Islam Is No Religion Of PEACE



In answer to all shootings in nice neighborhoods, decent schools and at business locations, Obama decries Gun Ownership and heralds the need for MORE GUN CONTROL.

Hillary Clinton says the same . . . ISLAM CAN’T BE BLAMED FOR THIS MASSACRE, or anything else that happens in the name of Allah, because Islam is a Religion of Peace, which has been highjacked by a ”FEW” Radical Moslems.

That’s their story . . . and they’re sticking to it, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.


LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . GUNS DON’T KILL – Moslems with a hatred for our religions, our culture, and our FREEDOMS KILL.

THUGS IN BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS like Chicago, Detroit, and just about everywhere else where Black Americans live in poverty and ignorance throughout America KILL.


WE ARE SEEING IT NOW . . . there is a surge in gun sales. Ammunition is flying off the shelves, and you can wait in line for shooting and tactical instruction at good gun ranges.


Anne and I are always interested in knowing as much as we can about different kinds of guns and ammunition. WE’RE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BUYING GUNS . . . But not only us.

When Anne and I walk into a Gun Shop, the people looking and handling the guns (mostly hand guns), are people of all ages, well into their sixties. AND A LOT OF THEM ARE WOMEN.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS . . . these people who are GUNNING-UP, are not the kind of people who ever thought they would want to own a gun, least of all to carry one. AND THEY ARE NOT NECESSARILY CONSERVATIVES.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . that the only people who are pushing for as much GUN CONTROL as possible are IDIOT LEFTISTS, thugs, and people who want to do us harm. AND THAT INCLUDES MOSLEMS WHO HATE US . . . Home Grown or otherwise.

NEITHER ANNE NOR I WANT TO BE VICTIMS . . . We don’t want to call 911 waiting to be saved, when we can save ourselves, and maybe save someone else too.

THERE IS NO QUESTION IN MY MIND . . . NOT ONE – that had at least some people, even if it was just one person at the Healthcare Center who had a gun on him or her, it could have been a much different outcome.

It’s kind of hard for a Moslem Murderer . . . or any other type of THUG to shoot with impunity, when someone is shooting back.


Anne and I left West Palm Beach yesterday morning (December 2nd), and arrived at Lake City Florida late in the afternoon, where we were incredibly fortunate to find a wonderful RV Park, where we initially intended to spend just the night, but decided instead to rest and take a couple of days to relax.


We need to buy additional groceries for the trailer, and we want to drive around the area and scope it out, since we stayed at Lake City two years ago on route to the Boca Pledge Ride, without having the time to see it.

AND LATER IN THE DAY . . . Anne and I intend to take our 22’s and NINES to checkout the local shooting range that has a tremendous reputation.


1 – Screw the politicians . . . At best most of them are LIARS, and at worst far too many don’t have a clue as to what they’re doing, if it doesn’t have to do with taking care of their own personal selfish interests.

2 – Don’t put your safety just in the hands of the police, who can respond only as fast as they can.

3 – Go shopping and buy a gun that suits your needs.

4 – Take shooting courses . . . and train on how to defend yourself. It’s not that hard.

Anne and I missed the General Annual Meeting and Christmas Party organized by our Shooting Club, because we were already on the road. But, had we been there, Anne would have been really pleased to have taken a bow, for being rated as the MOST ACTIVE CLUB FEMALE SHOOTER, which is something to be proud of, because it takes work and commitment.


Anne and I are not Americans, but if things continue to develop as they are around the world and in Canada, Anne and I have been speaking quite seriously about making a drastic change about where we choose to live in North America.

We would much rather live in a country that ascribes to the religious edict that says: GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES, rather than . . . what can the government do for me today?

And if and when it HITS THE FAN, Anne and I would rather be in America, where FREEDOM reigns supreme.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The problem we have is that there is no positive count of the Muslim nor Illegals in the USA, only guess work. We will not
    stop them unless we follow the Crusades. (#5 was the most effective) In many cases the Illegals are just as bad. A true count would be a surprise. They have to be driven out we cannot live with them nor expect any peace with them within us.
    They are relentless in their effort to destroy us and getting stronger by the day.

  2. “NOT AMERICANS”? Like hell you’re not…BY OSMOSIS or whatever else it takes…YOU’RE OURS!
    Bud Farrell B-29 GUNNER

  3. Islam is a political movement only, with a desire to take over wherever it exits, that wishes to convert or destroy all who do not comply with its statutes, and keep all its followers in line and in the dark ages to maintain its stranglehold and subservience on its masses. And it will eagerly use any means it sees fit, with no concern, care or remorse for the destruction in its wake.

  4. This is the most salient point:

    1 – Screw the politicians . . . At best most of them are LIARS, and at worst far too many don’t have a clue as to what they’re doing, if it doesn’t have to do with taking care of their own personal selfish interests.

