So here we are . . . another Republican spectacle put to rest, one, which will only be memorable for NOT BEING MEMORABLE, without any breaking news.

That said though, from this debate, there were several important consequences that are indeed focusing the picture, which includes . . . that the amount of people on the Primary Stage were too many. And it’s time to appreciably whittle it down.

The people trailing the pack who must go are: Kasich, Paul, Fiorina, Christie, and Bush.

The remaining players should be Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Carson. And even Carson, if after this debate his numbers continue to slip, he should go too.

I’m not suggesting that any of these aforementioned 5-Candidates should quit the race, rather, they should hang in there as long as they want to, but at the very least, they should reflect the mood of the people, which they do not.


1 – Cruz did very well last night, reinforcing his spontaneity, knowledge, commitment, and resilience. As I’ve said repeatedly . . . CRUZ should be the guy.

2 – Rubio did as he always does; because he speaks so very well . . . he’s good looking, and has a fresh young face. But, as hard as he tries to appear to be spontaneous, I don’t believe he is, and I don’t imagine many people believe he is nearly as off-the-cuff a debater as he tries to project.

I see Rubio as a very ambitious well-rehearsed Politician, who will say what focus groups have indicated he should say, and he says it well. But, as a supposed outsider, he plays the game like a seasoned veteran, measuring each word and nuance that escapes his lips. I will support him if he gets the nomination. But I don’t trust him.

3 – Perhaps Jeb Bush could make a very good and reliable Secretary in someone else’s Cabinet, but other than that, he just doesn’t have the STUFF to be the Commander-In-Chief.

He is awkward, unsure, and extremely uncomfortable when locked into POLITICAL COMBAT, which is not the temperament one looks for in a President.

If I were him, especially starting the Debates as he did with all that Cash and Momentum as the Presumptive Nominee, and fell to such a depth in the polls, with virtually no hope of a comeback, I would do what Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal did, and resign with dignity from the race.

4 – To quote Trump, Ben Carson might be the LOWEST ENERGY GUY in the field. Actually, he might be the lowest energy guy to have ever run for President. And when I look at a Candidate’s attributes, I want someone who can think on his or her feet at the speed of light. And no matter what Carson says and does in the political arena from here-on-in . . . HE IS NOT THAT GUY.

5 – John Kasich is a PETULANT individual, who in my mind is in the race, only because he thinks too much of himself. Being the Governor of Ohio is one thing. But being the Conciliatory-In-Chief is definitely something America does not need.

6 – Rand Paul would make a great President in a Fairytale Land, where everyone gets along, sings Kumbaya, where there’s no need to fret about outside threats, and there’s plenty for everyone. Unfortunately though, that’s not our world. 

7 – Carly Fiorina, who at first blush to me, seemed so great, strikes me now as an imperious angry person, who prefers to lecture and speak down, rather than just say it like it is.

It also appears to me, that she thinks far too much of herself, and in her mind, if the people don’t choose her, the people have to be some-kind-of-stupid.

8 – Chris Christie is always on top of his debate game. He is an excellent speaker and a passionate campaigner. He knows what to say and how to say it . . . It’s just too bad he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

9 – TRUMP . . . What can I say . . . other than Trump did what Trump does best. And that’s not a knock on Trump.


If you really want to include Candidates who have real ideas and passion in place of most on the UPPER TIER, take out everyone but Trump, Cruz and Rubio, and replace the rest with Huckabee and Santorum.

And if Huckabee and Santorum cannot make it onto the BIG Stage . . . neither should the others I’ve already knocked-off.


This world is such a screwed-up place, with no shortage of people telling you this, that, and the other, while we literally TEETER on the edge of self-destruction, that it all but makes us want to scream.

And every now and then . . . there comes a glimmer of light through the darkness that tries to sort it all out, and put things into perspective, which might release some of the angst.


I have been writing this BLOG since 2006 . . . and with the writing of this Editorial, I will have recorded ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY-TWO EDITORIALS, which you can access anytime you would like to through the ARCHIVES found at the top of every page in the Menu Bar.

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AND I WRITE THIS WITH GREAT PRIDE . . . Many of the THOUSANDS who are in the Directory have been part of this BLOG from the very beginning, and are still part of it. I GUESS THAT REALLY SAYS SOMETHING.

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WHICH SEEMS STRANGE TO SAY . . . since how can something that I am so passionate about, and LOVE doing as much as I LOVE to write and fight for those things I believe in, BE A JOB?

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Even though Google Ads would certainly contribute to revenue, I do not want to reduce this BLOG to that stature. That said though . . . we are going to try to find several Conservative Sponsors who share our opinions and values.

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  1. 100% correct Howard on this pseudo muslim “classification”. “Radical” my a… Given the circumstances they are ALL radical. That is the nature of their so called religion.
    It is not a religion at all. It is a cult.

  2. You are great Howard I sent you an email Was so shocking but I always thought they were evil after so much research . I did not feel right about posting ihere Keep up your good work

  3. always inspiring, always full of vim & vinegar…..happy Chanukah, merry and new years !
    glad to help

  4. I don’t think for a minute that Dr. Carson’s soft speech means his thought process is slow. Granted he thinks before speaking, and speaks softly. But he’s the only one to come up with a viable solution for the refugees by talking to Jordan’s king, who has opened his border for them and welcomes them. From there they can return home; they would be stuck if put here. Carson has had to think quickly & clearly in his years of surgery.

