How Do We Defend What So Many Don’t Believe?



CANADA CAN BE EXCUSED . . . MOSTLY because Canadians are by and large absolutely STUPID, and/or IGNORANT when it comes to our FREEDOMS, which are supposedly GUARANTEED by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms through the Canadian Constitution.


In essence, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the father of Canada’s current Prime Minister, the Dilettante Justin Trudeau, cursed Canada in 1982 with a Constitution that in effect STIFLED Individual Rights and Freedoms, for what he considered to be the COMMON GOOD, which was in own his words . . . “THE JUST SOCIETY”. As if Canada’s Society was somehow unjust before he decided to rebuild it.

And instead of creating a MASTERPIECE like the US Constitution, which in the fewest words possible, ENUNCIATED the FREEDOMS the people knew they had, and the RESTRICTIONS placed upon all governments and the Courts . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau produced a document – NOT Of the People, NOT By the People, NOR For the People. But rather for the Government.

What Trudeau created . . . was a FLUID document, where UNELECTED JUDGES would decide on all of our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS, where lawyers would earn fortunes debating how many Angels Could Dance On The Head Of A Pin, while people whose RIGHTS had been VIOLATED by the government, would go broke, fighting to win what should be their INALIENABLE RIGHTS, and generally lose.

AND WORSE . . . within the Trudeau Constitution, there are embedded laws that discriminate against the English Speaking Majority of Canada, in favor of the French Speaking Minority. But even worse than that . . . ALL OF TRUDEAU’S LAWS, are in one-way or another open to the interpretation of the Courts.

So . . . as you can see, most Canadians can be excused for not understanding Canada’s extremely COMPLICATED, FLUID and UNJUST Constitution, that guarantees ONLY what Judges deem to be applicable to our FREEDOMS.

Had Canadians been more interested in PROTECTING our RIGHTS and Individual FREEDOMS, things would have been far different. But, we were too occupied with all manner of nonsense to pay attention to the fragmentation of our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS to have cared. And now, short of a revolution, the die has been cast.


Several Years Ago – In several Freedom of Expression Cases, where some Canadians were hauled before individual Canadian Human Rights Tribunals, for being critical of Islamists in their published articles; not that they lied or promoted any form of a threat, boycott or anything else against Moslems, the writers and publishers were found GUILTY because they criticized Islamists.

After HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS were spent by the defendants, the cases were subsequently won by the WRITERS in APPEAL, before REAL JUDGES, who were not politically appointed Human Rights Tribunalists, who in many cases were, and still are not even jurists, but nonetheless . . . they sit in Judgment with the full power of the Courts.


We are not Americans. Canadians are confused about our Rights and Freedoms, who think that we in Canada have a FIRST AMENDMENT, WHICH WE DO NOT. Our Freedom of EXPRESSION is limited to what is acceptable.

He said this with great pride, as if it should be celebrated in the Canadian Context that our Freedom of Expression should be controlled by the State. And if you’re interested in who was the Prime Minister who created the Canadian Human Rights Commissions . . . and if you guessed Pierre Elliott Trudeau, you would be right.

CONSERVATIVE PRIME MINISTER STEPHEN HARPER . . . clipped the wings of the Human Rights Commissions, and took the power to adjudicate Freedom of Expression complaints away from them entirely.

BUT NOW THAT JUSTIN TRUDEAU . . . The SON of Pierre, is Prime Minister, it will not take a degree in Rocket Science or Brain Surgery to figure out the future of Freedom of Expression in Canada.

IN FACT . . . I might have to seek Political Asylum in the United States, if I continue to write the way that I do, or be prepared to spend time behind bars in Canada.


As it stands today . . . the TRAGEDY is that very few Americans have a real understanding of their Constitution, and the incredible sacrifices made by the astonishing men and women who created the FREEDOMS enjoyed by the people of the United States of America – paid for with the BLOOD & TREASURE of the FRAMERS.

When I read . . . that as many as FORTY PERCENT OF MILLENNIALS think that the US Constitution is outdated, and in need of revision, and that Americans have too much FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . .

1 – I can hold my head between my hands and weep.

2 – I would like to beat the crap out of them for being such STUPID & UNGRATEFUL FOOLS.

3 – When I see movements like BLACK LIVES MATTER . . . being grasped by LEFTISTS and Limousine Liberals, I shudder at the depth of STUPIDITY, which shouts to me, that to them – WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER.

4 – When American/Canadian Students SIDE with Islamists and Palestinians, who live to MURDER JEWSMY BLOOD BOILS.


Let’s start with schools, all the way from pre-kindergarten, where our children are inculcated with LEFTIST BS, where WHITE GUILT and the CRIME of individual successes are embedded at the earliest age, nurtured all the way to Universities.


IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH . . . there is no better job in the world than being a teacher or University Professor. Professors, like most Teachers, CAN’T be fired. They have TENURE for life. They CAN’T be laid-off. Discipline is out of the question for them. The work-year for Teachers and Professors with summer off, holidays and professional days off, is less than 8-months per year. Retirement with full benefits, with an enormous pension for life, which is far larger than the average household salary of most working families . . . is their Golden Payoff.

