Climate Change Is NOT THE Greatest Threat To The World


I know – and I freely admit . . . that I am only a guy with a keyboard and my own opinions, and that I am NOT a President, NOR a Prime Minister, NOR a Head of any State. BUT I AM ALSO NOT A SCHMUCK.

HERE IS SOMETHING ELSE I KNOW . . . I know that ISIS and ISLAMISTS of all stripe, are also not the greatest danger to the world.


I know that our politicians are the GREATEST DANGER to the world . . . the ones who lie and cheat to win office, and have no idea what to do once they win it.


AND HOW DO I KNOW THIS? I know this because wherever the LEFT are in control, spending goes up, prices go up, taxes go up, debt goes up, regulations go through the roof – AND SERVICES GO DOWN.


In Paris France this past week, where the Global Political Class, were schmoozing and dining on Caviar, while singing KUMBAYA around the Global Fire Pit, which just concluded, with a bunch of mostly worthless politicians who came to strut like Peacocks – many of whom had their hands out to our politicians . . . WHO HAVE THEIR HANDS IN OUR POCKETS, all went home like conquering heroes.

And why not . . . since they all PERSONALLY scored BIG in one-way or another?


Geez . . . I didn’t know that Canada ever left, or was somehow missing. I guess what newly minted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau really meant, was that Canada is back in the GLOBAL ASS-KISSING BUSINESS . . . from a nine-year absence, since Conservative former Prime Minister Harper was in charge.

It is absolutely mind boggling, as to how all of these leaders could be so utterly stupid, and or acquiescent to this nonsense, which means nothing other than TAXING, TAXING, & TAXING . . . while restricting growth and individual FREEDOMS as the price to pay for their LEFTIST Climate Change Hogwash.

AND IF A SCIENCE WAS INDEED PROVEN . . . It has been proven that our politicians and the fools who vote for the politicians on the LEFT, have no idea or appreciation for what FREEDOM really means, and the cost thereof.


IF THEY REALLY WANTED TO SOLVE ANYTHING . . . there is too great a Global population. They should do something to solve that. There are religious (cultural) murderers, rapists, and DEFILERS of HUMANITY, who TERRORIZE the world in the name of Islam. They should do something about that.

There are massive numbers of Veterans from many wars, who are treated like DIRT. How about solving that? Or how about closing porous borders and NOT flooding our countries with people who are not in the true sense of the word REAL REFUGEES, but who in reality hate our guts, our values, our religions, our culture and our FREEDOMS? That’s an easy one to solve.

All of our countries are in serious DEBT.

And in spite of the lies told by our politicians, REAL unemployment amongst people who can . . . and are willing, able and capable of working, who can’t find decent jobs, is more likely more than TWENTY PERCENT, because our politicians created work related conditions that make it more profitable for our companies to ship what should be our jobs overseas.

Healthcare is failing. Education has become a joke. Respect of all manner, seems to have flown out the window, especially where the LEFTISTS live and play. And the STRESS caused by RACIST BS like BLACK LIVES MATTER . . . is tearing us apart.


It’s too late for Canada, since Trudeau will have FREE REIGN for the next four years. And by the time this kid is finished playing with his shiny new national toy, Canada might very well not be a country worth living in.

AS FOR THE USA . . . Obama still has plenty of time left to do far more damage to America before he leaves OFFICE in January of 2017, than most of us want to believe.

And if either a RINO or a Democrat wins in 2016 . . . it will be a whole new world.

BUT DON’T WORRY – ‘cause if you listen to Obama, Trudeau and the LEFT . . . Climate Change is the world’s greatest danger . . . and they’re well on-top-of-it.


Anne and I pulled into West Palm Beach this afternoon (December 1, 2015), where we reserved for the Month of December, and decided that this area is not for us, and will point our rig WEST first thing in the morning AND HEAD FOR TEXAS.

PS – Getting mail on the road is very difficult for us. So, if you send us anything, please understand that it could take weeks before we get it and respond.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well done, Howard, but I repeat myself. I mutter a heartfelt “Well done, Howard” upon reading every one of your editorials.
    Thank you.

  2. While there is a large group of politicians that think that the electorate are dumb, they are smart enough to know they are virtually untouchable. The pols have the high paying jobs, lots of donors from industry and unions as well as their party funds. Result, they are in their bubble of security and work on their futures, not ours.

  3. Global Warming is the Largest threat to the civilized world ! It’s what all those Elite Politicians ( and the UN) will successfully
    use as a tool to redistribute wealth from the West . The only Continent that has stood for independence , freedom of the individual etc etc . all bad things in the BIG PICTURE that the UN has in store for the world. Too many people on the planet you say , give it two more generations and if WE in the WEST do not share IT WILL get ugly.

  4. For anyone to think that Global Warming is the Largest threat to the civilized world is really crazy. How can anyone believe this crap a sign of weak minds or having something to gain for believing it. Obama still has a little over a year to make America a Muslim nation which is mostly why he is President. The only way this will happen is if Obama gets our guns which is unlikely. There could be Martial law declared by Obama as his last resort but even this won’t get our guns.

