In his last SURRENDER to Obama and the LEFT, retiring House Speaker John Boehner, who has proven that he deserves to wear the mantle of RINO like none other . . . kicked Conservatives where the sun doesn’t shine, in his last budget deal.

Instead of going out like a Conservative Patriot Warrior, Boehner chose to go out with a whimper, giving Obama a record of just about 100% successes against Conservative Republicans throughout Obama’s thus far . . . 7-Years in the White House.

IN THE BIG PICTURE . . . this last surrender by Boehner to Obama, will not make much of a difference to the existing financial American calamity, because the financial hurt is so huge, that surrendering this last BUDGET Battle, is tantamount to a drop in the proverbial bucket.

BUT WHAT IT REALLY DOES . . . is add even more damage to the Republican Brand, which in the eyes of the people is so damaged already, that most Conservative Republicans have very little to NO REASON TO VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2016.


IN MY PERFECT WORLD . . . I would support the Conservative Patriot Republicans starting their own Party, to campaign against the RINOS, because, if the Republicans don’t have what it takes to fight for the principles they say they believe in . . . OF WHAT VALUE ARE THEY?


It isn’t by some mysterious fluke that Establishment Republican Candidates, all of whom, wish to become the Party Nominee for the leader of the Party are LITERALLY being thrown under the ESTABLISHMENT BUS. Or more succinctly, it is more akin to throwing the RINOS out with the garbage.

IT’S NOT AS IF CARSON, TRUMP, AND FIORINA . . . are necessarily better or smarter than all the other candidates – IT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT THE OTHER CANDIDATES. Which to me, says that the Republican Establishment just doesn’t get it that their days are done.

There are (and were) some really good Republican Candidates running, who have good records, like Perry, Kasich, Bush, Huckabee, Rubio, Santorum . . . etc – all of whom have been discarded like yesterday’s news, who under “normal” political times would be the hands-on-favorites . . . BUT NOT ANYMORE.


The Establishment Political Class bamboozled the American people in 2008, with this TOO BIG TO FAIL CRAP that bailed-out Mega Banks, Wall Street Traders, General Motors, Chrysler, Unions, and other Corporate Welfare Thieves . . . are the same ESTABLISHMENT BAD ACTORS who want to become the Republican NOMINEE.


I just saw Kevin McCarthy live on TV, laud John Boehner for this final Boehner SELL-OUT, saying how wonderful this Budget Compromise is, and how it lives up to Republican VALUES.

THE MCCARTHY BS WAS SO THICK . . . that Conservative Republicans deserve great credit for making certain McCarthy would never become Speaker of the House. But, as it is looking now, keeping another Boehner, whether it was McCarthy or another like him out of power, moving toward Ryan just might not be enough.

JUST LIKE THE BANKS . . . and all the other Bad Actors were not too big to fail – NEITHER is the Republican Party. And if they continue to pull this same CRAP of surrendering before they even fight . . . WHO NEEDS THEM?



Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, please, no more for today. I don’t have enough Port left to sip on while reading you editorials and yelling at the screen like I do while watching pathetic Maple Laughs games!!!! I thought your ‘serfs/vassals’ one was best…this is a topical close second. When the He double hockey sticks are we, the decent, law abiding, hard working ‘makers’ of the world going to ‘wake up’????? Time to take control back of our streets, towns, cities and countries starting with tough immigration

  2. Gee, do you think these gentlemen know something is coming and want to be on the left side of things? How do you spell purges? I hmmmmm?

  3. What most are forgetting: commodities are denominated
    in US dollars. Gold, oil, grains etc. Therefore the US can run
    whatever deficite they wish.
    If China, who holds huge dollar reserves, acts to change that to, for example,
    some type of International currency, the US is broke!
    3rd world.

