I try with my full heart to understand how our politics work, who the players are, why there are so many people who don’t have a clue as to what it took to build our once upon a time great nations, and how we continuously elect the WORST BAD ACTORS WE COULD.


OUR POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS . . . from the least to the most are killing us, yet we keep-on reelecting them.


IN THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO . . . where the population is at about 12-million people with a debt that makes California, by contrast, a State with MORE than 40-million people, actually look FISCALLY responsible, there is something terribly wrong.

OUR CANADIAN CLIMATE-CHANGERS . . . in Ontario, have driven the cost of energy through the stratosphere with their windmills and solar farms, to the point that an extremely energy efficient Horse Farm like the one Anne and I recently sold, was paying TEN THOUSAND AFTER TAX DOLLARS PER YEAR, averaged between winter and summer . . . just on electricity.

And as the Ontario Auditor General recently made public, the LEFTIST Ontario government OVERCHARGED the Ontario people more than THIRTY-SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS in excessive FEES . . . and they’ve been reelected.

$37-Billion to a small population like Ontario is criminal, yet, the Bastards who ran wild with our money are still on the loose and still running. So what did these Politicians and Bureaucrats do with our money? . . . THEY PAID THEMSELVES HANDSOMELY, grew the size of government, and honored their bloated pensions, while working families and the elderly struggle just to keep the heat turned-on.


This is the type of Political THEFT that is DRIVING Trump over the top, because this is the type of unholy government that is endemic throughout North America. AND IT’S GOT TO STOP.

It seems to me, that the only people who don’t get it are the Politicians, Bureaucrats, LEFTIST Elitists, and the Something-For-Nothing Bunch.

These people who raped the system of Ontario are incompetent, crooked, and LIE like cheap Persian Rugs, should have been TARRED, FEATHERED, and placed in STOCKS in the PUBLIC SQUARE.


I don’t want this BLOG to be seen as . . . or thought of as a TIRED PONY, focusing on the SAME OLDSAME OLD, always tilting at the same windmills, never having the opportunity to make a difference, because that would mean that all of my time and effort would have been for NOTHING.

AND LIKE ANYONE WHO REALLY THINKS . . . I’m always reassessing the accuracy of my opinions. And as a matter of fact, I spend an inordinate amount of time SECOND GUESSING MYSELF, since there are a great many people who follow this BLOG, and take what I write seriously.

And if you have a heart in your chest, a brain in your head, and a conscience as part of your SOUL, it is critical to realize that words have a serious effect on other people, which carries an excessive amount of responsibility . . . WHICH I TAKE VERY SERIOUSLY.

So . . . when I watch, read, and listen to MASS MEDIA, which trips all over itself . . . NOT to appear to be over-the-top, so as NOT to be at the center of the storm, it is indeed sad and dispiriting.


1 – From the beginning of the Republican Campaign, I have NOT been a supporter of Trump. I supported about half a dozen candidates before Trump. And he’s still not my favorite. I happen to think CRUZ would be best for America, and whether the FREE World believes it or not, CRUZ in the White House would be best for all countries which value FREEDOM.

And also from the very beginning, I thought that Trump was a BULLY, RUDE and a NARCISSIST. And I still do. And anyone who wishes to challenge what I’m writing here and now, need only read my Archives.

2 – From the beginning, I also made my case clear . . . that Trump is doing so well, because he is saying what the people are really thinking, and want other candidates to say. But if they decide to say it now, it wouldn’t be real.

3 – And I also made it clear from the beginning, that Trump has every RIGHT to be campaigning, AND TO HAVE HIS OPINIONS HEARD . . . like them or not.


1 – Trump is rich enough not to be bought by the Insiders. And that is a HUGE problem for BIG BUSINESS, BIG BANKS, BIG LABOR, THE BUREAUCRACY . . . ETC.

2 – Except for CRUZ, and Carson (who is no longer relevant), no one but Trump is saying exactly what he is willing to do, while the rest just keep on regurgitating the same political CRAP that has been a mainstay of North American Politics since and before I was born some 65-years ago.

