prisons are running over with those who have no respect.

  12. Hi. I enjoy reading your blog. Always something informing. Re; Wounded Warrior Project. I used to donate & set up part of purchases from Amazon to them. I also check & change charities each year. This year I did check up on Wounded Warrior & found what you did. I have started donations to Disabled Veterans as I see that most of funds go to veterans, and not hob-knobbing for donations. I have worked for American Cancer and saw how wasteful it was & exorbitant executive salaries were.

  13. I am very much a Conservative. Probably annoyingly so. My husband, R Hull, Sgt. USMC (Ret) was giving WW a substantial sum per year from his Family Foundation. About 3 years ago, he found out what you and many of your readers found out about them and has given them ZILCH since then. I’d like to find out who the ‘Executives” are!! What traitors and liars they all are.

  14. Hey Howard you are missing all the snow , finally , 30cm, What are the rules on carry for “visitors” to the Great State of Texas ? are you still considered an “Alien” in a “Foreign Land ” ?

  15. your friend is right about the wounded warriors. There are a lot of good foundations around. you should come up with a list for your readers.

  16. Didn’t Quebec recently enact a hate law specifically designed to indict anyone speaking against Muslims?
    Happy New year Howard.

  17. I made a few donations to WWP. I then kept getting a stamp in the mail asking for more, and I get them almost once every two weeks. I checked with Charity Watch and discovered how much of the funds fund was spent on fund raising. It is ludicrous. Thank you for noting Fisher House in your editorial. I looked them up, and found that they spend only 6.6% on fund raising and admin cost. I just made a donation to them and will continue to do so.

  18. My Father O.B.M. would not contribute to the Red Cross because of his experience with them in WWII. He said that when the troop trains would come into a terminal the Salvation Army was there with free coffee and donuts but the RC made you pay for them. Did anyone else have this experience?

  19. Thank you Howard. I look forward to your blogs every day. You are the first thing I look for on my emails in the morning. In the state of North Carolina you are able to open carry, thank God! Hopefully this will not be erased in the near future. Let us pray for a TRUE conservative elected in 2016. Thank you again.
    Ann Brown, Lake Toxaway, NC USA

  20. I read an article recently – “who funds the left?” It was amazing to find out that a lot of big businesses fund the leftist – groups that are working so hard to destroy the USA and Western civilization. I’ll send the link to Howard which he can circulate at his discretion. Western civilization is under severe threat & I find it very difficult to understand why socialists are so determined to destroy our way of life. Is it the new philosophy of wealth re-distribution that is at work here?

  21. God bless you Howard!
    But it is so discouraging to hear about the Wounded Warriors project. Unbelievable that some people would take advantage of the real heroes.

  22. Wounded Warriors has sadly turned into something else. The Salvation Army has a 6% total operating cost, so I donate to them. I don’t donate to any group that has a more than 10% operating cost. The REAL scandal is all these Conservative Super PACs that give less than 10% to candidates–Sarah PAC gave only 8% of their contributions to candidates whereas Club for Growth gave 94% of their donations to candidates. Many of these PACs are scams and are LEGAL and the owners are getting rich on us.

  23. A gun is like a parachute, by the time you realize you need one it’s too late.

  24. To USE and portray severely wounded patriotic Americans who gave a big piece of their lives to the service of our country for the purpose of evoking an emotionally guilty reaction that the “consumers” can mitigate through donations is the worst form of neoplastic parasitism. This also applies to the poor children being paraded during fund-raising commercials with the hair having fallen out and to the sad portrayal of injured, sick or abandoned animals. It’s moral bankruptcy at its finest.

  25. Howard, I am, and have for a very long time been, appalled that any of our armed services people either here in Canada or in the U. S. A. would ever have to look to a charity for necessary support to recover from the ills and injuries to themselves and their families received in OUR SERVICE. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ! We can never repay the debt we owe them.

  26. Until I read your inclusion re: WWP….I THOUGHT I was contributing to an organization that (actually) helped our veterans. I shall now WRITE to them and take my PLEDGE away until they can provide for those who need it, not those who are using funds not as I perceived. Thank You.

  27. Henry Ford and quite a few of the oil millionaires were admirers and supporters of Hitler. Joe Kennedy comes to mind also.

  28. My father was a WWl vet and he said the same about the RC. Packages they would receive from home during the war the RC would sell their own packages to them. He never gave to the RC and when he told me that story I felt the same way.
    All veterans are treated poorly. Billie F Luchi

  29. Another excellent blog, Howard! I have been wondering about Wounded Warrior Project, even to the point, that I was trying to find out, just how much money was spent on warriors. I gave last year and now, I am upset because, I could have spent my money on a well-organized charity, like The Salvation Army. It is more important now, to speak up and be heard! The Left learned that back in the 1960’s, with the hippies. We might need to take some lessons from the Left, to do better.

  30. It just appears that almost all organizations that are meant to be a help to others get defiled when handled by those that boast of the significance of it. It seems that they won’t get passed the GREED, AND ENLIGHTENMENT THEY THINK THEY DESERVE. I’m stunned on the revelation regarding Wounded Warriors. The true looser’s here are the ones who gave SELFLESSLY, while those who run these things gain SELFISHLY! Is there anything that won’t get defiled which is touched by American Capitalism?

  31. Unfortunately, WWP is not the only one pulling this kind of deception. Almost all of the “Fire fighters and police, Please donate” calls are of this ilk. Very little goes to the men and women they claim they serve. One of the bigger heists is the susan g komen breast cancer foundation. Besides the stupendous salaries one has to wonder what other manner of entitlements they rake in.

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