According to the LEFT (Democrats), the Media, and Republican Insiders . . . just the fact that Trump is saying the things that he says, is a terrible threat to the USA amongst Moslems, Mexicans, Women, the Chinese, and America’s Global Reputation.

IN ONE RESPECT THEY ARE 100% RIGHT . . . But not in the way they’re trying to portray.

IN FACT . . . Trump is indeed a huge THREAT, but not to America’s Global Reputation, but in all REALITY, his THREAT is to the very people who are panicked at his political success and message, because if Trump is indeed a REAL THREAT, it is to the LEFT and the INSIDERS of BOTH Parties.

What Trump has done so successfully, hasn’t been to elevate himself on his own unique ideas, but rather to CHANNEL the thoughts, opinions, anger, and FEARS shared by the American people . . . And not just amongst RIGHT WING Republicans.

HE’S ALSO BROUGHT INTO THE OPEN . . . the absolute disdain the American people have for politicians on both sides of the spectrum, to the point that his support extends beyond Republicans, which is the DIRTY LITTLE SECRET the Democrats don’t want anyone to know.

There is no shortage of SOFT DEMOCRATS and plenty of INDEPENDENTS who support the thoughts Trump has brought to the LIGHT OF DAY. And no matter how they Demagogue Trump, they cannot Demagogue the many TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans who think the same as he’s expressing, and get away with it.

They can call Trump a RACIST, a BIGOT, and a NAZI all they want, but by doing this, all they’re doing is labeling A HUGE NUMBER Americans the same.

So every time they attack Trump, in the most vicious way they can, they are in fact attacking the GRASS ROOTS of America . . . giving added strength to Trump.


I don’t believe the Power Brokers really care who wins the White House, as long as whomever it is, who sits in the Oval Office, is SUBSERVIENT to them. In other words, they will feed all the compliant Candidates of BOTH Parties with all the cash they need to win, in order to take care of their own interest . . . whether those interests include banking, investing, industrial, government contracts, the bureaucracy, unions and/or the world of intellectual elitists.


If Trump wins, and does what he actually says he will do, especially the part of NOT BEING BEHOLDEN TO ANYONE, this will be the biggest challenge the Power Brokers have ever experienced.


I AM ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED . . . that the Power Brokers and Party Insiders, especially in the Republican Party, would rather THROW THIS ELECTION, rather than see Trump in the White House at the demise of their INORDINATE INFLUENCE.


THERE’S ALSO NO QUESTION IN MY MIND . . . that the Power Brokers in both Parties and Media, will conspire to do whatever it takes to bring down Trump, effectively crowning Hillary Clinton, who is a PROVEN Liar, an incompetent Self-Serving not much of a Servant of the people, and a financial CHEAT, along with her Husband and No-Account Daughter (to walk into the Oval Office), no matter how much MORE damage she and they can wrought upon the American People and the rest of the world.


I FAVOR CRUZ, and have done so from the beginning, placing him just behind Scott Walker, before Walker left the campaign. Cruz was one of my favorites, along with Fiorina who has proven to me not to be as worthy as I had hoped, and Ben Carson who just doesn’t have what it takes.

BUT TED CRUZ HAS IT ALL . . . and in his own unique way, he is MORE of a THREAT to the Party Insiders and Power Brokers than Donald Trump could ever be, because Cruz is not a Narcissist, he is not a Bully, he is a passionate American Patriot, who is far more thoughtful in his speech than Trump, far more in-tune with the American People, knows how to play the political game, is an honest-to-goodness Constitutionalist, has a plan to bring America back to her roots, and has already proven that he has no qualms about standing up to the Leaders and Power Brokers in his own Party.

If Trump is the last man standing once the smoke clears . . . I will use this BLOG to support him.


Trump might be what America needs today to clean house, but he is not what America needs to rebuild a once-upon-a-time great nation.

Trump is no Ronald Reagan . . . BUT CRUZ JUST MIGHT BE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Among the flaws in western thinking is that there is “islam”, and “extreme islam”. Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdoğan clears this up for us in his seminal comment “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” (Source: Milliyet, Turkey, August 21, 2007).

