A Few Things That Really Irritate Me


Whether it’s Black Lives Matter throughout the USA, or how Canada’s French Population is supposedly discriminated against, or the War on Women . . . and all the other phony outrageous claims of victimhood ad nauseam . . . ENOUGH IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.


The last thing America needs now is another politician who plays the FEMALE VICTIM CARD, while pretending to be as tough as she wants everyone to believe she is, and knows how to fight in the same ARENA with the BIG BOYS . . . because that’s exactly what Carly Fiorina is doing, and that’s unfortunate.

In virtually every debate, and every time Fiorina gets on a stage, she makes it CLEAR, that ONLY she can beat Hillary Clinton, because it will take a woman to beat Clinton. And if that’s not pulling the GENDER CARD . . . what is?

In the last debate, Fiorina quoted Margaret Thatcher by saying: “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman”.

So what does that say about Fiorina’s insult to all men, who I guess she thinks are incompetent next to women, who represent about 50% of the population?

And what would have Fiorina said, had Trump for example, delivered the exact same quote, but would have simply reversed the genders?


Next to apologizing abroad for the USA, and downplaying Moslem outrages, it seems that the NUMBER ONE priority for Obama and his entourage, besides smacking down the American Dream at home, has been to promote how much America is ANTI-BLACK.

YET . . . Obama is Black. His wife is Black. The most powerful woman in America, Valerie Jarrett (the puppeteer pulling his strings) is Black. The woman who sits in real power as Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice is Black. The man entrusted with protecting all of America, who heads Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson is Black. The Woman who is in complete control of the American Justice System, Loretta Lynch is Black . . . AMONGST OTHERS.

According to the United STATES CENSUS BUREAU, as of 2014, America’s Black Community Accounts for just 13.2% of America’s Entire Population. So, how can Obama and the rest of the IDIOT LEFT, conclude that America is ANTI-BLACK, when FIVE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT GOVERNMENT PORTFOLIOS are held by Black Americans?

And of the FIVE most important positions held by Blacks, THREE out of the FIVE positions are held by Black Women. So, what does that say about Obama’s claims, that there are WARS against Blacks and Women?


If anything, given how FAILED much of the American Black Community is, it seems to me, that the number of Black Americans in proportion to White Americans at the highest, most sensitive, and most important Cabinet Posts are disproportionally skewed heavily towards Black Americans . . . SO HOW FAIR IS THAT?


Besides the fact that Obama is the best EMPTY-TALKER (possibly ever), he is also THE KING OF PLATITUDES . . . it irritates me to no end, when he surrounds himself with members of his Cabinet as a backdrop, and then starts with the THANK YOU’S, as if he was accepting an Academy Award, and feels compelled to thank his fellow actors, the writers, director, producer, costume designer, coffee boy . . . etcetera.

What the hell is he always thanking them for . . . FOR DOING THEIR JOBS?

It’s the least they can do, since it’s what they’re paid so HANDSOMELY to get done, and frankly, since America and the rest of the world are in such a screwed-up mess because of them . . . THE THANK YOU’S ARE OBSCENE.


It kills me when Democrats, who seem to be in place at Congressional Hearings, are there just to support the Liberal Targets of Enquiries, and blunt the criticisms, no matter how egregious their INCOMPETENCE or CRIMES might be, who attack the Republican Inquisitors by declaring things such as:

This enquiry has already cost $2.4 MILLION, which is money that could be far better spent serving the people.

IT’S GALLING FOR ME TO HEAR SUCH RUBBISH . . . coming from the mouths of the LEFT, especially members of Congress like Elijah Cummings, as they vote to spend TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON CRAP, much of which is for their own benefits in one way or another, and when the President of the United States and his arrogant wife spend more than $2.4 MILLION on a simple vacation getaway or a shopping trip.


I can’t imagine anyone with a relatively functioning brain in his or her head, who would vote for anyone, who would campaign on a platform of telling you how you should live your own life according to him or her, if he or she is elected . . . but that’s what we do . . . ALL THE TIME.

I also can’t fathom how any COMPOS MENTIS person could ever vote to elect people to take as much money as they could, out of our pockets, for them to put into their own pockets . . . but that’s what we do . . . ALL THE TIME.

AND ON AND ON IT GOES . . . Maybe in the New Year, things will change, but I really doubt it, because we have become nations (Canada and the USA) of lazy and ignorant fools who are marching to the precipice with eyes closed to all realities.

ANYWAY . . . As you might imagine from reading this editorial, I’m sort of in a BUMMED-OUT mood – looking, reading, and listening to the stupidity all around us, which for MOST of the News Media, has become nothing more than a series of money-making reality TV shows, is more than just a little depressing. BUT THAT’S WHY WE FIGHT.


Thank you to all the people who sent their support to Galganov.com. Whether it was $5 or $250 (as one couple sent) . . . it all helps to make a difference.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Love the analogy between Muslims and Germans. Absolutely true point of fact. Stay safe!

  2. Howard,

    I too, was disappointed in Ms. Fiorina’s comment. She never had to use to a tired, insulting smack down to prove herself.
    NO CLASS….and it betrays some desperation, I’m afraid. Once again, thank you for all you do to get the voice of reason heard.