3 – Just look at Bush, Kasich, Fiorina and all the others who are constantly looking for approbation from NAMED endorsers. Neither Trump nor Cruz are looking for testimonials from “famous” people. And they are not standing on what they’ve done in the past, but rather, are SELLING what they intend to do in the future.

4 – Neither Cruz nor Trump are asking the people to WALLOW in the misery of what has happened to America, as the other candidates are doing without offering HARD SOLUTIONS that will bring America back, to what first made America GREAT.


Trump and Cruz see the problem, they understand the problem, and they make their solution CLEAR . . . BAN THE PROBLEM UNTIL IT CAN BE FIXED.

Listen to the LEFT and RINOS, which include all the Republican Candidates, while they twist their tongues into pretzels trying to be politically correct, so as NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE, especially Moslems, as if trying to understand the mindset and complaints of people who hate us for who we are and what we believe . . . has any logic to it.


And how do the RINOS respond?

1 – They partner-up with Obama, Clinton and the LEFT in condemning Trump.

2 – Republican politicians are falling over themselves and each other, explaining how it would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL to stop people from coming into America, who essentially follow a RELIGIOUS CULT that want to MURDER Americans.

And the two MOST INSANE arguments I’ve heard thus far AGAINST TRUMP’S PROPOSAL ARE . . .

A – America is bound by international treaties not to restrict immigration based on religion. Well isn’t that grand?

So, according to the OPPONENTS of Trump . . . America’s SAFETY should be decided NOT BY AMERICANS, but rather by the UN or some other LEFTIST international player.

B – That the US Constitution protects the RIGHTS of all American citizens and people living within the USA.

But the people Trump is talking about are NOT American Citizens. So how does the US Constitution protect the world?

AS I SEE IT . . . The more the RINOS and INSIDERS attack Trump, because he is unabashedly Pro-American, the MORE support Trump will get from the rank and file on BOTH SIDES of the political divide, and the closer he will come to the Presidency.


I have not changed my opinion of Trump. He is still a BULLY, RUDE, and a NARCISSIST. But if Trump should win the nomination . . . HE WILL RECEIVE MY FULL THROATED SUPPORT.

PS – If the Republican INSIDERS want to know who has all but destroyed their Party, making Trump the viable alternative that he is, all they need do is look in the mirror.

AND AS FOR ME . . . whenever I have personal doubts as to the value of what I write and think, all I have to do is read the COMMENTS and EMAILS I receive on a daily basis from the people who visit Galganov.com, never forgetting that nothing beats HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great article and I hope millions of “uninformed” Kuffar could read it. Have been trying to get the same message into Letters at the Ottawa Citizen. It is clear that they are not prepared to address a very unpleasant reality. Today’s Ctz is worth a read. I will be sending an email to the Editor, Andrew Potter, asking him to try to defend our culture, democracy; and , the future of our children and grandkids. Will send you a copy.

  2. Another worthwhile article.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Solette Gelberg
    King City, ON

  3. Races like this, frequently, boil down to a matter of the lesser of two evils. So…if it’s a choice between Hillary, who it can be probably be said will continue/expand on what the current president has down, OR a bully, rude, narcissist pro-America candidate who IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT and tells it like it is in plain language…I’ll choose the latter. Howard – thank you for doing what you do the way you, as always. Regards – James

  4. Leaders do not have to look behind them to see if anyone is following.

  5. I couldn’t agree more, we the people have let utterly corrupt politicians and bureaucrats destroy our Countries, then reelect the same bastards. I hope Cruz is successful as I’m not convinced Trump will follow through once elected. I don’t trust Trump, I hope he means what he says and isn’t just saying what he thinks will get him elected. Time will tell.

  6. I ave written my congressman and senators and telling them more or less the same thing, and letting them know that Cruz is the ONLY one in congress that has what it takes to stand up to Obama and the Democrats, and has done so while the RINOS have blasted him for his actions. I will vote for either Trump or Cruz and no one else for the office of President of the U.S.A.

