Obama’s Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

The Piper Is Beginning To Play


It was fascinating to watch Obama deliver his opening speech, while welcoming Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu . . . WITHOUT looking at him.

It was equally fascinating to watch Netanyahu looking at the President just every now and then, as he replied to Obama’s welcome, as Obama GLARED at Netanyahu while the Israeli Prime Minister spoke.

ANYONE WHO SAYS . . . that there is no love-lost between them, would be the King or Queen of Understatements.


Netanyahu HATES Obama, because BIBI doesn’t want to be pushed around as the 98-Pound Jewish Weakling.

And Obama HATES BIBI, because Netanyahu has Obama’s number, and wouldn’t be pushed around by Obama’s threats and bullying. AND NETANYAHU WON HIS ELECTION.


I wonder how many people who saw the opening statements, actually realized how much Obama made it clear . . . that the Middle East is in a SHAMBLES. And after hearing this open ADMISSION by Obama, that the Middle East is a MESS, I didn’t hear, read, or watch any media make comment on this IMPORTANT reality.

BUT WORSE THAN THAT . . . I didn’t hear, read or watch any member of the media connect the dots with one simple question . . . WHY IS THE MIDDLE EAST IN SUCH A MESS?

Was the Middle East in such a horrific state before Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize?

Was the Middle East and Europe (Crimea/Ukraine) so unstable before Obama made his European, Turkish and Egyptian Apology Tours for the USA?

Was the Middle East this ready to explode before Obama demanded that Israel RETREAT to the 1949 Ceasefire lines, accepted by no one as borders for anyone?

Was the Middle East this sick before Obama INSISTED that Israel stop building apartments in Israel’s Capital of Jerusalem?

Was the Middle East this much of a BASKET-CASE, before Obama decided to pull American Troops out of Iraq?


Was the Middle East this dangerous and explosive before Obama gave his Cairo Speech, IGNITING the flame of the Moslem Brotherhood . . . giving the Brotherhood Carte Blanche to the White House?


For more than 6-years, Obama PROMISED Israel that he and the USA had Israel’s Back, in terms of doing whatever it would take to stop Iran from getting the BOMB, while from DAY-ONE, Obama conspired behind Israel’s back to do whatever he really could to make a DIRTY DEAL with Iran, for whatever reason, but probably to boost his own insatiable ego.


Here are two men, neither of whom wanted to look at the other while speaking. The FIRST, is working to do as much damage to his own country because of a SICK LEFTIST IDEOLOGY, while the other is doing all that he can to SAVE HIS COUNTRY from the ravages of the FIRST.


Tuesday will separate more of the WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF, as FOX Business News puts the Feet-To-The Fire of the remaining Candidates.

If FOX Business News does it right, as I am almost 100% certain they will, there will be no excuses or places to hide for the Candidates who don’t have real ECONOMIC Plans, who can ALSO defend them, and a real understanding of all pertinent economic issues.

I don’t see these Tuesday Debates resembling popularity contests or a series of GOTCHA questions.

I FULLY SUSPECT that there will be real winners and real losers when the two debates are done. And as the field gets cut down to size, the real contest will begin.

PS . . . Because Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I are living in the Mountains of Northern Georgia, Cell Phone Service and WIFI are at a premium. So, if I don’t acknowledge your Emails or Comments as judiciously as I should, or you have come to expect, I apologize.

But make note . . . that I am still reading all your emails and comments. And sooner rather than later I will respond.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You have more balls than any basketball team! France is off our travel list for reasons above. Err..but so is the rest of Europe, with few exceptions.
    Thanks for keeping the truth alive. Just keep your ammo up, and the motor on your motor-home running.
    We’re with you buddy!
    Alan Ageloff
    Jupiter, Florida,USA

  2. You are right on and as they stand together you can see who the real leader is.
    I hope that this debate will remove several of the candidates so that we can get it down to something manageable.

  3. Is it a toss up? Does Barry hate Israel as much as he does this Country. He has been out to ruin both and is doing a fine job here with more time to go. He backed Iran, a Muslim Country, to take down Israel now we wait for the Spring Surprise to see what he has planned for his departure, I am sure it will not be pretty. Look the large influx of “Syrian Refugees” don’t believe it. They have other fish to fry.

  4. He has truly earned his new moniker… “Obummer”. It’s been a bummer of seven years and counting.

  5. Obama spoonfed Americans his “Change” and due to everything was Bush’s fault, he was elected. What Americans did not notice is that he was raised in Kenya (forget where he was born), educated in Muslim schools, spoonfed the Quoran, associated with far left America haters and destroyers and by his own mouth said he understood Muslims because “I am one of them” NOW WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY OF HAVING AN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MAN AS PRESIDENT!!!THIS IS NOT A POPULRITY CONTEST!!! Wake up America

  6. It’s about time his chickens came home. I love Helen GA by the way, great place–I hope you are at Unicoi state park, it’s beautiful. Safe Travels!

