I did what I caution everyone else not to do. I believed the Media when they reported that Ben Carson LIED about his acceptance to West Point, because it was inartfully written in his Best Selling Personal Biography.


We are constantly being inundated with every form of DEMAGOGUERY we can imagine, and much of it we cannot. And as such, I write to everyone who reads this BLOG, not to believe anything until it is 100% VERIFIABLE.

I SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED MY OWN ADVICE . . . and this is no excuse, but when I received the first notification from a trusted and reliable friend, I couldn’t believe it, but did, especially because of the way it was written and portrayed throughout the media.

Then . . . after doing “some limited” research, the “proof” seemed to be overwhelming that the story was true, and in my haste to include this sad story in my next editorial, which I was writing yesterday, I CREATED THE ULTIMATE OPINION WRITER’S SIN . . . I joined the mob. And for that I apologize.


It’s not that I am not as careful with facts and information that I can personally be. It’s because I rushed to judgment based on what others said, which should never have happened.

If anything, it is both a wakeup call and reminder to all of us to be as vigilant as possible during these election campaigns, because FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE LIE AND EXAGGERATE . . . and there are no shortages of evil agendas and unrepentant liars, especially from the LEFT.

This has been a humbling experience for me, because I take an exceptional amount of pride in projecting personal HONESTY AND INTEGRITY in the things that I write . . . AND I LET YOU DOWN.

I cannot promise that it won’t happen again, because regretfully, perfection is not part of my DNA. But I will PROMISE that if I screw-up again, I will take ownership without excuses and make things right, just as I am attempting to do now.

Thank you for the great comments and emails.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are just telling it like it is and it won’t get any better. No one (our leaders) seems to feel the need to recognize the fox in the hen house.

  2. I have to wonder how many others, especially the left media will take ownership to misrepresenting the facts. How about “0”. The media seems to have no honor. As long as they get people to read/listen and buy in to what they report, that is all that matters and the real truth is not important.

  3. You are not perfect. Dr. Carson is not perfect. I am not perfect. But we are all trying to be, even though we know it is not attainable. That is good enough for me! You erred. You acknowledged it. So let’s go forward. With heightened respect, William J. Laux, Jr.

  4. Howard, you have done what I hoped you would do and reversed your decision to drop Carson. I believe many people are influenced by your editorials. Most of us are on board and agree with your views and opinions, bringing to us so much of your research, personal knowledge and experience. I am very happy you will once again be promoting Carson, he seems to be very much in touch with what is needed to make America great again. Hope all is going well on your way to Texas.

  5. There is a big difference between “Appointments” & Scholarships particularly worthy of clarification to the great Unwashed such as me…who has never been offered either and Ben Carson who may have been offered both. I’ll accept his clarification from his then point of view, as a young black boy struggling to see tomorrow let alone the successes he would AND NOW HAS HAD! My “APPOINTMENT” to B-29 Combat Crew training and a Korean War combat tour were all more than I hoped for if less than Bens!

  6. This an amazing attempt at character assassination towards Dr. Carson. I wish our MSM would dedicate even 10% of this effort towards scrutinizing leftist politicians. Barack Obama has (and is) associated with some very shady characters. We are shaking hands with the devil in Iran. Our economies are falling apart. My generation will undoubtedly be overwhelmed with huge amounts of government liabilities. But for some reason the most pressing issues are Carson’s 50-y.o. college applications. Shame.

  7. WELL DONE! Although I generally check things out – especially those that don’t look 100% right, I am also guilty of forwarding information that was not 100% true! Then I must go back and set the record straight!

  8. Howard, your ownership of your mistakes is the reason I and others always read your blog posts. You are the “Stand Up Guy” we all have come to love and respect. Stay vigilant. Laurence

  9. Understandably it is an error in judgement. The Left is very good at spreading propaganda. Joseph Goebbel and the Communist has taught them well. Keep them in mind, they appeal to people’s negative emotions. As we read information from any media venues regarding current events observe your emotions. If you are very emotional about what is being written or said, then check for the facts.

  10. Howard,
    Don’t berate yourself too much for believing the media…..I did too when I first laid eyes on this yesterday morning. When I found the source of the story to be Politico, I realized a “hitjob” was being perpetrated. But the fact that the MSM, ie; CNN, ABC, CBS, etc., wasted no time blaring out the story made it very easy to accept as legitimate. Howard, you are a clarion voice in the wilderness….thank you for all you do to keep us focused on the truth.

