Cry Havoc . . . And Unleash The Dogs Of War



I could be writing about how we should be mourning the loss of Life in Paris. How we should be visiting French Embassies and Consulates to lay flowers, notes and Teddy Bears in a show of solidarity . . . OR WE CAN FACE THE TRUTH.

France . . . as is with the rest of Europe, in their self-styled declaration of LIBERALISM welcomed Islamic MURDERERS into its home. WHAT FOOLS!

France . . . as is with the rest of Europe, just this week, passed with pride, the EU Proclamation to mark and BOYCOTT Israeli Products made in what they arrogantly call OCCUPIED Territories, including Jerusalem, to mollify murderers of Jews. WHAT FOOLS!

Europe opened its doors to defilers of Freedom and Democracy . . . to haters of Jews and Christians . . . to men with neither heart nor conscience, whose only care is to murder, plunder, and rape all who are not like them in the name of Allah.


Literally . . . every war and genocide around the world, is perpetrated in the name of ALLAH. Maybe the time has come for us to place LEFTISTS and BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS in a box, so we can do what must be done, and declare a vicious war on those who long ago declared a vicious war on us.


I know . . . the LEFT and the Liberal Media will say that now is NOT the time to point fingers inward. Now is NOT the time to criticize the victim. Because now is the time to circle the wagons, and make strong speeches, pump our fists into the air, sing our national anthems, and feign our anger and indignation, which is something our leaders and the LEFT are really good at.

BUT THERE IS NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW . . . to hold the IDIOT politicians and LEFTISTS accountable for welcoming hatred into our homes – and for treating Israel as if Israel is an EVIL NATION, just to curry favor with Arabs and other assorted MOSLEMS who are determined to murder us all unless be bend a knee to Islam.

NOW IS THE TIME . . . to rally the troops, to deal with Islamists as the ENEMY to the FREE WORLD that it really is. And to stop making excuses, and prepare for a WAR that is long overdue.

AND NOT JUST FIGHT TO MAKE A POINT . . . because we better decimate our Islamist enemies before they decimate us – to lay waste to their cities and fill their cemeteries, regardless of the cost. And if our leaders won’t do it . . . it’s time to elect or replace those leaders with men and women who will.


As hard as it was to watch and imagine the fear and pain the victims of this attack experienced, KNOW THIS . . . it didn’t happen in a vacuum – IT HAPPENED BECAUSE EUROPE INVITED THIS HORROR UPON ITSELF.

I don’t want to hear speeches. And I don’t want to hear conciliatory words from the politicians. ALL I WANT TO HEAR . . . is that our Generals are going to – in the words of French President Hollande, as the reality of the Paris attack began to hit home, to wage “A PITILESS WAR” on Islamists.


THROW THEM OUT! Put them on ships and send them to Moslem countries, Sunnis, Shiites and others alike. For those Moslems living in our communities who control NO-GO zones, THROW THEM OUT!

For those Moslems who preach and accept Sharia Law within our midst . . . THROW THEM OUT!

For Moslems who have become citizens, or are born citizens in our own countries, who don’t accept our Secular Judeo/Christian VALUES . . . THROW THEM OUT!

For LEFTIST professors and other Academics, who are apologists for Islam, DISENFRANCHISE them as enemies of the State.


We invited the Serpent into our home. And now we have one of two options. Kill the Serpent before the Serpent kills us and ours. Or surrender to the Serpent, and bow before Mohammed and Allah.


Please think about this . . . Israelis are attacked with bombs, rockets, guns, knives and cars almost every day, and there is never a word of condolence from the world.

As the attack was happening . . . Obama said, that this wasn’t an attack on France, but was an attack on the world. Then why isn’t it an attack on the world, when Israeli Jews are murdered by Moslems?


1 – America . . . Seal Your Border.

2 – Outlaw Sanctuary Cities.

3 – Deport EVERYONE who “might” be a risk and doesn’t belong.


5 – For Americans . . . NEVER SURRENDER YOUR GUNS.

6 – For Canadians . . . FIGHT FOR GUN RIGHTS.

God Bless Courage – God Bless Freedom . . . NEVER SURRENDER.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I say Bravo to you Howard Galganov! One brave man standing against this kind of repeated Islamic Evil forms a majority.