  7. Personality means nothing to me, I’m narcissistic, sometimes rude, but i love my country to the utmost, and safety for my family is uppermost in my mind. Carson is sweet, i don’t want him, never. I can go down the line. What I look for is a President that will give me safety, security, prosperity. IF Trump offers me that, and I believe he can without a doubt, PERSONALITY IS THE LAST THING I CARE ABOUT, INFACT His personality is what i love about him, portrays honesty, and transparancy!

  8. Trump comments to ban muslims was music to my ears. It is interesting that as President he has a right to ban certain classes of people according to Article 8, Section 1182 of the U.S. Constitution. In addition the Arabs are protesting. How dare they, they do not allow Jews into their country! They do not even want the Palestinians. Remember Black September when Arafat tried to overthrow the Hashemite Kingdom in Jordan and thousands of Palestinians were killed? Remember the Arab oil embargo

  9. Howard…..you’ve done it again!!!! Another great editorial covering two of my favourite topics lately…the criminal mismanagement of the Province I live in and ‘the things Mr. Trump says’…..being what a great majority of us ‘in the ditch’ are thinking and some who have the guts are saying for all of the right reasons that you have emphasized in several editorials lately. Unfortunately, in Ontario, we don’t seem to have anyone in the media or in opposing parties with the guts to yell foul!

  10. I favor Cruz but will vote for Trump if he gets the nomination. He just might actually love America and suffer from stylistic atributes that frankly don’t even bother me. Compared to the establishment he looks like a saint. The fact he can’t be bought is truly extraordinary. As for the rinos and the media, there is no cure for stupid.
    Fiorina says Hillary can wipe the floor with Trump. If that is so, Why can’t she.
    Tom Kelly

  11. Thank you so much for this blog! I am a Trump supporter and believe he wouldn’t give a twit about stopping this Politically Correct BS going on in this County. Cruz would make a great running mate, however, listening to him is like being in Church and he is the Pastor.

    Our Country is in such a mess it will take a strong man who takes the bull(s) by the horns, and exposes to the American people what is actually happening within that viral nest in Congress and the various Departments of the g

  12. What continues to amaze me is that The Donald makes a statement with detail and everyone and their brother takes a little snip it out of the body and does their best to point to it as the crux of a meaning that is completely different than found in the sum of the entire original statement. In the past people bought into such insanity. Not anymore and that boys and girls is what is scaring the media, GOP, and establishment wonks. Well, screw them. It is the people’s turn at bat.

  13. I have not changed my opinion of Trump. He is still a BULLY, RUDE, and a NARCISSIST. But if Trump should win the nomination . . . HE WILL RECEIVE MY FULL THROATED SUPPORT

    This I must fully agree with! GTF

  14. Cruz just won the support of Bob Vander Plaats, the so-called “kingmaker” of Iowan primaries. Now that Cruz has the holy Iowan trinity of Steve Deace, Steve King, and Vander Plaats, he is virtually guaranteed to sweep Iowa and hopefully most other primary states. Additionally, when other candidates drop out, much of their support will inevitably shift to Cruz/ I think that Trump’s supporters, while the most of any candidate, aren’t true Primary election voters.

  15. I have been looking for words to express what your blog has said today. Keep up the good work!

  16. The Establishment Republicans and the RINOS will do everything in their combined (wealthy) power to prevent Trump from becoming the GOP nominee for President of the U. S. which will very likely force “The Donald” to run as a third-party candidate and split the vote. Ted Cruz (or whoever) will lose.
    Hillary is salivating for this to happen as it will almost guarantee her success as the first woman POTUS! God have mercy!!!!!

  17. Out here in the ‘fly over’ western U.S. Mr.’s Trump & Cruz are soaring and for good reason! Most liberals are mum about this whole thing going on and WILL NOT admit to their afore past voting folly’s. They know and understand the devastation’s they’ve created, but now just keep their heads down and play innocent. But most of us know just who they are – even the friends and relatives. Forgiveness? That will take a LONG TIME considering the ramifications & devastation wrought by them on us others!

