In my Transition Period . . . between being a Liberal and becoming a Conservative, there was one Pundit specifically, who was a REAL favorite of mine, whom I thought wrote and spoke brilliantly, was George Will, whom I tried to never miss on the Sunday News Show, from where he pontificated.

But . . . it’s been many years, since I was a Liberal, and during my transition to REALITY, the allure that George Will once had upon me, not only dissipated, it became quite to the contrary.

IN FACT, my feelings toward George Will includes DISDAIN . . . So why might you be thinking, that it’s important or me to be writing about George Will in this Pre-New Year Editorial . . . especially giving him thanks?


George Will is someone with ZERO influence amongst the vast majority of the people of the Untied States of America, in spite of how SPECIAL and BRILLIANT he thinks he is. In fact, George Will is so out of touch with the Mainstream American Public, that he would probably be a better Canadian than he is an American.

On the other hand, in comparison to George Will, I would probably be a better American, than I am a Canadian, since I seem to share American Values with the rank-and-file American Base far more than he does. But that’s a discussion for a different editorial.


George Will EXEMPLIFIES the worst of the RINOS (Republicans In Name Only), who are amongst the ultimate ELITIST INSIDERS, who live in their private little club of intellectual and financial SNOBS, where only they belong, because of their belief that they are so utterly brilliant, that they are legends in their own minds.


I DOUBT IF YOU REMEMBER THIS . . . But I wrote about it 8-years ago, when Obama was first elected in 2008, just after he took the Oath of Office in 2009, as to how George Will showed himself, and others like him to be the absolute ANTITHESIS to whom we believe real Journalists should be.


Obama won his impressive 2008 victory over a hapless John McCain, who perhaps ran the worst Presidential Election Campaign in world history. But, with a modicum of an excuse for McCain, McCain also ran his abysmal campaign against a Tsunami of unprecedented Media Support for Obama.

All in all, with the exception of a good portion of FOX News, and all CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO, the American Media was essentially in the TANK for Obama, as what could only be considered as an unregistered Political Action Committee.

And after Obama won his decisive victory, while hiding from his INGLORIOUS PAST, and the horrible things his wife had said publicly about America, because the Mainstream Media Shielded him from exposing his truth, as it still does . . . here came George Will to further add to Obama’s lack of Media Scrutiny.

MAYBE EVEN WORSE THAN THAT . . . George Will actually added an extra layer to Obama’s growing myth of personal supremacy and special treatment by the America Press.


RIGHT AFTER OBAMA WAS ELECTED . . . just after taking the Oath of Office, George Will invited a SELECT number of so-called Conservative Members of the Media to a VERY PRIVATE Meet and Greet with the just Sworn-In 44th President of the United States of America, to his “Tony” Chevy Chase MD Home, where EVERYTHING that would be discussed and revealed at that meeting would be KEPT SECRET . . . FOREVER.

Amongst the SELL-OUT Journalists who sacrificed VIRTUE for PRIVILEGE, at the home and behest of George Will – were . . . William Kristol (Weekly Standard), David Brooks (New York Times), and Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post), who is also the wise-man of the 6:00-pm FOX News Panel.

But GREAT Credit must also be given to Journalists who were invited by George Will, including Rush Limbaugh, who declined the invitation, because SELLING-OUT is not what Real Journalists Do.


Had Obama revealed for example . . . that he was actually born outside the USA, had been handed his University Degrees opposed to earning them, had agreed fully with all of his Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American and anti-Semitic rants . . . they could not say a damned thing about Obama’s truthIN PERPETUITY.


Where real Journalists, who are serious about finding and revealing the TRUTH, which Journalism should be about, would NEVER agree to MUZZLE himself or herself into infinity in this manner . . . George Will and the Rest of them did just that.

It also explains why Trump has reason to disparage Krauthammer.

ABOUT A MONTH OR SO AGO . . . George Will, who has proven, at least to me, that he is a PETULANT SNOB, wrote a very critical article about Bill O’Reilly’s Best Selling Book “Killing Reagan”, to which O’Reilly invited George Will onto his show to debate the things that George Will had written as fact.

