I’M JEWISH. I was born Jewish to Jewish parents, who themselves had Jewish parents. And to the best of my knowledge, my entire history dating back as far as it goes has been Jewish.

I was raised and educated Jewish. As a young man, I attended a Rabbinical College. But I also went to a Protestant Public School, where I recited the Lord’s Prayer every morning. And more than that, I sang Christian songs in class, such as Onward Christian Soldiers and Jesus Loves Me This I know . . .

I celebrate all the Jewish Holidays. I married a Jewish Girl. But had I decided to make my life with a Christian Girl, I would still be Jewish.

Even though I am not a religious person, most of my Jewish and Christian friends are. I am an unabashed supporter of the State of Israel. And I stand FOUR SQUARE for Judeo/Christian VALUES.


NO MATTER HOW MUCH . . . someone – whether it be a Rabbi, relative, friend, or wife would try to convince me to become a Jewish TERRORIST – to murder, torture, rape, pillage and cause mayhem in the name of being Jewish . . . IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.


It wouldn’t happen . . . because that’s not who any of us are.

So, how does it happen with Moslems, when it doesn’t happen with any other religion on the planet? And remember this . . . the entire world has seen this movie repeated time and again, because for about a Millennium and a Half, Islam has been running RAMPANT throughout the Middle East, the Far East, Africa and Europe, causing death and destruction wherever it went.


The only way Moslems are able to commit such EVIL, as if it was normal, is because that’s who they are. That’s who they are raised to be. This pious EVIL is INGRAINED in them from their first Koranic recollection, and the way they’ve been inculcated from the time they survived on their mother’s milk.


To say that these MONSTERS are RADICALIZED, somehow gives the idea that they are NOT part of the Moslem Majority. That somehow they are NOT really responsible for their actions, much like an addict, who was led in one way or another down a horrible path, who can’t help himself or herself, who should feel our pity and understanding opposed to our outright revulsion and condemnation, IS JUST A WHOLE LOT OF CRAP.


IT’S ALL AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET . . . Read the verses in the Koran that instruct on how to lie, cheat, rape, plunder and kill in the name of Allah and Mohamed. And then ask yourself where’s the normalcy in any of this, in the 21st century?

READ-UP ON SHARIA . . . and understand what the Islamists really want.


I am thoroughly convinced that Obama is either a Moslem in Christian Clothing. Or a Moslem Apologist, or a man who is essentially out to destroy America by using American COMMUNIST and founder of the modern COMMUNITY ORGANIZING System, Saul Alinsky, who wrote Rules For Radicals, whose strategy to destroy Conservative America was to TOTALLY OVERWHELM THE SYSTEM.

And if Obama and the LEFT are NOT overloading the American System with HUGE DEBT, unparalleled ILLEGAL Immigration, an unsustainable number of Suffocating Rules and Regulations that impede FREEDOM, a corrupt and bogged down Judicial System, an unworkable Congress, and a flood of Moslem Immigrants who don’t share our Judeo/Christian Values . . . then what the hell is he doing?


JUST AS A NOTE: Saul Alinsky wasn’t just Hillary Clinton’s Hero, she actually wrote her University Thesis on Rules For Radicals. So what does that tell you about this entire rotten LEFTIST CONSPIRACY?


I recently read that America’s TOP LAW ENFORCER . . . Attorney General Loretta Lynch, thought that what happened at the recent California MASSACRE caused by the Moslem Pair OF MURDERERS, was somehow a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY to promote GUN CONTROL.

But to add to that . . . she also made it clear that she will not tolerate anyone, expressing what she considers to be harmful expressions towards Moslems.


When our government . . . in this case both of our governments (Canada and the USA) side with the BAD GUYS, opposed to siding with ourselves, we are in very serious trouble, with very few ways out.


I will do everything I can to spread the TRUTH, but you have to do your part too.

SPEAK-UP. Don’t allow anyone to INTIMIDATE you. Form like-minded Conservative groups. Go to meetings. Support solid Conservative politicians. And don’t buy-into the LIES the political class wants us to believe. AND DON’T BE COWED BY ELITISTS.


We are not watching a television drama or an action movie. This is the REAL THING. We either win . . . or we lose. And I have no intention of going down quietly.