  5. I think I love you and Anne!! 😉
    Too bad we missed you in Palm Beach…we’re just down the road in Fort Lauderdale!
    Happy trails!

  6. Yes Howard , I was at the Gun Club AGM in question and congrats to Anne . The Plaque is on display at the Club .
    At one time I was convinced the USA was where I wanted to be as well , not so sure anymore . I would await the next US election to see if Obama2 gets the job , or if the American people come to their senses and return to the goals and dreams that made them great . Our country of origin is becoming a truly “alien” place however .

  7. Islam is a crazed movement from mohammed. It has nothing to do with God or allah. Mohammed’s followers wrote his chantings and spewing evil while he was on opium. He could not read and write. He had 32 wives, one of them a 12 yr old boy – look it up. This is the basis for this evil, immoral, unconscious life style and movement. If we don’t believe and follow, off with oouir heads. What kind of God is that?

  8. You did it again Howard! This is the 3rd ‘grand slam’ you’ve hit this month! I guess it explains why so many who can afford it and or ‘in the know’ have been leaving the EU and North America to establish a ‘get-a-way’ in South America somewhere —in looking for a ‘safe place’ somewhere out of the way of they know is planned for most all of us by the 1% or the 1%rs. Apparently, the ‘exodus’ has been going on for sometime now.

  9. Islam has practiced conversion by the sword since its beginning. Everyone should read the Koran and Sharia law. This is not a legitimate religion.

  10. Obama, hitlary et al have armed body guards, they don’t have anything to worry about unlike us the unwashed masses.

  11. Whether the politicians like it or not, the REALITY is that a law-abiding citizen who carries a firearm is the one I had better hide behind when the shooting begins. If for some pathetic reason all legally-owned guns were confiscated from those who wish to legally use them only for self-defense, I could well be D-E-A-D! As such, I still can’t understand why Hillary and our Muslim-in-Chief still want to disarm me. Well….yes I can, and it is all about their CONTROL of me and other Americans.

  12. Until 2008, and ever since I was a teen, America had always represented for me the ultimate last refuge. But what if Hillary gets crowned next year? That could be a portent for decades of leftist government. Will there be a majority – however slim – of Americans who will come back to their senses and do the Right thing, assuming that voting irregularities and other dastardly leftist maneuvers do not get in the way… Aside from Rand Paul, ANY contender would be preferable than the Queen of Lies

  13. This most recent apparent “Islamic Terrorist” fiasco in San Bernardino underscore the need to “gun -up”. I never thought I would need to do that in America,….BUT, between international politics, (which are now ‘local’), idiots in Washington, and the innate failure for our “leadership” (little ‘l’ intentional), and why the Crusades were necessary,….well you are right, I would rather have my fate in my hands than waiting for help since that’s all we have,….thanks weak kneed liberals!

  14. I’ve been saying for months, it’s time to get serious about these zealots. There is NOT another religion in the world that is so much against freedom and democracy. If we are to survive this anti American bunch of misfits, we have to drastically change OUR way of thinking. Political correctness, has to be abandoned!!!! Our lives and the lives of our children, not to mention our way of life, are at stake. This is far serious just for more talking. We need a president and a congress to act..

  15. I’ve carried for 30 years. Certified, Qualified. I never pulled my weapon out, had just cause twice, was able to talk and calm the other individual down. I won’t take that risk again. If I pull my weapon out it’s not to negotiate, or threaten it is pulled with the intent to defend myself or loved ones. I am now locked and loaded. Politicians don’t give 2 s__ts about us!Neither does OBAMA! Re-election is all! This America has NO CLUE on what is needed to be done. The America of yesteryear does.

  16. Correct, Howard, Islam is not a Religion or Sect, it is a way of life that will always be here to destroy. You need to go back 4,000 years to its true roots. The era of Abram, Sarah, Hagar and ISHMAEL, the latter founded the 12 Arab Tribes. Mohammed, not his real name, traced back to Abram through Ishmael’s second son. It was a hoax from the beginning which started with an illegitimate child. What did God have in mind? He gave them their second son ?

  17. Islam is the nemesis of anyone that allows their metastasis into any country anywhere.
    I fought in one war against the murderous “religion of peace” monsters and made their goals far less viable.
    We live near many of their villages. They are false, conspiring, abusing, thieving, murderous in their majority.
    Brutal not only against humans. Against other Muslims, pets or any other animal, none is spared from their gruesome violence.
    Let them back to their tents.

  18. “Not American”????? Bah! You and Anne are American in spirit. You don’t have to live here to claim the title!!

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  19. Spot on Howard. What were the crusades in the 1400″s all about……me thinks that the muzzums were called Moores and a couple of other names. They were as destructive then as they are now. They are, in my estimation, followers of Satan.