  7. When Obama came into office he was handed a Middle east that was relatively calm. All he had to do was follow through with what his predecessor started and guide Iraq to establish an effective working government. By pulling out he left a void in both stability and leadership. I see the refugee crisis in Europe as a direct result of Obama’s fecklessness.

  8. I do not pretend to know what our LORD has in mind for this United States but those of us who are in the “know” had better be ready to defend the faith. The Muslim’s are closing in fast, Obama is and always has addressed their faith so we know where he is headed. I guess the question comes. “how many of us are ready to fill the gap?” We might as well be like that of the Muslim’s and defend our Nation of people to the last breath.

  9. In Mr Netanyahu, I see the leader I wish the United States had. In Mr. Obama, I see the leader I wish ISIS had. The world would be a much safer place, then.

  10. Well said, Ralph (as usual). Obama has no clue as to how a good economic infrastructure works, or should work. I had to take a year of Econ in college as part of my Bus Ad curriculum, and I would bet that I have had more training than a man who is supposed to be able to at least influence our country’s economy and its future. His attitude toward the only real friend in the middle east is abominable and appalling, and how John (“the liar”) Kerry got to be S. of State is equally appalling.

  11. Carson is the left’s worst nightmare – an America loving Black conservative who is intelligent, articulate, quick on his feet, corageous and fearless. His election could bring a wonderful revolution for Black Americans and the rest of us.
    Tom Kelly

  12. I fear for my country and I also fear for Israel. I think you are correct about how obummer hates America as much as he hates Israel. The only difference between America and Israel is… Israel has a leader.
    Ann Brown, Lake toxaway, N.C.

  13. I live in North Carolina just a little ways up the road from where you are in Gawga <–Southern pronunciation. If I knew where you were located I’d love to drive down for a visit and to let you know that the North Carolina mountains are the prettiest in the world. And to let you know that if you would like to visit our mountains I’d be pleased to be your personal tour guide since I know these mountains as well as I know my back yard. I wish you’d move here and become one of us !

  14. I am terrified that Hillary will win in 2016, not LEGALLY but through voter FRAUD! I feel Obama won by fraud the second time for sure and probably the 1st time as well. The frustrating part is GOP can’t even challenge votes because of an outdated decree, & SCOTUS would not allow challenge of decree. Most states don’t require picture ID, yet one is required to get into the Dem. Convention!
    http://www.SCOTUS won’t disturb GOP voter fraud decree – POLITICO
    Pray and Vote! Margie F, Palm City, FL

  15. Welcome back to the South! You’re only a couple hours west of us here in Huntsville, AL. Sorry the weather’s been so dreadful! Thanks for your articles, and thanks for your retraction on Ben Carson. I’m for Ted Cruz, but it’s irritating to watch the media’s attempted character assassination of Carson. I missed the interaction between Netanyahu and BHO, but will try and go back and watch it. It’s just painful for me to see the leader Israel has contrasting the leader the U.S. doesn’t.

  16. We need to quit talking about Obama and the Nobel peace prize. The only reason he was awarded it
    was that I was on my way to the outhouse to take a crap and Obama was next in line.

  17. Obama gave a tip to anyone listening that in three years he would pull US troops out.
    and 3 years later – ISIS appears (and are using a lot of American equipment)
    I think the US has an insider traitor

  18. Howard, the Editorial lists reasons why Obama is the CULPRIT in this whole Middle East mess! During Netanyahu’s meeting, BHO’s eyes [consistent brief closings] “said it all”! His demeanor was that of BOREDOM and INSULT. His narcissistic personality was very apparent. How can Netanyahu trust BHO when he is, and has continuously been, such a LIAR? This meeting happened at a very good time, however, where the Republican candidates will be able to comment on it in their Tuesday night debate. AMEN!

  19. obama hated Israel right from the get go.
    That he has strong muslim leanings would be an understatement.

  20. Hopefully soon, very soon the chickens will kick obamas chicken house down along with that of clinton’s.

    Even from Australia we watch and hope Americans will wake up before its way too late!

  21. It is crystal clear Obama is an enemy of Israel! Equally so to the United States!The difference is Israel knows it, while Americans got their heads in the sand. (Being Nice) The media will do anything for Obama even wipe his ass. Where, at one time Journalists were unbiased, that is no longer the truth! Obama ran on change, the people raise their hands and worshiped and praised their would be king. Obama fulfilled his rant on change,while,apologizing for America and causing mayhem world wide!

  22. Since you, Anne, Stryker and April are at the moment living in Georgia, where are your horses?

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA

  23. Gen. 12:3. It may not happen on this earth but it will happen when ovomit and every member of the demorat party stands before G-d at the judgment throne. I pity the mooslime piece of crap and the demorat party members. Only because he and they do not realize the severity of their chosen punishment nor do they understand the length it will last.

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