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When you can no longer trust your government, the courts, the bureaucracy . . . and you discover that you work for them, opposed to them working for you, it’s time for CHANGE, not the OBAMA BS CHANGE, but rather . . . THE REAL THING.

As a Canadian, watching the beginning of the end of our Canadian FREEDOMS & PROSPERITY, at the hands of an IGNORANT & SELFISH electorate who voted for a HARD LEFT DILETTANTE, my last hope is in the wisdom of Conservative Americans taking back their country in 2016, while leading us by example.


Thomas Jefferson, one of the world’s greatest political thinkers, who was amongst the most robust of Patriots, wrote some 250-Years ago about the fragility of FREEDOM, in his indomitable letter known as THE TREE OF LIBERTY . . .

“The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants. It is it’s natural manure”.


“What country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms”.

AND . . .

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it”.


Thomas Jefferson wasn’t the only American Founding Father & FRAMER of the US Constitution to express GREAT FEAR & TREPIDATION towards the abuse of power in Washington at the hands of the RULING CLASS.

To me . . . it seems incredible, given the unparalleled sacrifice of the FRAMERS of the US Constitution, many of whom, paid the ultimate price for their courage in fighting to construct the greatest REPUBLIC IN FREEDOM ever known to mankind, and in many ways surpassing the Magna Carta, which the American people are now simply throwing away.


The US Constitution . . . in most ways – at least to me, resembles the TEN COMMANDMENTS in reason and simplicity, which is a document that survives the changes and challenges of time in its Moral Clarity.

YET – THE LEFTIST AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT is constantly challenging the Wisdom and Patriotism of the FOUNDING & FRAMING FATHERS, from the security of TENURED educators, literally from NURSERY SCHOOLS TO POST GRADUATE UNIVERSITIES, teaching our children all that they perceive to be wrong with America and the American Dream. In the process, creating an Anti-American, American class.

We are bearing witness to NON ELECTED COURTS, from the lowest judiciaries, to the US Supreme Court, passing Judgments that FLY-IN-THE-FACE of those Constitutional Laws they swore an oath to defend.


Which brings me back to Thomas Jefferson and his TREE OF LIBERTY, which by today’s standards, is a challenge and an affront to the RULING CLASS.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . If Thomas Jefferson and all the FRAMERS were to take to the streets today, advocating what they fought to the death to pursue almost 250-Years Ago, they would be arrested, charged, and imprisoned as enemies of the state.


WE FIGHT IN EVERY WAY WE CAN . . . we write, we produce, we speak, we shout, we organize, we practice civil disobedience, and MOTIVATE as many people as we possibly can, so all can remember what the cost was to create the REPUBLIC of the United States of America.

AND WE STOP APOLOGIZING IN CANADA AND THE USA . . . for our successes, our lifestyles, our Conservative values, for being White Skinned and Black Skinned Conservatives . . . and we stop surrendering our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS TO THE TYRANNY OF THE MINORITIES.

AND IF FAILURE IS THE REALITY . . . after doing all we can to win back our FREEDOMS: WE FIGHT.

I have enormous fear for the future of Canada at the control of a Prime Minster, who in a real world of responsible politics should never have been elected . . . BUT DONE IS DONE, AND THE CONSEQUENCES WILL BE PAID.

THAT SAID . . . I can ADVOCATE to my core for the preservation of Conservative Values in the USA and Canada, and use my communicative Talents, this BLOG, and wherever else I can, to have a voice to encourage American Patriots to stand strong, and Canadian Conservatives not to give up.

IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO FOR AMERICA. And it is perhaps the LAST BEST HOPE FOR CANADA, which can be saved from DOOM after 2016, if America’s Conservatives Prevail.

It’s a lot to ask . . . but for Canada, Israel, and the rest of the world – we’re depending on you America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I read all your blogs and agree with you every time. Thank You for saying what you believe and not being afraid of a backlash. America, with our muslim president, is bringing us down to the level of the French, because he hates this country and wants us to be like a third world country, where he was born.
    Ann Brown, Lake Toxaway, NC

  2. It is sad that the electorate does not understand that governments do for you in direct proportion to what they do to you

  3. I fear we are in for some years of pain in NA. I pretty-boy in Canada who has the ability and experience of a beach ball. A mini barry hussein.
    In the US a somewhat large bottomed liar who can smirk her way out of anything and everything and unless a miracle, the next Pres.
    The Benghazi enquiry was nothing but a sham. Only succeeded in boosting her ratings!

  4. The next POTUS will be President of WHAT?
    The weakest military in 75 years
    An out of control welfare state
    Bankrupt, Medicare, social security,
    An educational system in shambles.
    With 95 million workers sitting it out, creating a 20% reality based unemployment rate.
    An Infrastructure in shambles
    Manufacturing base gone
    A stock market fueled not by economic activity but the printing of money. Monetized debt.
    An immigrant invasion in progress taking advantage of open borders.
    A system of

  5. Hilary will never be POTUS. I don’t know if Trump will win the nomination but if he does, he should win the election as he will chop Pantsuits to hamburger in a debate if he doesn’t torque the electorate by slamming Ben Carson who is going to make a terrific Surgeon General. Trump needs to lay off the rhetoric and start laying out policy–and he needs to FIRE the advisers that came from the RNC because their job is to bring him DOWN as their future (every 2 years=new election) rides on it.

  6. I am disgusted that the lemmings, and sheep of our countires simply slop up the porrige of lies, obfuscations, half truths and imperial drivel they call “What America needs,, what you need, and what we can provide for you,..just join us and work with us!”
    I think you may be absolutely right, we are only scant months away from rebellion, the civil disobediance we’ve seen, is a “contrived” type shown so far, plays into the Liberal plan. “We will Protect you, we will care for you, trust us!