  3. Being a political and history junkie who has followed Obama very closely having over 20 books on him I can only conclude that he is a pathological liar and a narcissist if not a psychopath. There are many articles easily found on the net by experts in the field who come to the same conclusion so nothing should surprise anyone about him or the gaggle of radicals he has rammed down the throats of Americans. Studying the inevitable collapse of civilizations will tell you where we are heading.

  4. Plato predicted that a democracy (an “authority of the crowd”) is bound to descend
    into despotism.
    We, in The U.S.A. and Canada, have started that descent.

  5. Howard, pleased to see your description of masses changed: “lazy and stupid” to “lazy and ignorant”. They’re not stupid because many can figure out fed’s bureaucracy to get “benefits” they neither need nor deserve. The masses are not lazy either, many work rather hard at not having a job. Again I make the case many are ignorant because they are apathetic, and apathetic because they are ignorant. They are “looking, reading and listening” not to “stupidity” but lies. Keep telling them truth.

  6. I have felt bummed out since the election that started this mess. How can so many people be fooled at the same time? What a mess.

  7. Me too! Nearly everything I hear, except from you and one or two others, galls me. However, I am inclined to go a little easier on Carly. Yes, she played the gender card, but I was entertained–not insulted. It’s a nasty game they play, so I don’t mind if she plays nasty too.

  8. I’m afraid that we’re right in that period where the ratio of Takers Vs Makers is about 50/50. If we don’t reverse it next year here in the USA, we’re going to be in trouble. It’s just that simple!!! Get out the conservative vote next fall, or else.

  9. If Obama put 1/2 the effort in fixing the economy than fighting non-existent racism/sexism, becoming the most divisive POTUS in history & set back race relations 100 years. Even the Blacks hate Obama as they have FINALLY realized that all they got was lip service from the gay Muslim POTUS & Trump is enjoying 25% black support. It has enraged Americans in a big way. Everything we’ve done to help blacks & they want more-more-more due to Obama and MSM lies which incites riots all over America.

  10. What does one expect when the so-called “guardians” of information, the news media, are so selective about what we hear. The Republican candidates are torn apart every night while we hear virtually nothing negative about the Democrats (Clinton/Sanders/whomever). Same thing happened in Canada: media out to destroy Harper and the Conservatives with a love-in for empty vessel Baby Trudeau. Sadly, we get what we are pushed to have as government.

  11. I emailed the RNCC & told them I will not vote for ANY republican since Ryan, a democrat in she eps clothing just gave Obama & the democrats everything they wanted. Told them to remove my name & address from their records. I said I will vote for Trump or Cruz but not for any current elected republican. If enough people did the same it MIGHT register with them that we are upset with their actions.

  12. I agree with David Cameron and Obama’s appointments of radicals to high positions in his cabinet is a source for extreme concern. Also Hillary’s long-time aide Huma Abedin from what I have read from more than on source has ties to the muslim brotherhood.

  13. Howard, you know I love you but I have to take Carly’s position. I truly believe, as do many of my female business owner friends in the state of Texas that there are no two men on the ticket – black, white or purple who can beat Hillary. Why? Because there are enough stupid women in this country who will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. There are enough women who say: “we’ve had a black president, now I want a woman president” – As a business owner, I’d rather have Carly…

  14. I could not have said it better myself! The one thing you missed was the lack of difference Between a House of Representatives headed by Pelosi, Boehner, or Ryan. There are only three differences among them: (a) gender of one, (b) amount of botox use, and (b) beards.

  15. We often hear the word “Misogyny” [hatred of women], but we seldom hear the word “Misandry” [hatred of men]. Having viewed all Republican debates and closely observing Carly, I find that the word “Misandry” FITS her quite well! Also, focusing on the near future–won’t it be a PLEASURE to refer to Barack HUSSEIN Obama as the EX-PRESIDENT, with all his cohorts [Michelle, Valerie, Susan, Loretta, etc…] GONE from the White House! REMEMBER TRUMP OWES NO ONE and Washington officials FEAR him! AMEN!

  16. I fell asleep before the last debate started, that’s how bored I am with all the hoopla and bs. I totally agree, most voters are lazy and apathetic. Apathy has been around for a long, long time, in the USA, for at least 50 years or so. Today’s Millennials
    are the grandkids of the Hippies. The Millennials are worse than any Hippie ever thought to be. I blame the Ivory Towers called Universities and Colleges, for all of the ignorant thinking. Leftist Professors abound and are basically corrupt.

  17. On one of the above comments Erin Botsford, sounded to me like she would vote for Fiorina just because she is a woman. This is what many of our problems are. Voting for someone because of gender, color, religion, etc. is not really understanding we need to use our ability to check on the records of the person running. We need someone who believes in our Constitution, is strong enough to fight for it, and fight the corruption we now have in our government.

  18. It would be impressive to see, if all the candidates would just run on their own merits, ideals, and vision and express that INSTEAD of attacking each other! Are not the people to decide?!I was taught that stepping on heads, degrading anyone, attacking the character of anyone to attain anything was was degrading to one’s self!I know that’s not the accepted way,but it speaks loudly and clearly of the one’s who won’t stoop that low!Those elected are a mirror image of those who have voted for them.

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