  2. You are exactly right!! I like what Trump says as all people do but I think Cruz would make a better President.

  3. “CRUZ” Control ain’t all bad! It’ll get us where we want to go without too many bumps in the road! Bud Farrell

  4. Not to take it lightly but here’s my analogy. Its the biggest NASCAR race ever. Trump is in the lead in a very powerful car. Gas pedal to the floor and with only a couple of laps left to the finish line with Cruz as a team mate in another car right behind drafting him. If the Trump car falters and its looking like it might, Cruz will pull out and pass him just before the finish line pulled there by Trump. The rest of the pack are so far behind they don’t stand a chance.

  5. Grassroots baby….grassroots!
    Both sides of the spectrum agree with a great deal of what Mr. Trump espouses.
    Enough of the rhetoric from the dingbat president.
    A cultural revolution is on the horizon again and this time it ain’t gonna be run by a bunch of hippies!

  6. Cruz is my first choice by far. Among many other reasons he can bring the Hispanic vote to the republicans and lead them in the direction of free constitutional government and free enterprise. Most Hispanics are socially conservative and will make fine Americans with the right leadership. Cruz is very close to Reagan.
    Tom Kelly

  7. I’m afraid you’re spot on about the republican establishment possibly throwing the election if Trump or Cruz is the nominee. Just look at Paul Ryan negotiating in secret with Nancy Pelosi on the next porkulous budget instead of having an open debate in the People’s House on how to spend our money. I used to think Ryan was one of the few good pols, but no more. If the R’s throw this election it will be the end of the party. And the end of any illusion of a free self-governing country.

  8. Great message!! It’s amazing how clearly a Canadian can get across a message that every red blooded American needs to hear. Oh, I forgot, your a Texan now!!!

  9. Cruz is definitely the right man for the job. He is super smart. Loves our country and our Constitution. He will become a great president. Trump is paving the way.

  10. From day one, I’ve always preferred Ted Cruz as my first choice for President but Trump, as you’ve said, has the right words and the boldness to be front runner for now. I’ll support either Cruz or Trump, whichever make it in the Primaries.
    God Bless & Save America, Israel, & Canada.

  11. Just read The Donald’s book. If he is nuts, so am I. As a business guy (own for more than 30 years) what he says and his approach while a little over the top sometimes is exactly the same way I have watched successful people do business all of my life. Is he the great “savior?” I have to agree with you that Cruz would be better. But to have Cruz as a VP in waiting and The Donald taking all the blows I think the combination may just be what we need today.

  12. You are correct in that TRUMP is CHANNELING [great word] exactly what most people are feeling about our DECREPIT GOVERNMENT! Should TRUMP become the Nominee, he needs to be prepared for VOTING FRAUD. No doubt, he’s already addressing this issue! It would be a great topic of discussion for tomorrow night’s debate! Also, yes, both Democrats and Republicans FEAR Trump–with good reason. HUCKABEE would make a great VP, and CRUZ could head the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT. What a TEAM that would be! AMEN!

  13. Was it during Ronald Reagan’s campaign, or Ross Perot’s that the term ,…”time to clean out the barn.”became a catchphrase? Sounds more like a Perotism. It should be resurrected for this season, as what better thing could we the voters do for the betterment of “WE THE PEOPLE”!
    I have a real love/hate relationship with our grossly elongated process. It should be mandatory that 6 months before the election EVERY candidate must reveal his Cabinet nominees and VP candidate, and stick to it!

  14. I DO NOT LIKE CRUZ’S HAIR !! Trump on the other hand is a Fashion Statement . and as for First Ladies , Trump’s got that Aced as well . Entertaining . Certainly a Media Wizard. As for President : no worse than what we have seen lately and no worse that another Clinton would be . ” For The People – By The People ” how does that saying go ?
    Then again once a Billionaire , never a grass root anything ever again . But definitely a Political Outsider that will never be allowed to win.

  15. Perhaps the best for Trump and Cruz would be a Team effort, they would then have a chance of beating Hillary. I don’t feel that either one of them on their own can do it, UNLESS, a real bump in the road that hits her hard and that she is not able to lie or buy her way out of it. I know the Power Broker situation, but the real foe are those that know they will end up in jail if Trump gets in power. Perhaps the silent majority will prevail.