  5. It is refreshing to read an editorial and several comments which make sense. JPThomassen

  6. Since earth developed its first atmosphere 4.5 billion years ago, ALWAYS has climate change. That is why we aren’t still under a 3.5 km thick icecap over most of N. America and N. Europe. I did the math: CO2 by man is 3.255% of all CO2 or 0.177%(statically insignificant) of all GH gas. CO2 has reached 400ppm. The planet used to be 4000 to 8000ppm. CO2 is plant food. No CO2 everyone dies. We breath out 4000ppm, or 40 tonnes during an average life. Stop all CO2 = 1/10 degree F reduction by 2100.

  7. I don’t know why the Islamists waste so much waging war against the west when the west is imploding on its own

  8. We breath out 40 tones during an average life time?. Is that out of both ends or is methane another calculation. It seems we are getting more politicians every day with the increase in added departments of government with the head of each department talking out of both ends. This might be contributing more to climate change than we realize. Has anyone done air quality monitoring around one of these summits to help determine the source? We can be able stop climate change with this awareness!

  9. Well I can see “Fart Free Zones”being dictated.They should get rid of all cows, will countries that have volcanic eruptions be fined by the CCP “Climate Control Police” After all TONS of CO2,SO2,METHANE,Carbon Monoxide & other bad,bad things are spewed in our atmosphere.Ewwwwww!Electric cars? What do people think is charging their cars,how much current is required and how it THAT MADE?Global warming didn’t take down the two towers,or slaughter those in Paris ETC. ETC.Have we become Comatose-d?

  10. I am convinced the Leftists are organizing world wide chaos , debt and depression so they can step in as so called “saviors.. and set up the Dictatorships they all dream about. Canada and America have a Civil War going on in each of our Countries. The War now is between the Left and Right, The Anti Christ and God, The working class and the Narcissistic freeloading Academics, the Dictators and the Free. It was best put ,Thursday, November 19, 1863 by Lincoln, It is rather for us to be here dedic

  11. There are at least 2 things wrong with politicians.
    1. once elected they think they know everything
    2. (this is the dangerous one) they think they have to do something

  12. Deck Travis, Conway, Arkansas, you made a good point about the amount of air we all breath. As I have said, when are they going to “try-to-make” us to wear a meter over mouth and tax us the amount of air we all breath?

  13. We have, unfortunately, come to a point in time when we, without doubt, now know when our political leaders (or so they are called) are lying. Whenever, where ever, and how ever their lips move – it is in all probability to speak either a lie or not the truth (which ever is greater).

  14. Latest breaking news for Canada, more promises enlarged upon. Hon. John McCallum Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced last evening 1st Dec, that we could be bringing as many as 50,000 so called refugees to Canada by year end 2016. Texas sounds very inviting Howard.

  15. It does not surprise me that West Palm is not the right place for you and Anne. We have a home in Ormond Beach, FL. That town would be worth your looking into. It is South of St. Augustine and North of Daytona. The Old Dixie Highway there is so beautiful, and motorcyslists are always enjoying riding under the canopy of trees along what is referred to as “the loop”.
    Ormond Beach is called “The Birthplace of Speed”, and it was the home of the Rockefellers (The Casements). Come by and see us

  16. Howard, you’ve captured it all! Also, Mr. DuBois is right on target about Obama’s wanting to make America a Moslem nation. Why do people QUESTION what EL DIABLO is up to when he really TOLD us about his PLAN to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE our country. EL DIABLO was not only elected once but TWICE. He’s FOOLING people again with GLOBAL WARMING! How STUPID can people be to listen to ALL THE LIES that this traitor is delivering? Meanwhile, he’s also focusing on bringing in more ISIS refugees. AMEN!

  17. Well, another grand slam Howard! You’ve produced another very accurate analysis of the global human condition. The NWO folks have their plan well in hand and they are having fun managing their ‘control through chaos and fear’ of we ‘the dirty masses’. All of the things going on as you describe, decisions being made etc. are so illogical and corrupt as seen by many of us that it makes me think that this is all by design on purpose. I fear that Canada is no longer going to be safe either.

  18. My wife & I have been comparing the fall of our society, with Ann Rands Atlas Shrugged for over fourty years and she did not miss a thing. We are now in her closing chapters. I have never liked the man but it looks to me that Trump may be the only hope for western civilization, when desperate situations exist we need to take desperate measures, it looks like he may be the only one willing to take them. There won’t be a Canada left to save when ‘The Little Prince” is done with us!
    Gordon Bosley

  19. I’ve read that it costs 50 times as much to try to stop man’s contribution to climate change as it does to just prepare to adapt. Sure the climate is changing, it always has, and always will. How much man contributes to that change is the big question. If it turns out that most of the change comes from nature and not man, the only choice we have is to adapt. Since governments always lie, we can figure the official story is a big fat lie.

  20. I wonder how much humans contributed to the creation the Ice Age! LOL “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe” – Albert Einstein.

    “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

  21. Well you are on your way to Texas. The promised land. But, you might want to take a stop around Haines City, FL. I think you will find the stay a lot more enjoyable for the month of December and then you can go on to Texas.

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