And if you would like to see that screaming match . . . CLICK HERE.

I DON’T LIKE BILL O’REILLY . . . I think O’Reilly is a Bully and a Narcissist. But that said; he is also very smart. He works extremely hard at his craft. And he contributes a great deal back to the community at large, especially to Wounded Warriors, for which he deserves no shortage of credit and gratitude.

SO, WHEN I HEARD that he and George Will were going to go at-it over the things O’Reilly claimed were NOT FACTUAL at best . . . and UNTRUE at worst in George Will’s Article, I made certain to watch the exchange . . . and I’m really happy I did.

HERE WAS GEORGE WILL, on his High Horse, speaking-down to Bill O’Reilly, as if George Will was O’Reilly’s Professor, lecturing him from on high . . . with truths that only he, George Will had in his possession.

AND THEN IT STARTED . . . O’Reilly was so incensed at George Will’s ARROGANCE and use of language to camouflage what was true and not true, that O’Reilly did exactly what Trump would have done, by repeatedly calling George Will a LIAR & a HACK, to which Will had nothing short of a blathering meaningless comeback.

The fact that George Will is still a Contributor on FOX News, even after that confrontation with O’Reilly, does not reflect well on FOX News. But, it says everything that needs to be said about George Will . . . and Journalists like him.


George Will is a POSTER BOY for the Republican Party In Name Only. He is also the INSIDER’S-INSIDER, who is amongst pretend Conservatives, especially amongst the Media Elitists, who believe that they know what’s best for the American People, far more than the American People know what’s best for themselves.

And as I see it . . . where’s the difference between Leftist Journalists and Pretend Conservative Journalists, most of whom have their heads shoved so far up their respective behinds, that they cannot see the light of day?

AND IF TRUMP WINS . . . They – along with George Will can all kiss their Sorry Elitist Asses Goodbye, and their current LYING Republican Party with them. And that’s what Trump has already succeeded in doing.

And whether Trump wins the Nomination or Not. And whether Trump wins the Election or Not, Trump has already awoken the passion of much of the American People, which will inevitably lead to the OUTING of the RINOS and Media combined.

And if you would want to read what George Will recently published in the heavily LEFTIST Leaning Washington Post, CONDEMNING Donald Trump, CLICK HERE.

And then ask yourself, if this is the kind of language and writing-style that best describes Mainstream America or an ELITIST MEDIA SNOB?

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO 2016, because it’s going to be a year of real change, where after generations of the politicians and the media calling the shots – it is now going to be the turn of . . . POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. At my age I must have been to at least 100 or so church services of all kinds. From Baptist to Catholic to Presbyterian and a few Jewish along the way. Never in any of the services did I hear anyone suggest killing anyone. Yet over the past 10 or 15 years I have seen on TV the utterances of hundreds of IMAMS promoting the killing of any one that disagrees with them. From England to Belgium to Holland to Denmark to Israel. Sorry Obama I just can’t believe you or your lackey media friends.

  2. Dear Howard, Thank you for shedding light on the Truth always. I pray God will allow America to turn around again and become as Donald Trump always says, “Make America Great Again”. God Bless America, Canada, & Israel.

  3. If Trump is elected George Will and the Media Elitists will be eating crow. They have stood up and defended and covered for the worst President of America, ever. Also if Trump is elected the Rhino’s and the Liberals will have to get at the business that they were elected for. If these people have been bought or bribed, for sure Trump will know and that’s what these people know. Their days of easy money for doing nothing is over.

  4. RIGHT ON Howard! you are on the mark on all points – and gosh, how I hope you are correct! (Your last paragraphs.)

  5. Just to understand how it’s possible that Trump wins? After attacking and insulting the Hispanic people, women, And Muslims, who is left to vote for him? The democrats or the Republican elitists? Oh, well, good luck!

