The Media Is More In The Tank Than We Think


So . . . here we are in Helen Georgia, amongst the falling leaves, constant drizzle, and exceptionally nice local people. And later today, Anne and I will start handing out our Canadian Poppies, while saving a whack of them for our Motorcycle Friends (Sabra Riders) from Atlanta, who on Sunday will be riding to the Mountain Region of Georgia, North of Atlanta, to meet with us over lunch.

We’ll save the bulk of our POPPIES to be handed out at the REMEMBRANCE DAY (Canadian version) – VETERAN’S DAY (American version) on November 11th at the Official Local Ceremony.


I’m watching Chris Christie lamenting because he was moved to the smaller debate, while Lindsey Graham has been blown-off the stage entirely, along with Pataki and a few other non-starter campaigners.

BUT . . . the good news, is that we can enjoy the down-home humor and sincerity of Mike Huckabee on the same small stage, who might still be very much in the fight.

AND SPEAKING OF GOOD PEOPLE IN THE SMALL DEBATE . . . are Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum, both of whom are on the right team in the right way.

IN SHORT . . .

Christie is in the right place for him and the Republicans, especially when one looks at his dreadful NON-CONSERVATIVE record, in spite of his never-ending claim to be a real Conservative.

I liked Christie; right up to the moment he delivered the KEYNOTE speech for Mitt Romney in 2008, when he made it all about himself. It was one of the most incredible expressions of shameless SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT I had ever seen.

And then there was his appointment of a PRO Sharia Lawyer to the New Jersey State Supreme Court, his much less than enthusiastic support for the Second Amendment, and his at best TEPID defense of America’s Borders.

And I don’t care what the video’s show . . . I SAW IT – and Christie did all but give Obama a French-Kiss on camera, while standing on the Jersey Shore overlooking the damage of Hurricane Sandy.


As for Lindsey Graham. . . I really support his tough talk against America’s enemies, and how he goes all-out in support of the military, but that’s it. Everything else about Graham is sugar and spice . . . Liberal style.

Graham is seemingly a decent man who has done well in politics for himself, and perhaps for his country. But America and the world need more than that.

FOR PATAKI . . . I don’t know why he was ever there, unless he’s hoping it might get him another government job somewhere else in the future. Or maybe it’s just his ego pushing him on.


I was a big fan of Megyn Kelly when she was a co-host on FOX News, and liked her when she got her own evening show. But, as time went on, her ego overtook her talent, and whatever I originally liked about Kelly was diminishing as her star was rising, and lost completely when she SCREWED-OVER Trump with a ridiculous GOTCHA question in the first debate.

I defended Kelly on this BLOG, because I thought, and I still think that every Candidate who wants to become President of the USA should be able to handle all the crap that comes their way. NONETHELESS IT WASN’T A FAIR QUESTION.


AND NOW THAT EVERYONE HAS DUMPED-ON CNBC . . . for the dreadful questions CNBC asked all the Republican Candidates, especially from the gang at FOX News, who are gloating at the heat being taken by CNBC – they might want to compare how the questions from the CNBC hosts didn’t differ all that much from what Megyn Kelly asked Trump, before they bask in their gloat.


AND ANOTHER THING ABOUT MEGYN KELLY . . . Every time she speaks about the debate, where she shone by her arrogance, she constantly makes reference to the DISMOUNT AFTER HER QUESTIONS.

I make my living with words . . . and have done so for as long as I can remember. And I have never used such an UPPITY and MEANINGLESS word like DISMOUNT after a question, because it creates an image of ELITIST-SPEAK.

And maybe that’s why so many people are turning-off the Elitist Media.


How many ways can the LEFTIST Media possibly embarrass themselves more than this, with their UNSUBSTANTIATED claim that Carson lied about his childhood, and how he handled his anger management? Maybe he did – maybe he didn’t.

BUT . . . unfortunately for Carson, without the bias of CNN, it seems that the Doctor LIED about his acceptance into West Point. And for me, that’s enough to WRITE-HIM-OFF as the nominee for the leadership of the Republican Party.


