We’re on the cusp of an International Upheaval, the likes of which the Free World hasn’t seen, since the precursor of the Second World War, some 80-years ago, when the world was in total denial, from Europe through North America.


It all starts with bad governments, which are not supported by the people, because of government and bureaucratic excesses, incompetence, and lies . . . leading the people to not only distrust government, but to rather LOATHE everything that smacks of government.


Before the bullets and bombs flew in 1939, the Nazis and their allies were well on their way to expanding and honing their military supremacy and political position.

Franco crushed his LEFTIST enemies during their pre-WWII Civil War. Mussolini hardened his control over Italy, while countries like Finland rushed to side with the Goose Steppers, along with at least half of France.

And a good portion of the BRITS were only too happy to be sympathetic to the Nazis, including the King of England (Edward Simpson VIII), who in 1936 abdicated the throne for American Commoner Wallis Simpson, while no shortage of other Europeans were only too happy to either participate, profit from, or pretend virulent Anti-Semitism and the slaughter of Jews wasn’t really happening.

We also know that Henry Ford was a great admirer of Adolf Hitler, as was Charles Lindbergh, and America’s Ambassador to England (Joseph P Kennedy), father of the Kennedy boys, JFK and the bunch, even as the WAR was ramping-up


They all HATED Jews. And in their day, they took pride in being notable ANTI-SEMITES. And also, they shared an incredibly mutual approbation for Anti-Semitic Propaganda at home and abroad.


The more the world JUICED and legitimized Anti-Semitism through all manner, including half-truths, stereotypes, and outright LIES . . . the closer the world came to WAR.


THE WAR THAT STARTED IN 1939 . . . was actually started much earlier throughout Europe, as the WAR Against The Jews, but since it was only against the Jews – SO WHAT?


There were plenty of Good Guys . . . but unfortunately, there was also no shortage of REAL BAD ACTORS.

When I read about NEUTRAL countries during the WAR, like Sweden and Switzerland . . . all I can see are the worst kind of OPPORTUNISTS, who raked in the money from all sides, while pretending to be HONEST BROKERS, while being knee deep in human misery.

SO LET ME SET A BIT OF THE RECORD STRAIGHT . . . and tie it into what is happening today – here and now.

Everyone loves the Swedes, the tall and hardy Nordic Blond men and women, because the Swedes are NEUTRAL, and have great PR. But that’s only an expensive veneer, which the Swedes have paid FORTUNES to develop.

Swedish Diplomat Raoul Wallenberg . . . was one of the Good Guys. But was nonetheless a whisper in the hurricane, while Sweden gave the impression that they were helping to save the Jews, but only after the writing was on the wall, that the Nazis were going to lose big-time. BUT BEFORE THAT . . .

Years ago, I had a Swedish client, a father and three sons who owned a very High Quality Auto Body Shop in Montreal, who made it clear to me, that they were doing business with our Advertising Agency because we did good work . . . IN SPITE OF ME BEING JEWISH.

I was shocked to hear such unbridled Anti-Semitism, to which I questioned them, why in the HELL would he and his sons even think that way, let alone say it? Their response to me was worse than the original statement.

IN SWEDEN I WAS TOLD . . . the worst insult you can level at someone is to call him or her a Jew. And that everyone in Sweden knows, that Jews are a despicable people, who are ONLY about money.


But they were telling the truth . . . and as it happened, I came across some information that revealed a great deal about the Swedes, who were only too happy to profit from the Nazi’s proclivity to FORCED LABOR AND PLUNDER.

And as much as the Swedes have literally spent FORTUNES to WHITEWASH their part in World War II and SCRUB the Internet from their duplicity . . . VOLVO, the safest car in the world, as the Swedes like to promote it, was also a product of Nazi SLAVE LABOR.

What the Swedes also don’t like to talk about, is how this supposedly NEUTRAL country of “nice” people, SURREPTITIOUSLY opened their Rail Lines to the Nazis, so the Goose Steppers could move their troops across sovereign Swedish Territory in order to fight.


The Swedes have always been a DUPLICITOUS nation, raking it in from all sides, while pretending to be such well-meaning people, while death and destruction had contributed greatly to their wealth.


