When The Truth Bites You In The ASS


Schadenfreude is a German word that literally describes the joy at learning of the failure, hardship, embarrassment . . . etcetera – of someone you don’t like, with the bigger the embarrassment, the better the Schadenfreude.

Before dealing with the Canadian Election Fiasco, I watched REALITY TV at its best or worst, depending on one’s perspective, as KABUKI Theatre was displayed for all to see on all the American News Networks, as Hilary Clinton played for the cameras, while Democrats at the hearing worked feverishly to BLAME Republicans for trying to find the TRUTH.

THE REAL CURRENT TRAGEDY . . . is that the people who are either too stupid or extreme in their LEFTIST beliefs, will believe that Clinton is the VICTIM, and the Republicans who are trying to find the TRUTH are the VILLAINS.

There’s more than enough Schadenfreude to go around for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton – combined and individually.


The people . . . just under TWO THIRDS of those who could vote, voted in Canada’s recent Federal Election (October 19, 2015), 40% of whom voted for the LEFTIST Liberals. 20% of the voters, who voted, wanted someone even more to the LEFT of the Liberals in the NDP (New Democrat Party). While just under 32% voted for the Conservative Status Quo.


If you’ve been reading my most current editorials, you already know that Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is a very sick joke on the entire country, who in a matter of weeks, not years, not months, BUT WEEKS will be giving Canadians from coast to coast no shortage of Schadenfreude.

Trudeau hasn’t taken office yet, since the transition will take some time until he can have his Cabinet sworn-in . . . BUT THAT HASN’T STOPPED him from already announcing huge policy changes, domestic and international.

1 – The Legalization of Marijuana.

2 – The immediate withdrawal of our Air force from the Middle East.

3 – The return of diplomatic status with Iran.


5 – The FULL THROATED GREENING of Canada . . . with more windmills and solar farms.

6 – A MAJOR increase in Value Added Taxes charged on all Canadian purchases.

7 – Much higher taxes on people earning more than $200,000 per year.

8 – The end of Spousal Income Splitting to reduce family taxes.

9 – Higher Corporate Taxes.

10 – The immediate IMMIGRATION of 25,000 Moslem “refugees”.


As bad as the preceding really is, it’s actually much worse than that. It is INDEED the beginning of the CASCADE DOWNWARD for Canada, like jumping from a plane without a parachute.


The government can take away as much from us as they can find.

The government can TAX us until we BLEED, until there’s nothing left. It can force us to run our companies to its standards, including who we can hire, how much we have to pay our employees, how much we have to match their benefits; such as healthcare, pensions, vacation pay – etc. And it can forbid us to fire someone just because.



No matter what the government would like to . . .

IT CANNOT FORCE someone to create and build.

IT CANNOT FORCE someone to own and operate a business.

IT CANNOT FORCE someone to hire people.

AND IT CANNOT FORCE anyone to pay in taxes what they don’t have.

WE DON’T HAVE TO WAIT TO ENJOY OUR SCHADENFREUDE, since it has already begun with many of the people, INCLUDING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, who are saying WTF (what the “F”), realizing the total BLUNDER made this past week, by electing a DILETTANTE, who after all is said and done, has no idea what he is doing.

IN FACT . . . I will go to the limit, questioning the level of Trudeau’s intelligence, since I’ve heard him speak, saw him interviewed, and read what he’s written multiple times, and am convinced that he is without question NOT THE SHARPEST PENCIL IN THE BOX.

And now that the election party is just about over, and the drunks are sobering-up, they are beginning to realize what they’ve done, as our Canadian Dollar fell TWO Percentage points right after Trudeau’s election victory.

For Canadians to buy a US Dollar . . . AS OF RIGHT NOW, we have to pay $1.313 plus a 2% transaction fee, which makes a US Dollar $1.35 to a Canadian. And as Trudeau begins his BORROWING and currency PRINTING SPREE, to begin paying for his promises, this spread is only the beginning.