  16. I think Ted Cruz would best be presented as the VP Choice with Trump in 2016. Then, Cruz as POTUS in 2020 or 2024. I believe the Trump/Cruz combination would capture enough voters to achieve what either one alone could not. The GOP sure does not need another RINO politician to lose another election. If Ronald Reagan won 49 states, why does the current GOP “Leadership” work so hard to distance itself from that wonderful man and his principles? Never fails to amaze me.

  17. We are leaning more and more to Cruz. He loves America and I seems to be truly concerned for us.

    All we can pray for, is that a good Republican gets in to be our next President….it’s time to get back to being patriotic, meaning our government! God Bless America! Jan Clement Ocala, FL USA

  18. If the power brokers, bankers and numerous other thieves, are equally in control of both parties, as we are all now believing, then we have an explanation as to why there is mere token opposition to Obama and the Democrats misdeeds. Those in government who are co-conspirators amongst these ruthless, inconsiderate and gluttoness pretenders, should get their lives in order real quick, because when Trump, or Cruz get elected they may not see the streets of America again for many, many years.

  19. If Cruz was elected President and Elizabeth May of Canada’s Green Party was elected Prime Minister (not that she has a snowball’s chance…but go with me on this one), we’d have a Canadian born President of the United States and an American born Prime Minister of Canada.

  20. Howard you are a brilliant man. And I have a great appreciation for what you feel about Ted Cruz. For I also respect him as Presidential material and would love to see him as Vice president. But here is where we differ. Donald Trump is far closer to Reagan in the “FACT”. That he has the Reagan Tenacity that Cruz lacks. Please watch close. Donald trump has the dim’s Cards in his Hands. And is brilliantly playing them against them. He has flipped their every move against them. and is still “Trump”

  21. Trump is saying what we are saying in our living rooms, but know we can’t voice out loud. As Barry Goldwater once said, (Which lost him the election.) “I would love to lob one in the middle of the men’s room of the Kremlin.” We all were thinking the same thing, but Goldwater SAID it. What a different place this country would be if he had won! I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee, but I heard Bush talk recently and he is my first choice. His solutions were the best I’ve heard.

  22. Hi Howard:
    Trump is a bit of a loose canon just as you have been in the past but “loose canons” get the job done. Cruz and Trump…great combination.

  23. Sure, Ted Cruz will be just what you want, unless he is elected. THEN he will become just another politician! IT’S TRIUMPH with TRUMP!!! Or nothing, there are NO substitutes, period. The ONLY candidate they FEAR is TRUMP!!!

  24. Howard you’re wrong about that. Trump is the man to do the job but I’d like to see Cruz as his second, to back him up.

  25. I too like what I hear from Trump and do agree that he is speaking the fears of Americans, the way the NOONE is doing in Canada. However, having heard past speeches of his, the last one being him saying they will have to shut down the internet because that is how the terrorists communicate, and FREEDOM OF SPEECH BE DAMNED, I am fearful that Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He USED to walk and talk like a SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE so why do we believe he’s not just because an election is coming

  26. Howard – spot on as usual. Cruz is someone who is actually trustworthy. A man with good moral character who has always stood and defended our constitution. Trump has served a great purpose and I will vote for him if he becomes the nominee. However, Cruz is a brilliant guy, always sees the big picture and isn’t afraid of a fight. Trump is like obummer and is self-serving, narrcissistic and infantile at times. I will vote for any republican to keep the leftists out of the WH.

  27. If Cruz would commit to a border fence; and commit to stopping ALL immigration i.e. refugees, legal immigrants and illegal immigrants UNTIL the Federal Budget is balanced; and auditing ALL Green Cards, Visas & Passports of non-citizens to find out who exactly is in our country; I would vote for him.

    Until very recently Cruz’s default position on immigration was MORE legal immigration. Insane, with 25+ million Americans
    out of work & a $20 trillion debt. Sounds like monied cronies got to him.

  28. If we can get Cruz & Trump to form a team, we would be sure of the Right Wing winning but will Trump be willing to work with Cruz? Trump is saying all the things we want to hear – but if Trump gets in – WW3 would happen. Things on the world stage is so bad – I am not optimistic about our survival.

  29. killary is a murdered too. Check on Vince Foster and the 4 who died at Benghazi. She should be in the electric chair.

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