  6. GEORGE WILL WHAT? He already HAS…stuffed his ego AND his shirt, a snob of every sort with a vocabulary for the AGES, not aged! He struggles to be a literate snob but will get eaten alive by John Q. Public who understands “W-O-R-K”!
    Bud Farrell

  7. Absolutely a great article! You nail the truth! You see and identify things we somehow suspect but cannot quite see. You do it with aplomb and humor. Thank you.
    Joe Leach

  8. Howard, you outdid yourself, pure and simple fact, i agree with you completely to the point i couldn’t wait to get you out. True Oreilly is a narcissist and a bully, that doesn’t bother me, as his intelligence makes up for it. He is an independent, and acts that way. Why he has George Will on is irritating to no end, Fox is no longer the Conservative News, between George Will and Megyn Kelly quite obvious for just starters. “BUT IT’S ALL WE HAVE”! WONDERFUL POST!

  9. Hello Howard.
    We have a few yaer history, and I can see what you see. I too was for years a Will fan and started noticing a change in him, or possibly just the real George. I want to believe he changed, but I also see it in others that have surprised me lately. Regardless, I am thrilled to see you are still you, and when these people change we are not fooled into following them. The whole system has shifted to the left and many conservatives as well. Thank God some are wise enough to see.

  10. The liberal media is a true villain in all this. Thank God for the alternative media which has been gaining attention while they are declining. Like the Rinos they need to be identified and exposed. Cruz also has shown no fear in that. The new media needs to lead the way. When the American people realize the truth they will respond appropriately. It is the truth that sets us free and only the truth. As Cruz says the truth is powerful.

  11. You said it all about George Will, Howard! As mentioned before, there are so many individuals [and not only politicians] who FEAR TRUMP’s winning the nomination, that they are all slowly grouping together to prevent it from happening. The more they ATTACK him, however, the WORST it will be for THEM, especially after TRUMP has responded to their attacks! Reminder—-Trump MUST prepare for the excessive FRAUD VOTING, especially with all the ILLEGALS that BARRY is allowing in our Country. AMEN!

  12. Good piece. My take on oreilly is that he is a will of the wind journalist. Which ever way the wind blows there goes oreilly. He has lost my respect and I take what he says with a grain of sand.

  13. I’ve been telling my good friend in Pittsburgh, who turned me on to you, that George Will is a beautifully spoken fraud…much to his ridicule. We’ll see how he ridicules me now! As much as I love Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, I see a little of Ronald Wilson Reagan in Trump’s discourse…kind of a happy warrior. If there is a God, we’ll be OK next November…if not, uh oh…Please God, Bless America.

  14. Ditto on your report ,
    I don’t see NOW how I could ever like that guy . I was Born a Democrat and I was a Jew because my parents were
    and I changed and became an Independent in the 70’s. Today Trump is my guy with Cruz running a close second

  15. Again, your points are on target!!! Several years back, I would listen to Fox News, throughout most of the day. I rarely, listen to Fox News now. The same goes for O’Reilly, I hate his yelling and pontificating! As for George Will, I could care less. I think, he is trying to be the late Wm. Buckley – Sorry, there was only one Wm. Buckley. The Media has be corrupt since, the Vietnam Days and it has gone downhill, from there.

  16. I am surprised that no one has commented on Glenn Beck’s statement that if Trump wins the nomination, he is going to stay home and not vote. That’s how we will hand the presidency to the Democratic party AGAIN! I don’t care for Cruz, so should I just sit out the election? Shame on Glen! I will vote for Trump or the Dog Catcher before I would vote for Hillary.And now that Bill is stepping in to help his wife, Hillary is going to be harder to beat. So Beck needs to retract that stupid remark.

  17. Howard your insight of Donald Trump has became quiet refreshing. I believe that his audacity will reunite the inspiration of Americans. And with that Mountains will move. I caught in a comment above, Glenn Becks statement against Trump. It was not out of the Norm for Glenn. His Radical attitude confuses his ability to conjoint and combine efforts. Against our opposition In the Liberal Democrat party. Any choice we make has risks. But there is only one standing against the enemy the Liberal Press

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