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PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW WE’RE WINNING, when just a hint of a threat against no discernable school, is enough to shut down the entire Los Angeles School System?

How are we winning by spending HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars, which really is more than a TRILLION dollars, fighting a so-called minority of Moslems, who claim that Islamists have highjacked their Religion of Peace, when in addition to all the other Islamic insults, our whole world of travel has been turned upside down?

GO ONE BETTER . . . How are we winning, when anything that smacks of disrespect for Islam, is becoming a CRIMINAL act, subject to fines and worse, in both of our countries, while it’s a FREE-FOR-ALL to literally DEFECATE on Christianity and Christians?

And as far as Israel and Zionist Jews like . . . we’re no better than DIRT.


Listen to them debate . . . and they’ll tell you how they did this and that – how they made great speeches. And how they’ve made a difference.

OH YEAH . . . If all of these Politicians were so good and so smart, as they want all of us to believe, then how come the Moslems have us on our knees, and our economies are literally BANKRUPT.


And while I’m at it . . . what happened to all of our Freedoms?

HERE’S HOW I SEE THE DEBATE TONIGHT . . . The first Candidate, which I assume will be Trump, because he’s said it before . . . who will promise to SMASH THE CRAP out of any threat from Islam, will get 100% OF MY SUPPORT.


I don’t want to hear the stories. I don’t want to know what they’ve done to make our lives so much better, since what they’ve done has made our lives so much worse.


How are they going to kick the HOLY CRAP out of Moslems who want to hurt us, and who don’t want to assimilate into our way of life?

I also want to hear the Candidates say that America is a SECULAR country based on JUDEO/CHRISTIAN VALUES . . . AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE THAT.

Give me a Candidate who will say these things . . . and REALLY MEAN THEM, and he will get my support. But so far as I can see, those candidates thus far are TRUMP, CARSON & CRUZ in that order.

I’ll be happy to write more about this after the debate.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If Obama’s reaction to this TERRORIST ATTACK doesn’t convince people he’s a Moslem, nothing will. How can he be so obtuse as to continue his “Islam is peaceful” and “Religion of Peace” rhetoric if he isn’t one of the brotherhood? His complicity in the “Arab Spring” disaster and continued support of Moslem terrorists is blatant and obvious and “Rev.”Wright’s church accepted Moslems as members. No WAY is Obama NOT a Moslem.

  2. Good points and necessary, too! I still say, why are the candidates not using CPAN 1 or 2 for their debates? CPAN does a very good job of presenting all sides to any issue. I HATE CNN and want to watch the debate. The minute the debate becomes a bashing session, I am gone! I want hear solutions from the candidates and not just about ISIS, but the way we must avoid the Syria immigrants and amnesty! I feel, when we get on track with those 2 issues, the economy will improve. Fear is the word.

  3. Most cable companies are running their holiday fireplaces. I am sure that will provide more satisfaction.

  4. Netflix has just arrived, a truly great Movie, ARTHUR. Now really, why would I want to watch the blah-blah, when I can make a nice trip to the past. Great laughs tonight.

  5. Trump should boycott the debate as he said he would unless they donated 5 mil to the veterans. CNN made him back down on that one–I’m actually stunned he did. I didn’t think Trump backed down from anyone.

  6. If CNN is the only station that is carrying the debate then I will not be watching it. I refuse to give one iota of support to that station by watching a single minute of their so-called news and programming. I have stopped with them years ago and have never looked back. They can run the greatest programming in the world and have the sharpest news at this point and I would neither know nor care.

  7. I no longer watch the debates live; it’s a waste of time listening to candidates’ having to endure stupid questions asked by even stupider liberals from CNN. If I understand correctly, one of them today will be Wolf Blitzer (g-a-a-a-gh!). I’ll get more out of it anyway by listening to the comments made by Rush, et. al. tomorrow. As Mickey points out, I want to hear about some plans on how to defeat ISIS and prevent more Islamists from entering the U.S., and how to handle those already here.

  8. Almost nothing to add. You said it all. Blitz Wolfer? The media sees him and CNN totally differently than I. CNN.. Ted Turner and Hanoi Jane’s ex. True patriots.. gag!!! The good thing is that those being grilled are far more intelligent than the hosts.

  9. TRUMP was the WHOLE SHOW! As he said would happen, it was a TRUMP “this and that” topic. The majority of their questions had the word TRUMP in them. They sure tried to “take him down”, but didn’t succeed! It was the same old CNN BS! Also, thanks to HUSSEIN Obama, ISLAM’s issues and Religion HAVE become more important in America than our own concerns. Was this BHO’s PLAN? If so, it’s working! TRUMP’s got it right and people MUST WAKE UP; otherwise, they are falling into “EL DIABLO’s” trap. AMEN!

  10. Trump was Trump doesn’t break down, stronger than steel, and i LOVE IT! CRUZ AND CARSON DID VERY WELL, INFACT THIS WAS CARSON’S BEST DEBATE. CHRISTY CAME OUT WITH FIREWORKS TOO LATE FOR HIM. THE OTHERS SHOULDN’T BE ON THE STAGE. I think this enemy will kill our kids like flies, doesn’t matter who they behead. This kind of an enemy must be totally cut out of our lives permanently. Trump i trust the most!

  11. Cruz, Trump, and Christie were winners last night. The other rinos were the losers. Wolf Blitzer did a very good job for CNN. The other two could have taken a hike and the debate would have been better.

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