We’re Closing In On A New Year . . . SO WHAT?


BEFORE ANYTHING . . . Anne can’t thank you enough for all the great Birthday Wishes. And we both can’t thank you too much for all the Holiday Cheer.

THE NICE THING ABOUT THE COMING NEW YEAR, is how we want to hope it will be a harbinger of better times to come . . . which it could be.

But generally, it’s a time when we make Resolutions, which honest men and women hope to keep, but never really do, which doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.


To end 2015, with the HORRORS of Islam upon us . . . IS NOT A GOOD THING, and neither is it a good thing that in Canada, we elected a Dilettante Prime Minister, whose working experience before being handed the leadership of the Liberal Party and Nation was because of his name (and who his dad was) . . . was a Drama Teacher. Unbelievably, even Obama had better credentials than that.

NOT TO MENTION . . . that going into 2016, there is not one single Conservative running a Provincial or Territorial Government in Canada.

AND WORSE THAN THAT . . . Is to finish the year off with a massive REPUBLICAN BUDGETARY DUD, drafted by John Boehner (thankfully long gone), but put forward by the newly minted Speaker of the House Paul Ryan – THAT PILES ONTO THE NATIONAL AMERICAN DEBT, fulfilling the vast majority of Democrat Party/Obama/Clinton Wishes, which in my opinion has sent a clear message, that the RINOS HAVE TO GO.

ON THE GLOBAL SCENE . . . Anti-Semitism expressed through a not so-filtered lens, coupled to a very aggressive and public hatred for Israel, is not only alive and well, but is as healthy as it was in the early THIRTIES across Europe.

AND WORSE THAN ALL . . . is how stupid our young people, educators and electorate have become, in terms of promoting and electing amongst the WORST POLITICAL ACTORS AVAILABLE to run our governments.


MORE TIMES THAN NOT . . . before we can heal ourselves, we have to hit ROCK BOTTOM. But most people don’t even know where ROCK BOTTOM is, until they get there, and even then, there’s a sense of disbelief and denial.

AND LIKE IT OR NOT . . . we’re not there yet. But we’re getting very close, close enough, that we’ve already reached the POINT-OF-NO-RETURN, and soon enough, it will all start coming apart.

WE CAN’T SUSTAIN OUR ENTITLEMENTS . . . neither can we sustain our bloated bureaucracy and size of government, when half or more of our citizenry have their hands-out for FREEBIES.

We also don’t have enough people who work and build things. And the GREATEST GENERATION of the era of the Second World & Korean Wars . . . will never be again.


We have computer wizards who can create Web Sites like Face Book, Twitter and Cool Video Games . . . But what about plumbers, electricians, farmers, welders, homebuilders, and all the other trades where men and women have no problem getting their hands dirty?

And the last time I looked, these men and women who actually build, fix and grow things are getting real old real fast.

And what about doctors, who are also aging faster than they can be replaced, because our Universities are too busy training BASKET WEAVERS on borrowed money (Student Loans), up to and more than $50,000 per year per student?

So . . . who in the not-so-distant short-haul, will be growing the affordable food we will need to eat? Who will be servicing our machines we will need for everything? And who will be here to fix the infrastructure that keeps us sheltered, warm, and safe?

SAUL ALINSKY . . . the RABID Anti-American American Communist, who wrote Rules For Radicals in 1971, espoused by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as the ESSENCE FOR COMMUNITY ORGANIZING, understood that to win, you have to OVER-LOAD the system with every dirty trick at your disposal.

To Communists and other assorted LEFTISTS, the ends always justify the means.

RULES FOR RADICALS MEANT . . . that success included lying, cheating, and creating imaginary foes (straw-men), while eliciting retribution and violence from the other side, to stir the pot and elicit sympathy for a DISINGENUOUS cause.

PERFECT EXAMPLE . . . Black Lives Matter.

AND UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Hillary Clinton wrote her 1969, 92-page Senior-Year Thesis at Wellesley College on Saul Alinsky, two years before Random House published Rules For Radicals, which became the BIBLE FOR THE LEFT.

BUT WITH CLINTON . . . it wasn’t just a College Girl’s Fascination . . . she and Alinsky were close, close enough to maintain constant communications and exchange ideas and strategies over a number of years.

TO READ THE TWELVE RULES OF ALINSKY . . . is to know and understand the mindset of Obama and Clinton. And with the 2016 election pending, all THINKING Americans should understand who and what they have in Hillary Clinton.

NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS . . . Clinton’s personal history, defines her without question, AS A RADICAL ALINSKY LEFTIST.