  18. Trump is all you say crude, rude and a narcissist, but his overblown ego will demand that he will do what he says he is going to do re radical Islam, build the wall, build the military and jump start the economy. Cruz would do a good job and if nominated I will vote for him, but Trump has a proven record of success over a lot of years. Also as far as national security I never thought I would see the day that when I go outside the house I now put my wallet in my pocket then my firearm.

  19. The grassroots will decide the election. Trump will garner votes fro each party. He will win if this continues. A few more terrorist attacks on US soil in the next year will seal the deal. It’s an inevitable consequence now. A domino effect is taking place. Americans want to feel safe and justifiably so. We here in Canada are doomed as Mr. Magoo carries on his blinded idiocy.

  20. Howard, for years the leftist media has controlled the political dialog. Any one who steps out of line (on the right or left) is trashed and forced back into their hole. Trump has taken over the media with brash statements and his refusal to back down.

    Many citizens don’t vote because nothing will change. Along comes Trump tapping into peoples the dissatisfaction with the status quo and boldly exposing the problems. And more importantly he can’t be bought or cowed by anyone.

  21. I only hope it is still possible to have a fair and honest election in the U S! Liberals have no moral compass, so aided and abetted by the leftist media, they have a definite advantage. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I have to wonder how Obama managed a second term in the White House, or a first one for that matter!

  22. Howard, one of your best and most insightful articles, however I have one small issue on using language precisely. You said people are “stupid and lazy” but I think you mean, or at least my belief is, people are “ignorant and apathetic” – people don’t know (ignorant) because they don’t care (apathetic); and they don’t care because they don’t know. They can tell you volumes about their favorite sport or movie star, but don’t understand what God allowed us to build or at what sacrifice.

  23. No need to second-guess yourself….your analysis is absolutely accurate….

    Thank God Canada has Galganov…!

  24. I take exception to your “OUR POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS…from the least to the most are killing us, yet we keep-on reelecting them.” “We” keep electing them because they’re the only choices on the ballot – establishment choices; so “the lesser of two evils”. The ‘choices’ are given money & media backing; we don’t hear/see anyone running who does not tow the line. That’s why Trump so resonates with common people & it’s scaring the pants off the controllers/handlers (Dem/GOP/Banks/Corps).

  25. I read your opinions for two basic reasons. First, I agree with your assessments most of the time. Secondly, I admire the conviction you have to state exactly your feelings. You not only say it with well thought out opinions and observations….but you say it with HEART!

  26. If Trump is as red blooded American as he claims, then he will surely not run as an independent. I think for that reason, the Rhino’s had better get their collective asses together and start supporting Trump, instead of gasping every time he opens his mouth. I have met Ted Cruz personally and spent some time with him, and he is as genuine as they come. However, Texas may need him when we secede.

  27. Whenever I tire of all the media claptrap, which is most of the time, I turn to Galganov.com for a healthy dose of common sense. Works wonders!

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  28. The Province of Alberta under the newly elected NDP Government, are following the lead of the Ontario Government. We’ll have wind turbines and no coal fired electricity plants. In the next 4 years, Alberta’s debt will be more than the total debt in Ontario and we have about 1/3 the population.

  29. I want Trump as President and Cruz as his Vice President or as I see it the Boss and Underboss! As for the eunuch duo of Graham & McCain……? Lock them up on Devils island away from the republic. As for that fool Samuel Jackson? Start packing for the RSA.

  30. Yes we are so far in debt in Ontario , we chose to elect the same group of Politicians to the National Level . The intention I believe is to make Ontario look better compared to what the rest of the country will shortly. Of course when you elect people to leadership roles based solely on their sexual preferences , things like this, happen.
    Howard, what you seem to forget is though Your Generation , built and paid for most of N America , the generations behind you are now running it …

  31. you sold your horse farm!…does that mean there is a possibility you and Ann may be considering a move to B.C..from your friendly equine realtor Gwen Trory (not selling anymore, age got the best of me, but still keep in touch)

  32. I would be happy to follow President Trump into battle and eliminate the scum of the

  33. bully…narcissistic… rude. Better than sleazy, two faced, and self serving. Trump is the answer.

