BECAUSE SO MAY HAVE ASKED . . . Anne, Stryker, April (the Cat) and I arrived in Austin Texas late yesterday (December 7th) afternoon. We are very grateful for your thoughts, kind words, and prayers.

And before getting right into this editorial . . . it would be a crime for me not to THANK the Men and Women of our GREATEST GENERATION, for answering America’s Day Of Infamy, when on December 7, 1941 – on a picture perfect day, same as we are enjoying here today in Austin Texas, Pearl Harbor was struck without warning, provocation or mercy.

But . . . with the same measure of Force, Resilience, Sacrifice and Patriotism that created America on July 4, 1776, American Patriots, with the help of Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and the Jewish Brigade fighting under the British Flag, delivered our world from the EVIL of the Nazis and Imperial Japanese.

WE CAN NEVER SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH to the men and women who fought for our LIBERTY . . . then, now and forever.


At one point, when your whole world is built upon a Castle Of Cards with a Foundation of Smoke and Mirrors . . . it is only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down.

AND THIS IS WHAT’S HAPPENING TODAY . . . because Obama and his LEFTIST minions are running out of believable LIES, HALF-TRUTHS, & CONTRIVED STEREOTYPICAL ENEMIES.

Obama was elected on a BS campaign that sold HOPE AND CHANGE THAT YOU CAN BELIEVE IN, with a MESSIANIC fervor pushing YES WE CAN, which was never explained by Obama, nor by any of has army of LEFTIST Sycophants and cheerleading Media . . . what any of that really meant.


When Obama peddled his Hope and Change Snake Oil – with YES We Can, he also touted that he was going to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA, which very few people who voted for him . . . if any at all, really paid any attention to.


IT WAS ALMOST AS IF THEY SAID . . . Oh goodie, Obama’s going to change the greatest country that has ever been, without questioning what he was going to change America into.

And as hard as Obama has pushed, schemed and violated the US Constitution to FUNDAMENTALLY change America to become a Socialist and Elitist State, I truly believe that his plans have backfired on him and on the LEFT, actually forcing America to do what has to be done, and should have been done long ago, to go back to what originally made America EXCEPTIONAL.


For generations, especially from the days of FDR, we watched the LEFT make huge gains, and not just within their own movements, but also by inserting themselves into what were Conservative institutions, such as the REPUBLICAN PARTY, where Conservatism somehow became the acceptable Progressive substitute for REAL Conservatism. It was seemingly kinder and gentler.

We watched Obama sell the LIES of all of the LEFT’S Phony Wars; such as the War on Women, the War on the Elderly, the War on the Poor, the War on Black Americans, and now his newest war . . . The War On Moslem Americans.

In the past . . . and not that long ago, Conservatives defended against these scurrilous LIES, by debating how they are not at war with any of these groups, not realizing that they CAN’T PROVE A NEGATIVE . . . yet that’s exactly what they did.

And the more they tried to prove the LEFT was not telling the truth, the more time and energy was wasted, and the worst the RIGHT looked.

BUT NOW . . . PERHAPS BECAUSE OF TRUMP AND CRUZ – all of that has changed with a substantial role reversal, where Conservatives are no longer trying to prove the negative, nor are they apologizing for having rock-solid principles and values, and they’re calling out the LEFT for their pathological LIES . . . while putting America’s DRECK on the line . . . for them to prove that they aren’t the LIARS they really are.


We can see it every day in today’s America . . . When Obama spends more time protecting and Promoting Islamists, who are bound and determined to MURDER WESTERN VALUES AND FREEDOMS, than he is in protecting the targets of Islamists . . . where the people aren’t buying it anymore.

Even though Obama can’t get off his favorite Hobby Horse of GUN CONTROL, leading American Sheriffs from across the country are begging more law-abiding citizens to be armed and CARRY.

Gun sales, ammunition purchases, and FBI Background Checks are at record levels throughout America. And they’re not buying sporting rifles.

Where Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, threatens to curtail the First Amendment to anyone who criticizes Islam and Moslems in a way SHE FINDS TO BE OFFENSIVE OR OBJECTIONABLE . . . Republican Candidates who are running for the Presidency of the USA, almost without exception, have no reluctance to call Islam, Islamists, and any Moslem who is Sympathetic to the Jihadi Cause . . . who they are – and what they are.

AND AS FOR THE MEDIA . . . Where the LEFTIST News Media, not all that long ago sharply led the narrative, especially by the New York Times – they are now holding onto solvency and relevancy by the skin of their teeth, while Conservative Radio, Conservative Print, FOX News, and BLOGS like Galganov.com are growing exponentially.

THOMAS JEFFERSON . . . was a courageous political genius, who virtually single handedly wrote the US Declaration of Independence, warning, even at that time, that TYRANNY would always be around the corner, and that it was the DUTY of all FREE MEN to take-up arms to defend their FREEDOMS, knew what he was saying and writing.

Today . . . that includes no shortage of Brave Women everywhere, who are neither afraid, nor reluctant to get into the fight, and state their case.


What Obama and his ANTI-AMERICAN following has done, is AWAKEN THE SLEEPING GIANT OF FREEDOM, by their excessive Anti-American Policies.