I think of myself as someone with a pretty healthy imagination, and after owning and managing a national advertising agency for more than 30-Years, I’ve learned a thing or two about creativity, but at my best, I couldn’t possibly have created such incredibly stupid messages, as the LEFT consistently does.


Imagine this . . . two young Latino children, one boy and one girl, are directed by LEFTIST ADULTS to use VULGAR language and angry discourse to attack Donald Trump, which says to me, that this vile video doesn’t hurt Trump, BUT INSTEAD GOES MILES to endorse Trump’s defense of America’s Borders and American Citizenship. And how it SHINES a bright light on the depth the LEFT is willing to go, to sell their loathsome message.


The Jewish Community in Canada, certainly in Montreal, voted for a Liberal Dilettante, whose father was Prime Minister in the 1970’s to early 1980’s, who moved Canada FAR FROM ISRAEL AND THE USA.


After being in power for less than a week, Canada’s new Minister for Foreign Affairs (Secretary of State), Stephane Dion, who at best can be described as a LEFTIST University Of Montreal Professor Numbskull, who struggles to understand the English language, has made it as public as possible, that Canada’s relationship with Israel under Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is yesterday’s news.

By the time Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is done with Canada, with NO OPPOSITION to stop him, Canada will look like, and be managed more like a FAILED European State, than a Continental relative to the USA.


Just like Obama lied to Israel from the very start, concerning how he and America had Israel’s back, and will take nothing off the table to stop the Iranians from getting the BOMB, Obama has never had any intention of passing the XL-Pipeline.

And now with a LEFTIST GREEN IDIOT as Prime Minister of Canada, the truth comes out.

IT’S NEVER BEEN EASY. But in my lifetime of 65-years, it has also never been this hard. We have a lot of work to do.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My first thought after reading your blog was the truth will out no matter what! Why is that our “president” continues to espouse rhetoric that seems to absolve Islam of all atrocities that are committed in it’s name? All this talk about not putting the blame on Moslems, when their religion is being used as the reason these killings are being committed is ludicrous. This French paper made fun of all religions and politicians but I don’t see Catholics, Jews, etc. picking up AK47’s.

  2. EXCELLENT! In agreement with you, as usual. You brought out Christie’s speech at Mitt Rooney’s event, never forgot that it was disgraceful plus all his other misshaps too much to accept ever. Megyn is changed, maybe the bosses are initiating the change, trying to avoid an outsider Pres. Now more than ever I feel Trump is in tighter than ever. Down to 8 more of a learning experience, wish Rand Paul was out! tx. for a factual and truthful editorial!

  3. Good overall analysis, Howard, especially re: Chris Christie, and Trudeau’s predictable move a-w-a-y from Israel. Keep up the good work.

  4. What everyone needs to understand that no good, decent people seek the office of President. Being a good guy is a disqualification for that office. Essentially our choices are bowls of different manure. We may want ice cream, but that is not, and will not, be one of the choices. And when the election is over, it will be “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” And, we WILL get fooled again. Happens every time.

  5. You keep doing it Howard! Saying just what we here at this house think of things, Megyn Kelly at Fox news to the disgusting use of those dirty mouth little kids by the Latino Open Boarders jerks. Then the nix on Keystone, the pipeline. The U.S. has NEVER in my many years found itself in such a state of rot – thanks mostly to the empty suit ass behind the Whitehouse oval office desk – when he’s not golfing that is. God, pls. save & protect us from what’s next from this evil SOB!

  6. Again, you expressed my opinions exactly. Honestly, when I saw Christie with obummer, I thought I was mistaken and that he was, in fact, a democrat.