  2. If we’re going to do anything, DO IT NOW, before the politicians forget, as they’ve forgotten 9/11. 9/11 is just a weak memory except for those who suffered loss.
    Arm yourself. Carry a weapon wherever you. YOU have to protect yourself. The police just come in after the battle and write reports.
    You have to defend yourself.

  3. Agree with everything you said. France has the highest % of Muslums in Europe, they asked for what they got. Now lets see if they have a resolve or just gloss over this. England will be next. The only way to cure skin cancer is to cut it out
    the same should be done there, here and everywhere people want to live in peace.

  4. And Clarabelle Trudeau wants to bring 25,000 of them to Canada to pay off the Islamic vote that supported him

  5. All the photos, all the tears, all the prayers, all the big tough talk…all of it means NOTHING!!!!
    FRANCE and the rest of the EU have already surrendered to Islamic totalitarianism.
    Now they get what they have sowed. And when it happens again they will act so, so surprised.
    These people intend to kill them all but France (all of the EU) is not listening, not seeing.
    PREDICTION: Business as usual in one week. Nothing changes, nothing is done.
    They will never fight…NEVER!

  6. The ISIS spokesman said what you and others have been saying.
    ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in Paris as “the carrier of the banner of the Cross in Europe” “Let France and those who walk in its path know that they will remain on the top of the list of targets of the IS,” the smell of death will never leave their noses as long as they lead the convoy of the Crusader campaign.”
    The crusades were started in response to the invasion of europe by muslims, so it begins again.

  7. Obama is trying to expedite bringing in over 20,000 Muslims to go with the million or more we now have in the US. He is without a doubt supporting their effort to overthrow America. Obama wants to bring more then the 28,000 Muslims here for a reason. He stated in one of his books that he would take their side if it came down to a choice between them and us. God bless and help the world as HE in the only one that can.

  8. Bless you Howard because you tell it as it is. No one cares when Israel is attacked and has to stand up for itself. We feel very sorry for those in France but as you said “they brought it on themselves”. We must get the liberals out and get someone who cares enough about the country to protect us from those who intend to take over. It is time to THROW OUT THE POLITICIANS who just want to talk and get elected and THROW OUT THOSE WHO TO TAKE OVER AMERICA.

  9. I was in Paris in 1991, during the first Gulf War. There was already enough of them there that the tour guide warned that any encounters would not be pleasant for tourists. So, now there’s hundreds of thousands more, and a generation born there. Glad I got to visit Paris while there was still a majority of French.

  10. Despite the overwhelming evidence, the lemmings will not see the truth. Look what we have done in Canada. Both federally and in the Ontario legislature. Talk about buyers remorse. Except there is very little. Excuses are being made as I speak. I fear for my safety and that of my children and grandchildren. Satan on a roll indeed.

  11. You couldn’t have said it better. you left nothing out, Europe is going to be pounded with these attacks, as you say they asked for it. Are we asking for it absolutely, Obama wants the U.S to be a SANCTUARY COUNTRY, WELCOME THE WORLD THEN WIPE US OUT AND IT’S THEIR HOMELAND. OBAMA LETS PRISONERS OUT EARLY, DRUGGIES, FELONS, RAPISTS ALL OVER CALIF. PEOPLE WONDER WHERE HE CAME FROM NO WONDERING FOR ME PROVEN!

  12. I think Sir Winston Churchill said it best about Islam
    ”How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy”

  13. Howard: You’ve hit another grand slam. One of your best in a while. The situation globally could not be described any better than this…to include 99% of what folks have said to you already with their comments and I’m sure this editorial will generate far more than an average of positive responses to you. Outstanding passionate truths….made my day. Eternal vigilance is the price of LIBERTY….Thomas Jefferson. Now is the time to ACT! Please keep up the great works.

  14. This is just the beginning of what will happen to those of us in this United States and Canada. The Muslim populace is getting hold in just about ever state now and is just waiting opportunity to claim their bounty. We must maintain our personal arms an be prepared to “reclaim” our country. You are on target! We must secure our borders and “deport” the enemy which has infiltrated our countries. We have no choice if we are going to survive and we must get back to the basics of honoring our G

  15. Howard, your commentaries are so chronically excellent that I hesitate to nominate a “best of”, but I think I am going to do that now. Today’s column surely is one of the best and most appropriate that you ever have done. I wish every American and Canadian could read it.

