Yesterday (November 16th), I wrote that WORDS MATTER, which invited a great deal of response in the COMMENTS section of this BLOG, and in the personal EMAILS I receive.


1 – Thank you for your comments. Most of which are very good. And I read them all.

2 – NO LINKS with your comments. If you add a link to your comment . . . at the least, your link and/or comment will be removed. And if it happens twice, your email address will be BLOCKED from the Directory.

3 – BECAUSE WORDS MATTER . . . please choose your words carefully within your comments. In the past week, I’ve removed several comments because of racist innuendos, a call to violence against Moslems and their Mosques, and language that is unbecoming.

But more than just removing the comments . . . I’ve also permanently BLOCKED several email addresses from the Directory for the reasons mentioned above.

4 – And don’t use this comment section as a vehicle to promote a LEFTIST Agenda, or disseminate PROPAGANDA and/or HALF-TRUTHS. I won’t have it, since there are no shortage of mainstream propaganda vehicles in print, blogs, television, and radio, which do just that.


GALGANOV.COM IS A CONSERVATIVE WEB SITE, written for Conservatives, and people who are rethinking their LEFTIST VALUES, who might be reconsidering the LEFTIST sickness that is destroying the society that was in the words of Ronald Reagan . . . THAT SHINING CITY UPON A HILL.


I get plenty of demeaning emails . . . many of them vulgar, some of them threatening, and some that try to hack into this Web Site, which tells me that whatever I write, and the comments that come in . . . that they are touching raw LEFTIST nerves – because . . . WORDS DO MATTER . . . and that is as good as it gets.

ALSO . . . Thank you to the people, who have already sent their support for this BLOG, and the things that I want to make happen.

It was pointed out to me yesterday in one of the comments, that I didn’t activate the LINK to the SUPPORT GALGANOV section of the Web Site, for which I apologize. SO HERE’S THE LINK . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE for information on how to support, if you didn’t already support, but would like to.


The following isn’t Rocket Science . . . NOR IS IT EMBELLISHED. These are just a few of the “truths” upon which the LEFT is pushing their Global Agenda. And if these examples don’t terrify people who want FREEDOM . . . NOTHING WILL.

1 – ISIS is on the run.

2 – Islam is a religion of peace.

3 – We will fully VET all the Syrian Refugees.

4 – The TERRORISTS are cowards.

5 – Global Warming is the biggest threat we face today.

6 – We need MORE Taxes.

7 – Black Lives Matter.

8 – White Privilege.

9 – We need MORE rules and REGULATIONS.

10 – FREE TUITION for everyone.

11 – Guns Kill.

12 – There’s too much FREE SPEECH.


14 – The Republicans have no policies.

15 – The NSA, IRS and Justice Department are not breaking the law.

16 – Hillary Clinton doesn’t tell the truth. No one really knows what happened in Benghazi. She used illegal emails while Secretary of State. She sold-out American VALUES and GOD only knows what else for huge amounts of money, which she, Bill, and Chelsea plowed into their Foundation from very bad International Actors. But she’ll make a great President.

The preceding 16-Points barely touch the tip of the LEFTIST Iceberg of LIES, so if people think that words don’t matter . . . THEY SHOULD THINK AGAIN.

And when I wrote yesterday, that we are fighting TWO WARS, it was not just an off-the-cuff casual statement. IT WAS AS SERIOUS AS IT GETS, because the enemies from without are people we can deal with . . . while the enemies from within are those that will need a REVOLUTION.


Are we prepared in our respective countries to use every LEGAL tool we have in order to resist, and if necessary replace our government(s)? And if that fails, are we prepared to follow the words of Thomas Jefferson’s TREE OF LIBERTY to do what must be done?


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath. (Godfrey of Ibelin to his son Balian. Liam Neeson, Orlando Bloom, Kingdom of Heaven, 2005)

  2. An exceptional column and a good reminder and/or wake up call for what we all need to do to stay safe.

    Keep up your good work!

    Kindest regards

    Solette N. Gelberg
    King City, Ontario

  3. Wondering if you saw the “Opinion” article pubished in this last issue of Newsweek Magazine. Amazing…why weren’t they spouting off like this when Obama was running for President in 2008. Another example of “too little – too late”.

    Did you see Ann Coulter’s comment last Friday when she remarked upon learning of the attacks in Paris that ISIS just elected Donald Trump today”? My guess (and hope) is that she’s right.

