America Deserves Far Better Than RINOS



As you know from reading this BLOG . . . I am not a TRUMP supporter, and much rather prefer CRUZ, and perhaps even Rubio ahead of Trump, so, it really bothers me to come out 100% in favor, and in defense of Trump’s most recent position.


What Trump said about Moslem Immigration is not just what some Americans are thinking, or even speaking about to each other in polite whispers. IT IS WHAT MOST PEOPLE ARE SAYING PUBLICLY.


Make no mistake about it . . . Because the proof is in Europe, where Islam is beginning to reign supreme, where there are NO GO ZONES in England, France, Germany, Belgium . . . and on and on.


OR HOW ABOUT IN TORONTO CANADA . . . Where in an upscale neighborhood in North Western Toronto, where many Jews live in upscale homes in Thornhill, local Moslems want to build a UNIQUE CONDOMINIUM COMPLEX, open only to Moslems.


WE ARE INSANE . . . knowing that we are bringing people into our countries (Canada and the USA) who DO NOT WANT TO ASSIMILATE, and want our culture to become more like theirs.


SHUT THE DOOR RIGHT NOW, before this Islamic Sickness becomes IRREVERSIBLE, until we can work things out.

ALSO . . . MONITOR THE MOSQUES . . . because I couldn’t imagine a Christian Church or Synagogue that would be averse to having anyone monitor the sermons – SO WHY SHOULD MOSLEMS, except . . . in Christian and Jewish Houses of Worship, no one is preaching HATE and how to CONQUER others.


I have heard this SCANDALOUS argument raised by the LEFT, especially amongst LEFTIST Jews, who argue that we cannot do to the Moslems, what the world did to the Jews in the late 1930’s to mid 1940’s.

NOT ONLY IS THIS ARGUMENT SPECIOUS . . . it is incredibly insulting to Holocaust Jews, those who perished, and those who survived, because this is NOTHING like how and why the Jews were treated in Europe.

WHEN THE JEWS OF EUROPE ARRIVED IN NORTH AMERICA . . . they came with dreams of being Nationally Assimilated. They WANTED to become Americans or Canadians. And they WANTED their children to become fully IMMERSED Canadians or Americans.

The Jews wanted it all. We as a community wanted to educate our children in the Secular Schools of our communities, build our homes, construct our business, invest our earnings, buy our toys, invent products and services, and promote whatever we could to buy into the American Dream.

We wanted to taste Mom’s Apple Pie . . . Eat Hot Dogs at sporting events . . . Cheer on our teams, and embrace the full Secular American Experience.

Does any of the preceding sound, or is even remotely similar to what the Moslems are bringing, and expecting from our communities, to what the Jews brought with them from countries that disenfranchised them at the least, and murdered Jews at worst.


The same experience has always been a major part of other Immigrants who came to America to escape bad cultural and economical experiences, which includes the Greeks, Italians, Irish – and on and on . . . all of whom came to our countries to become Assimilated Americans or Canadians.

And how does that compare to Moslems who’ve come to our countries, who for example, as in Thornhill Ontario, want to build Moslem ONLY condominiums where Jews and Christians are not welcome?


I am blown away, at how many Republicans are demanding that TRUMP resign from the race because of his opinions. And at how so many Republicans WHO HAVE NEITHER A SUGGESTION OR A CLUE, as to what to do with this Islamic Threat, who can only come out with STUPID AND INSULTING SLANDERS AGAINST TRUMP.

I can believe Obama and his sycophants, who say that Trump has disqualified himself from running for the Presidency because of his opinions, because I can expect nothing less from a Party, who thinks the FIRST AMENDMENT should NOT apply to everyone or everything if it doesn’t meet their own particular standards.


As far as I can see it . . . If the Republicans stay on this course, and drive Trump out of the Democratic Nominating Campaign . . . Trump will run as an independent, and I will PROMOTE EVERYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG TO VOTE FOR HIM, and then Hillary Clinton will win in 2016, the Party of Abraham Lincoln will be dead, and America will dissolve before our eyes IN A WORLD OF HURT.

TRUMP IS NOT MY GUY . . . but I would rather have ONE TRUMP to protect my country from Islamists . . . than a House or Senate full or RINOS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are so right. I would much rather be safe than sorry and I am sick and tired of everyone thinking you have to be politically correct. I much prefer someone that says what he believes than a hypocrite like Obama and Clinton.

  2. Unfortunately you have probably predicted Hillary’s ascension to the throne very accurately ! and since Trudeau Sr. , Canada does not want nor encourage assimilation , the exact opposite . Been to Ottawa South lately ? location of the last mass immigration from Somalia ? working out great , so long as you do not own property in the area , or actually want to live there. Of course that’s only my opinion , and surely wrong-headed as per the Politically Correct .

  3. Trump shows leadership. He has the guts to say what all of we “infidels” must be thinking, with good reason. If The U.S.A. rejects him, I hope that he’ll come to

  4. I think that ultimately we’ll find that any “ACE” TRUMPS a “KING” of hearts and certainly a “QUEEN” of….well, any suit!
    Bud Farrell

  5. The Muslim population has spread like an egg dropped on a tile floor. All quality Countrys should take a license from France. They wasted no time and went into a full court press and is cleaning house. I, along with others, feel Trump is right, close the doors, no more. Register and interview those that are here, and exit the ones that are a problem, many more than we realise, this another one of Obama’s creations. The whole mess started when he pulled out of Iraq.