Sweden has a population of less than 20,000 people who consider themselves to be Jewish. And of this 20,000, almost TWO THIRDS do not want to be identified as being Jewish, for fear of being targeted . . . WITH PLENTY OF JUST CAUSE.

Sweden also has an EXPLOSIVE Moslem population, growing in political and social power by the day. And as such, the Swedes have chosen their sides, even amongst the highest level of government, where the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström, has come right-out in attacking Israel for criminal actions against the (poor) Palestinians, making her country’s point . . . that (Moslem) worldwide attacks, such as the recent Paris Massacre was somehow the fault of Israel.

But . . . when horrible people like her tie world TERRORISM to Israel, they are effectively tying worldwide TERRORISM to the fault of JEWS.

MORE THAN THAT . . . Sweden is leading the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement against Israel, claiming it has nothing to do with Anti-Semitism, where in TRUTH, it has everything to do with JEW-HATRED.

IN OTHER WORDS . . . Any Jew who unabashedly supports Israel is part of the problem – making people like me a BAD JEW.

And just as it was PRIOR to the Holocaust – Jews . . . certainly amongst the LEFT, specifically amongst the ELITISTS, did all they could to prove to the Nazis and Nazi supporters, that they were NOT BAD JEWS . . . THAT THEY WERE GOOD JEWS, unlike other Jews, who were money-grubbers, and whatever other canard could be created against Jews.

And that’s what’s happening today in Sweden, where GOOD Jews who buy into the LET’S BASH ISRAEL CROWD, are somehow somewhat safer . . . rather than being BAD Jews like me, who will fight to the death to defend against any form of Anti-Semitism, no matter how much it is camouflaged.

SO WHY IS SWEDEN SO ANTI-ISRAEL? Sweden is leading the BDS Movement against Israel . . . because that’s the nature of Anti-Semitism.


And as Anti-Semitism continues to become more mainstream and acceptable, in the guise of being against PROPAGANDIZED ISRAELI INJUSTICES – and not against the Jewish People, the closer we are coming to a repeat of 1939-1945.

AND AGAIN – WHY AM I TARGETING SWEDEN? . . . because Sweden is targeting Israel and Jews, and in 1939 we didn’t have the wherewithal to fight back and expose the BASTARDS for who they were.

But this is the 21st Century, and we have the Internet to defend ourselves, and to level the playing field. And we can expose and shatter the image of countries like Sweden, which until now has done a splendid job in hiding their sordid past.

BY THE WAY . . . Israel is the only true democracy in the entire region, where all people, including Jews, Christians, Moslems, Women and others, including Gays and Lesbians have EQUAL RIGHTS under a Secular Legal Code of Justice.

YET – SOMEHOW . . . Israel has become the WORLD’S BAD GUY. There is no explaining Anti-Semitism.

AND FINALLY . . . Former President Jimmy Carter, who was NO FRIEND to Israel, and in my opinion, was, and probably still is an outright Anti-Semite, is now CANCER FREE, from what his doctors described as an incurable Brain Tumor, courtesy of a new CANCER FIGHTING DRUG developed and produced in Israel.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The U.S. military-industrial complex may cause the waste of trillions of dollars of American resources and the lives of thousands of young Americans, but there is no reason to fear a third rate country like Russia, not even China. The licensed deer hunters in Texas, Ohio, and Wisconsin outnumber the total armed forces of China. The total licensed deer hunters in the U.S.A. outnumber the total armed forces of the top 17 countries of the world. (CIA Fact Book and etc.)
    M. A. Hodges, San Diego, CA

  2. I am on your side and always will be. I have an idea what is in store for us. Even more so after seeing what is happening in Germany. I saw many welcoming faces in the crowd – they will eventually rue the day.

  3. I wonder how long that it will take for the Swedes to realize that Sweden is in deep doodoo

  4. Sadly, our society has become very selfish, lazy, cares very little about each other, and feels that it is ENTITLED to everything. The younger generation, especially, doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices our military has made, to ensure their safety and freedom. Thus, an APATHETIC mood and lifestyle has “taken over”. I say…bring the DRAFT back to “straighten them out”. Considering the critical ISIS status, it won’t be too much longer before we need more soldiers, anyway. WAKE UP PEOPLE! AMEN!