  16. Dear Howard. You are the best ever! You say it the way it truly is!!! I applaud you and we should all know it’s NOW OR NEVER IF OUR COUNTRIES ARE TO SURVIVE AS WE KNEW IT. God Bless You, your family, America, Canada, & Israel. God Save Us All…

  17. This massacre is the result of gun control in France. If France had concealed carry, this never would have happened.
    I wonder how our Ostrich, Asshole, Moron, Islamic president will twist this massacre to his advantage. God have mercy
    on the innocent Muslims who do not have a clue as to what is going on. Perhaps the Left-wing Liberals can shove this incident up their combined asses. God Bless America!

  18. Search mosques for weapons, there’s precedent, Bill Clinton’s ATF attacked the Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas, because it was alleged they had firearms. SWAT officers, helicopters, and a flame throwing tank harassed American citizens for days then burned them out. They were Chrisitans of a sort, nascent and different as it was, they meant no harm to the world at large, but Obama wouldn’t allow any attack against Muslim compounds and they are a danger to the world at large.

  19. The French Goverment did the same in Wold War11. They gave in to the Nazis and even turned their Jewish neighbors over to the Gestapo.
    Since the Revolutionary War in our country it’s hard to believe how far France have fallen. We have been rescuing them ever since. Let the French fight their own battles for a change. Cruel I know but enough is enough. Protect our own countries not one of our service men’s life is worth the price to defend those do-nothing’s.

  20. This is a test and I am sure we will fail it again. Burned out muslim cinders here or there may not be such a bad thing, send them to hell where they belong, as long as they have breath they will never give up. Kinda reminds ya of progressives does it not?

  21. Sorry to have to say this, Howard, but I agree with you – France deserves this and more for being so bloody stupid!!! The other EU countries can expect the same – Europe will burn and it’s because they refuse to recognize that there is true evil in this world in the form of Islamism. Canada is going to welcome 25,000 before Christmas – more snakes in our snake pits!!! Trudeau Jr. – our pretty boy PM will complete the destruction of Canada, started by his father – P.E. Trudeau.

  22. One of the dead terrorists was a Syrian “refugee” who passed through Greece in October en route to France. That threat is beyond the comprehension of the left.

  23. Howard, question – IF the President does NOTHING, at this point, can our generals go in, advise the President that he no longer fit to serve as we are in a time of war, and have him removed? Seems a great solution, because I think that beyond Biden, Paul Ryan could then be sworn in as President interim, and HE could declare war. What do you think?

    Randi McBurney

  24. If you read Judges 1:27-2:19 you will see where Israel disobeyed God and worshiped false gods, which is what our governments are doing today by allowing the devil to send his hordes into our countries. Allowing these demonic hordes into our countries is the same as worshiping them.
    The scriptures command us to resist the devil and he shall flee from us and the muslums religion is of the devil…

    Bill Lujan, Eagle Colorado

  25. It is and has always been a religious war, just that the West is too stupid and PC to realise this. Dozens of groups all with the same cause. West just can’t add 2+2. When ISIS was a convoy of 8000, I said bomb it to pieces. But no, PC world strikes again. Airhead Trudeau wants to bring in 25K before 1 Jan, then 250K next year, and lodge them in military camps right near weapon caches. Brilliant! Governor of NY wants to bring in 1.25 million into state. Another PC genius. Canada: new gun laws!

  26. Everyone in North America should now be fully aware of what we can expect to happen here in the very near future. Terorists will now be more emboldened than ever, and considering that both the US and Canada have Muslin pandering governments, we can expect the very worst. Canada’s current leaders are especially prone to beleiving that if we are nice to these people, all their deeply ingrained hate for everything about us will quickly dissapate. This is a pure and proven fallacy!

  27. While I struggle with compassion for hurting people and the invitation of the enemy in our camp, I am all over that fact we are asking for our problems. Speeches are so futile – we must take some stands in ways that is uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing the ‘other side’ – I just ask the Almighty to give us direction and then the ability to stand!

