It’s Time To Separate The Wheat From The Chaff

“Either you are with us . . . or you're with the TERRORISTS”.

As hard as Jeb Bush tries to be significant in this Nomination Campaign, HE JUST DOESN’T GET IT.

In one of Bush’s most recent speeches since the Moslem attack on Paris, it was filled with ideas and suggestions for how to deal with the Islamist threat to our Secular Societies.

BUT AMONGST THE PLETHORA OF HIS WORDS . . . all I came away with from Bush’s speech – was how Bush would lead the world by forming a COALITION to take on the Islamists. BUT THAT’S NOT HOW A LEADER LEADS – Certainly not an American leader.

Even George W Bush, who was hardly a great American President, showed leadership when he said from the site of 9/11, while the embers were still warm . . .

“I can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”

On September 20, 2001 . . . George W Bush made it clear in his Statement to the world, in a speech to a Joint Session of Congress . . .

“Either you are with us . . . or you’re with the TERRORISTS”.

REAL LEADERS LEAD . . . they don’t wait to see how the winds blow, before taking action, much less than waiting for the rest of the world to give them approbation.


And what would Jeb Bush do if the rest of the world gave him the SHORT-SHRIFT, after politely asking with cap-in-hand for the world to help him form a coalition, leaving him and America to hold the BAG all by themselves?


The reason why Trump is resonating so well with the American People, and not just with Republicans, is that he really says what he thinks, and REFUSES to place the future of his country at the whim of the United Nations or anyone else.

HE LEADS . . . and never suggests that America’s future and the FREEDOMS America stands for, should be decided by anyone but Americans.


Not only is Trump telling all Americans what they can expect if he becomes the President of the USA, he is putting the entire world on NOTICE – that if he wins the Oval Office . . . America will be coming back with a vengeance, and the rest of the world better play nice or find another game.

That says an awful lot about why people support Trump, and as hard as it is for me to support him with enthusiasm, HE MAKES A VERY COMPELLING CASE FOR HIS NOMINATION.

And as the Nomination Campaign Continues, and we see and hear MORE from all the Candidates, our preferences change as well, as we VET the people we want, and the people we do not want.


CRUZ . . . is a Patriot, a man of Integrity, a man of Courage, and a true Constitutionalist who can verbalize the greatness of America better than anyone else. He is also not a man frightened to say what he thinks, like it or not.

TRUMP . . . Bombastic, In Your Face, a Narcissist, and a man who also says what he thinks, but says far too much for his own good. But as it stands – Trump has earned his place in the POLLS.

RUBIO . . . Smart, Articulate . . . But too cool for school. That said; I would support him as my third choice.


Ben Carson is a nice guy with great intentions, but he’s far too low key, too slow to respond on his feet, and far too much all-over-the board, which has nothing to do with how the media has attacked him.

Carly Fiorina is my biggest disappointment. It seems to me, that as smart as she really is, she is too contrived, too glib, and lacking in real sincerity.

Jeb Bush is learning that there are no presumptive Presidents, regardless of family connections. He seems to be a decent man who would make a great policy wonk in some one else’s Cabinet. But, if he won the nomination, I assume he would be an adequate President when America needs a BARN BURNER.

John Kasich is a great Liberal with some Conservative leanings.

Chris Christie belongs on the Jersey Shore.

And then there are the other players making noise, all of whom bring something to the table, but not nearly enough to give them a second look.

PS . . . As America, with a population of well more than 300-Million, is tearing itself apart about bringing in 10,000-Syrian Immigrants over a period of time, because of a lack of proper screening, while Canada, because of the recently elected Quebec Dilettante Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) is RUSHING to bring into Canada, with a population of slightly more than just 30-Million people . . . 25,000-THOUSAND UN-VETTED Moslem SYRIANS, (that’s even if they are even Syrians) within the next SIX WEEKS.


AND WHAT WAS JUST MADE PUBLIC . . . the bulk of these 25-THOUSAND Moslem Syrians will be accommodated in Cornwall Ontario, situated less than 5-MINUTES from the USA, literally a 5-Minute Motorboat Ride across the narrows of the St Lawrence River, that divides Canada and the USA.


Between Canada and the USA, across from Cornwall Ontario and the USA, is a huge Network of Mohawk Reservations, where there is no distinction amongst the Natives between borders, which makes a great deal of money on Gambling, Illegal Cigarettes, Illegal Liquor, AND SMUGGLING OF ALL KINDS.

I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT . . . because that’s near where Anne and I have lived for many years, that the River Highway between our two countries has no bounds, and the Natives have literally no restrictions on their travels throughout their Reservations, and between the borders.

I think because of our newly elected Dilettante Prime Minister . . . America better start worrying as much about her Northern Border with Canada, as much as America worries about the Southern Border with Mexico.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If only some of the journalists had been armed under “concealed carry” rules…

  2. For better or worse a leader is someone people will follow. Ask yourself who are you prepared to follow?

  3. My understanding of the refugees to be admitted is that they come from refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan where there has been some preliminary prescreening. However, this “feel good” refugee policy is a scam. While they may be very unfortunate, they are safe.

    Why are we not doing something for our Canadian refugees–our aboriginal people? If not them, then why not real refugees–people facing genicide like Yazidis, Christians and Jews?

