The Great Canadian FOLLY


THEY JUST DON’T GET IT . . . I really – really dislike the LEFT, and not just a little bit. But, I guess given the circumstances – the dreadful results of the Canadian Election last night (October 19, 2015) falls mostly on the people who voted out of ignorance and GREED.

Last night, Canada elected a DILETTANTE with ZERO experience . . . in as much as NEVER having had a real job before becoming a politician. The Silver Spoon is still between his lips.

He is young, good looking, suave, has a pretty wife, good-looking kids, he’s hip, and a great speaker . . . AND HE PROMISED FREE STUFF.


Justin Trudeau has already publicly embraced Islam. He has already stated that he wants to go back to the way things were under his father in the 1970’s through the early ‘80’s, when DADDY was Prime Minister, when Canada’s International position was to SUCK-UP big time to the UN, and diminish American Conservatism whenever and wherever he could.

Under successive Liberal Canadian Governments, before there was Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada could ALWAYS be counted upon to vote to sanction Israel at the UN, yet, UNBELIEVABLY, a HUGE Majority of Canadian Jews, especially rich Jews in predominantly Jewish Montreal voted for this DILETTANTE.


So . . . what happened last night, is that Canada FIRED a Prime Minister that eliminated DEFICITS, reduced taxes, streamlined government, made family income splitting equitable, revamped a seriously flawed immigration system, took a principled world position in favor of FREEDOM and Democracy, negotiated Canada’s Place in World Trade . . . and ON AND ON.


Canada now has a DILETTANTE as Prime Minister with ZERO EXPERIENCE, who ran on a platform of giving all Canadians FREE STUFF, legalize Marijuana, INCREASE TAXES ON THE RICH AND BUSINESSES, and GROW the size and cost of government.

And as a matter of fact . . . one of Trudeau’s main campaign platforms included INCREASING CANADA’S DEBT, as if that would be a wonderful thing.

ANNE AND I, along with friends from across Canada were nauseous last night, while watching the returns, feeling that once we cross into the USA for our winter sojourn, perhaps it’s time to make some serious enquiries into securing American Visas, leading to Green Cards . . . but that would be surrendering to the enemy.

IT SEEMS THAT SOME AMONGST THE LEFT . . . are beginning to get the message that people like Anne and myself are REALLY ANGRY, and are appealing to us, to leave the election results behind, and go back to normal life . . . BUT THEY JUST DON’T GET IT.

In my world, there is no redemption for people who screw with my RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, who feel that they have the RIGHT to decide what I should accept as National VALUES compared to my own personal principles.


But, as soon as these people sober-up, and realize that they have to pay the bills for the BINGE, one has to wonder whom they will have to blame. Because, God only knows, that there is more than enough blame to go around.

AND AS CRAZY AS THIS SEEMS . . . to me, at this juncture in time and history, the future of Canada rests solely in the hands of the RIGHT Conservative American winning the White House, if for no other reason, then to just keep the pendulum from swinging so far to the LEFT in North America, that nothing short of a social revolution could bring it back.

We do Indeed Live in Interesting Times, where every voice counts, and every person stepping forward could mean making the difference, because nothing worth having is easy to get and keep . . . AND FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. France needs to rethink their Muslim policies in a big hurry. Sweden is starting to kick them out and America should too but it our freedom of religion roots will keep that from happening. I find it interesting that the predominant religion among blacks in America is now Islam. The religion of peace killed a dozen more in France today. Europe better wake the F up and soon.

  2. Keep up the good work Howard and hopefully the average voter in Canada will
    see the light before a second term for this idiot.

  3. The stupidity from here is infecting Canada. We have suffered under seven years of OBAMA and if I see the tea leaves correctly, it will continue. The only hope I see is Donald Trump. If he can get enough votes to get in we might have a chance. After seeing what happened last election, the left will stop at nothing to smear and cheat to get a socialist in again. It makes no difference who of their candidates get in, the result will be the same. I really feel for you about the sad result in Canada

  4. There were two beacons of sanity in this world, Netanyahu and Harper. Now Netanyahu stands alone. My condolences, Howard. But it’s America’s loss as well. Obama tried to meddle in Israel’s election, but his thugs were told to get lost. Israel is used to dealing with bullies. Then the demon crouching in our White House shoved his filthy cloven hoof into Canada and this time was successful. May God help us all.