  6. yOUR INSIGHT is wonderful, always. one difference in today’s comment from mine. I’ll be happy with a Trump/ Cruz ticket, up or down either way. Trump is different, I call it a man sees the future as you do just not as correct as you in his way of doing it. I’ll take his temperment, it’s all what he can do for us, that’s what matters, I kinda respect his honesty and straight forwardness. Your insight was mine to a T i just think Trump deserves A+ for honesty and transparancy!

  7. Howard, will you see the light and support Trump when the Moslems start shooting at you ? That may be too late.

  8. Howard. I wish that all Americans would read your column.
    Trump for president, Galganov for veep!!

  9. Howard, you are right on the mark with each and every word you said. I’m not a big Trump fan, either, but I do agree with just about everything he has stated so far. My only concern with Trump is his attitude and temper…..his “getting even” with those who oppose him. Those things worry me. He definitely is a bully; however, he won’t be making decisions all on his own. Of course he’ll be putting in place THE VERY BEST individuals to help guide him. He’s certainly not stupid. Just blunt.

  10. Again, you voiced my sentiments. Bruce did also. Normal people are afraid to talk with anyone in Herongate Mall. In the parking lot at Billings Bridge, a female friend was walking behind several Somalian females who were strewing candy wrappers and trash everywhere. She carefully picked up the the trash and caught up with the supposed lady perpetrators and handed said trash to one. The reaction was: “Mind your own business you bitch” followed by a bunch of four letter words. New citizens???

  11. I wish all Americans would read your editorials, too! I forward them but get no response. I am not a Trump fan other than he states what I might be asking (but who would listen?) Keep writing, Howard.

  12. Howard, I agree with Trump, but I have a close friend who says we’re 10 years too late!

  13. Assimilate and annihilate is there modus apperandi. Thornhill is for the Muslims with money. Shockingly they have also taken over subsidized housing (Toronto Community Housing Corp) buildings where “infidels” are not allowed -just our tax dollars. Even more (appalling and frankly criminal) is that dumb-ass lefty retard Toronto city officials have permitted this to become policy. Reverse discrimination anyone? Try getting any balance of law here. PC and blind euphoric liberalism is our demise.

  14. You hit the nail on the head Howard. The rinos need to shut up and they need replaced with conservative Americans next election. Hopefully we have that long.

  15. Exactly right, as always, Howard! Just before I read your blog I read an article that stated social media has lit up with people calling for Trump’s assassination. It’ll be interesting to see what the Secret Service and Loretta Lynch do with that. Wait! I think I hear crickets…..

  16. I AGREE WITH YOU. The “NEW” House Speaker is no better then the last, at least with Bonehead we could email the speaker and give our view on things. Not so with Ryan, I have tried many times and he does NOT take emails….

  17. Trump needs attention like an addict needs heroin. Instead of bashing Obama for a pretentious farce of a prime time Oval Office address to the nation (world) everyone is talking about Donald Trump and his call to do something the Constitution will never allow to be done. RIDICULOUS! We may enjoy watching Trump say the things we all may be thinking but he’s throwing the election to Hillary Clinton just to feed his own ego. Or maybe Trump is Manchurian? It wasn’t so long ago Trump was a Democrat.

  18. I didn’t realize that Canada is so liberal with the Muslims – The UK made the mistake of welcoming them into the country – look at what’s happening there.

  19. Howard, you’ve often stated that you are not a TRUMP supporter; however, you sure seem to agree with many of his ideas, and more so recently–GREAT! The RINOS are certainly trying to destroy TRUMP; they’re afraid of him because he wouldn’t allow them to continue with their TACTICS! They couldn’t stop him because he owes NOTHING to NO ONE! Why does AMERICA have to comply with those who come into our Country instead of the reverse? “When in Rome, do as the Romans do!” Trump’s got it right! AMEN!!!

  20. Like him or not, Donald Trump (or anyone in the running for the GOP nomination that is Trump-like) stands to be the last hope for the survival of America and the continued existence of the free Western World that all of us here on this blog still cherish. 2016 will be a watershed election in the United States. Make no mistake, the future of our world will ride on the outcome. If Hilary Clinton becomes POTUS we are all doomed going forward, perhaps irreversibly and perhaps forever.

  21. Sorry Howard, if Trump is still on the Primary in GA I will vote for him, certainly NOT Rubio, but I could vote enthusiastically for Cruz. Although there are many rinos on the Republican ticket, almost any would be better than Shrillery. I said almost.

  22. Rubio was in bed with Obama on the amnesty bill for 11 million (over 30 million at last count) illegal aliens. Cruz voted to limit the surveillance of information. Trump is the only one saying what the voters want to hear. is Washington listneing? NO. They are scared to death he will stop their pork bills (most goes in teir pockets) and put a white light on their ineptness. None can hold a candle to this businessman/negotiator/job creator. He is not owned by anyone or lobbyists

  23. The crux of the matter: Why should we allow more potential killers into the country—especially when there is no way to “vet” them due to the absence of databases that would confirm that they have had no ISIS leanings? Also, why do we again assume further guilt—although meritless—for not wanting to put more people on instant, life-long taxpayer-paid welfare?
    Muslims have dug their own hole, and as such, have no right to blame us for viewing them with distrust. They just don’t seem to CAIR.

  24. Howard, Rubio is the biggest RINO going. The GOPe is now pushing him in favor of Bush because he plays the part well but he’s a RINO through and through. Gang of Eight ring a bell? Rubio went over to the dark side because someone convinced him he could be POTUS, but he cannot. I would support a Trump/Cruz ticket in either order, but Trump is unowned by donors which means a LOT to me–enough that I would send him money.

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