On Friday November 20, 2015 . . . a GREAT INJUSTICE ended, only to be replaced with another GREAT INJUSTICE.

After 30-GRUELING YEARS of imprisonment, American/Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard was finally released from one incarceration for another, that is no less debilitating, and in some ways perhaps even more so.

In a very brief synopsis . . . 30-Years ago, Jonathan Pollard was arrested, tried, and convicted for spying on the USA for Israel, while Pollard worked as a civilian analyst for the US Navy.

IN A NUTSHELL . . . even though Israel and the USA had – and still have multiple agreements, which cover the exchange of sensitive information, Pollard provided Israel with crucial information which the Americans held back.

IN A PLEA BARGAIN DEAL . . . that guaranteed Pollard a reduced sentence, he confessed to his crime, avoiding a long and protracted trial that would have embarrassed Israel and the United States . . . BUT POLLARD GOT SCREWED.

Part of the Plea Bargain, included an agreement that forbade Pollard from going public, especially to the media with any information (whatsoever) that dealt with the charges. So, when a young, up-and-coming Journalist came to visit Pollard in the MAXIMUM SECURITY prison where Pollard was held, who had the blessing of the Prison (and unnamed high level politicians) to interview Pollard, the DEAL WAS BLOWN, and Pollard went straight from HOPE . . . TO A LIFETIME OF DESPAIR.


At the time, Blitzer worked for the Jerusalem Post, but was carried in other papers, one of which was the Washington Post, where Blitzer’s article was published with the following headline:

“Pollard: Not A Bumbler, but Israel’s Master Spy” . . . published February 15, 1987, which sealed the deal against Pollard.


1 – The Government Bureaucrat who went after Pollard with a messianic zealousness was Secretary of  Defense under Ronald Reagan – Caspar Weinberger, who was as anti-Israel as one could imagine, who in my opinion crossed the line to ANTI-SEMITISM.

2 – Weinberger . . . with the article from Wolf Blitzer, and what has been proven to be fictitious testimony concocted by himself . . . made certain to put Pollard so far down a dark prison hole, that Pollard would never see daylight again.

AND JUST AS AN ASIDE . . . Weinberger was such a CREEP, that it took a special PARDON from George HW Bush (the senior), from being TRIED for amongst other things, LYING TO CONGRESS over his senior role in the IRAN/CONTRA AFFAIR.

Only by the grace of Weinberger’s Political Position and Bush Senior, Weinberger walked. But it should have been Weinberger who rotted behind bars for the last 30-years, and not Pollard.

3 – In spite of THOUSANDS of requests for Pollard’s early release, including from Members of the House, Senators, and even James Woolsey, the former Director of the CIA . . . all requests fell on deaf ears.

4 – But, when it came to Moslem MURDERERS, with no shortage of American Blood dripping from their hands, who are held at GITMO, not only do they rate white-glove-treatment, but FIVE of the worst or the worst were recently released in exchange for the freedom of Bowe Bergdahl, of an American Deserter and Traitor.

5 – With the release of Pollard, the conditions are DRACONIAN, forcing him to NOT leave the USA for FIVE Years, and to report to his Parole Officer for one year, and to GIVE NO INTERVIEWS, PROVIDE NO COMMENTS, AND MAKE NO DECLARATIONS ON-LINE.

MORE THAN THAT . . . In addition to Pollard’s travel restrictions, he is also restricted on how he could use computers, which also apply to his wife, and anyone who decides to hire him, who would also be FORCED to provide his or her computers to the “authorities” for inspection.

6 – To put this into proper perspective . . . NO ONE has ever been treated with such disdain for spying for a friendly nation in the history of the United States of America.

And to the very best of my knowledge, from everywhere I could research, NO ONE was ever held to such a draconian list of Parole conditions. Simply stated, the way Pollard is being treated by the government of the United States of America . . . is simply UN-AMERICAN!


There is no question in my mind . . . that Jonathan Pollard was RAILROADED by a hateful Caspar Weinberger, and the people who had reason to NEED Pollard silenced.


Was Pollard a spy? Yes. Did he deserve to be arrested, tried and convicted? Yes. Did the USA cheat Israel by holding back vital information? Yes. So what did Pollard discover that has so many Americans still terrified to see the light of day, to cause such a continuing Draconian punishment?

And . . .Who gave Blitzer ACCESS to Pollard who was languishing in Maximum Security Detention? And why Blitzer – AND NO ONE ELSE?

Even today . . . more than 30-years after the event, I am quite convinced that there are former American leaders, who until they are dead and their legacies are sealed, are terrified of the truth that Pollard could divulge, and that’s why they want to keep Pollard SILENCED, and in the USA, to protect their deceit.

FOR WOLF BLITZER . . . I see him as nothing more or less than a post war KAPO. He and CNN are a perfect fit.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Everybody I know thinks as you do. Sadly, you’re pissin’ into a headwind. The pendulum will swing back when

    “The tree of liberty (must be) IS refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson …

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

  2. We will hope when Donald trump is elected this will all change for this man that was treated so unfairly Thank God for men like you

  3. WOW! What a story! WHO, SPECIFICALLY, RELEASED POLLARD? Considering the present ISIS and Israel situations, could it be that his “spy techniques” are most needed in these crucial times–and that he was released for that purpose? No doubt, such releases have been done many times before! Am I being suspicious…yes, l am and with very good reasons. Beware…he could STILL divulge the TRUTH…later! Maybe, like Hillary, he’ll probably have his own “server” too??? Anything’s possible! AMEN!

  4. I hope that the worm has turned & that Israel is not confiding anything to the U.S.A. considereng who the C. in C. is

  5. Howard, that was excellent explanation, short and to the point. We all know that the Americans spy on Israel as well. Home come Israel did not arrest any American spy so that they could initiate a swap? Something is screwy here.
    Keep up the good work.
    God Bless
    Steve Acre, Montreal, Canada

  6. On thing that really bothers me — WHY was Blizter allowed into Maximum Security???!!! NO one should have been allowed, including the President. This puts Blizter in the same catagory as Bob Woodward, on the Watergate Scandal. Sorry, but, I have always felt that there was a double standard, in that story. What ever the Dems do is perfectly okay, but, not the Republicans. The only thing about Watergate, is that it really showed what Nixon was like, smart but devious.

  7. waitaminute!!! he spent 30 years of his 30 year sentence in federal custody?? WHY is he on parole?? he served out his full sentence. he should be free, not paroled….

  8. I have never understood why Pollard is still in prison year after year. I do understand why Obama didn’t free him, since Obama hates Jews, thanks to his Muslim upbringing. But why didn’t one of the earlier presidents free him? He should never have been incarcerated and certainly not for so long. Especially for being framed by Wolf Blitzer, who was seeking fame and fortune for himself.

  9. his incarceration was noting but cruel and vindictive. Despite its desire to portray itself as the greatest justice system on the global stage, there are many occasions where the justice system has been nothing more than a 3rd world kangaroo court, this is one of them.

  10. Considering how other caught modern spies have been treated, this is far beyond the treatment given. Many USSR spies were caught, held for a few years, and then traded off, and that was from an enemy state. Pollard gave information that the US, by agreement, was to provide Israel, so what was the big deal? I can only imagine the furry of any US administration if a US spy was caught and sentenced this way by Israel.

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