The Big CNBC Victory


I’m certain that everyone at this point is fed-up with the analysis of the CNBC Republican Debate, and how God-Awful the moderators were. And how something like this should NEVER happen again.

And how Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee should be fired for allowing this “TRAVESTY” to have happened.


This debate was one of the very best things that could have happened to the Republicans, since a huge number of people who are not necessarily PRO-REPUBLICAN saw for themselves how dishonest is the LEFT, and how DEFT was the RIGHT.


FOURTEEN MILLION PEOPLE . . . watched TEN Republican Candidates handle three (to quote Fox News) less than Fair & Balanced Moderators, who were out to humiliate the Republican Candidates with horrible and insulting questions.

The only TWO Candidates to take the bait were Jeb Bush with his stupid remark to Marco Rubio and John Kasich, who in Kasich’s mind, thought it was for some reason a good idea to CRAP all over the other candidates with his self-perception of FISCAL AND SOCIAL SUPERIORITY.

In Bush’s case, it was simply another reason and display that showed why he would never be able to stand-up to Hillary Clinton (if she makes it to the nomination) in the race for the Presidency.


I was communicating with a relatively young New York City LEFTIST relative, who I care for greatly, who is so stuck on “Hillary”, that the only way to separate her from Clinton would be with Plastic Surgery, who texted me at the very beginning of the debate to RUB-IT-IN, as to how the Republicans will look like fools by the end of the evening.

She fully admitted, that she knew very little about any of the Republican Candidates, to the point that she hardly knew their names, let alone their backgrounds, their accomplishments, and where they stood on anything.

As far as she was concerned, which she learned from the LEFTIST Mainstream Media, all of these people were FAR RIGHT WING NEANDERTHALS without a serious and contemplative thought between them.


1 – The first thing she texted to me, was how HORRIBLE and RUDE, the three moderators were.

2 – Then by Text, she was interested in knowing something about people like CRUZ and Carson.

3 – And from HATING Carly Fiorina, she stopped thinking of her as the failed JOKE the Left Wing Media portray her to be.


That’s true if you are a LEFT WING IDIOT, or someone who is deaf, because in spite of the HORRIFIC Moderators, it was incredible how many things were brought to the table, from economic plans, to going back on the Gold Standard, to what to do with the misery of Obamacare.

We heard no shortage from these Candidates, as to how they would reestablish America’s Global EXCEPTIONALISM and security, which under Obama has become a very troubled and dangerous world. And how each of them would commit ALL-IN to America’s Military.

And they discussed how to reduce taxes and create a far easier and fairer tax return. They talked about entitlements to a lessor degree, but spoke about Pensions and Social Security to a much greater level.

And they spoke about wiping out SUFFOCATING regulations . . .



1 – It showed the LEFTIST Media for what it really is.

2 – It showed a thoughtful and respectful group of Republican Candidates.

3 – It sounded the Political Death Knell for Bush and Kasich.

4 – It didn’t really help or hurt Trump or Carson, but did magic for Cruz and Rubio.


By Howard Galganov

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  1. Boy did Cruz ever shine! He has a memory for the spoken word and mastery of language that cannot be matched by any other major politician. Also the will to stand up for the what is right in his perception, which pretty much is alignment with mine.
    John Ross
    Vero Beach FL

  2. To compare the Democrat candidates to the Republican ones is like trying to compare a skate board to a Maserati. The best of them couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation with any of the Republicans. Two were smart enough to drop out but the credentials of the head of the list is a profound liar and basically a grifter, aka con artist with zero accomplishments that might benefit anyone but herself.

  3. My thoughts exactly. The people got to see what liberal trash host actually look like. I am so proud of the candidates who fought back against their dreadful questions.

  4. Spot-on as always Howard….it is always a pleasure to read your offerings…

    Ed Tait, Victoria, British Columbia

  5. I think by having a brash candidate like Trump opened the eyes of the other candidates. I believe they thought if Trump can get down to the facts, we should also. So there you have it and in the end most people saw that the Liberals were a bunch of liars. In my thoughts I hope Trump wins as he will destroy Hillary.

  6. As usual, your analysis is so correct. We, as a country, are truly fortunate to have so many great Republican candidates, nearly any of which, would get my vote in any presidential election for decades.

  7. you sized it up perfectly, as usual. Preibus is keeping NBC out of the next debate as retribution, and hopefully will follow through with other debates if there are any. Nov 10 NBC will not be participating. As you said there were benefits, the candidates did well, and some who never had the chance were highlighted. And mostly CNBC was shown for what they are absolute “DRECK”!