    Maggie Evans, Hermosa Beach,

  11. The manly thing to do is stand up, ask for forgiveness and repent…Good man. Looking in the mirror I’d say it’s not so easy to do, having been fooled myself, and for the same reasons. This Ben Carson – MSM fiasco, covert action, psy-op whatever, should serve as a wake up call to be ever more Argus eyed and informed, even more important, those rushes to judgement you mention…and because you mention them, that makes sites like this even more important. Question your own authority figures first.

  12. HG, Kudos! Your admission was timely, respectful, with the highest standard of journalistic integrity. If mainstream media consistently met those standards, society would evolve more rapidly.

  13. We only others of the journalistic bent as willing to accept responsibility for error as are you Sir….!


    Ed Tait
    Victoria, B.C.

  14. I love eggs but not on my face and I too have had to own up to sending misinformation. Thanks for correcting this, as you are my greatest and mostly only source of political information.

  15. Howard you do not need to apologize to anyone. Sometimes we do make a mistake, but when you become aware of it you correct it. Your opinions will always be respected from us. Only a real man will stand up and admit a mistake. Wish the left would follow the same rules. Keep up the good work and continue to write your editorials. We appreciate them! When we come closer to the election there will be a lot more misinformation coming out on all the R candidates. We will look for your comments.

  16. Phew…I, like Maggie Evans, was terrified when I heard there was a major faux pas in Dr. Carson’s bio…then I too, saw the Politico signature and breathed a huge sigh of relief…and the good doctor clarified things in due time. I remember sending my brother to the hospital after hitting him in the head with a paper punch…have no clue what day, week, month or year it was. but I know it happened…too bad the media maggots are do quick to judgment. George Soros has trained them well. Onward!

  17. Thanks for the clarification. I was somewhat disappointed in your conclusion that Carson had lied; however I had time to review the allegation and the response from the Carson camp and other conservative media before reading your article. I’m still on the Cruz bandwagon but still have the utmost respect and admiration for Carson.

  18. On another matter … I was transfixed yesterday to see Bill O’Reilly cross examine the ever imperious George Will and see poor George blush and squirm so palpably in his chair. It was deeeeelicious! 🙂

  19. Amazing how Obama’s and Hillary’s lies, they are not short of them, are passed as so unimportant and yet have affected many Americans, a good example out of so many , the blatant and deliberate lie about the Obamacare you can keep your doctor and medical insurance (check “Obama’s gaffes”), Hillary going back to 40 years ago until now, it will take pages to mention. It appears as the democrats have to lie continuously to retain support, if they did tell the truth their support would vanish.

  20. Apology accepted, after all we must very carefully examine Dr Carson as he claims to be a brain surgeon and was he really at John’s Hopkins and separating conjoined twins, and his education at Yale and U of Michigan, check his grades, maybe had some bad mentors, maybe a guy named Wright, or a dude named Ayers, maybe we should take a closer look at his birth certificate. Opps wrong black guy (opps 1/2 black guy)
    If Carson only would have put a D next to his name!

  21. What we are not understanding is that a black pres will NOT be accepted on the world stage!
    What black, trying to run any country, has been successful?
    hussein, aka barry, has shown what a disaster these people are.
    Zero or less.

  22. Don’t punish yourself the same exact thing happened to me in the past and will in my future. I too trusted my fb friends and bloggers, and was found to be wrong, after publicizing their findings. I warn people and if they do it again, i defriend them. I have to most of my info. comes from the WSJ and fox If i don’t know what to believe I shun the blog. I respect your honesty and truthfulness as I am identical to you!

  23. if it is of any use,hearing anything negative from the ‘blackbirds on the wire’ media about dr carson i immediately discount it because they are determined to rout dr carson out of the race because he is a black conservative the total opposite of their chosen placeholder in the white house…they did it last time to herman cain for the same reason…no news on dr carson is better than the crap they will try to dredge up and blow out of proportion…john hosemann rising sun wisconsin

  24. Thank you.

    I read the book … and took him at his word including his explanation.

    Enough for me.

    You are both very good men.

  25. Thank you Howard for your humility and truthfulness even to you own hurt. That character trait is missing in many today. Defend one’s self at all costs, is the norm. Forgiveness is also a trait not common to most today, I sense that’s what I’ve read in responses to you. All though that word wasn’t used I believe it was given. Go forward form here, continue being who you are. Get some much needed R&R. You’ve gained more trust and faith than you may know.

