Call Me Viper-Phobic . . . Who Would Care?


If I said that I was frightened of Venomous Snakes, and didn’t want any living in my midst, no one would think anything of it, other than to agree.

If I told you that I was concerned about having Pedophiles living in proximity of my children, you wouldn’t disagree with that either.

And if I made a thing about drug dealers hanging around my neighborhood, I could probably organize a group of vigilantes, if the police couldn’t or wouldn’t help.


I’m not going to waste anyone’s time listing the MANY THINGS about Sharia that fly in the face of everything we believe about our FREEDOMS & EQUALITIES, other than to make it absolutely clear, that SHARIA is the most DESTRUCTIVE cultural disease known to FREEDOM.


“A” is Sharia – “B” is Islam. No “B” – NO “A” . . . It doesn’t get simpler than that.

How about where the Rule of Islam is the POSTER-CHILD for utterly failed countries and cultures? And how about our FREEDOMS of Religion and Expression, which are guaranteed in our Constitutions, which is used as the HIGH-SPEED gateway to Sharia and the destruction of our same FREEDOMS, which will be used by Islamists to do-us-in?


In the USA, it has become RACIST at the highest levels, from the White House down . . . to CRITICIZE Islam, even when mass murder like 9/11 and LONE WOLF MURDERS, like the murder of 13-People and the wounding of 30-others at Fort Hood Texas, are carried out in the name of Mohammed – screaming out Allahu Akbar by the MURDERERS while they do their vile deed.


Believe it or not . . . In Canada, where we supposedly have Freedom of Expression guaranteed by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I DO NOT HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CRITICIZE ISLAM.

And now that Trudeau is the Prime Minster, where the Human Rights Commissions were somewhat held at bay by Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, under Trudeau, they will be unleashed with a FURY.


As I write this editorial, Moslems are INVADING Europe by the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS, with all their Sharia PREJUDICES, Hell-Bent on making European countries more like the cultures from where they are supposedly fleeing, while Secular, Jewish and Christian Europeans are looking-on with despair.

And now with Trudeau, Canada, with a small population of less than 35-Million people, are “inviting” 25-Thousand Moslem Refugees to our shores, without any type of serious vetting.

BUT WHY SHOULD I COMPLAIN . . . since Obama is targeting at least 200-THOUSAND Moslem Refugees to come to the United States of America, under the same vacuous criteria?

A FEW PARAGRAPHS UP . . . I wrote about the disasters that are befalling Europe, but why should I point to such a distant land to see the disaster that Sharia brings wherever it goes, when all I have to do is point to Detroit?

In reality, between Islam and Black Lives Matter . . . who in his or her right mind wants to live or invest anywhere in or near Detroit?


ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION . . . Islam is Moslem GOVERNANCE that supersedes all forms of Democracy, in-spite of what people say to the contrary.

And Ben Carson was 100% Right . . . when he said that he would NEVER vote for someone who wouldn’t swear an oath to denounce Sharia, in lieu of running for the Office of the President of the United States of America.

BUT LET ME ADD TO THAT – I don’t think anyone should be given Landed Immigrant Status in Canada, a Green Card in the USA, or Citizenship in either country, who would not be willing to sign a PLEDGE to our Secular Constitutions abandoning Sharia.

AND MORE TO THE POINT – Moslem signers of a Pledge To the Secular Rule of Law should understand, that any violation of their oath would result in immediate disenfranchisement and deportation. And even then . . . I would be concerned about a flood of Moslems into my country.


Many people with good hearts and White Judeo/Christian GUILT always quote how all of us, who in one way or another came to our respective countries from somewhere else, became 100% ASSIMILATED over the space of a Generation or two. But in the case of Islam, there is plenty of proof to the contrary.

OUR JUDEO/CHRISTIAN ANCESTORS . . . including my grandparents, came to Canada to have their children become assimilated in a country awash with personal FREEDOMS, which is not what Islamists do when they hit our shores.