  7. Howard I feel your pain, and it hurts tremendously, we’ll come through this America will overcome, the electorate decides that, unfortunately the dummies are out there. I blog for hrs. I blog on Trumps FB pg. he is the man, no one can come close. When he gets elected and he will Canada will see what their missing and it will be highlighted and then CHANGE. Help us with your blogs i post them everytime i receive, play a part for us it will follow through!

  8. Howard, I fear for our countries and our Western Christian based societies…..we have banned the teachings of the bible in school….have started to indoctrinate our children with Islam in place at school….we have abandoned our morals….we have embraced and keep electing lying politicians…Racism has been encouraged and promoted by our politicians at the highest level…our police are under attack…I’m afraid that our days as a ‘free’ society are numbered”….god help us all

  9. Without an excellent education system to teach the populace of the wisdom of America’s founders in order to ensure it’s survival, it is all for nought if that system is high-jacked by politically correct power mongers intent on dumbing down the people in order to achieve it’s objectives. The net result is that we get stuck with electoral frauds like Obama and total unbelievably ignorant twits like Justin Trudeau.

  10. Why have the freed Arab countries failed ? Our parents/ grand parents defined democracy and built it. It is not for all. The Left is really anti-democracy ,The Elitists need us to vote them in , for a While Yet. They control all aspects of our lives through the media. People presently want to be TOLD what to do, and protected .They refuse to act on their own: too hard , not required : democracy is in fact not for them . We, the originators, are watching it fail , very subtly, in N. America !

  11. The Hells Angels in Canada are protesting the legalization of marijuana. How ironic. In Alberta we have the NDP. It hasn’t taken long for unrest to raise its head. People are losing their toys and their homes due to the oil and gas sector drying up. Where do the Liberals think their transfer payments will come from? Ms. Notley raised taxes – the money will finally come from those that voted for her. Lets see how they like it. The same goes for those that voted Liberal. It will be interesting.

  12. The world is getting to be scarier and scarier! Especially here in North America! The US may finally be seeing the last of B.O., but I shudder to think that perhaps his replacement may be as bad – or worse! What has happened to ‘thinking’ people?? Look at what recently took place in Canada! REALLY, Canadians? Electing a former drama teacher, for Pete’s sake!!??? Because of his surname?? Sadly, memories are short, because the former PM of that name wasn’t the best PM Canada has had.

  13. Howard, you correct. Read G-d’s Word in the Book of Revelation. I know, Jews do not consider the NT part of G-d’s Word, but IT IS!! Read it anyway. It is a roadmap for today. Best we can do is fight as we can and pray to G-d for forgiveness of individual/national sins. II Ch. 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  14. Here in Canada the socialist freeloaders just voted out the best Prime Minister we ever had. It seem it was done out of ignorance, I mean the not knowing ignorance of the supposed to be intellectuals. but only their self righteous omnipotence. Then there is the second group who hated PM Harper, like the first they are lazy sods who will not work for a living, ( not cannot – Will Not!) . These are the dependency group who expect government to look after them because they are lazy or inept. The fi

  15. We must impress upon Mr. Trudeau to ignore any advice; especially any economic, fiscal or financial advice that Mr. Obama may give him. With the actual unemployment rate in the USA at near 20%, the worker participation rate at an all-time low and consumer debt at a high, Mr. Obama has nothing to brag about. The only thing that pulled the USA out of the 1929 crisis was WWII when the spending was way over the GDP and everyone saved. Keynesian economics, just doesn’t work.

  16. Howard, you gave suggestions on how we should fight back. Yes, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. The PEOPLE will have to be continuously motivated to get involved and vote. REPUBLICANS MUST PREVAIL in 2016 or we will definitely be DOOMED! This is the TRUTH…not a fear tactic. Re: Hillarious–the BENGHAZI STORY isn’t done by any means, as the LAST chapter will tell it all! Her new ORANGE pant suit is being “designed”. The election games have begun and her foes will be “attacking” HER. AMEN!

  17. Our life with Barry Soetoro is not over yet and don’t count him out. I am sure he has cards to play and they are not in the best interest of the USA and its Citizens. I say this looking at his track record so far. He will not be happy until he fulfils his mandate. He made this clear from the start. Stay tuned everyone, we have a way to go yet.

  18. Howard, I agree 100%. Unfortunately, our electorate is unchanged (that elected BHO TWICE). I fear that the only solution might be, as you say,…armed insurrection. Thank the framers for the 2nd amendment. I think the US needs to throw out all case law currently on the books (no precedents) and simply go back to the constitution and start over. Abolish all of the departments of education, energy, etc and return to the basics of limited government. My opine +$2.50 will get u a cup of coffee

  19. All the more reason to have elections every year! The electorate then will be in charge, much like the required elections of the Board of Directors for all listed companies on the Stock Market. The difference will be that the individual will be in control, not like in the stock market where the owners of the most shares get the most votes. All would be equal, one person=one vote!

  20. It has all been said in previous comments, although, to confirm; there are many, pray God still in sufficient numbers once Mr. Trudeau drowns the Country in Refugees, (who will undoubtedly, as quickly as government is able to make it possible, become citizens and voters, who agree with you…) the question is: Will there be anything we will be able to do about it, without ending-up in jail…I fear you and those of us who speak-out already have red-stars on our files in Ottawa….

  21. Well said, Howard! I despair at Canada being represented internationally by a totally unqualified dilettante. Closer to home, I also worry that the hard won economic gains under Mr. Harper will be squandered by this drama queen of a PM.

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