  8. You nailed it Howard, I’ve been waiting anxiously for your analysis!!

  9. Thank you for separating Social Security and pensions from other entitlements (misnomer) recipients. Two earn it because they paid into it. The other group is unearned benefit (paid for by others). Being a Social Security recipient from years of working, I resent being clumped in with welfare recipients. I could get on a soapbox with this but will refrain. I suspect you and most all who comment know where I’m coming from.

  10. Many of us do not watch the “Liberal” debates. Unfortunately the Fox debate thanks to Queen Kelley and “Thanks to my Father for this job” Chris, was the same. More people watch a soccer match in Spain then these shows. They never ask questions concerning what is wrong with everything in this Country, only the “gotcha topics”. They are all idiots getting a big pay check. We need a strong head of the RNC, but who?

  11. I will vote for the candidate that I believe will truly honor the oath of office: “to support and defend the Constitution”
    which has been decimated by our current President. He or she must also restore integrity to the three branches of our
    Gov., Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, keeping the U.S. a true Republic. All the other issues are incidental and will then
    be resolved. Dr. Carson and Ted Cruz inspire the most confidence!

  12. Howard ,I only wish the Republican Candidates would pack together to walk off the stage. If this ever happens again. Leaving what ever Network hanging with the Loss of their Sponsors Tens of Millions of Dollars. They paid for a Republican Political debate for Presidency. Instead of a Left Wing Liberal Assault on the Candidates. Would you Publish that thought for Canadian and USA Candidates. And I am still supporting Donald Trump. Again I thank you Howard for your continued efforts.

  13. For some very simple reason the moderators approached the hearing as if they were doing a The Daily Show skit and the canidates would go along for the laughs. Back to the drawing board, CNBC and DNC, politics is not show business, The Daily Show wasn’t news, it was comedy.

  14. Third time’s a charm, the candidates finally realize that they don’t need the RNC! Real debates, max 5 candidates, max one moderator, same questions for each candidate 3-4 minutes per response, no rebuttals, no rebuttals, no rebuttals. Bye bye Kasich, bye bye Bush, Must keep Rand Paul. He is the best statesman in the Senate, but not our candidate , that would be Carson or Trump. Rubio, please..a slick politician, Cruz Attorney General, Carly bye bye! Christie fun to listen to..Bye

  15. KUDOS to CNBC for the GIFT they provided to the Republican candidates at the last debate. There’s no doubt that this debate BACKFIRED on the Democrats—so much for their plan to DEMEAN and INSULT the Republicans’ intelligence! The Republicans finally UNITED and defended their positions. Hillary NEVER answered the 3:00 AM Benghazi call. Which Republican candidate would be most able to handle crises in the next presidential term? My money’s on TRUMP. AMEN!

  16. My theory is the liberal left are SO fearful of Carly debating Hillary they are doing everything they can to ignore her…Carly would bury her…..

  17. There were six winners and four losers on the stage. Winners – Cruz, Carson, Trump, Rubio, Huckabee, and lastly Christie. I agree it was a golden opportunity for those liberals who have their lips on the butts of demorats and rinos and who blindly follow the msm like robots to see and learn some fact and truth.

  18. Howard, spot on!!! The only good debate, that I have seen so far, was the Hertiage Fountation – Take Back America. I really, got a good chance to see the GOP Candidates reveal themselves. Trump was not at that debate, it wouldn’t have worked for him. The candidates were asked individual questions, completely on stage, alone. Again, I happed to have liked that format, because, I really got a chance to hear their ideas and solutions. I am still undecided, since, we have a long, long way to go.

  19. Yesterday on the Hannity radio program, Hannity and his guest were discussing the fact that Cruz has perfect audio recall, similar to a person who has perfect visual recall. It allows him to accurately repeat the sequence and content of things he has heard. Just another instance of the super intelligence of the man, a true conservative who speaks for us. I’ve been a Cruz supporter since he ran for the Senate in Texas, and will continue to support this fine young man.

  20. I thought Cruz, in particular, was really spot on with his comments. I kind of like Ben Carson. I’ll take a guess that he infuriates most left-wing blacks who have no concept of what a conservative is. My concern about him is that he might appear, on the surface at least, a bit too easy going to take on Hillary in a debate or, for that matter, in the election itself.

  21. Read an article in Canada Free Press that says Obama’s campaign team worked hard to get Trudeau elected. What do you know about this? Sounds sinister at the very least but usual for Obama’s being sneaky.

  22. In response to Mr. Wallace Day, I also like Ben Carson. At this point I don’t know that he is the one, but he’d definitely in my pen of keepers for now. As to coming up against Hillery I’d pass along something the big boys in the barbershop always told me “Still waters run deep”. Against Ben, Hillery just might find herself sucked away in the undercurrent.

    Always a great job Howard. Thanks, keep up the good work.

    Ron Kalcso Algarrobo, Chile, South America

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