And no matter what anyone says, including the Courts . . . we have an absolute obligation to protect and preserve all the FREEDOMS, which were earned and won in Blood and Treasure, not to be squandered by the fear of Judicial Retribution on the Altar of Islam.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well stated. Incidentally the principle you cite is in both OT and NT. I wrote and published 2 books on holocaust survivors, and I think you are correct about France. There are a lot of French Jews going to Israel today due to the muslim anti-semitism. There is another principle..if you live by the sword you die by the sword..which is not applied in Israel today (my opinion). The murderer of 3 Jewish boys was caught, tried and sentenced to 3 life term sentences instead of execution.

  2. Once again you have verbalized my concerns exactly. Following the election of brainless boy wonder, I realized that I could be targeted for sharing information and truth about Islam. Quebec has recently made it illegal to say anything negative about Islam….wonder how that is working out for the Quebec Sovereignists who have been so concerned about English trumping French society…..Canada will return to the days of persecution of people like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn

  3. I agree whole heartedly with you. Our disgraceful POTUS has said many times how wonderful Islam is, so I think he should go where it is practiced and stay there. Preferable Iraq.

  4. At age 78, honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps, my main working life behind me, I am totally in fear of and disgusted with the United States’ political “leaders”. Islam is not a religion as are all other religions. Islam is a political force using a religious overlay as a “cover” for world domination they have espoused since the 7th Century.

    Muslim invaders bring no overall benefit to the US. They fill no need of ours. They are a terrible risk. We are sheep. The future is blea

  5. Islam – perfect Halloween prank – masquerading as a peaceful religion when it is anything but! Wake up! Canada and America!.

  6. This week in Houston, TX there is a shortage of rental cars. The remnants of Hurricane Patricia cruising through Texas forced many Muslims in town for a convention to take their rental cars to Dallas, New York, Atlanta and Florida in order to catch flights back to their native countries when flights in Houston were cancelled.

  7. I’m just glad that I am too old and don’t have any kids to worry over. This is the end of western civilization as we once knew it but it was there for one bright shining moment. The world will now revert to the usual where freedom is unknown.

  8. Howard, I’m no coward, and I made it known on my pg. that no one should discuss Islam or Sharia no posts sent to me. Although what I get from other fly all over the place. What does that tell you I’m nervous, frightened of Islam and their Sharia practices, and their reactions to no respect for no human life. So I share other posts. Why I’ve got a family, kids, grandkids and I fear for them. Am I a coward, yes when it comes to my loved ones!

  9. After the Boston Marathon bombing, Justin Trudeau in an interview thought it important to find the ‘root causes’ of why outwardly appearing normal young guys resort to such violence against innocent people and a great free nation. After our recent election last week, I for one would like to know the ‘root causes’ for stupidity. America be warned. Bend heaven and earth to put a true Republican into the White House. Canadians just proved they are a bunch of profoundly dumb asses.

  10. I see your blog as a powerful tool to effectively sway the Independents and the Blue Dogs. It certainly has with me. With all due respect, by not having a radio talk show in the US, your supreme knowledge of history plus your brilliance as a presenter, cannot influence the vote, as do many other radio talk show hosts. e.g Rush,Savage, etc. The icing on the case is: you have much experience from your radio talk show, back in the day in Montreal.

  11. A friend and I have tried for a number of years to advise people of the dangers of shari’a law. It is subhuman law; cruel beyond belief; medieval torture that Islam means to spread around the Earth. Because Obama was raised as a Muslim and is leaning over backwards to ingratiate us all to the will of Islam, we are in grave danger of losing all our freedoms and finding ourselves subject to shari’a — beheadings, hands and feet chopped off, women losing all rights and being stoned if raped. More.

  12. You are correct. They do not assimilate. A friend was going from the parking lot into Billings Bridge Shopping Center, following several Simoleon females who were scattering food wrappers as they walked toward the entrance. She asked them: “Please don’t drop your trash here. Please hold it and put it into the trash containers at the entrance.” The response was: Piss off you bitch. Mind your own business. At Herongate Mall, some Caucasians are afraid to talk with anyone.