Then there’s the corporate world, people like Anne and myself, who own and manage a small business, who will either pack-it in, since there’s no reason to run a business with all the stress and risks just to pay employees and taxes.

And I assure you . . . larger businesses which are NOT TOO BIG TO FAIL, are already doing a forensic look at how they can pare-down the size and cost of their workforce, because where’s the sense in employing people who control you, opposed to whom you can manage to meet your needs?


And now they will have to live with it. Unfortunately though, we too will all have to live with it. But at least we Conservatives can say WE TOLD YOU SO, and enjoy the SCHADENFREUDE of their FOLLY. And MUCH SOONER RATHER THAN LATER, the people will be begging for the return of a Conservative Government.

JUST A NOTE . . . Once again, I have to thank the anonymous man or woman for the US $5 Bill to support Galganov.com. As always, the envelope comes with nothing on it other than my address, a Post Mark, and a US Stamp.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on Howard.
    These bastards are enemy combatents and as such, whenver caught, should be tried in military courts.
    In the meantime I kind of like the expression “take no prisoners”.
    Unlike this puke in Boston where we will go thru 1200 candidates to make sure he has an impertial jury.
    A 45cent 9mm would be a lot cheaper!

  2. My heart aches for you, your wife, and all conservative Canadians. From your description, Trudeau is going to be more of a dismissed laughing stock internationally than Obama. And of course international respect for the nation, like the USA, will diminish along with it. Next time you & Anne journey to the USA, you will likely give more serious thought to staying. But if we’ve had an arranged fiasco that gives excuse for martial law, you might not get to.

  3. In one of his books, author Dick Francis, when England had the insane policy to tax the rich at yet a higher rate, said to the effect, “50% of something is better than 90% of nothing.”

    We choose to be either a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

  4. Sometimes it takes things getting worse before they begin to improve. I believe that is our current situation here in Canada. Our economy, military foreign policy, and social cohesion are already delicate enough, and I’m certain over the next 4 years things will begin imploding. Leftists currently control the parliaments of every province (save Saskatchewan), virtually every institution of “higher learning”, and now our Federal Government. The immediate future is not bright for my generation.

  5. The only thing missing were the two other witches (Pelosi & Feinstein) around the boiling pot! Whatever else could we have expected of the RICH BITCH WITCH and her asshole husband who is probably off playing HALLOWED WEENY with Monica during his wife’s absence for these hearings! GOD HELP THE USA!
    Bud Farrell, B-29 Gunner Korea

  6. I know there are many “Baracks” and “Justins” – overindulged 70 IQ marxist twits. They infest the universities and colleges. But what are the chances of two of them being placed in the position of chief executive of the two largest
    remaining free Western countries in the world? Dear Lord, if this is some idea of a joke, please stop.

  7. Words elude as to how the wool was pulled over so many people’s eyes. I blame the Canadian mainstream media. They have always hated Harper and have managed to sway a whole nation into believing them. You’d have thought after the fiasco of the Liberals in Ontario, that we would have clued in that Liberalism is not the answer (especially since most of the population is in Ontario). We are doomed!!!

  8. Living (for 70 years) in the Detroit area I always welcome when Canadians take another turn to the left. Like during his father’s time I will be able to take my American Dollars and buy premium products at a dramatically discounted rate from the stores and shops in Windsor. Thanks to the Canadians who don’t have a clue for voting this young man into office. You have made my day better. Too bad yours will not be the same. And we thought we were nuts with Obama.

  9. I feel so bad for Canadian conservatives like yourselves. Sadly, under Stephen Harper I at least thought I could go to Canada once Obama finally destroyed the U.S. Now there’s nowhere.