Just like Obama and Clinton SUCCESSFULLY OVERWHELMED the system in favor of the HARD LEFT . . . Alinsky Style – The Boomerang Is Coming Back.


THE HARD LEFT ALINSKY STYLE, has indeed  OVERWHELMED the system, but not the way Obama/Clinton imagined, which NOW actually favors the HARD RIGHT . . . and come November 8, 2016 – one way or the other, the LEFT AND RINO’S WILL PAY-THE-PIPER, or the United States of America will implode.

Either way will work fine, because REAL CHANGE the world can believe in . . . IS LONG OVERDUE.


We hear how Clinton will cream Trump . . . if Trump wins the nomination:

As you know, I am not a Trump Fan. But also, as you know, I will give 100% of my support to Trump on this BLOG if he wins the nomination.


1 – With the exception of just a few, I think any of the Top Tier Republican Candidates could handedly beat Hillary Clinton.

2 – I believe that either Cruz or Rubio would beat Clinton Hands-Down, because neither of them are afraid to tell it like it is, and to stand up to her and the media.

3 – BUT, IF TRUMP GETS THE NOD . . . he will eviscerate her. Trump will leave her in a pile, with her proverbial guts laid-out for the political vultures to feed upon.

So . . . when Obama and Clinton, 10-Months-out from the election, spend so much of their time trying to convince the people that Hillary will wipe-out Trump, and can’t wait to get at him, it tells me that they’re terrified, and are trying to convince themselves, more than they’re trying to convince their supporters.

AND HERE’S A REALITY . . . Trump will TEAR INTO CLINTON with NEITHER a FILTER nor MERCY. He will bring it all on, and FORCE America to have a good look at the MESS Clinton has made while she held power, the Pathological Liar she really is, and the HORRORS that she and Obama have wrought on America.

PLEASE BELIEVE ME WHEN I WRITE THIS . . . If Trump gets the nod – by November the 8th, after all the votes are counted, Trump will have destroyed the arrogance of the LEFT and more than a few RINOS along the way.


Can you hear the Pipers Warming-Up?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We want you to be right….for the sake of the Free World, we pray you are right….

  2. Everyone’s waiting to see the initial primary results. Once January unfolds and the “all or nothing” campaigning gets underway, the die will have been cast. Even Jeb won’t be able to look in the mirror and think he has a chance. Which will leave Trump, Rubio and Cruz. There may be an aberrant leap by one or two of the others but nothing sustainable. Too early to make a prediction? Never! Trump in 2017.

  3. Hard time breathing through this one! Before it really started to hit home, a comment on doctors (part of “those who get their hands dirty”). My sister, a nurse at a large hospital in the Seattle, WA area has listened to physicians and surgeons talk of early retirement because of No Care’s financial limitations. MD’s in the future will be few and far between. A person intelligent enough to knowledgeably use the information quantity to be an MD, will utilize those skills and talents elsewhere

  4. Very good. Trump will shred killary and the treasonous msm will cry, scream, and holler sexism all the way to Nov. 6

  5. Howard, you’ve defined the issues so well. I’m hoping and praying you are right. I’m not in the tank for Trump either, but if he is the nominee I will support him enthusiastically. I am so concerned for the type of world my adult children and grandson will be living in. I watch our freedoms and values being destroyed little by little. I keep hearing about what an “unsuitable” candidate Trump would be. They still don’t get it..WE HAVE TO WIN!

  6. If Baby Trudeau can get elected, so can Hillary. Its the push by the left leaning, selective reporting, and biased news media. The main hope for the Republications is that everyone will be so fed up with the Democrats that even a monkey could get elected as a Republican.

    Right now every word a Republican utters is analyzed, and the analysis analyzed. Democrats can say just about anything and it is like Moses coming down the mountain with the tablets.

  7. If you’re right, and you usually are, November of 2016 can’t come quick enough! I just hate to see what Bsrry has in store for us the remaining eleven months. He’s desperate as his time is running out so it’s going to be a grit-your-teeth roller coaster ride. I’d like to ride this one out, but unfortunately, that’s not an option. God bless you for always speaking the truth, Mr. G, and giving me hope.

  8. Oh how I hope you are right Howard. As much as I share your view, on the other hand I didn’t believe Canadians were truly dumb enough to elect the drama teacher!