  13. Howard….this is the best summation and overview of Sharia and Islam with its’ major threat to our culture that has been born from many generations of hard work and sacrifice by our forefathers/mothers in Canada and the USA. If people read your words and those of the comments here, they need not read or search any where else for the truth about the danger that is about to swarm us. As Jefferson once said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” & freedom I might add.
    The time to act is no

  14. You know what they say…Mo Hammad -Mo Problems!

    We can’t make the middle east a safer place by bringing them all here but thanks to PC lefty retard vote buying politicos -that’s exactly what we are doing. Sorry, but Muslim immigration has failed in Sweden, Germany, Britain and many other countries but somehow we are going to make multiculturalism work here -Yeah!

    Sorry but wasn’t complete neighborhoods in NJ and Michigan clapping and cheering in the streets on 9-11. Stop the madness!!!

  15. Apparently we have ALL forgotten “stick and stones…but names will never hurt me”? You can call me a racist or whatever all day long. I couldn’t care less. My reply: “This is America, I have that right.” and then I shrug and walk away. I simply do not give a fat rat’s patootie what anyone wants to call me. I’m not running for office, they can’t really DO anything to me unless they have ABSOLUTE PROOF and even then what can they do? NOTHING. Unless they’d like to kiss a part of my anatomy…

  16. You are correct in your assessment Howard. I wish there was the ability to send all the liberals who say the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam is peaceful to the front row of the viewers when the activate chop chop square. Then ask them if they still believe what they said. Women of any age who say they are peaceful are just as blind as a bat and stupid to boot.

  17. We have a Muslim President and 90% Muslim administration. WHAT DO PEOPLE EXPECT WHEN THEY VOTE FOR A MUSLIM? He won’t even call the terrorists “terorists” no mater how many heads they cut off, christians they slaughter, slaves they capture, women for sex and men for labor.

  18. Sadly, some people can’t face REALITY unless they FEEL that they are PERSONALLY affected. It appears that these same people would need to experience a tragedy similar to 911 in order to believe and understand what the ISLAMIC INFLUENCE is doing to America and throughout the world. People need to first WAKE UP and GET RID of the LIBERAL ADMINISTRATION by voting in a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT; otherwise, we will ALL be DOOMED. WAKE UP people–our FREEDOM is being STOLEN right from under our eyes. AMEN!

  19. Good one Howard. Just wondering if anyone, of authority, has ever given consideration to this: 75% of the arab immigrants are male. When they are safely established within the borders of Canada and the U.S.A. they will quickly move to phase two of the real plan, which is to request the right to bring the remainder of their families to our countries. Just multiply the original allowed number of immigrants by seven and you will see an amazing end result: 150,000 x 7 = 1,050,000. The real total.

  20. When Stephen Harper wanted to vet “refugees” coming to Canada before they get here, taking away Canadian citizenship from convicted terrorists foreign born, or banning the burqua and all face coverings for ciitizenship and for government services, Trudeau and the press were screaming that Mr. Harper was anti-Muslim, Islamaphobic, and divisive. The Ontario Liberals toyed with the idea of Sharia courts. With the coming to power of the Permanent Moron (PM) Trudeau, we should all worry.

  21. Since the election, I have been quite troubled as to what will happen to Canada. Allowing 25,000 muslims who procreate like rabbits will become 100,000 very quickly. I do not want Canada to be another Germany or Sweden. I fear for us, and for today’s Canadian kids.
    Howard… keep telling us all..we must be aware! Good work!

  22. I agree with you here EXCEPT any pledge they give means nothing as you know from your knowledge of the Koran,etc.

  23. Howard, many people have said that Obama is a Muslim..I agree that he is. I recently read an article that claims that Obama was groomed and installed by the Prince of Saudi Arabia’s money and power. He was a relatively unknown elected official until he started to campaign for the Presidency. His background is Muslim and ONLY a Muslim will bow to an Arab Royal as Obama did..that was a mistake on his part at that time.

    Everything he has done up to now has all been for Muslims..think about

  24. And we here in Europe are allowing them in, free entry, like there is no tomorrow.
    Merkel ignored and contravened the EU Schengen agreement. THAT is the real issue.
    Immigrants, by EU law are to register and stay in the first EU Country they enter.
    Arabs and Sharia are one thing. ISIS members entering as “refugees” are quite another.

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