  5. For many years, The Province of Alberta has transferred Billions of dollars to help so-called don’t have provinces. Now that Oil prices are in the tank, I wonder who is going to pay for all the free stuff that Trudeau Jr. has promised. It can only come from higher taxes, so watch out for the theft from your wallet!

  6. Howard…he is a brainless boy wonder who cannot string three words together that make any sense. The Canadian public is/was the subject of a mass manipulation study conducted by CBC….guess we know how capable of critical thinking our population is…. . My biggest concern is for the Jewish population, people like us who a speak out against the evils that we see so clearly, and Israel, who is now isolated on the world stage. please keep up the good work. HAMMER IT HOME!

  7. I’m sorry. Beware of stupid people in mobs doing stupid things. Some people can’t see what’s happening here, so they think that they have to do the same thing there? Or are they seeing what’s happening here and want the same thing??

    I’m sorry for Canada, and I’m really sorry for us here in the USA.

  8. God help us!
    Is England now the only conservative western democracy left (no pun intended)?
    I think I’ll start working on my great grandmothers accent now. Maybe I can apply for a Beefeaters position at Buckingham Palace.

  9. I generally agree with you, but the key to political success is Marketing. No matter how good your product, intelligent marketing is key. Have a better mousetrap, and the world will NOT beat a path to your door. You must beat a path to their door.
    You say Canada’s future rests on American politics; i.e., electing a conservative president; otherwise we’ll need a social revolution. I believe that the correct order is that we need a social/cultural revolution to change politics.
    Dave http://www.iwuz.m

  10. I guess a balanced budget and smooth running economy, with a strong backbone in dealing with int’l affairs and calling out ‘right from wrong’ is not in people’s priorities. Better to allow Putin and Isis to do what they want, and to strive for a strong economy like Greece or Spain. I for one believe rich, spoiled, college kids who make tons of spending promises off the backs of those less fortunate are misunderstood.

  11. Howard, many Canadians, especially those who live in those affluent Jewish areas of Montreal, have a strong elitist streak, especially when they compare themselves to Americans. They think they’re SO much smarter, more wordly than the dopes south of the border. To them I pose a question: After witnessing the debacle of the Obama administration especially where our relationship with Israel is concerned, how the hell could you be so stupid as to vote for a further left, inexperienced, white Obama?

  12. Stupid is everywhere, they are destroying the world, and it appears Canadians just got themselves a caucasian Obama. And he copied Obama’s playbook to a “t”, free stuff always works. then it’s a “bait and switch”, WAIT THAT’LL COME SOON AND SMACK THOSE FOOLS ACROSS THE FACE. Inexpeirence, Nice looking, Charisma, Charm and freebies always hooks them in!

  13. A friend once told that Gov’t are like baby diapers– after a while they begin to stink and and need to be changed often. It was only going to be a matter of time before “I’m a great PM because I have great hair!” was going to get the seat. If it wasn’t now- it would be 4 years from now. Its unfortunate, Harper was a true leader among the political scum of the world. He stood for what’s right, not what’s popular, and as we all know – its a popularity contest.

  14. This IS the party of massive government growth, deficits, high greedy public sector salaries, pensions, bonuses…, high taxes, and more debt. Now you see who voted for this party? See how corrupt, crooked, and greedy the people of Canada really are. These people are your neighbors, nice eh?

    Get ready for it, higher taxes, more debt, bigger government, more intrusion in your lives, more public sector greed…

    What a mess!!!

  15. This result is incredibly overwhelming … but true.

    What does this say about the intelligence of our respective citizens? Are we indeed this incompetent to believe that we can just ‘print money” to fill our wants and needs? We were first to elect an evil heartless thoughtless man and now Canada mirror’s us. Oh my!

    I am embarrassed to leave this to my grandchildren.