  9. Thank you for saying it like it is, AGAIN! You have said of how scared the left is of Trump. THANK YOU! I’m a Cruz girl-(old lady)-with my Senator Rubio next. But, Trump, also, is saying what I’m feeling. If he wins, from Putin on down, we will have our respect back. My December, monthly, contribution to this website is on its way. I challenge all you readers to do the same–whatever you can give! Marcia Cutter, Marietta, GA and Santa Rosa Beach, FL

  10. Well Howard I hope you are Right . However fools have prevailed in Canada and will likely prevail in the US . Though you and the like minded are correct in your analysis , I think there are more of them than us . This is not a N. American problem , it’s a global problem . We are being manipulated on a world wide level : Global Warming Crisis ? or a means to redistribute wealth, and demographics of an overpopulated planet ? : Gun Violence Crisis ? or population control on a world wide scale ?

  11. I believe that the nominee will be Trump or Cruz, EITHER of which will demolish Hillary because neither give a fig about PC BS. If Trump gets the nomination, smart money would tap Cruz for VP because between the two of them, they have more than 50% of the electorate and Cruz would be an extremely good VP for Trump and he would gain valuable experience to step up into the POTUS slot on 2020 or 2024 and 16 years with Trump and Cruz would undo a lot of the damage done by Obama.

  12. No Rubio for me, missed the budget bill vote in Congress No Show, #37, NO SHOW! fORGET HIM! If that’s his pattern he’ll never make a responsible candidate for Prez. I don’t trust Rubio, caters to spec. interests. Trump & Cruz is all I see on the platform, Trump the strongest, and most passionate about going after the Rhino’s and Media, and all the corruption and that makes him my lst. choice. I love Cruz not as strong, but a great VP he will be!

  13. Howard
    The elimination of Rinos has to be a standing objective. The key is Republican primaries. The base clearly wants this but needs to understand the primary as how to do it. If the base turns out for them it can and will be done. I also think Cruz, Trump or Rubio at the head of the ticket will enhace the effort. Rinoes need to be identified and exposed. In my view, that should be a primary concern of the alternative media of which you are an important part. Great work.
    Tom Kelly

  14. Howard there will not be a change in our Governing Bodies. Until there are Laws passed that will demand Retribution on Politicians. Who fail to stand true to the promises they make to the voters on their campaign trail. Instead of to the deals they make for their personal Bank Accounts. John Boehner needs to be Punished for his Assault on the Conservative Americans He Lied to. And now this new Rhino who just passed the Budget for the Obama “MUSLIM INVADERS”.

  15. I truly feel that this next election for us is a guarantee loser. America’s Republic Freedom has become a complete sham in name only. State Representatives in our Congress have sold their State Citizens out lock, stock and barrel, Representatives in our Congress should only be able to serve one four year term. If they prove themselves to their State, let them run for President in the next election, otherwise go home! We only have a handful of good representatives in Congress.

  16. GREAT COMMON-SENSE EDITORIAL! The RINOS have not only CONFIRMED, but JUSTIFIED the reasons for getting rid of THEM and RYAN! Yes, there is still HOPE for a NEW CHANGE for AMERICA! Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his MINIONS are on their way OUT! TRUMP has not even begun to attack HILLARIOUS. The MESS that the LIBERALS have created won’t be easily and quickly resolved, but there will still be a “light at the end of the tunnel”. VOTER FRAUD will be rampant! TRUMP needs to address this very quickly. AMEN!

  17. A 3-star general 3 yrs ago if he thought we might have a revolution. He said “It is not a mater of if, but when”. I think we are almost there. It will be bloody, and destructive, but we will get our country back. Out of the ashes comes the Phoenix.
    The RINOs hate Trump because he will dismantle useless departments and lobbyists. OUCH. There goes their millions.

  18. I hope you are right however the way I see it, we have to stop the Muslims within our borders beginning with our current administration and we can’t even seem to accomplish that the way things are going. “Mr.” Trump has the right idea but — can he pull it off? The government is after our “right to bear arms” to protect our people as we have done for many years and we are letting them win. It will take a civil war to settle this I think! If we let Obama have his way it will be Marshall Law!

  19. As usual YOU ARE RIGHT; & WISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see that most followers agree. RINO’s & Muslims are as bad as Marxist “DumBoKraps” like HiTlery
    Ed Yung, La Porte TX

  20. Happy Birthday Ann…Howard, thank you for speaking our minds and putting it into prospective. We need political leaders that think like you do and can articulate the facts. Thanks for the encouragement and for the sake of the America’s Freedom from Alinskyites! God bless the USA, Israel and our allies!

  21. As Ayn Rand wrote in “Atlas Shrugged”, we have way too many looters and too few producers. Where is — who is — John Galt? Help!

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