There are no institutions that are even remotely close . . . to being as self-serving as are the Universities. They have long stopped being institutions of Free Thought and Open Debate, and places to learn practical applications to achieve needed goals and skills . . . SO WHY FUND THEM?


If you want to talk about a REAL RIP-OFF . . . talk about the TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT FOR THE STUDENT LOAN SCAM, and how most Major Universities are worth BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in property, fixed assets, and revenue.

AND EVEN WORSE THAN THE MONEY . . . The Universities teach CRAP, very little of which prepares HIGHLY INDEBTED young people from using whatever they’ve learned to make a living . . . HOW’S THAT FOR A CON?


Our Universities . . . in Canada and the USA are turning out useless, incompetent ANTI-FREEDOM IDIOTS, who are barely qualified to serve hamburgers and fries, whose best knowledge is how to have lots of casual SEX, know which is the best DOPE to get high on, drink until the lights go out, and BLAME the MAKERS who’ve created the FREEDOMS and SOCIETY that nurtures them, which they RAIL AGAINST.

THIS IS REALLY NOTHING NEW, since the LEFT has been conspiring throughout the world for much longer than I’ve been alive, to subjugate the MAKERS in their WARPED worldview, where FREEDOM belongs to those who decide who gets to be FREE . . . and who doesn’t. And to which extent FREEDOM should be doled-out.

AYN RAND’S ATLAS SHRUGGED (1957) . . . AND GEORGE ORWELL’S 1984 (1949) warned us where the world was headed. But like most things . . . we chose to ignore the warnings, not believing that this level of DYSTOPIA could be possible.


At the preface of Goldhagen’s incredible look at the Holocaust, explaining how ordinary people, and not Just Germans (Nazis) could have participated in the worst genocide the world had ever seen, Goldhagen quoted famed French Historian, Writer and Admirer of America – Alexis de Tocqueville . . . To paraphrase:

No matter how charismatic a leader could be . . . he cannot move a society in a direction the people are not prepared to follow.

In this respect, what Goldhagen was saying . . . was that if the German People, and others were not prepared to Follow Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, there never would have been a Holocaust.


Obama is destroying the fabric of the United States of America. And like Adolf Hitler, who sold the HYPE of enemies from within to the German People with GREAT passionate speeches, Obama sold HOPE & CHANGE .

And like Hitler, Obama sold to the WILLING American People, a PHONY enemy from within, solely to create someone to blame for perceived, contrived, and non-existent injustices.

HAD THE PEOPLE NOT BEEN READY TO ACCEPT OBAMA . . . America and the world would be in a different place today. But, because of generations of LEFTIST Lies and Propaganda, fostered and promoted through our Media and our Schools, an enemy to the FREEDOMS of the American People has become America’s Political Cancer.


Soon enough . . . and as I’ve been writing – we are coming to a crossroad, where we will have to take a position – ARE YOU WITH US . . . OR ARE YOU AGAINST US?

Are you with the Left and Obama . . . OR WITH THE FOUNDERS OF FREEDOM?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well said Howard. The Western world need to keep in mind that the “entire” moslem race is against the world. The radicals
    for sure, but remember the so called “peace loving” moslems are allowing them the opportunity by being cowards first and
    hiding behind their religión. The “no enter zones are multiplying daily. We need to declare cowboy and muslim. Keep up the good work.

  2. You are getting better by the hour now that you are in the southern USA . Stay here and fight !

  3. Your columns, dear Howard, seem to constantly get better, and this one tops them all. Like you, if a Republican, almost any of them, gets elected next year, I am already looking to bringing my daughter and my three grandchildren with me to Texas, to escape what will become the Canadian gulag. Thank you again for leading us all.

  4. Hello Howard, I’m afraid I am going to have to sue you for thought theft. You words regarding college professors, black lives matter, educationless higher education, dystopia, Alexis de Tocqueville’s observation of willing executioners, Rand and Orwell’s warnings (forecasts), and the pathetic delusions of the leftist obama supporters and leftists in general truly have been residing in my own head for years. Your articulation of them are needed and welcomed.

  5. It now appears to me that the major investment I have for years hoped to invest in Canada will never come true! My last visits to your THEN great country were in 1960 -61with the dream that one day I would be able to afford to return to the country and people I loved so well. Allas, the dreams of an 82 year old have now been shattered…the last time by a bunch of idiots blowing up mailboxes and refusing to make change because I had asked in ENGLISH! Now, one Trudeau too many! Bud Farrell,Tx.

  6. I stand with you, on everything you said, today!!! I saw the writing on the wall, when the Hippies were making progress and the students at UC Berkeley protested the Regents and won, back in the 1960’s. Their protests were as stupid as the protests of today in the Universities. This is how a well known radical left thinking professor got her job, at Berkeley – Angela Davis, a black communist. Today, Berkeley is not a university of higher learning, but, a place of indoctrination of stupidity!!!