Had the development of LEFTIST American politics remained, as they were under the combined governance of the LEFT and PSEUDO LEFT . . . AKA RINOS, America might never have awoken in time from their APATHETIC SLUMBER, to save and resurrect the American Dream.


I am not suggesting, that because American Patriots are rising-up . . . that the road to National REVIVAL will be easy. To the contrary, the road back to the American Dream will be long, hard and painful. And there will indeed be many sacrifices along the way, with what I believe will include far more than just a few skirmishes.


PS – Tonight . . . is the Second Lighting of the Chanukah Candles, which Jews from all over the world observe to remember and celebrate our FIGHT FOR FREEDOM from the Syrian/Greek Armies under Antiochus, more than 2000 years ago, who tried to impose their worship of Idolatry upon the Jews of Israel.


If that’s not a reason to celebrate . . . WHAT IS?

PPS – It’s good to be back in Texas.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,
    Welcome to the Republic of Texas / State of Texas. I enjoy and agree with your notes and glad you are concerned about your wife’s and your safety. I admit it is unwritten but residents of Texas are guilty of a felony if they do not own at least one firearm so I won’t report you to the authorities (smile). I wish the U.S.A. leaders could take a stand on Islam. Stay safe and keep-up the great work.
    T from Texas

  2. The tree of Liberty is nourished by your presence Howard! Bud Farrell

  3. What does it you when Lynch and Obama don’t get agitated when extremist say bad things about Jews

  4. Obama cannot really go after ISIS because of his agreement with IRAN. Iran says no to going after ISIS so our Hope and Change President obeys! He signed a dumb agreement because he listens to no-one but his narcissistic self.
    He and his Leftist Tax and spend Liberals are blinded by their Ideology-USA be damned-as all they want is power
    What a poor excuse for a President and TWO times he was voted in! And how anyone can be a Democrat and not see their own hypocrisy on a daily basis.

  5. LOVE your articles, Howard. Wish you would take up the cause of New Brunswick, Canada – with the minority French taking ALL of the government jobs, promoting a worthless French immersion program in the schools (designed to fail the English), getting ALL of the funding from the (French) provincial and federal governments, and the majority English being driven out of the province for jobs – something similar to the Exodus of the English from Montreal in the 1970’s!! Bravo for all you do!

  6. WELCOME HOME. You might look at Bastrop county for a home as Austin and Travis county is mostly where the liberals live.

  7. Howard, you have pleased me very much. With your insight to the present state of the Conservative Republican’s State of mind and determination. As I have petitioned previously for your support. I once again request of you to Unite The American Voters. To stand behind the man. Who has lit this fire of Restoration. To return to those Proven Successful “FUNDAMENTALS”. That Built & sustained America As the Greatest Nation on earth. Again thanks and hope we can count on your support for “Donald Trump

  8. Howard, there is no such thing as moslem American. Their complete and total loyalty is to the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam and their shariah law. If they say they are American they are practicing taquiiya.

  9. Again, you said it all. The only thing that I can add is, if and when they come for my guns, there will be bloodshed. I haven’t bought a round nor gun in many years and hope they will fire. I need to load my 30-06 M1 clips. They do damage.

  10. I wish to thank all vetrans, for what they have given. The thing which bothers me is that some in the world are calling the United States, terrorists, for dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan (twice) even after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour!

  11. Laughable, Billions are pouring into Iran, and they are yet to sign the agreement next payment from us is 12/15. What a fiasco. With the increase in Muslim activity in this Country and the thugs that we are bringing in disguised as “Refugees” I have said from the beginning, look out for Martial Law. Sorry, I just do not trust this guy and they people that direct him. Loved the ad: “Immediate employment opportunity, full time, vacuum Pray Rugs in the White House” My best for all you do

  12. We know that DESPERATE men do DESPERATE things! Although more people are turning against BHO, don’t fool yourselves because, for sure, the MAGICIAN-IN-CHIEF will definitely shock people AGAIN with another DESPERATE chaotic situation–probably ISLAMIC in nature. However, it sure is encouraging to see that many people are starting to “GET IT” about BHO’s true NARCISSISTIC self. Hence, true HOPE and CHANGE can probably be realized. Our Country will need a STRONG LEADER, however. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. Welcome to TX. My wife & I treasure your great blogs. A few miles east, on upper Galveston Bay where she runs a world famous American Indian Jewelry Shop-art Gallery. I’m a retired Engineer Both fly ou own plane. Life long Republicans tillwe completely gave up on Anti American RINOs.

  14. Unfortunately we in Australia look like we might have a snake oil salesman as our new Prime Minister..we must keep our guard too!

  15. great post as usual Mr. Howard G. but one question, how can you tolerate the most liberal city in all of Texas?

  16. ‘In trying to impose their worship of Idolatry, the sleeping giant has been poked.’ – words of light and hope in a dark world.
    By the way, how’s the Republic of Texas thing going down there?

  17. Welcome home! Feels good to come across that state line…..

  18. Here! Here! Another great commentary! Thanks for encouraging all of us to stay strong and be brave! For the battle belongs to the LORD.

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