  4. I almost agree with you on cruz and trump. I haven’t seen anything in cruz that says he’ll be as dynamic as trump. I have the feeling that trump is the one who will really rebuild our sagging reputation and bring back the usa as a power in the world, for better or worse.

  5. Trump, with Carson for Veep. I like what Carson has to say…he just takes too damned long to get the words out of his mouth! But when they finally find their way to the listener’s ear, they’re just what the doctor ordered.

  6. Just a short while ago I was perturbed at Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, for suggesting, off handedly, that he would erect a fence on the border between Canada and the US. His proposal really was silly at the time, unresearched, and mainly intended to strengthen a weak campaign. If he had waited just a few more weeks, his proposal would have had considerable merit, as Canada’s new and delusional prime minister, is about to import 25,000, almost unvetted, migrants from the Middle East.

  7. Well I live in Cornwall , within 500 yards of Nav Can where the refugees will be housed , within 1 mile of a converted sanitarium now an Islamic Institute and within 2 miles of the Mohawk Express. My province alone is accepting 10,000 of the FIRST 25, 000 wave .Mis-management at it’s best ? or something more sinister ? Unfortunately I’m White , Uni-lingual, Christian, Straight ,Tax Payer ,Gun Owner, Old Guy = UN-IMPORTANT in the new world order ! I’ve omitted my real feelings re our new PM …

  8. I’m so sick of Obama and his attempts to turn us into a 3rd world country that Trump is looking better by the day! Yeah it bothers me re his cheap shots about his competition, but Trump’s ego will demand that he will do what he says he is going to do and its time for a proven leader to lead us out of this Road to Perdition!

  9. Big change in the kind of immigrant we have been happy to welcome to our ‘team’ in Canada in the past from those we are talking about today. People used to arrive with a great deal of RESPECT and appreciation for our country and our laws and traditions based on generations of experience and hard work by our forefathers. They were eager to assimilate. The EU-Scandinavian experiences should teach us. If I were the USA I’d lock down the Cadn border now and make it very difficult for all to enter

  10. Trump is my choice for Prez. Cruz hopefully VP. true Rubio is smart, but i don’t like his missing 36 important votes by not showing up. Shows me a irresponsible nature. But I agree very smart. Fiorina we differ, she is smart, speaks her mind, and stays on track, not wishy, washy, hasn’t had a chance to prove herself, as she is not picked to speak often enough. She belongs in the new Cabinet. Carson, Surgeon General.

  11. Howard, thanks for your revised candidate list, however it is Trump or Carson…that’s it! Marco Rubio is Jeb Bush with a personality. Ted Cruz makes a great Attorney General, but for president it is Trump or Carson, and I guarantee you Carson would be elected, and Trump has a chance.

  12. I, too, wince at some of Mr. Trump’s comments, but I expect that with Mr. Trump as president, our country’s enemies would wince a lot more. Trump indeed may be a narcissist, but that will drive him to make good on his promises. I believe he has the business experience and personal style to tolerate no obstructionism from his cabinet or federal department heads. He will certainly be the dynamic, America First leader we have been hoping for.

  13. Oh, I like Carson, but, I do agree with you. Many say he would make a good Surgeon General, I disagree. He is waaayyyy smarter than that. He needs to be in the Cabinet, where he can talk in the President’s ear. Surgeon Generals, are never close to the President’s ear. I do like Cruz & Rubio, both can think on their feet & are knowledgeable. It is still, 3 1/2 months before, my Primary, when I push that button. So, I listen and read.

  14. It would be nice if our new elected prime minister would spend the 1.4 billion on our own people, veterans, homeless, disabled, seniors etc….instead of people we have nothing in common with.

  15. In 1975 you could buy a ticket at Edmonton’s downtown airport , turn around and walk 30 steps directly onto the PWA Airbus to Calgary. “THAT” – was freedom. Today’s Nightmare on Airport Street is freedom lost. Leadership , elected thanks to left leaning media, are consistently eroding our residual freedoms. Thanks Howard, for not being part of that media.

  16. Trump is a blowhard egomaniac who will surely make the USA great again, a great pain in the butt. His arrogance is dangerous to the whole planet not just Islamic extremists. Ben Carson is the quiet man with the big stick.

  17. Teddy Roosevelt advised people to “speak softly and carry a big stick.” As Fred Simmick says, that man is Dr. Ben Carson. My second pick would be Ted Cruz. As to the rest of the field, Trump perhaps could be on the cabinet if he would accept such a post, but the egotist in him, and the narcissist that you see so clearly, will never accept a secondary post.

  18. I still maintain that the only one with the berries to do what needs to be done in the USA is Trump — yes, he may be a bit rough, but it’s going to take a bit of “rough” to turn that floundering ship around and kick a bunch of liberals to the curb.
    Play-time is over — it’s time for some serious ACTION on the world stage! And when Trump boots the Useless Nations to the curb, he will be my hero!
    And re Ralph Glorioso’s post — I agree 100% — right on the money !

  19. Howard, I would feel great with a Trump–Cruz, ticket . And would quickly vote for a Cruz–Trump ticket. The rest of the Candidates are simple minded players. There would be no change from status quote with any of them. Donald Trump is my choice by far. I don’t have to like his mannerisms. It is his tenacity that is important. For it is the absolute we must have to return to our prior greatness. Nothing but in their face will defeat the Liberals. Donald Trump is the proven “LEADER” we must have

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