I WILL CONTINUE TO WRITE THE TRUTH AS I SEE IT . . . until they put me behind bars or worse. But until that time might come, they will not shut me up on either side of the border. And unlike Obama and the LEFT, I will continue to be a Community Organizer, but unlike them, it will be to organize for FREEDOM and the AMERICAN DREAM.

And as part of this strategy, I will use all my energy to expand the audience, because . . .


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have always had thought and feelings about France being a weird country. It just never seemed to fit with Europe.

  2. War is coming and now those militias and other paramilitary (so called paranoids) were right all along. The only thing to do is arm yourselves and stock up on ammo.

  3. Howard,

    Thank you for speaking for so many of us. Many of the family members and friends I have spoken to about this are in total denial or so terrified of the TRUTH that they dare not speak its name.
    Thank you for speaking the TRUTH and continuing to do so.

    Maggie Evans

  4. Howard, you better be careful. Obama and Loretta Lynch will prosecute you for bullying moslems. I will contribute to your defense. Keep up the good work.

  5. Howard, what is it gonna take to get you to tell us how you REALLY feel? CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN ON A WHOLE LOTTA TRUTH GOIN’ ON! Bud Farrell, Georgetown, Texas

  6. I’ve maintained that Obama is a Muslim for a number of years who has pretended to be a Christian for political cover. His #1 adviser Valerie Jarrett is a Muslim–and born in Iran–with a full Secret Service detail. No wonder the SS is losing people in droves–I wouldn’t take a bullet for her or Obama. Obama should have been impeached long ago but they are too terrified of blacks rioting over it to do what needs to be done. Trump is going to win this in a cakewalk and clean house–hopefully.

  7. I am so happy to read what you said today..someone like you saying that Obama could be a Muslim or someone else and the Manchurian Candidate. I have said this for a long long time and firmly believe that he is a Muslim as all his actions have pointed in that direction as well as surrounding his administration with Muslims in Key Administrative Positions.
    And yes, he is out to destroy our way of life and establish Islam and Sharia around the globe. We must become more active as a community.

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more Howard. I am a Canadian WASP and a huge supporter of Israel. I have been so intrigued by how stupid and ignorant Americans could be to twice elect a fraud like Obama that to date I have accumulated over 20 books on him. I was so proud to be Canadian with Harper up until recently when 38% of the electorate elected an ignorant child like, nincompoop like Justin Trudeau and now we’re committing national suicide just like the Americans. We’re going the way of Rome.

  9. Lock and load, let the games begin. The United States of America. All for one and one for all.

  10. Seen from near the Lebanese border.
    Americans have been duped by a well trained Muslim fellow. Hussein el Barrack bin Obama was born, I presume somewhere, to a Muslim father, as far as we can ascertain. Therefore he is a Muslim and hecannot shed that no matter waht he dresses like. The rest is the rest.

  11. You are right on all the issues. What I just cannot understand is how so many people cannot see the truth about what Obama is and what he and his “friends” are doing to our country. It is scary to think that our education system is indoctrinating our young children and (adults?) to be so liberal and follow in the footsteps of Obama just like the Muslims are doing with their young.

  12. A muslim is “radicalized” AFTER he commits an attack. A horse is a runaway after he has left the barn. Left to his own devices, a horse will always run. It’s what they do. Why should we expect anything different from a muslim. It’s who they are. Blessings to you and yours.

  13. Barrack Obama is an atheist Alinsky-ite, and a Moslem sympathizer, for his purpose of “fundamental change”. No surprise except I can’t believe what they get away with, and Howard is 100% correct, to Speak Up!

  14. Scarrrry stuff and worse yet , the potential is greater , and the scale of implementation quicker in Canada ! I understand the Obama connection what amazes and confounds me is the Trudeau connection ? Willing Dupe ? Outright Fool ? Too much Ganja ? and what is wrong with the so called normal people who support these two ? and yes … what I thought to be NORMAL people do support or at least tolerate these two , in greater numbers than those who do not .


  16. I have said this from the start and will not change my mind. This stuff is indoctrinated. What to hell is wrong with people?
    Why do we have to self destruct? I don’t know the answer anymore…there are just too many damn stupid people.

  17. Thank you for another accurate and well written editorial about the sad state of affairs in America and throughout the world.
    May God bless and save us all.

