It’s Always Been A One Way Street – AND IT WILL NEVER CHANGE


The French Tricolor is visible everywhere, on American/Canadian Highways, back roads, buildings, sporting events . . . and is flown in cities throughout North America at half-mast.

PEOPLE AT BARS, LIQUOR AND WINE STORES are buying French Wines and Liqueurs, to show their solidarity with France and the French People, who were the VICTIMS of Islamists.


IT’S ENOUGH ALREADY . . . What happened in France was dreadful, and indeed a crime against humanity – BUT WHO INVITED MORE THAN 6-MILLION Moslems to come to its country?

France has whole SHARIA Communities in and outside of Paris . . . and Marseille, which is at least 40% Moslem and growing – is nothing less than Little Islam, where NON-COMPLIANT Infidels are unwelcome, and the French Gendarmerie fear to tread?

If you were to repeatedly place a Live Round into the cylinder of a revolver, spin the cylinder, put the gun to your head and pull the trigger, and eventually have it go off . . . how much sympathy should you receive?

WELL . . . THAT’S WHAT FRANCE HAS DONE – and continues to do, as it announces even MORE Moslem Immigration.


France . . . which has become a HOLIER-THAN-THOU country, and self appointed conscience of the world, was at war for hundreds of years as it conquered territory worldwide, and ruled it’s colonies across the Globe.


TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE . . . America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have never colonized anyone. BUT ALSO – TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE . . . All of these countries have cemeteries all over the world, where their great and brave Patriots, men and women, young and old between them, GAVE IT THEIR ALL FOR THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS.

In 1914 to 1918 . . . America, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand saved the Uppity French from German Conquest.

In 1938 to 1945 . . . American, Canadian, British, Australian, KIWIS and the Jewish Brigade saved the French, HALF OF WHOM SIDED WITH THE NAZIS, from living under the Swastika.

THE FIRST EXPERIMENTAL NAZI DEATH CAMP . . . was set-up in Vichy France, with the compliance of the French.

And when the French speak of LA GLOIRE, in reference to their military greatness, just remember that the VICHY Government was all about helping the Nazis, while French Freedom Fighters were being murdered by their own, and French soldiers fought alongside the Nazis on the Eastern Front.

AND WHEN IT CAME TO EXTERMINATING JEWS . . . and sending them off to Death Camps, the French took a backseat to no one.


The Nascent State of Israel paid good money to buy French Mirage Fighter Jets . . . but once the Israelis used those Fighter Jets to beat the crap out of the combined Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian Air forces in the 6-Day War, the French decided NOT to sell future Jets to Israel, or to sell the Israelis parts to service the ones they already sold.

And also just after the 6-Day War, Israel bought and paid for 5-French Gunboats, yet, when it came time for delivery, the French kept the money and wouldn’t release the boats.

AND WHICH COUNTRY IS IN THE LEAD OF BDS . . . the titular BOYCOTT of products made in Israel, made where the Anti-Semites don’t approve, which is led at the forefront with PRIDE by the French.

IN THE PAST 24-HOURS . . . 5-Israeli Jews, including one American, were murdered for being Jewish in Israel. But, in the last few months, HUNDREDS of Jews have been targeted in Israel for death at the hands of Islamists; many of those Jews were murdered, wounded, or maimed.

PERHAPS I MISSED IT . . . But I don’t see STAR OF DAVID FLAGS being flown throughout Canada and the USA, and certainly not at half-mast, as we see the flying of the Tricolor. And I haven’t heard the playing of Hatikva (The Hope), Israel’s National Anthem, as we have heard the playing of the Marseillaise, the French National Anthem, played throughout Europe and North America in respect for Frances’ loss.


BUT WHAT WE WILL HEAR AND SEE . . . will be continuing calls and threats from Europe, Canadian Universities, the Canadian Government now that a Liberal Dilettante has been elected Prime Minister, and more from American Universities with the Obama White House and State Department ordering Israel to make yet according to them even MORE PAINFUL, yet necessary accommodations to Moslem Arab demands, by surrendering even more Israeli Territory . . . including Jerusalem.

SO UNTIL I SEE AND HEAR . . . some evenhandedness from France and the Rest of Europe at how Jews in Israel are walking-targets, and that JEWISH ISRAELI BLOOD MATTERS AS MUCH AS FRENCH BLOOD, I will continue to have sympathy for the French who were killed, wounded and traumatized on Friday 13, 2015 . . . BUT PLEASE STOP CRYING ME A RIVER.