  4. I agree with you. I will be short. Yes, I think ISIS may have elected TRUMP and I pray to GOD this is so.

  5. Why the French airpower in Syria? The attack came from within, so lets cleanse the within. House to house, round up and review all MUSlUMS, those that are peaceful, welcome, the others, on a jet to wherever. The are suppose to be 8% of the population, so should be easy. I just watched an “Allah” bowing in streets in Paris that they closed off? Get a hold of things or disaster will repeat.

  6. As always yo are “spot on”. At 71, I am “unemployed” (mostly because of my age and no real recourse), I am No where near retiring, NOR DO I WANT TO RETIRE!
    What part of experiance do you not understand,….stupid?
    Work is honorable, and as long as you can do it, you live. I’ve seen too many people retire, cash their penson checks, and die.
    Work is both honorable and sustainable for all humans! “retirement” is ‘sanctioned euthanasia’.
    “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  7. I blog, have blocked many for the same reasons as you. No cursing allowed, no defamation of anyone, Muslims I prefer not even referring too. I concentrate on the candidates and the election. I have come across all kinds prefer the journalists, Fox and the WSJ and so many pundits and candidates. Must say I have been following you for years now, and have never come across brilliance like Howard, Insight and professionalism. No one can come close to you in these areas!

  8. Howard….as usual….very well articulated. Thank you for your hard work and endurance. Please keep up the good work. I think it’s going to take more than the ‘2nd coming’ to straighten out the ‘human condition’ on this poor planet!!!

  9. I so appreciate your commentaries & speaking truth in an age that where many want to turn the other way. Thank you for standing on truth & having the courage to stand up for godly principles. Keep doing what you are doing! It is appreciated more than you will ever know.

    Chris Hilton, Saint Petersburg, Florida

  10. PRIVATE Comment – Howard, I DID NOT intend the Jack Nicholson quite remarkably wonderful comment to be published, I just thought you – might – be touched by its unmistakable accuracy. As a former Marine over 5 decades ago I frankly agree with every nuance and descriptive adjective.
    I also appreciate and support your positions in your formal column. Cape Breton NS
    Tom Childs

  11. Point no. 4 is correct. They are cowards. Take a look at 95% of the so-called refugees. They refuse to fight for their own country and expect others to do it for them. They hide behind women, children, schools, etc. to attack people and attack their own that can’t defend themselves. They go after unarmed people who are enjoying themselves. They refuse to look in the mirror and admit the problems they are having are mostly of their own doing.

  12. Howard-here’s #17–“You’re a RACIST.” When the LEFT GROUPS can’t defend themselves against the TRUTH, they revert to RACISM and attack the MESSENGER [ad hominem] vs. the MESSAGE. Re: your #7–Considering the PARIS situation, it’s NOT only “Black lives that matter”…it’s “ALL lives matter”! We must also remember that Barack HUSSEIN Obama THRIVES on CRISES! Rham Emmanuel taught him well. TRUMP is looking better and better every day, and yes, ISIS has helped him more than they ever realized! AMEN!

  13. Howard, I am confused by the label of Racist comments against Moslems. Moslem or Muslim is not a race. Although the majority of the believers are Arabic . There are also Christian Arabs, As well there are many other races involved in their religious practices. And I want to know if you stand against the Beliefs of Jihad, and the murdering of infidels that this Religion specifically teaches. The people can be delivered from these teachings. But the Teachings must be clearly defined and condemned.

  14. One possibly unexpected side effect from these responses: They allow us all to see that Canadians and Americans have very common ground in our conservative patriotism. It is an honor to participate in something so important with our Canadian neighbors and friends. Thank you all for writing.


  15. As our Canadian federal election of a month ago so clearly proved, the largest challenge to success for candidates of the right comes from the ubiquitous and insidious ‘third-party’ now commonly and best known as the Media Party. It’s very easy to debate leftist points of view, but the media lack scruples and will stop at nothing to see talented, devoted politicians of the right lose to the lying dimwits that represent the left. I find myself, however, in a constant quandary as to ‘why’.

  16. Well said, Joel Goldman. You just brought up the actual point. Your perception is clear and your words hit the nail on the head.

  17. What really scares me, is by the USA accepting X amount of supposed refugees – This will lead to a Marshall Law being invoked, before the Nov. 2016 Elections!!! Thank goodness, 24 of our Governors have closed their States, in accepting any of them. I live in one of those states and know that we already have enough Moslem immigrants here, already. No, they do NOT assimilate into the USA culture or society. I only see them, in the grocery stores. I do mean, Moslems. They don’t even vote.

  18. Have been reading your blog for 2 years.
    You haven’t said anything that I do not believe as the truth and my own feelings.
    My grand father showed me in the Bible that God would not allow Isreal to fall .
    Keep up the good work and I will be behind you.
    Have a good southern trip.

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