  28. Nothing will change.I thought attitudes would change after 9/11.That unaligned people would finally realize the terror that Israelis had to live with every day and still do. Nope. Madrid. No. London. No. Ft Hood. Nope. Charlie Hebdo. No. ISIS atrocities. Nope. And nothing will change after this gutless assault on innocents in Paris. Politicians utter bromides that show them for the stupid pandering clowns they are as they champion unabated Muslim immigration leading to hateful no-go zones. When?

  29. Howard, not another word on the topic can ever be added. There are no words to express how right you are. God bless.

  30. Well Said ? Anyone Listening ? How come if we mere mortals are aware , angry , and want something done , our elected officials persist in acting otherwise ? What part of this whole process whereby elected officials follow their own whims rather than following the peoples’ will went astray ? Perhaps “we the people” should seriously take a look at what our leaders are up to and perhaps “hold” another election ?

  31. serious students of history realize the dangerous road of destruction we are cruising down
    supported whole heartedly by the liberal socialists agenda which seems to be prevalent in this country.
    Maybe the problem for Canada is, we have not been overrun and stomped under the steel boot.
    Oh yes we gave our all to the war efforts and can be very proud of our contributions
    but the bleeding hearts here seem to live in a world of fantasy. We will soon be kicked with reality.
    We are at war AGAIN,

  32. Simply said.
    Most of the adherents to Islam are potential murderers. We have lived for nearly 40 years in a region including several Islamic villages. They underlying lei motif is brutal violence. Against pets, animals, humans…
    The indoctrination that Islam uses to foment murder and mayhem is all embracing.
    Incorporating masses of that origin is simply suicidal.

  33. You could not be more right!!! I’ve been emailing and shouting from the roof tops, that we have got to face these zealots head on. We have got do this for the sake of our children, our freedom, and countries. Muslims don’t want peace, they want us dead and gone. It’s in their Koran, it’s what they believe. It’s time we say to hell with PC, let’s remove the people from our countries that do not want to assimilate and become true citizens.

  34. Either stand for one thing or fall for everything! As Horrific and Barbaric as this merciless attack was on France, at least the President of France called it what it was a “Terrorist Attack, Declared WAR & Closed the Borders”! More than I can say about our President. Yes much has been compromised, hopefully France will see the errors of it’s ways. More than I can hope for, for my Country and leaders!

  35. I was never anti-moslem but I often questioned their desire for sharia law & the burka. Today I find myself angry and question the intelligence of allowing these people into our country. I question our inability to say no to people who want to change our way of life. There is not one moslem country doing well economically in the world today. They ridicule and insult our women because of the way they dress. It’s time that these adapt to our way of life. Ray

  36. GREAT EDITORIAL! The new motto for the Moslems is THROW THEM OUT! Obama said that ISIS has been CONTAINED. Honestly, is this man from another planet? People can say what they want about TRUMP’s speech in Iowa, but he was ‘right on the money’! Although rashly at times, TRUMP speaks the TRUTH. His TONE is EXACTLY what our Country needs AT THIS TIME–as proven by the recent France tragedy . How will Obama handle THIS situation–let Valerie handle it, go golfing maybe or just plain ignore it? AMEN!

  37. Just today I read that 10,000 of these “immigrants” we’re unloaded in New Orleans, to be dispersed throughout the country. How many more are here without the general knowledge of our people?
    Great article, Mr. G. How long before we swing into action on our own, since our pitiful excuse for leadership welcomes these savages?

  38. During WW II we shipped MILLIONS of people out of the US to other countries and in just a few years we brought MILLIONS back, diminished by the several hundred thousands who gave their lives to fight “terrorism” of the Nazis, The Japanese, etc. We called these TROOP SHIPS, and Troop trains. Stop the poppycock that this is impossible, in many cases they somehow GOT HERE, illegally, at their initiative and AT OUR EXPENSE…those tracks and roads go both ways…NOW!
    Bud Farrell

  39. In spite of the tragic Paris attacks, according to CTV News, Prime Minister Trudeau stands behind his plan to withdraw from coalition fighting ISIS. I bet he’ll ultimately be forced to change his mind, which proves his lack of insight, advisors and leadership. That lacking is the best the Left represents.

  40. I would rather see all 25000 migrants that Clarabelle Trudeau wants to bring here deported back than to see even 1 Canadian die so horrifically as in Paris.