AND BY THE WAY . . . The Second World War for France ended in 1945 with the Liberation of Paris, and if the English Speaking Allies are waiting for a thank you from the French for their Liberation . . . they can wait till the cows come home.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The word France and French means “free”. They are not free any more but dupes and enslaved by fear and the Moslems. They could not stand against Nazi tyranny nor can they stand against Islamic tyranny. A storm of darkness is gathering quickly and I appreciate your beacon of light, trying to guide us as a light house to safe shores.

  2. Right on target Howard!
    There’s an excellent recounting of how Israel got the 5 gunboats. If I can find it with a Google Search I’ll send it to you.
    All Best Regards!
    Jeff Grimord

  3. My Nana had a saying that would fit what happend in France ” If you sleep with dogs dont be surprised if you get fleas ”

  4. It wasn’t too many years ago that something the french did insulted the Americans so much that restaurants were renaming french fries to freedom fries. How quickly we forget..

  5. I visited France in the early ’90s. Going into a market buying some snacks and paying for them, the clerk would barely look me in the eyes while the transaction was going on. The US, Canadians, AnZak, and the Brits all Bailed France out of two wars. They do not appreciate us.

  6. Also French by birth, I could not agree more with your thorough review of everything that makes France detestable, and I do detest my native country. I still remember the “Yankees, Go Home” scribbled everywhere in Paris, after France had been saved from annexation to the Axis powers in two world wars. Stalin was the French’s hero, so much so that her (socialist) government put in place economic Five Year Plans similar to the Soviets’s. Too bad Canada just elected honorary French Baby Trudeau…

  7. Paraphrasing the saying, mid 40’s: “French army rifle for sale. Never fired. Dropped once.”

  8. Like Zizka, above, I started out in France but was fortunate enough to have left with my parents just before torpedoing of non-military ships began. Your bang on Howard with respect to the over whelming conceit of the French – the astounding rudeness of Parisians, and don’t forget the frequently repeated military observations about French tanks as being “the only military vehicle with 5 speeds in reverse!”
    Tom Childs
    Cape Breton

  9. Totally agree with you again Howard. France invited their own trouble. Our incompetent Prime Minister JT is bound and bent on destroying this country as well by inviting 25,000 Muslims in the next six weeks, against all the expert advice.
    I am so saddened by it all.
    I can hardly find the words.

  10. Right on Howard, the Frogs are getting to take care of what everyone else has been doing for them for years.
    It is about time time, they opened up their liberal country to this trash and they deserve the end result.

  11. I had clients that were French and ALL my chauffeurs HATED them. They smoked constantly and were very put upon when told they could not smoke in the car. I gave them my best chauffeur. and not knowing she spoke fluent French, they dissed her terribly to the point where she forced them to get out of the car and emptied the trunk of their luggage while yelling at them in perfect French. I can’t imagine what they said and I lost them as clients when I refused to fire her but I never regretted it.

  12. The reason why they fly French flags (in Quebec at least) is because the French are our blood relatives and Israelis aren’t. The Israelis are foreign to us just as much as Turks are, but all native Europeans are descended from the same 9 women. From the British isles to all of continental Europe extended to Russia we are all very closely relate (including Hungarians).
    We naturally are drawn to our own people more and are not as concerned with non-Europeans. We do sympathies though.

  13. Following their defeat in Vietnam at Din Bin Fu in 1955, France was so Communist-socialist leaning & resentful of the West that France formally pulled out of NATO, remaining in NATO only in an observer (spy) status. NOW Hollande wants to invoke Art. 5 of the NATO Alliance to come to their aid! When I would exchange intelligence with our NATO allies, France forwarded our classified intelligence to the USSR. France has never been a friend of Western allies. Putin is his ally & future world leader.

  14. Aren’t we about to do the same in Canada with Justin Trudeau?

    As far as calling up names on the french, you know my stand on this. However, when I see CBC giving all this tribune to the Moslem organization of this country called Canada, I can see the huge difference between giving out the slurs to specific branches of our society and spitting on them and killing them with guns and bombs.

    Although, hate starts usually with slurs and sometimes end up pretty badly.


  15. France loves to talk about their Revolution and freedom. Well, I am here to say, the American Patriots did revolt against England, but, we did NOT guillotine or murdered King George or any royal family member and fought honorably. Were the French people treated with dignity, by their royalty? No, but, neither were the English or the American Colonists. It truly seems, as though, “What goes around, comes around to hit you in the arse!”, for France. Can’t feel sorry, for France, just the victims.

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