  18. Ben, Maggie,J.,Bud, and all of you fellow believers. That’s not a religious pledge but rather a modern USMC pledge. It’s either lock & load, or bend over. In other words, lock & load!
    Tom Childs
    Cape Breton Island

  19. Another great statement from you…exactly correct in your suggestion that Obumamarx is the “Manchurian Candidate”. And yes, “be affraid”, until Obumamarx is gone…if he’s going at all. Many that I know are seriously worried that he is going to pull off some sort of coup (martial law) that will allow him to remain in the White House indefinitely.

  20. I may not have a blog but I’ve got a mouth and several hundred email addresses. I’m not on facebook but I have friends who are as well as other social media sites. I tell them to go to your site and I tell them about other areas that they should be concerned about – Big Pharma and Monsanto to name a few. Over 2500 people just heard about your blog through two friends two days ago. Eight years ago I was called a bigot and a racist by many of the same people who now want to know more. Thank you.

  21. Right & Scary & POWERFULLY said AS USUAL
    Ed Yung, Texan American Lutheran of German origin. Born in Missouri

  22. Gun control will never work in the U.S. There are too many guns handed down by relatives and deceased folks, bought from friends, also unreported stolen guns over the years. I had a shotgun and two pistols stolen but never reported it as I knew it was useless and I didn’t have the serial numbers . Most of us in the U.S. already have enough guns and ammo to take care of anything evil that is sure to come our way and if Trump is elected all Obama’s crooked deeds will be a horrible memory.

  23. How can we survive another year of this insanity? Obama can do a lot more damage as he continues to strip away our rights with his executive orders, etc. Is there nothing we can do to stop this madness before the next election? I am surrounded by people who actually support this man and his administration and I am just dumbfounded they don’t see Obama for who he really is.

  24. Howard,
    Make no mistake about it the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is ALL the things you describe in your editorial!!

  25. The only difference between moderate Muslims and radicals is that radicals perform terrorist acts and moderates don’t. But in spirit the vast majority are on board with the jihad. It’s the Koran, stupid. In fact, the “radical” Muslims are the ones who do NOT act according to the commands of the Qu’ran to perform acts of jihad. Better wake up America. Before this cancer kills us all.

  26. HG, please open a Facebook page and watch the huge number of Likes for today’s RIVETING editorial. I’ll bet every GOP presidential candidate plus many Democrats will quote you, which proves you are a uniter!

  27. Justin is a puppet of the U.N.This empty suit is working at break neck speed to bring Canada to it’s knees starting with Alberta.Domino affect.U.N. rule.
    Obama ? Red flags went up,for me, when I saw him campaigning in Germany just before the elections 2008.Make no mistake,these “leaders” know what they are doing.We were slow to believe that “it can’t happen here”.Guess what ?
    They’re pushing hard, want us to react so they can “top down”.Wait for election outcome.I believe Hillary’s already in.

  28. Attended an INTEL gathering in Bethesda 2007. Former senior CIA confided to me that the Narcissist – in – Chief was the Manchurian candidate and would destroy America…How prophetic !


  29. Keep your comments coming, maybe it will reach the right person or persons sooner than later. We are in big trouble.

    All along we have been saying he was ” picked and placed” by the infidels. God bless the whole world, because he has a lot to do with the condition our world is in these days.

    Jan Clement Ocala, FL

  30. #1 ISIS terrorist in America is Obama. Obama has been setting America up for the ISIS for the last almost 7 years. Our Congress is in on it with him along with most liberals and they are much too stupid to know what they have been doing. You can bet your life that Trump and Cruz know this. So letting 20,000 more Muslims come to America is really just asking for trouble. Muslims have no rules to live buy, they are raised this way. They will take what they want rape your wife and shit in your yard

  31. Regarding your editorial, you speak the truth. But my, how it hurts because it is the truth. I hurt for my country. I hurt for my children and grandchildren. I hurt for my church and my Christian family. I have learned to hate in the last fifteen years….to hate Satan’s minions and what they have done to my world. I hurt that our government has not stood up & kicked these left leaning idiots out of office. I hurt because insanity rules the day & that mankind’s love has left the building.