  26. I believe many of us were duped momentarily by the story. It will ultimately be to ours and Dr. Carson’s benefit realizing the extreme to which the left will go to disseminate their lies and vitriol. While the low intelligence, low information voters will continue to be fooled, it will keep those of us capable of thought on our toes! If someone of your knowledge and credibility can be temporarily duped, we are all vulnerable and must increase our vigilance!

  27. It takes a big man to admit errors in judgement and to apologize to legions of people. I applaud your humility.

  28. Nothing wrong with making mistakes, if you never made mistakes your blog would be far more difficult to receive/read. My network doesn’t have the capacity to send/receive content to/from mistake free entities. Humans can only correct
    their mistakes.
    However, I do find it ironic that such a verifiably accomplished, educated man would be skewered by the media for statements about his education, while the current White House occupant has never produced ANY PROOF of his education or background.

  29. The Liberals and the media are beating the bushes for anything and they found nothing on Dr. Carson so they lie about something. When I first read their lies I thought it might be true but it was just lies. Carson is a good man but maybe not President material as I want someone in the final debate with the guts to go up against Hillary and make her look like the crook that she is.

  30. All of us just need to remember one thing…there is no longer such thing as a true press. They all set out to create their own stories to sell their work to the highest bidders and we know better than to believe anything they say. We are living in a time in which liars prevail and we are often duped. So we know what to do, don’t we?

  31. Truth will triumph. Character & integrity win. Dr. Carson & you have both. The person who never makes a mistake hasn’t been born. Keep up the good work.

  32. Howard, you are human like the rest of us. Just as I felt you stuck with Carly a bit too long, you unfortunately jumped off of Carson a bit too soon. No matter, All’s well that ends well. And as my late mother used to say, “it all comes out in the wash”.

  33. …too few of us take responsibility for our mistakes, even fewer then tell the world. Your doing so and the resulting higher opinion in the readership is the example we all need. You have done a good thing here, an unintended great consequence, regards, Alan Seeling, Buena Vista, Colorado.

  34. Howard, if the mainstream media had half as much integrity as you, the world would be a much better place and there would not be half as much mess as there is.

  35. It was difficult not to believe, given that the source was a Politico article and alert. It would be assumed that before a source with a name as big as Politico sends out a story like that, it would have been vetted. But we all know about assuming… But kudos to you, Howard for not doing a “New York Times” or a “Dan Rather”. If one has the decency, the spine, and frankly, the COJONES to self-correct, more power to him – to you. And to your trusted and reliable friend 🙂

  36. Howard, no one is flawless but you are quick to acknowledge a mistake and that goes a long way

  37. Howard, thank you for your humility. You have taught us all an important lesson here. I have passed on information that I later learned was incorrect, so I know how you feel. But take those eggs off your face, scramble them up, and enjoy your omelet! We so appreciate you and all your hard work and honesty!

  38. No problem Howard, we have all been there I am sure. Still we want you to keep up the good work. Guaranteed Justin Trudeau was never to West Point ….. just sayin’

  39. Howard, apology accepted…no one is perfect! One has to admit that the accusations sure sounded true. Kudos to Carson for his great self-defense! It shows how DESPERATE the Democrats/Liberals are. Can you blame them, considering who will be their Nominee—-a CROOK or a FAR LEFT LIBERAL like BHO. God help us all if the Democrats should/would win because we will go STRAIGHT to hell shortly thereafter….we’re already on our way because BHO has created that path! Again, God help us all! AMEN!

  40. I have long respected you for the stands you have taken but never have I been prouder of you than now. It takes a person of strong character to admit when they make a mistake. Thank you.
    BTW, today is Veterans’ Day in the U.S. Thank you to those Canadian military personnel who have joined, over the decades, the battle to preserve freedom worldwide. I pray they will continue or rejoin that battle. They will be in your good company.

  41. Mr. Laux of Fairfax, VA, said it well: you were wrong, you acknowledged it, now let’s go forward and support the good people like Carson and Cruz. Our work is cut out for us, when the lamestream media has to make up lies about our candidates to get attention. Wouldn’t it be nice if they noticed some REAL lies from hillary roadhouse clinton the first.

