Why I Am So FOCUSED On Conservative Politics



In Canada, we call November 11th REMEMBRANCE DAY. In America, it is referred to as VETERANS’ DAY.

But regardless of what each of us call it, it is the Day we pay HOMAGE to the men and women who did so much to keep our countries and the world as FREE as they could.

THIS WEEK IN NOVEMBER, more than any other week in November that I can recall, it gives me great pause to think, remember, and question how we can all learn from history, so as and not repeat it . . . or at least not to repeat the great failures of our time.

From November 8th until November 9th . . . 1938 – Germans (including Austrians) with the endorsement of their elitists, police, politicians and governments, ran wild throughout Jewish Communities, destroying, looting and burning Jewish owned shops and places of worship.

Jewish men, women and children were dragged from their homes, or taken on the streets to be beaten, with no shortage of Jewish women and young girls who were RAPED, while as many as 100 Jews were murdered for the crime of being Jewish.

This episode in Europe was known as KRISTALLNACHT, the Night of Breaking Glass, when all of Europe, North America, and the rest of the “civilized” world closed their collective eyes to this inhuman atrocity.


AND TODAY – What’s changed in Europe, in Canada and the United States amongst Intellectual Elitists, the Ignorant Leftist Something-For-Nothing-Bunch, Limousine Liberals, and KNOW NOTHING COLLEGE STUDENTS, as they either participate, or once again close their eyes to rampant JEW HATRED, in the form of BOYCOTTS spurred-on through the world of Academia AGAINST products made in Israel.


Today, in the Middle East, as many as, and probably more than A QUARTER OF A MILLION PEOPLE have been murdered at the hands of the Syrian Government and assorted Islamists. Many, who were beaten and raped before being slaughtered.

OBAMA DREW A RED LINE . . . not to be crossed by the Syrians in terms of using poison gas on his own people. Syria crossed the line. Obama did nothing.

MILLIONS OF MOSLEMS . . . are streaming into Europe, making their way to Canada and the USA, virtually none of whom are being vetted . . . yet, no one seems to know why they’re coming, opposed to staying at their homes fighting for their rights, freedoms and families, especially given how so many of them are young healthy men.

PALESTINIAN ARABS . . . are murdering Jews with knives, cars and guns throughout Israel, while Israeli Jews do the best they can to fight back and defend themselves.

THE PALESTINIANS . . . haven’t had an election since the days after Arafat died. And the primary business and source of revenue in the Palestinian Territories is feeding off the World’s Purse through the United Nations.

And there is no agency in the world as corrupt, beside the UN . . . as are the Palestinians, from their leadership, on down to their local police.


AND I KNOW – AS A NORTH AMERICAN JEW . . . my FREEDOM exists with Conservative America, where VALUES and RESPECT are not dirty words. And when PUSH-COMES-TO-SHOVE – Conservatives will stand and fight.


This election is like none other in my memory. It is developing to be the FIGHT between TRUTH & DECEITRIGHT & WRONGSODOM & GOMORRAH . . . ESSENTIALLY BETWEEN GOOD & EVIL, and that’s why Conservative Americans CANNOT afford to pick the wrong Candidate.

IF EVER THE TIME SHOULD COME . . . when there will be the proverbial KNOCK ON MY DOOR, as was heard by Jews throughout the Centuries, I will not answer it with empty hands.

FOR ME AND MINE . . . We will NEVER succumb to a KRISTALLNACHT, ‘cause as the brave and plucky Texans said in 1831 to the Mexican army several years before the Battle of the Alamo . . . If you want it – COME AND TAKE IT.


1 – I have great fear that the LEFT are driving us to the cliff of ARMAGEDDON.

2 – And I am determined not to allow them to push us over.

Never forget, and always REMEMBER what our Veterans fought and died for. And be prepared to measure up when your number is called . . . LEST THEY FOUGHT AND DIED IN VAIN.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, Thinking out loud: More people need to become aware of your consistent, breath-of-fresh-air editorials. I’m certain all of your subscribers invite all of their contacts to read them, as I do. Perhaps, you need to create video editorials in Pat Condell style for your views to go viral to the point where you’ll be invited to advise the Presidential candidate who matches your values.

  2. Those who opt to ignore the lessons of history will be damned to relive it. Used to be a sick joke. Not anymore. Thanks Howard for the words of sanity in what has become a truly insane world.