  32. Great editorial. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!!

  33. Howard…I’m getting tired of telling you that you’ve just ‘Grand Slammed’ another editorial. Suffice to say as far as I’m concerned…’What everybody I’ve read in the comments so far has said above’ X 100 for me!!!! Very articulate and must be shared forward by everyone possible. ‘Evil exists where good folks do nothing’ Like Jefferson once said apparently…It’s time to ACT!!!!! Keep up the outstanding work please and I’m very pleased to see all of the folks from Canada/USA reacting so

  34. I’ve seen and copied into a file well over 100 verses in the Qur’an that refer to using violence against ‘non-believers’. If Islam is truly a religion of peace, where are the crowds of Muslims speaking out against Islamic terror? As for the PC idiots in this country, more and more conservative leaders are saying that the time to speak out is NOW. Conservatives typically just want to stay quiet and live their lives in peace. The problem now has become that silence is consent.

  35. Thank you Howard, BUT PLEASE BE CAREFULL! both the Islamist’s & the left kill anyone who gets in their way. I don’t blame the left I blame the RINO’s who left people with no choice. If Trump does not win my great grand children will have the choice, bow to Mecca or die, Canada has lost already

  36. Howard to add to your editorial, it is also the Muslims who silent that are part of the problem. Either they fight against their extremism or they get out of our country. This was the same in Nazi Germany. There was no or very little anti-Semitic issues in the 1920’s in Germany, it is when Hitler came to power and everyone was goose-stepping. This gave Hitler the support he needed. It is the same with the Muslims in this country who are silent. They are just as bad as the terrorist

  37. What we do know for a fact is that every person claiming to be a Muslim reads, understands and obeys the same Quran. While some of them do claim to be peaceful, when push comes to shove they will do what the Quran tells them to do. Most Muslims exercise a personal choice to interpret their holy book’s call to arms according to their own moral preconceptions about justifiable violence. Muslims who don’t join the fight are called “hyprocrites” and are warned that Allah will send them to Hell IF

  38. “They are radicalized” Typical Liberal excuse. Like it is something that happened to them, not something they choose. What garbage.

  39. Howard: You insist on “one-upping” yourself and you do it with such regularity that it is impossible to imagine that even with today’s superb commentary you have reached your best and brightest effort.

    Islam is not a religion. As Lt.Col. and former congressman Allen West said a few years ago, “Islam is a theo-political construct”. Anyone who reviews the history of 14 centuries of wickedness inherent in Islam must see that it is in no way similar to any Western religion.

  40. Obama had a Muslim father and step-father ergo he is Muslim. In his first schools his religion was listed as Muslim. Enough said. The shooters in CA: press turning themselves inside-out trying to find a source of their “radicalism”. As I shouted at the TV, the Koran. Press says Internet. Idiots! Multiple passages state kill the unbelievers or enslave them. Gun control? Less “no gun zones” = less mass shootings. In Switzerland they are all armed to the teeth, but gun violence is rare: education.

  41. It should be understood that the term “radical” is used incorrectly in relation orthodox Muslims who, be it violence and terror or institutional means in democracies, are commanded by Allah and Mohammad to pursue Jihad until only Allah is worshiped, and Sharia is the only law. The only true Islamic “radicals” are those like Irshad Manji who believe the political/religious ideology can be reformed. I admire their courage; but, fail to see how they can do it without gutting the ideology.

  42. A thought: From what I can tell there no muzzies that are muzzie in name only. Many, many Christians and Jews are born into their religions and give the tenets of them a nod and embrace them in concept but are not steeped in it. Not so muzzies; head scarfs, praying everywhere and anywhere as the call comes. Closed of mind to any non muzzie concept. Just a thought and observation.

  43. It’s taken me a little bit of time to finally admit to myself that you and people like are absolutely right. I don’t trust them anymore and I am prepared to stereotype them and I no longer care if they are offended. Adjust to our society or go back to the paradise you came from. No more accommodations, Quebec is RIGHT . Ray Moscato

  44. Your comments are 100% spot-on! The Judeo-Christian mindset cannot understand that Muslims have been at war w/ us since Mohammad. Christians are NOT at was w/ them! We cannot phantom the word: taqiyya (deception to advance Islam), there is no direct translation. And, Christians cannot understand deception to advance a religion or form of gov’t. If you can think along those lines then everything that o has done, and is doing, to America makes perfect sense.
    o is successful beyond his dreams

  45. Well Howard, You finally spoke what I have felt you new all along. You are too well educated not to have known the Truth, of Islamic Muslim Madness. Now for America’s Sake will you please get behind persuading a Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Presidential Ticket. Before it is too late for America. They are the only ones that even have a clue.