  7. An excellent article Howard. As an immigrant to Canada in 54 I have seen the transformation of our country from people being enterprising hard workers to the wanting ‘free’ stuff lazy. I noticed the changes happen with PM Pearson then the 3 “wise men” from Quebec with Trudeau at the head. Unfortunately our society seems to be loosing the battle to the left because the virus is in the educational system has been taken over by the left. Only a Revolution will change it and it may be to late alread

  8. I too write a lot of articles, blogs, and am far from being a “good” writer. Your thoughts are spot on today. I shudder that there does not seem to be anywhere left on our planet, aside from a “Galt’s Gulch” for us to retreat to watch the “dog eat dog” future so slowly and methodically being rolled out across this continent on both our countries.
    It sickens me, and depresses me, as I can’t seem to find a way to fight it myself, other than the pen, but I’ll keep writing as I hope will U

  9. One of the first things I found about Obama was in a Pakistani newspaper online. The excitement was that he had been born in Kenya, as attested by his Kenyan grandmother, who was “there” at his birth. He received scholarships to colleges as a foreign student. Our Constitution says a president must be a “natural” citizen. His father was a British citizen. This man should never have run for president and certainly should not have been elected. I never backed him, never will. He is ruining America.

  10. The leftist mainstream media in North America dwell on diverse mush issues that won’t expose schemes that keep them powerful and in control. (think they don’t control the vote?) That media relies on advertisers. Corporate sponsors will , in the face of lost sales , pull their money out of the hands of these networks. A movement has to start somewhere ! – on to you Howard and other conservative pundits.

  11. A great column Howard! It has been said that the USA would be destroyed from within and we can see it happening under “Hope & Change”. The universities are a mess and the students are soooo stupid. We should start calling them stupidents! I shudder every time Watter’s World interviews young people (most likely those going to university) which shows how ill informed they are. Once the majority in a country are ill educated, they will believe anything. By the way, I’m 83, so what do I know!

  12. These days, most kids “rule the roost” with their parents. When they become adults, they expect the same privileges and more. Thus, this lifestyle as HELPED to create an ENTITLEMENT SOCIETY in which there is VERY LITTLE APPRECIATION for ANYTHING! They also believe that they will NEVER lose their FREEDOM! OBAMA’s DICTATORIAL REIGN has encouraged this lifestyle. UNBELIEVABLE how Obama has been ABLE and ALLOWED to DESTROY our Country, as he has. God help us all–we need his help! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. There is one US university that has an outstanding, un-liberal, un-government supported curriculum. Its name is Hillsdale College, integrated since eighteen forty something. If you are not aware of it, you should be. They are a shining example of a liberal arts school in Michigan.
    I can give you information to be on their mailing list.

  14. Howard…like I’ve alluded to before, about once a month, at least, you must be getting into the ‘special juice’ that causes you to go beyond the fence in hitting a home run. If I can’t get any of that juice to enhance my abilities to be more articulate and exceptionally ‘right on the mark’…I feel I can at least tell you when I think ‘you’ve done it again’!!!! Very well done indeed sir. Please keep up the great work.

  15. My diagnostic Imaging practice was attacked by The Alberta Human ‘Rights’ Commission for not employing a male technician for female fertility studies. Tens of thousands of dollars and 7 months later they gave up[ “we have decided that it is not within our jurisdiction”} after I told them that I would go to jail first…..Years later they attacked my lawyer/publisher son for printing the “Danish cartoons” and then abandoned the case when he fought back. {costing him more than $100,000}

  16. solid piece as allays my friend; in truth having experienced what is taught in sociology courses and middle east courses and being asked to leave the campus radio station because I supported Israel, you are bang on about the indoctrination of lefties ideology.

  17. Howard, you are partially wrong about tenure. Academics can lose (be fired) from their jobs, if they don’t do research, teach and do additional administrative duties. Academics do research year round and that is my findings after working 32 years between the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. Where many problems arise, is when after many years of doing what they are supposed to do, they get promoted to a Vice President or Associate Vice President position.

  18. I stand with the founders of freedom !!! I am a graduate of Cornell University, Class of 1967. Even then Cornell was largely a hotbed of left-wing, liberal thought, if not so much actual teaching of same during that period. But somehow I managed to become more conservative than ever during my 4 1/2 years there. For that I thank my parents, especially my Father and my favorite Uncle who lived in the same home with us all during my “formative years”.
    Please keep the great words flowing Howard !

  19. Howard.
    Your Editorials are all excellent, but I think this one is top of All Editorials. True meaning and the best wake up call we could send to everyone in Canada.

  20. @ John T. Ross:

    John, your comment about Hillsdale College was spot-on. They take NO government money, and (get this) they have their own indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. They teach Constitutional law and are a shining example of what our colleges and universities used to be. Thanks for mentioning a real place of learning—one to which I would seriously consider sending my son or daughter, but they are both grown.

  21. Today’s youth is not the youth of yesterday. One now has to look to over 40-50 year olds to get the same maturity, wisdom, ethics and level headedness that one once got from the 20 yr olds. Youth today have grown up in an age that brainwashes all the ‘new ways,’ and the older folks are bombarded with the new ideas until they themselves crack or are deemed outdated. Fascism and anti establishment are de rigueur for today’s youth. Its very sad.

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