  7. Great job! Boy! Did you ever “hit the nail on the head” re: all of your comments! Megyn has really changed…I often switch shows now. The kids’ video is just plain DISGUSTING and just proves what Trump said about SOME of the ILLEGAL immigrants—as proven by the way they bring up their kids. Talk about the “dumbing down” of America. Christie was a turn-off after hugging Barack HUSSEIN Obama! Huckabee has been hanging in there…still has a man and he’s honest. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. Howard, how can you buy into CNN & Politico? Check the facts before calling Dr. Carson a liar. You are doing an Obama.

  9. Looks like this particular Carson “scandal” is a hoax as well. We shouldn’t be so quick to believe everything the press publishes.

  10. Fancy pants Trudeau is just another lefty shmuck who will fail miserably at foreign policy. He is someone who thinks he knows so much about the jihadist mentality but in the end, in his idiotic and spineless actions and mentality, will only end up feeding the beast.

  11. I still enjoy Megyn. The ad with the cursing, Latino kids looked like Trump’s camp made it. Carson did not lie about the West Point offer, which he declined in favor of Yale. Carson lost me when he denied his involvement with the nutrition company, Mannatech. Otherwise, many thanks for helping me sound knowledgeable in political discussions.

  12. The West Point story from “Politico” on Carson is a total hit piece. Don’t believe anything you read from “Politico”. You know they always have another agenda in mind when ever you read something they print.

  13. As Plato predicted, over 2000 years ago, our democracies are descending into
    despotisms, via ignorance, greed and corruption.
    Circle the wagons!

  14. Enjoy Helen, Georgia. We were there for Octoberfest one year. Took a long time to get down the main street but once there thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
    Can’t stand Obama and Trudeau’s nose is already looking a little brown from getting too close to BHO……..

  15. Howard as usual you are right on–but tonight I am depressed–I will get over it–but there is so much fight to still do!

  16. Howard, I must correct you on something regarding Ben Carson and West Point. He did NOT say he was ACCEPTED into West Point – he was told it would be very EASY for him to get INTO West Point if he wished to apply. Of course, he turned down the opportunity to go to medical school, and the rest, as they say, is history. So, please, don’t write him off so quickly.
    Thanks. Randi McBurney
    Dewey, AZ

  17. Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Ben Carson…All high-achieving Black conservatives. It is no surprise at all that Dr. Carson is now getting “the treatment” from the liberal press for daring to leave the plantation and achieve the American Dream.

    As Justice Thomas said, “It is an electronic lynching”.

  18. Thanks Howard, always enjoy your editorials. Would love to hear your thoughts about Obama Lite in Canadian Parliament (sic) and his new polices about bringing back the long form census, bringing in 25,000 Moslems by Christmas and obviously it’s all about these new buzz of Global Warming…ops, I mean Climate Change! Do you see this as the beginning of the UN’S Agenda 21???? Thanks:). Colleen

  19. Megyn Kelly has continued with her “self proclaimed” journalist ability, a really good journalist she will tell you bashing Donald Trump non stop. Albeit she claims to have taken the high road. But less we forget Ms. Skank Kelly has also seen to it that Ted Cruz is bashed every time he is on her show. Anyone who bothers to watch her is part of the problem as they afford her numbers she doesn’t deserve. When you are the “whore princess” of Roger Ailes I guess what can one expect.

  20. Decades ago, I saw CNN for what it really was. And in the last few years I have read to what Polotical is. Both are liberal and are liers of the liberal press. All a lie takes is one word to change place in a sentence and replaced with a word in a most sutile way. And every time something like this comes up, I always ask why now and not before? Be on guard the press, for the next 51 weeks are going to come up with scheme’s and lie’s to get Hillary in.

  21. Mr. McBurney is correct; Carson did not lie about a ‘scholarship.’ Just more liberal twisting of the truth. I like Dr. Carson, but Ted Cruz remains the one true conservative in the race. The battle for 3rd place is between Cruz and Rubio, who is not nearly as conservative as Cruz, and time will reveal Rubio’s true leanings. Christie was never even a consideration for me. Check his record as opposed to his words. Graham? Jindal? Santorum? Huckabee? Please……..

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