  5. Sweeden, another bunch of idiots barking at the wrong tree. They have no-go zones, sharia laws, Islamic terrorists and Ikea think their knives are the problem (no kidding).
    If they want to survive as a nation, they have to do the right thing and take off their masks because it’s going to be too late (or is it). 80% of their welfare system is drained by moslems.

  6. I have always been a supporter of the idea of a Jewish homeland. But what has always puzzled me is why so many Jews are anti Israel… like Noam Chomsky among many others. Even in Israel itself we often hear about a large minority who support compensation to the Palestinians who claim that their lands have been stolen from them…or the right of return. Did Israel really steal land from the Palestinians? I ‘d be quite interested in hearing your explanation.

  7. After the whole world witnessed the Holocaust it is truly amazing that so many can say it did not happen. To this day the history channel shows film evidence of it frequently. It is the single most evil act in history and yet their are deniers and growing numbers of anti-semites. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Terrorists will soon have WMD’s and use them on all of us. Their hatred is by no means limited to Jews.
    Tom Kelly

  8. I don’t look at the past, to concerned with the future. Never been so upset for my family, so worried. One side the Dems. communists, a new Hitler has emerged. The right RHINO’S combined with good guys. What to do, I’LL GAMBLE WITH TRUMP, it’s all we have and we have to give him the Oval Office, it’s a gamble maybe, It’s the only game left to play with and I do have a good gut feeling. We are playing with FIRE, a monster enemy, Trump is our only chance!

  9. As reasonable as it is to say Carter was cured by a drug developed in Israel, I rather agree with J. Walker who said the tumor starved to death. I have heard from other Jewish friends of the character of Sweden but it appears to me that they are beginning to pay the price for their hatreds and the sides they have taken. The “inclusion” of Muslims who refuse to assimilate is about to catch up with them. Stay a “bad Jew,” Howard!

  10. The Norwegians were as bad as the Swedes, perhaps worse when it came to collaborating with the Nazis in return for financial gain. Representatives of several other European nations have recently blamed Israel for terror in Paris. Its not coincidence that each of these EU countries will fall to Islam within a decade or two. Seventy years post-WWII genocide is rearing its ugly head in Europe. Only this time these idiots are cleansing their own countries of a new kind of victim…themselves. LMAO!!

  11. History, (His Story) with His creation has been played over and over and over. Man never seems to learn that the flesh seems to dictate his destiny. We are in the final days of which the monitary markets are predicting a world wide collision. Every country is trying to be bold by burying their head in the sand not wanting to face what we know is about to happen.
    The grimm reaper is about to make his dabue. Will we be surprised?

  12. Howard, behind anti-semitism it’s envy: envy of the accomplishments of Jews. Period.

  13. You are always correct, Howard and I being a Swedish, born in Canada, old timer
    who has just flat given up on the exploding Muslim horror show, when will the
    world realize this must be stopped or the world will not survive.
    I, unlike our new PM, like Jews and what they stand for and hope you have some
    magic wand you can wave to stop Islam.
    B.A. Lundquist, Courtenay, BC

  14. Surprise! After some time, I want to tell you that I have been following your blog, or, as I prefer to call it, your editorial. Today, I found your editorial to be a very enheartening or unenheartening eye-opener for both good and bad Jews.
    I remember riding with you in your standard shift Saab through the back roads of the Alexandria area. We all learn to realize who our friends are and who Israel’s enemies are. Happy Chanukah to you and Anne. Your friend, Harry Wise

  15. keep up the good work Howard. they can kill our body, but not our soul. fight fight fight ! never give in. it is time.

  16. You make it very hard for me to comment except to agree. My young life was in the deep South. The only difference that I saw in my Jewish friends was that they went to a different church and it was on Saturday. Any success that they achieved was to be emulated and not envied. They were good people and friends. As I likely told you, the writings of Leon Uris made me realize and partially understand the struggle of God’s chosen. Unfortunately, there are those, everywhere, who are envious.