  10. Morning Howard, it’s probably time for you guys to come back to Texas. I would have thought the Canadians would have learned from the 7-year Obama fiasco – but they obviously didn’t. We have the capability here, for the most part, to spot phony and BS and would love to have you folks as additional clear-thinking Texas neighbors. I hope to meet you someday; Kerrville is not that far from Austin. J. Futch

  11. Fortunately, leaders in this part of the world are not elected for life. I like to compare political leaders to my dating history. Normally I would date sensible women who were predictable and most likely to be good mothers if I decided to marry. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I would notice those who were more exciting and had crazy families…a brother in jail, eccentric mother, alcoholic father, etc. After a bit of self inflicted abuse, I would normally return to the sensible type.

  12. Howard sounds like you just got the Canada version of Obama for your own. I wil say a prayer for your you, Ann, and your continued successful business. Ray Charles could see what was going on yesterday during that farce. While the crooked dems were busy patting Hillary on the back with praise and platitudes, the Reps were asking her common sense Q’s that a crooked lawyer would have a hard time swallowing answr. Over 600 requests for help and not single one she saw. Come on! Thanks for all you do

  13. Folks we need to come together in a unified prayer. That God will grant us Reprieve. With this Radical move to the left in Canada. And America facing the possibility of the “Hilderbeast”. !! Obama would appear as the Calm before the Storm. Keep up the good fight Howard.

  14. Its an ill wind that blows nobody good. I have an old acquaintance who used to be in the marijuana business. He tells me that all the “dealers” he knows voted Harper. :-). The thing about Harper that bothered me the most was his wasting over 20 billion annually on as many wars as possible. Maybe we should emulate Switzerland rather than the USA?
    159 Canadians died in Afghanistan FOR NOTHING. More refugees? Another useless Vietnam? But lets not forget it was the Liberals who put us there.

  15. Your election is a carbon copy of our last two presidential elections voters are low information ie stupid. We have many Canadian winter time visitors in SW Florida. I’m sure the dollar exchange rate is going to change that. Keep up the good work Howard, your editorials are always spot on.

  16. Howard I got a sinking feeling when I found out Trudeau had won as he is as bad or worse than Obama and I realized how painful this was for you and Anne. This is why Trump with all his faults is doing so well in the U.S. Trump’s ego will require that he is going to do what he says he is going to do and he is not beholden to donors and is not a career politician but color me unsophisticated but Trump is my man!

  17. My heart aches for you & all conservative Canadians. You are discovering what we have experienced under the rule of BHO. There is nowhere on this globe we can flee to. Yesterday’s Benghazi hearings were a window into the heart & soul of our deeply divided nation. The libs are busy covering up, lying, blaming, and doing ANYTHING to ensure their anointed one, Hillary Clinton, gets elected. Meanwhile conservatives are drilling for the truth on why we had 4 dead Americans. God help us all.

  18. Promises! Promises!
    If that’s his change like Obama’s ideas, we will pray for you here in the USA . You all can pray for us too, with another year with Obuma! God help us all!

    JC Clement, Ocala, Florida

  19. “Then there’s the corporate world, people like Anne and myself, who own and manage a small business, who will either pack-it in, since there’s no reason to run a business with all the stress and risks just to pay employees and taxes.”

    Why Howard, how selfish of you. I’m certain that Obama will pass a law before he leaves office that will assuredly put “greedy” American business owners with your “attitude” in jail simply for having that “evil” profit-motive.

  20. Why, Barry, how greedy of you! If you and your fellow health care practitioners would do the right thing and volunteer, as in “free”, your services, we could drastically reduce the cost of health care and increase the free care provided to the “less fortunate” than you.

    These are the times that try mens’ souls. Indeed.

  21. My sympathy is with all our friends to our north. In fortunately it is not over here Yet!! I don’t think Dem Dino’s are going to stop with out inflecting as much blind hatred and stupidity as possible. To that point in time they are all tarred an feathered after bein run out of office. Then and only then we may have a chance will we have a chance to can and bury the changes brought on by the OBUMMER PLAN.