  41. Howard, you do a good job of bashing the left and rightfully so but please tells us about the conservative way of things. Conservatism is a strong force in the world but we need to know what it stands for ! Education is a key factor here in understanding the right side of things.
    Personally I was always attracted to the conservative because of the moral base that is still there !
    What say ?

  42. Its been 24 hours and France has yet to start arresting the “French” who joined ISIS and returned? France is at war said Hollande! Yep! Let’s wait until after the weekendas we do not want to disturb anyone’s weekend!

  43. Howard, you made a partial move, place LEFTISTS and BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS in a box; now, THROW THEM OUT!

  44. Our new Trudeau PM has been in power for 2 weeks & already he’s using Cdn tax monies for armed forces planes/troop ships, public airlines, & anyone else he can hi-jack into hauling 25,000 ‘refugees’ into our country. He’s rescinded Harper’s ruling that refugees shud pay their own health costs, so the financially strapped Cdn Health system now will be paying ALL health costs for those already here & those arriving shortly. Retro-active? Will our tax dollars reimburse them?

  45. to the point of it all……all the psychologists,psychiatrics,therapists,psychoanalysts
    of the world combined will not be able to treat or cure the madness of the so called” peaceful religion” of islam…..

  46. Howard, you took the words right out of my mouth. Have been saying it in every possible forum. God, I wish we had a real PM again, like PM Harper.

    Am thinking that JT and liberals have already failed Canadian’s!!! God help us all with shiny pony and his merry band of cheerleaders. It’s up to us, to fight defend and if necessary take our Country back!

  47. well said, and have been irking my fb friends who are all over with their French flags. No candle light vigils, no we shall overcome moments, no. It is time for people to learn that the leaders are at fault, they have lied, they continue to lie and ISLAM is not a religion of peace. PERIOD.
    Didn’t know about the EU vote, that will be all over my pages and twitter account. And with the gaggle of Idiots that are ruling U.S. CANADA, MEXICO right now we can only protect ourselves. THEY WON’T.

  48. A Syrian landed on Lebos, Greece, in October purporting to be a refugee. In short time between now and then made his way to Paris, the rest is history, as is he. This is the greatest opportunity to close the door to so called refugees at all points along the trek. Moreover it is time to shut the doors, do not bring 25,000 into Canada. OB said, “The Paris attack is a crime against humanity”, what a profound statement from Islams best friend, followed by “We have ISIS contained”. Qu: When & where

  49. Wrap bacon strips on every door handle of ever mosque, after a cleansing of the evil within, transform them into synagogues and churches.

  50. WOW – SPOT ON, Howard!!! I will NEVER FORGET the Holocaust or 9-11 – NEVER!!! I stand by Israel and always have. France has done it, again – Ignored what was going on around them and basically, surrendered to evil, claiming tolerance. What happens in Europe, is not my problem. I want to know what is going to happen in the USA and Canada???!!! After 9-11, France didn’t send any troops to Iraq, until very late in the game, as usual.

  51. The best we can do is keep sending letters and e-mails to our local MP’s about our dissatisfaction of their policies!

  52. France & Europe let these Muslim savages walk right in their front door, establish their own rules & set up Paris for their 9-11. They got exactly what they begged for & DESERVE so I am not remotely surprised & I’m having a hard time being sympathetic to people who got burnt playing with fire. WW3 has been raging in the Middle East for some time & Friday it came to Europe via France. It’s coming to the USA as well, make no mistake about that–they are marching in right over the Mexican border.

  53. Hurray for France. They are showing a courage to finally fight back while our wimp of a PM is likely sitting in a corner, sucking his thumb, and wishing he were back teaching drama in grade school. I’ve asked many to read the Aenid of Homer regarding the sacking of Troy. Read it, or simply refresh your memory and then tell me what is the difference between the Trojan Horse and the current “refugee” situation.

  54. My father fought in WW2 and helped clean up the concentration camps and bury the thousands of burnt bodies and such.
    He always said the politians would allow it to happen again. Now here we are welcoming 25000 refuggies {possible terrorists} with open arms and we will pay all untill we are broke and then hand Canada over to the muslems and we can die or leave. But where would we go as America is already led by a muslem president. We are being invaded every day and all the liberals are happy.

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