  34. The Angrier you get Howard – the more I like to read your articles.

  35. Trump for American President and Howard for Prime Minister of Canada. What a formidable team that would be.
    Two men who say it how it is and have real solutions to the problems and anger facing us today. Both are to be praised and admired for speaking the truth, what the people want to hear and putting their life on the line every day. God bless both of you.

  36. The RINOS don’t want TRUMP to win because they FEAR him; they realize that he owes NOTHING to NO ONE. Can people even try to imagine how Washington would change if he were elected President—and if he would lead our Country like he’s led his campaign? America WOULD “become GREAT again”! Now, if the RINOS fear TRUMP, the DEMOCRATS fear him even MORE–as proven by their most severe attacks on him! TRUMP is a great leader! Can’t wait to see TRUMP tell BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, “You’re Fired!” AMEN!

  37. Is it not fascinating that Obama, the Democratic “leadership” (read insiders), the Republican “leadership” (again read insiders), and Hamas all agree in their opinion of Trump’s solution? Like you, I’m concerned about Trump’s egomania and narcissism. We’ve had enough of that for the past seven plus years! Trump’s value, I believe, is not in his becoming the next president but, rather, his value is in forcing the insiders to hear what ordinary Americans are trying to say.

  38. Isn’t it strange that “constitutionality” has lost it’s meaning lately?
    I look forward to reading your posts daily, Howard. and whenever possible I send a mere pittance to help you continue writing. We need people like you!!!!

  39. My only comment is that I doubt the Power Players will never allow Trump to become president. He will have an unfortunate accidental death before they will let him in office. In my opinion, we do not elect presidents anymore. Could I be wrong? Yes, and I hope I am because otherwise our country is lost.

  40. In 1980 Pres. Jimmy Carter banned entry of Iranians into the US during the hostage crisis. The US President has constitutional power to ban entry ”of any aliens or of any class of aliens”that are deemed detrimental to the interests of the US for ”such periodas he deems necessary”(cited from Plenary Power Doctrine) Carter also ordered thousands of Iranian students with study visas to report to Immigration.He deported many for visa violations.Many were not allowed future entry.

  41. Just a bit of levity on the theme of “stupid and lazy” people;
    Q; what is the difference between apathy and ignorance?
    A; I don’t know and I don’t care.

    A proud Pledge Rider
    Andy Réti Toronto

  42. I agree with everything Mr. Galganov has written in this particular blog. I, too, have been a Cruz supporter since early on. I have to say, however, that what Mr. Galganov wrote under the sub-heading, “And how do the Rhinos respond”? – #2, nailed it. In that statement, he used a phrase that, to my knowledge, I haven’t seen in print. I’ll just say it’s the word that was used to describe the followers of Jim Jones. Amen, Howard.

  43. There is little difference between the Democrat and the Republican party, both will take you to slavery, one somewhat faster than the other. The problem lies in that they are both Progressives, I mean that is a negative way. Trump breaks that mold and comes out different than other “politicians” Time to give a Non-politician a chance. No other “normal” people can afford to run.

  44. To Ken Davies:
    BANG ON, Ken! Trump in the US with his riding boots on to protect him from disease in kicking out the Manchurian Candidate, currently soiling the White House, and Galganov as PM to speed the Jet set and ski-instructors back to their Swiss mountains where they can’t do any more harm!
    Tom Childs Cape Breton


  46. We conservatives have a BIG problem!!! The Republican Elites/RHINOS are already meeting in secret and there is word going out that the Republican Convention will be a “Brokered” Convention. This is NOT good for any political party!!! In the end, if, this happens, the Republican Party is permanently dead. NO party should ever go against, the will of their base, especially at a Presidential Convention. Hopefully, this will backfire and bite the Elites/Rhinos in the arse!

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