  17. Sadly Jews will always be the favored int’l scapegoats. How many Jews do you know on welfare, Sec 8 housing or are milking the system? I know of none. Muslims -plenty. Success breeds hatred of those “lesser” peoples and nations. What other country or people have done more for Medicine, Business, Hollywood & many other industries than the Jews? Can Obama or anyone else please explain to me what great gifts Islam have bestowed upon us aside from sharia law, global jihad, mass raping and terrorism?

  18. Howard, I love what, how and the fact the you say it. However I must say Finland was at war with Russia. They allied themselves for weapons. However, unlike the swedish cowards (who let nazis through to occupy norway) , they told the nazis to go f themselves when requested to turn over their Jews. Threatening to turn these very weapons against the nazis if they try and take them.

  19. Anti-Semitism is bad enough, but Sweden is the most socialist and radical feminist of all Western states. Sweden, where they are attempting to force men to sit down to pee! Seriously. Google it…

  20. Having been born in 1933 Toronto, I have a clear memory of the Great Depression, and WW2. The neighbour ladies comments about Hitler’s ravings, broadcast on the radio, the previous evening. My father was in the Royal Canadian Artillery as was your father, the Italian campaign, and was in Europe for 4 1/2 years. The fear of being called to the Principal’s office to be told that your mother had been notified that your father was “missing in action.” This happened to other youngsters in my school

    Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov”
    Gee Howard, I’m part of the “WORLD” and I have always befriended Jews as I would anyone else… actually, even more so. I seem to simple “fit” for some reason. But this article does NOT work for me. Maybe it’s because I’m not Jewish, maybe it’s due to the fact that I see what’s happening right now to America. I highly suggest that you consider FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE!!!

  22. I give you this quote: “Jews have been disproportionately overrepresented in practically every human endeavor, from the list of Nobel laureates, to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Our contribution to the well-being of this planet has been grotesquely disproportionate; and even more disproportionate has been the hatred the planet pays us back with.” – Yashiko Sagamori, (2006)

  23. As much as it nauseates me regarding this HATRED toward the Jewish People, it can’t be denied that there will come a time when ALL NATIONS will rise against Israel! To their disgrace and demise, Hell on Earth best describes this! But GOD will not forsake Israel! 1st Samuel 12:22, 1st Kings 6:13. NEITHER WILL I & as I suspect there are MILLIONS of others that won’t either!Israel the apple of God’s Eye,Zechariah 2:8.Remember the SIX DAY WAR?!Paul’s letter to the Galatians 4:29 explains this hate!

  24. Ya’ll need to find Jesus real soon, like NOW! When he returns, Jews will acknowledge that he is Lord and they will be saved. Amen.

  25. Thank you for this lesson in history. Here I thought the Swedes were just mindless followers of the Left…like the majority of Canadians. It’s no surprise to learn that the Swedes are true anti-Semites. What’s more scary, I have long felt that many Canadians too are closet anti-Semites.

  26. Howard, your editorials are about the only ones that are truthful!!! Spot on, again!!! Leon Uris’ book The Exodus made a BIG impact, on my thinking and understanding of Anti-Semitism. I read that book, in High School and honestly, never had any “bad” feelings about Jews or Blacks or Latinos or anyone — But, that book made me realize how long the history of Anti-Semitism has really been around. Even in ancient times, early nations wanted to destroy Israel and people simply looked the other way.

  27. Thank you for standing up once again, Howard, not only for Israel but for the Jewish people! We have always been central to the miracles that G-d has worked through humanity, and G-d will not abandon us, especially in such times as these. But I do often wonder what we Jews have learned in our 2000 years of exile. It’s time to jettison the idea that our survival depends on flesh-and-blood leaders – our survival, and the survival of mankind, depends on our obedience to G-d! It always has!

  28. Shalom Aleichem Howard
    My wife and I pray daily for Israel; we pray that our Lord will in-power one IDF soldier to defeat 6 thousands and two 12 thousands enemy. I donate to Jerry Golden boating ministry, He transport returning Israelite’s/Jews from Europe and Orna Greenman Widow ministry.
    My wife and I are Messianic believers and have been for 10 years, but even before that, as Christians we prayed for the Israeli nation and the in-powering of the IDF.
    Aleichem Shalom

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