  5. Trade Carson for Christie to keep it interesting. In the end the only chance that we have is a Trump and Cruz team. They would have a great chance for the brass ring, our only chance.

  6. Ted Cruz stood out as a great debater and even left Rubio somewhat lost for words during their exchanges. Cruz will stand up to even the rinos. I’ve supported Dr Carson for months, but he just will not get that fire in his belly that I think we need in the Whitehouse right now. I like Trump and his take no prisoners attitude, but just doesn’t come off as presidential. Ted Cruz for Pres/Vicki Haley for VP, Rubio for Sec of State. Trump will not accept less than number 1.

  7. I am pleased that you will keep the blog going. I have just found the blog and I love it.

    I will help you as much as I can.

    Joe Lybrand

  8. I was pleased to read that you are going to continue writing your blog come hell or high water.

    I am happy to contribute now and then when I am able.

    Sure would be great if more folks would show their appreciation by doing the same.

    Best regards.

  9. I have been slowly whittling the group down, too. I had decided that, though Trump is saying what we all want to say, and is encouraging the Tour Group to do so also, his elect-ability is not really that good with the Millennials nor does his verbosity encourage me. Cruz on the other hand always has something to say, and can say it strongly. He doesn’t put up with foolishness, has been around and knows how “it” works. I’d love to have a Carson with Cruz’s leadership abilities, but…

  10. I agree with Marianne Hart from MD. Always thought a good team would be Carson w/Cruz as VP. Carson is tremendous in diplomacy & Cruz would lend the working gov’t knowledge & experience Carson needs to complete national and international decisions/tasks. A lot can & will happen between now and Nov 2016. –Can’t help but wonder if O’s administration bringing in so many Syrians is to set us up with multiple crises so O can declare martial law & remain in office indefinitely.

  11. Wow! Your analysis is EXACTLY what I felt about the debate, except that TRUMP “should be the guy” vs. CRUZ! Not much has been noted in the news about the first debate, but HUCKABEE & SANTORUM were great and should be “on the BIG STAGE next time–with the other 5 excluded. Your description of Fiorina is perfect, and someone I definitely wouldn’t want to have to work with! Lastly, your BLOG is GREAT and is an excellent “TOOL” for people to VENT their views. Thank you for your commitment! AMEN!

  12. As usual, I enjoy reading your analysis and comments. One thing bothers me though about the debates. The candidates are tearing each other apart while the Democrats are laughing all the way to the bank. The most important thing in the next election, is not who is going to be the Republican candidate, but how to beat the suave, Teflon Hillary Clinton?
    I dread the thought if she becomes the President of the USA,

    Steve Acre, Montreal, Canada

  13. CNN conspired with the Rebuplican establishment to pit Trump vs Bush and Rubio vs Cruz. Again this was not a debate this was a ratings game and an attack on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz by the establishment. And Howard is wrong about Rand Paul, One our most conservative senators and not worthy of Howard’s insult.

  14. Remember, both Cruz and Christie are attorneys, they should know how to debate. While, I do NOT particularly care for lawyers, too many years in medicine has left me soured, Cruz is smart as all get out, plus he is a real conservative! What I am afraid of, Cruz seems so wooden when he talks and with today’s TV, that simply does not look good to the people. Remember the 1960 election? It was the one that introduced TV to the Presidency, big time!!! It has been a factor, ever since.

  15. I disagree with one choice of who should leave. Rubio should leave. He is a sellout. He is a bush lite. I would not trust him with my life. Not a big fan of Christie but Christie should be in and Rubio in the gutter. Not only him but reince prieus should be in the gutter. No bigger sellout of America in the republican party than him. Well almost. You got to take McCain to the gutter with them.

  16. Howard, you are a gifted man and you remind me of that dude in the Bible who chose to go in the wood to burry it.

    Your clientele in USA might not know it very well but you are a gifted radio guy. Maybe the magic is gone, you are the only one to know it. But when I see guys like Arthur, Proulx in Quebec doing that in their 70s, anything is still possible for you.

    People here should know that they are writing to one of the best radio voice Canada ever had. Imagine the rest now.

  17. TRUMP is the only one who can lead this country to greatness. I say that Cruz is good and would make a great VP with TRUMP. I would never vote for any of the others . They are either losers or liars.

    If we don’t get TRUMP wining, the people will NOT vote and Hillary or some other dem will win. Then this country will be in a bloody revolution. Is that what you want? I am glad you realize what Rubio is as I know him personally, and jeb is as I know him personally( Common Core–one world govt.)

  18. My main issue with Trump can be fixed with more information but I saw it and I wonder if many others caught it. When the question can about the nuclear Triad was proposed he was blindsided and knew nothing, at least based on his answer he was caught flat footed. Have not seen him without words but that one time.

  19. I am not-at-all diminishing all of Howards editorials, but if all of us don’t get out, talk and vote this next election, we will have comprimised all Howard and all other ‘conservative’ talk rdaio host have said and writtened, and worst of all, !! Hillary will get elected !! There will be needed MORE-AND-MORE, who ‘really’ knows than those who are gullible and simply just don’t care at all except for their own butt. I definitely don’t want those 3 in for another 2 term presdidency!

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