  3. As always, spot on…

    Thank you for the clarity Sir.

    Ed Tait, Victoria, B.C.

  4. Several years ago, Charlton Heston, speaking about guns said something to the effect, “…when they pry it from my cold, dead hand.” Free definitely is not “free” so stand up for the principles and never give in.

  5. Howard, This editorial has True meaning. You couldn’t be closer to the truth. When I go to the cenotaph today, I would love to have a sign that reads ” We Conservatives remember what you did AND for what you Fought For. The Liberals have forgotten”.

  6. So far in looking at the handful of first responders to your today piece, I’ll just say thanks to them and you Howard. I’ve got two thumbs up here to it all, and a big AMEN to all that have a memory – or have paid attention while in history class, God bless you all!

  7. I find it impossible to understand Christians turning a blind eye and deaf ear as to what is happening to Jews, Israel, and the anti-semetism throughout the world. For God’s sake – I WORSHIP A JEW!!!. During a conversation in a friend’s home, it came up about Jews. I said “Jesus was a Jew”. He got livid. “Jesus was a christian” he yelled at me. I told him the word Christian did not come into existence until 50 yrs after the crucifixtion. He stoped out of the room. GOD HAVE MERCY ON US!!

  8. In honor of Veteran’s Day, I salute my father-in-law Lt.Colonel Samuel Newman for his 20 years of service as a USAF fighter pilot & a highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran on the 4th anniversary of his death from lung cancer on Veteran’s Day 2011. My Dad served in the 50’s, my Uncle Tom a Vietnam vet, my niece Kirsten did 3 tours in Iraq, my grandfather in World War II and my great-uncle in World War I. To all American Veterans, thank you for protecting our country and our freedom. God Bless!!

  9. Well done Howard.
    As a Veteran of our Navy for four years, I am humbled that we now remember,….but I’d rather we REMEMBER all those horrible things that have happened and as has been said many times,…..”Never Again!”.

  10. Amen, Howard. Sometimes I feel like we are fighting a losing battle. It is leftist useful idiot Jews that truly wound my heart and my soul. Aided by Jewish useful idiots, we now have a Canadian PM that is no friend to Israel. I urge my American friends to correct their 8-year old error and put a true Republican in the White House. Not just for Jews, Israel and the right, but I truly fear the fate of the world rests upon next November’s election. This could be the free world’s last stand.

  11. Well said Howard, Christians and Jews must stand together and not let the left destroy the US and Canada. It is critical that an honorable conservative who actually likes this Country as founded, be elected President next year in the US. 8 years of out of control leftism aided and abetted by the RINO’s in Congress must be reversed or we will follow Europe off the cliff. Sadly Canada chose an obama clone. Thanks to our veteran’s, may their service not be in vain.

  12. Very well said! “People will take ADVANTAGE of you as much as you ALLOW them to.” The LIBERALS CAN NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE to take advantage of the PEOPLE with their DECEITFUL and EVIL TACTICS! TRUMP has been successful due to his views regarding ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, SUPPORT of Veterans and our Country’s WELFARE as a whole. He SPEAKS what the people FEEL in that they want to be PROUD of their Country once again! The “cliff of Armageddon” can be avoided if people vote REPUBLICAN—TRUMP! AMEN!

  13. I heard a good speech last evening at a Carenet fundraiser by blogger Matt Walsh. My favorite line: “If the devil comes to work in person on earth, he will be an abortionist, unless of course, the democrats first elect him president.”
    John Ross, Vero Beach, Florida

  14. Thanks, Howard. I admire you. Pauline in R.I. mentions “cliff of Armageddon,” God has His Plan & maybe a thorough clean up is necessary to rid the world of the present evil spread by Leftist propaganda. Human beings seem incapable of changing things now. Evil leaders may be fulfilling God’s own plan to again “clean up” the mess here by destroying all evil. We’ve ignored Scripture too long. Pray for strong leaders who have worthy goals and strength to pursue those goals. Vote smart.

  15. When I was a child, November 11th was called “Armistice Day” as the day WWI had ended. ‘The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month’ and we stood for a silent minute by our school desks and felt that we were lucky because we knew that World War I was the war to end all wars.

  16. Howard: I am 80 years old and I think the world; at least Canada has gone crazy. Not only did we elect the “Little Prince” but now we are going into the world looking for Arabs to bring to Canada with no vetting, and these people are going to house them in our military bases; need I say more!

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