  16. Trudeaumania 2.0. His father was a disaster and seems like he will be worse. His prior jobs were as a snowboard instructor and a bouncer in a bar. WTF Canada. I’m ashamed of you all. I left Canada in the first wave of MDs emigrating to USA in mid 70’s.

    But the left will not come to their senses until they hit the wall like the Canadian debt did in the mid 90s and they turned around for a while. As long as free stuff is promised, more and more lazy ass suckers will vote for it.

  17. I began to worry about half way through the campaign when I noticed a lack of energy in Harper’s speeches, as compared to Trudeau’s. Then, when Trump talked about how Jeb’s speeches lacked energy, I thought, OMG, Trump is correct! Anyways, we not only lost last night, we were humiliated!
    And to further insult us, Trudeau was quoted today, stating; the first world leader he’ll call will be Obama.

  18. Howard,
    All I can say is I know what you must be going through. I have been sick to my stomach now for almost 8 years. When Obama finally leaves office, we will find ourselves, as a country. facing the consequences of all the inept, stupid, and left-wing policies that his administration will leave us to live with. I can only hope that we will begin to correct the huge mistake this country made by electing a truly CONSERVATIVE leader. I truly send you and Canada my most sincere condolences.

  19. Very many of us were watching down here & hopeful, but like down here, ‘outnumbered’ is what we both are now by that ever growing segment known as ‘the hands out for free stuff bunch’ voting in our electorates. Liberal Europe, we now join you in the union of Numb Skull Marxists Governing! Happy landings liberals, but don’t forget ‘The Golden Goose’ story as you go merrily along!

  20. I sit here shaking my head, over the stupidity of the Canadians, who put this idiot in office!!! Please, I know that the stupid voters in the USA, also, elected Obummer, not just once but, TWICE!!! I don’t know, when these stupids will realize, that there is NO free lunch, they will pay for it themselves, through taxes. Higher taxes is not the answer, to the spending problems, in both of our countries. Cutting spending is the answer!!!

  21. Very sad and tragic day for Canada and for the Christian- Judean roots that this country was built upon. The writing is now on the wall for this country and as well for the USA ,as it has been under the leftist socialist Obama for the past 10 years and seemingly is likely to continue along that road under any new administration that is foisted on the conservative segments of that nation. Those morons who are crying for change, will get change allright. As the Bible says, what you sow, you reap.

  22. Given the progression of events; a majority for the degenerate and criminal Wynne in Ontario, Notley and the anti-oil communists in Alberta, and now this horrific and heartbreaking loss for Canada last night, I have become an angry, frightened pessimist and I predict Hillary stealing the White House in 2016. That is if Obama actually leaves before he destroys America – or leaves at all…

  23. I always laugh when Canadians smugly comment on how dumb Americans are. Unless I’m missing something quite profound, my fellow Canadians are even bigger idiots. I knew all was lost when Trudeau ads started to appear on TV showing the young prophet Justin among the faithful, white shirt sleeves rolled up, looking very much like Obama. He was now the common man, working class hero, speaking loudly, with conviction using the Obama dupe-words “Hope” and “Change”. The trifecta was now complete.

  24. Howard you are doing a great work here. As an American, I feel your pain. Unfortunately your moving here (as much as we conservatives would welcome you with open arms) won’t frustrate you any less. Our country is going down the same rabbit hole as yours. My heart aches for you and your wife and your country.

  25. Sr. began this mess with Multiculturalism and Anglo-Bashing , Jr will add Muslim-ism and Doper-ism .
    If I could emigrate to the US I would. At least they have a Constitution with entrenched rights .
    I am ashamed of the Canadian Voting Public . Trinkets and Trash were offered and they lined up for their share . As a White , Anglo ,Christian ,Gun Owner in Canada I am at the bottom of the social strata . Too bad I have contributed 100’s of 1000’s
    in taxes to pay for the privilege.

  26. You have said it well Howard and some of these Canadians just do not get and mostly likely will not, so now we put up with more prof ands from the left and increases taxes.
    A sad day for Canada.

  27. We want you here in the USA, but who knows whether or not we’ll suffer the same consequences next year. If that happens there will be a very serious drive for Texas to secede. You and Anne might as well bring your green card and come on down. Our voters here are being promised the same, if not more, free stuff from the left. It is probably too late for us too.