  46. The dust of truth swirls and seeks it’s own cracks of entry. I completely understand and admit that islime is our arch enemy, but if I may make a suggestion as to who our real enemy is. It is the lack of, coupled with the presence of, a pathetic news media. The least of which their crimes include…lies…deceit….half truths but the most important one is WILLFUL OMISSION ! And since all the major news outlets are bought and paid for by liberals they pick and chose what we get to evaluate.

  47. Howard,
    You are correct in all you speak. All I know is that millions of Americans are arming themselves to the teeth and I applaud them all! We would have every right to deport every Moslem in America. Our candy ass government will never have the guts to do that, and refuses to protect us from this cancer that has invaded our country. My advice; buy plenty of guns and ammo while you can!
    Keep up the good work, Howard!

  48. As usual, your thinking is so correct. From the beginning I have denied that Obama was stupid. He has brilliantly executed the planned destruction of the U.S.

  49. Harold. You knocked it out of the park with this editorial. Can a canadian be secretary of State? We Americans need you and want in our government!!!!
    Just on suggestion. You should distinguish between being Jewish in DNA, and in practicing or not practicing the Hebrew religion. As an example, a person can not change his or her Jewish DNA, but they can change their religion.

  50. Great Editorial! Recently, it seems that many more people are OVERTLY expressing themselves about how they feel that Obama is a MOSLEM—-as proven by the MULTIPLE responses to this Editorial They are no longer REFRAINING themselves, as they once used to do, from making this statement. Let’s face it, Obama’s WORDS and ACTIONS certainly point in the direction that he IS a Moslem!! Are the “chickens finally coming home to roost” for Obama? At some point, DENIAL becomes DELUSION! AMEN!

  51. If a young child has over 5 years of training in how to be a good Moslem, U know that when he’s an adult he remembers & tries to practice everything that he has been taught – exactly as Obama was as a child. As an adult he was taught to hate the white person as well as the USA by his church minister – as was Michelle. So U can understand why he’s totally trying t break and destroy the United States. Our own PM was raised by a Communist father, so that explains alot about his leftist views.

  52. Howard you continue to verify the information I have heard from a variety of sources about the Muslims and what they really are trying to do to our nation and Obama is right there supporting them. I enjoy your writings and please keep up the good work. Thank you.

    Rick Schirmer, Cleveland, Georgia

  53. Given what the BLM under Obama has done to The Bundy family in Nevada and now the Hammond family in Oregon, as just one example of the government going nuts on The People, how would we know you if have been ‘shut-down’, and what could, or should we do about it? Watch your back…

  54. On point, again!!! I also have noted the many, many responses to this editorial, it’s about time. You are touching people’s basic core of reality and winning. Yes, Obummer is a Moslem, not a Muslim!!! There is a distinct difference, one is truly religious and the other is an evil, murdering savage, using religion as a disguise. I believe that Rev. Wright is Muslim, also. He is too close to Farrakhan, to be a Christian. He preaches hatred and racism, that is NOT what a Christian is or about.

  55. I’m so glad Howard you pointed out”Being Nurtured rather than Radicalized”My wife and I were just talking about that last night.Our founding Fathers would be considered “Radicals” today!So be it!Why do think Gov’t run schools want our children earlier and earlier in life.Most may think their doing them a marvelous service,WAKE UP!At one time we parents nurtured our own children now it’s the STATE! Do we really need to ask WHY?That’s why my wife and I Home Schooled.We were fortunate!So were they.

  56. Howard you hit the jackpot with this. To the warm and fuzzies dying to welcome Muslims to Canada I tell them to read the Quran, and about Sharia. If they haven’t then there is no point in trying to warn them about bringing in 25000 to Canada. As someone wrote recently, if there are ten poisoned apples in a barrel, how many would you risk eating?
    Trudeau has taken Canada into a whole new and dangerous world. God bless Canada, the U.S.A. and protect us from the evil coming to our shores.

  57. I am working on getting into your awesome editorial page, to regularly receive the articles I have read. Can this be accomplished? Thanks, Phyllis Moses.

  58. Howard spends his own money to bring us his true feelings. I give $ to him-not much as I do not have $ to spare.
    Give him something for who he is and what he does-he does not like to ask for $ so send him something. If all readers did so he would be able to be even more expressive than he is-poor guy is so passive!! Really send something$.
    Thank you Howard.

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