  20. We want to take the gun course and then get a IWI TAV-21 Tavor semi-auto bullpup for target practice. Ah, but the hoops one must go through to bring a rifle from the range to the home and back will be getting tougher under Baby Trudeau, The Idiot, and having one may become illegal if he has his way. The more I see of the world, the more I want to protect us. Just that government doesn’t want us armed legally, and label us for wanting to do this as perverse.

  21. Well Howard, you did it again! I, like your wife, have a concealed carry permit. Never thought in my wildest dreams that I would need one. I am a grandmother of six and last year I trained and passed my concealed carry. I am stocking up on ammo for my 9mm and go to the range when it is possible. I am considered a good shot and will fight to my dying breath to hold on to my rights as a U.S. citizen.
    Thank you again.
    Ann Brown, Lake Toxaway, NC

  22. Islam is not compatible with western values, sharia law is not compatible with the US Constitution. Muslims coming to the United States have no intention of being Americans. Islam is a radical movement whose goal is world dominance. The means to their ends are our political correctness, fear, terrorism, and an out of control birth rate.

  23. I laugh when I hear Obama and his lackeys talk about gun control. Even going door to door like the Nazi’s it is impossible to take our guns in the U.S. as many of us have inherited guns which were never registered or the previous owners are deceased or we have bought guns from friends. I had a shotgun and two pistols stolen from me over the years so how to account for stolen guns? I would never believe the Australians turned over all their weapons? Really?

  24. It is a DISGRACE that the EL DIABLO-IN-CHIEF will NOT use the words “ISLAMIC TERRORISTS” for those who are attacking our Country! He, instead, would rather continue to APOLIGIZE to the other countries for AMERICA. One has to be living in LA-LA LAND to not recognize how BHO and his CO-HORTS are ruining our Country! It’ll be interesting to hear TRUMP’s comments re: the recent California attack and BHO’s rhetorical comments re: this event! Does anyone STILL wonder WHY Trump is SO-O-O POPULAR? AMEN!

  25. Well Howard, you had better hurry and re-locate if you are going to because even now you may be to late. Muslems are now in charge of this country whether you want to believe it or not. Those of us who are in the “know” are becoming armed even though it really is not what we want to do. We have to if we are going to survive what is coming.

  26. I have some friends who are very dear to me and are Muslim. That said, I believe Islam is the spirit of Antichrist. I met so many Muslims when visiting the Holy Land of Israel; all so dear and friendly. I was going back for three weeks in 2000 and one of my to-be hosts called and simply said, “You cannot come; they will kill you.” They were their neighbors, and they knew me and that I am a Christian and an American. This is how Islam is; “Allah” said kill the infidels, and that’s us.

  27. I am certain that Karl Marx was thinking of Islam when he said, “The greatest crimes against humanity are committed in the name of religion”. I cannot fathom why the world’s leaders (sic) are so tolerant of this pestilence in our midst and even encourage more of this malignancy to enter our communities. As NRA past-President, the late Charlton Heston said at our annual meeting 15 years ago, “From these cold, dead hands” (will the authorities take my weapons).

    NRA Patron Life Member

  28. To find an excellent overview of Islam read ALLAH DIVINE OR DEMONIC and trace his journey his Koran his hadith for free on the internet written buy a missionary to Ethiopia which holds moderate muslims Just look it up on google

  29. It seems to eme that our politicians leave too much to the aides that they hire out of LIBERAL Universities and do enough checking out the legislation or comments they make on the “facts” that they get from their staff.

    Howard Brookfield, Whittier, CA. USA

  30. What I love, the FBI is still mulling over if, they were terrorists or not!!! Their home was full of weapons, a very large cache of ammunition, pipe bombs and more stuff to make more bombs — Yet, the FBI still hasn’t decided, if, they were terrorists or not!!! God help us all, in the USA. What has happened, these terrorists were way under the radar and the FBI is going to have egg all over their faces!!! OF course, they were terrorists and very probably, a sleeper cell.

  31. W/ ISIS kinda relegated to the back burner (on OFF!) don’t U feel proud that U cud afford to send 383 delegates to such an important convention in Paris? Our 2.5 Billion donation to regulate?? Climate Change will really help to keep Canada safe. Wonder just how many of these people wud have attended if they’d used their own $$$ instead of ours? Hadn’t Justin just said “The Cdn. coffers are bare”? To save money, no more planes that cud restrict ISIS domination. Clever!

  32. Our FBI director claims they are under staffed, so the FBI should be doubled, local law enforcement city, county, state need to be doubled. You don’t fight a fire with just a hose, this fire needs to be snuffed out completely and you do it by rooting out these pigs. We need more local law enforcement to focus on terrorism now!

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