  4. Facing REALITY can often be depressing, but if one is an OPTIMIST, it can also AWAKEN and REINFORCE one to fight at a GREATER level! TRUMP appears to be the only one who should become president, as the Democrats FEAR him and the RINOS feel THREATENED by his agenda. He SPEAKS OUT exactly what the people are THINKING and FEELING about our present SOCIALIST Government. Besides, who would make a greater DEBATER against the Democratic presidential candidate? Vice President = Huckabee or Carson. AMEN!

  5. I so agree with your every word, anyone with a working brain can see what has taken us down, the Rhino’s in conjunction with the power structure Obama is afforded meaning Executive Action. We do have to make a new party of outsiders. Nothing could do more damage to our country or our world like the current Status we are living with. So right on Howard, you couldn’t have said it better and this editorial is all fact!

  6. I’m beginning to wonder if anyone in Congress, who “claims” to be conservative, truly is. I just received a solicitation from Daniel Webster, (R-FL), to support his “campaign” for Speaker of the House! Seriously, why on earth does a sitting Representative have to launch a paid campaign for an internal position? And, he’s supported by the Freedom Caucus! If conservatives aren’t truly conservative, we are so totally hosed!

  7. Excellent analysis, as usual. Please pardon my cynicism, but I see increasing violence, hatred and manipulation at all levels dominating the news, from my local neighborhood to foreign countries. I wonder how far we are from the point of no return.

  8. In your second paragraph, third line, the words “thus far” sent chills through my entire body. I’ve said from the beginning of his first term that Obama would seek a third. I can’t tell you how distressing it is to realize that someone whose opinion I admire tremendously just might agree.

    Susanne Sauer, Douglassville, PA

  9. I’m contributing, supporting, emailing, and praying for Dr Ben Carson. We need to all do everything possible to stop the lunacy in Washington. I honestly think there are enough disgruntled Americans to pull it off. I hope we can all do it together…. we better!!!

  10. Ben Carson needs further examination It has been said he is connected with Farrakkhan ( Spelling is wrong ) Why they got upset about Mr Trump saying he did not know anything about the 7 Day Adventist is hard to understand. David koresh was of that faith .Sure someone should remember the Waco episode. Just needs to be vetted or something

  11. You talked about establishment republicans not standing for conservative values even though they say they do, then you asked, ARE THE RINOS SO BLIND THAT THEY CANNOT SEE? My answer is “YES”, intentionally so. Rinos are ones who’ve been in office for upwards of 20+ years & have shielded themselves with enlarging their egos & pockets & being in the establishment “good ole boys” club. Indeed we need to start over & put in term limits. Founding fathers never intended those positions to be career.

  12. And, Michael Reagan just said that “the GOP candidate who most resembles his father, President Ronald Reagan, is Jeb Bush”.

    You have to wonder what these self-described “conservatives” are really thinking. Or, IF they thinking.

  13. I agree with all of your comments with the exception of the comments about Fiorina. She is nothing more than a female barack-haman Obama. ANyone and I mean anyone who supports common core and the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam is ineligible in my book for my vote. By the way Howard, I am a vet and I have been a Mideast traveler. Therefore I am well within my rights to say what I am saying about Fiorina. ANYONE who supports the moon god worshipers is a traitor.

  14. Howard, John Boehner sold out to Obama at his first invited visit to the Whitehouse. He sang Obama’s praise with a smile of “GLEE” on his face. I believe we need laws that would punish these Rhinos. As Traitors to the Voters who put their trust in them. Makes you wonder what his price tag hanging on him for life was. I have no doubt he sold, I only wonder what he sold America’s future for. Keep pressing Howard.

  15. Wow that list of names you hav here claiming they were good candidates really explains a whole lot. Especially how Canada has gotten to the point of you all new PM. Geez Howard Bush, Kasich, Perry, the Huckster? My goodness maybe for Canadians but not for Us. Phew I am stunned. P.s. bytheway for all of her in fear of Hillary an, Poland legislature has now NONE, ZERO, ZIPPO NOT A SINGLE ONE, liberal. All conservatives. Way to go Poland.

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