    I just hope it not to little to late!

    e max

  22. I sent a friend a few articles about Trudeau Sr. & Jr. This is his response: “A Jew who can’t see fascism when it bites him on the ass. Don’t call me I’ll call you.” For the left, that is debate. “Harper is a fascist” without explanation. Deleted from my address book. Few know that Obama sent his election crew to work for the Liberals which ran an Obama campaign. Along with a biased media, what does one expect? The world press’s present joke is that Trudeau is a moron, and they are right.

  23. Thank you for what you write. You always get to the gist of the situation. This election underlines the fact that liberalism must be a serious mental disorder in which the moral compass of “progressives” is always 180 degrees out of sync. If something is good for a country, then it is bad. If something is truly bad for society, then it is seen as good. And corrupt politicians know how to take advantage of this mental distortion. What a shame.

  24. The irony is that the dumb youth who voted in adolescent Trudeau because of his ‘dreamy looks’ will be inheriting the massive ‘dreamy’ debt he is about to thrust upon us. They’ll be paying it off long after Mr. Fancy Pants’ dreamy looks are gone and he’s gone to retirement on his fancy yacht. (At least they’ll be able to smoke pot to forget the misery they’ll be living in. Hey, perhaps that’s the plan).

  25. When reading the editorial, it felt like Obama had been re-elected! God help you all because Canada is about to be TRANSFORMED to an OBAMA FAR-LEFT model. Meanwhile, the USA COULD still recoup with a new speaker and CONSERVATIVE president. People can say what they want about TRUMP, but he speaks out what the PEOPLE are thinking and want done! A TRUMP-CARSON leadership sounds real good…much better than a “Clinton-Abedeen” would be. Nothing is perfect, but could get MUCH WORSE with them. AMEN!

  26. Small businesses. which produce by far the most jobs and create the most wealth, will feel more and more pressures from taxes and regulations while the big corporations will figure out how to cozy up to big government in order to survive.

  27. I watch the XDC(Canadian Dollar vs the USD) Four years ago it was worth slightly more than the USD. Supposedly, Harper bet on oil sands and lost thanks to obummer and the demporats.. Keystone.. My far left Canadian friends do not grasp the source of their problems as they embrace green power using all sorts of gimmicks to satisfy energy needs. when actually global cooling/global warming has been disproven. If I ran the grid, I would shut down every fossil fuel plant today and let them beg.

  28. I am so afraid of our future, our children’s future and so on. Scariest day ever was when Justin Trudeau got elected as Prime Minister of Canada. Democracy is on it’s way out! So many feel the same way as I do.
    Trudeau’s famous words…”the budget will balance itself”. God help us all!

  29. I guess every country deserves its leaders. A pro Muslim socialist playboy will be our prime minister. I’m ashamed to be Canadian. Maybe we should rename Canada to Cadanistan.

    Obama failed to bring down Netanyahu but succeeded with Harper. I guess Israelis are smarter than Canadians after all.

  30. What a truly sad day for Canada! It is unbelievable that so many assumedly sane adults could be so easily duped by the lying main stream media. I would have thought that after seeing what happened in the U.S. that Canadians would be smart enough not to blindly vote for some inexperienced drama coach promising “change” … and boy, will they see change! What a sorry, sad excuse for a prime minister — and just wait until he gets all pumped-up on the world stage!
    May God help us all !


  31. If your corporations want to survive they should consider a move to either Texas or Florida. Operate satellite stores in Canada. Turdeau will be as bad of an embarrassment to Canada as judas-haman Obama is to America.

  32. Your polls jimmied? Did dead people vote? Who took the final tally? I can’t believe Canadians such a higher form of intelligence could vote for Treudeau, you live, eat and breathe what happens here, the lies, the vote tampering, the scam the destruction the sell out, how do you know the truth? Yes, to anarchy stand your ground REMEMBER in the spring, becomes a rose..The agenda here is to declare martial law, confiscate the guns, take control of all communications and have a third term 4 BHO.

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