  42. I get to say Oopsie way more than you do Howard. I think it’s a redhead thing LOL

  43. something new Ben just did
    Ben Carson Backs White House’s TPP Trade Deal
    Ben Carson said that he supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiated by the White House – aligning himself more with the GOP’s establishment wing than with the social conservatives who have powered his…

  44. My faith in Dr. Carson was too well established for me to be taken in; the man doesn’t lie. He will never be a politician, he has promised, and I believe him. Of course, although I no longer live in Maryland, most of my life was there and I have been able to follow Dr. Carson’s amazing career and know how he grew up and what he did to get where he is today. I am glad your faith has been restored, Mr. G.

  45. It’s called being human. EVERYONE makes a mistake ever so often. All we can do is apologize and do our best not to do it again. No beef here.

  46. We all get had now and again Howard, especially during political silly season. I’ve found that the best way to avoid it, insofar as possible it to never rely on one news source and always consider the sources history of honesty and reliability when deciding whether or not to believe what’s been passed to you. Even then it is possible to be had. No hard feelings. You’re an honest man who caught his mistake and made it right. That’s all any reasonable person can ask.

  47. Oddly enough, I suspect that this “electronic lynching” of Dr. Carson may work to his benefit as many voters now will see a lot more of him. He has been on many news shows, lately, and has been clear and cogent in his responses to the “scandal” created by the communists (they’re not Democrats any longer; why continue the mis-use of the term?). Ted Cruz remains my favorite contender, but I think Carson presently is more “electable” and still a true conservative.

  48. I am relatively new to your editorials, but I must say that most people would not even accept anything that isn’t in the mainstream regardless of their political affiliation because we are bombarded with the left-wing media and you do not have to apologize for being taken in. Dr. Carson is certainly a viable candidate whom I am going to watch with interest because he represents what we need in this country….honesty and integrity.

  49. Your taking ‘ownership’ is a remarkable confession of faith. Makes you even a “better man than I, Gunga Din!” Appreciate all your words of wisdom, and if there is anyone out there who hasn’t misjudged another, he must be a ‘Saint.’ The Left will stop at nothing to destroy a good, honest man. As Savage says, “The Dems have a mental disorder.” We stand behind you and will help keep up the battle!

  50. We all make mistakes, Howard, but it takes a MAN to admit his mistakes and move on. It would be great if you could write about how the liberal media are continuing to try to find fault with Republican candidates, while completely failing to do the same with Democratic candidates. The media should have been on Hillary’s case long ago, in just the same manner as they did with Nixon and the Watergate affair in 1973, day after day after day. Instead: NOTHING, except for what is on FOX news.

  51. BRAVO Howard! We ALL have made misjudgements at one time or another. Deeply appreciate your response to this brouhaha. When first heard some of the media junk, I just turned a ‘deaf’ ear. I absolutely know in my heart that Dr. Carson does NOT lie. He has true humility, honesty and integrity, as well as many other spiritual gifts. We need to support him and believe in him — the ‘political’ alternatives out there pale in comparison. Keep up your good work!

  52. funny the good doctor admitted to it Howard. and it wasn’t on left wing media it was national review. By the way Earl, Bill O’reilley book is a book of lies pertaining to Reagan. Just as historians of the Civil war will tell you Bill O’reilley’s books on Lincoln are peppered with lies. So you seem to believe Howard it was all a left wing lie, might be advised to listen to the good Doctor himself.

  53. Without doubt Carson is a brilliant doctor. As far as his qualifications for president of the United States go, they are questionable at best, simple-minded and naive at worst. I don’t see America’s place in the world viewed and governed through the eyes of an evangelical mystic as a good thing. Carson’s qualifications for president are all based on his life story. If he didn’t lie in his autobiography, he certainly conflated the truth. Your apology was over the top.

  54. Howard,
    This is where the liberal media, moderate to extreme, split. You, like all of us made a mistake and admitted it, for which I admire. But, the liberal medial, “WILLFULLY” makes the lie, doesn’t admit it and still makes more lies to cover-up. And this is a constant-warning, to all-of-us. DO NOT BE GULLIBLE!

  55. I do agree totally with your comments about left wing liars.
    But let’s briefly examine the right wing liars.
    -weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…and the many lies that followed.
    -Gulf of Tonkin–justifying Vietnam and the 101 lies that followed.
    -Demonization of ISIS. while ignoring America’s role in the destruction of Iraq Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, and drones.
    -One bomb on Nagasaki destroyed more women and kids ( and tortured to death many others ) than ISIS in their entire history.

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