  28. Unfortunately charisma works, paired with only a small amount of aggression towards the opponents;Trudeau had the right keys to the country all the way thru. Experience who cares! Mulcair lost because he was always angry and blaming Harper for everything, after awhile, you did not listen to him anymore. Quebec partly determines who will win, thru in general, the lack of information in the field of equilibrium in spending! Always surprised at the Jewish voting tradition! Deficits who cares!

  29. I knew we were in trouble when the drama queen was elected leader of his party. I was watching a news clip after one of his ‘stops’ and these young gals were just gushing over him. When a reporter asked them what they liked about his politics they just snickered and said ” we don’t care about his politics we think he is really cute”!! From that day on I knew that the Canada I grew up in (the 50’s 60’s) was lost and I now wonder if we can ever recover it again. Colin from Victoria BC

  30. canada like the u s does policy by trial and error but never learn anything from the errors cause voters are a passing parade and God knows a huge chunk of this next generation is all about the superficial, pop culture, everything is a joke, glamor, political correctness’ and general stupidity.’ People mag’ and’ the view’ are their ‘think tank’ sources… remember democracy runs on grand averages including average stupidity john hosemann rising sun wisconsin

  31. Like Rush said after Barry (Obama) got re-elected, “You can’t compete against Santa Claus.” It’s obviously true and people fall for it. So sad. Where has the sense of pride gone that you get from hard work and earning your keep? So sad.

  32. Another win for the Main Stream Media — they did it all.
    And I repeat:
    “The media is the biggest curse this country has … “

  33. But…but…but…Howard, Justin is so dreamy. He’s DISHY. Certainly you can see that this trumps all common sense?

  34. More grasshoppers voted than ants. I met four men who blamed Harper for the high cost of electricity
    and the recent loss of good jobs in Ontario. How did McGuinty and Wynn get exonerated..??
    Trudeau promised change – Didn’t Obama promise change ..?? Hang onto your hat we’re in for a ride.

    Louis Beland Cornwall On

  35. the only thing I can say is that Putin must be licking his chops…this election will have far reaching ramifications for our country than the voters who can’t see beyond their own backyard. Perhaps Trudeau will offer to send winter coats to Russia as an appeasement offer.

  36. I am so sorry for the outcome of your elections. Really sorry. As you said, the Conservatives in America need to elect a Conservative to the WH now, more than ever. We cannot have a Socialist / Communist / Progressive North America. I am
    sick to hear this dreadful outcome.

  37. Call me (accurately) a vindictive Sicilian, but I want to live long enough–78 now–to see all these greedy voters favoring socialism get their just desserts, which won’t be sweet at all. Those who vote for a living in opposition to those who work for a living (I still do) will experience Lady Thatcher’s comment that socialism will endure until they run our of other people’s money. Then, the civil wars will start. And no, Hillary and Bernie, I have no intention of giving up my guns.

  38. I rushed from my wife’s cancer surgery at the Civic in Ottawa last night making it just in time before the polls closed here in our riding hoping my vote would make a difference. I was physically ill when I saw the results of the election. Hold on to your wallets, and get ready to pay big time and accept another 25,000 immigrants, mostly muslim. what’s next?? sharia law?? God forbid !!

  39. Howard,
    You’re much better off sneaking in illegally. My stepmom waited 9 years for a Visa so get in line now–although I am sure that your countrymen will impeach this moron soon. If your route takes you through Louisiana, look me up. I’m spending the winter here away from the snow too!!

  40. I could not believe so many people would elect Obama for the second term and here in Canada
    we voted in little Obama.
    Just goes to show how many people will fall for good hair and be stupid enough to agree
    to go further in debt by the billions. Has anyone ever thought how we will pay off the billions and billions of debt
    We need smaller government and a few honest people to step up and look after our grand childrens future.
    The coruption is everywhere. Brian Gillcash, New Brunswick.

  41. Howard, it broke my heart when I heard your election results. As you know, both our countries are on the wrong track. All we can do now is stand together as conservatives and let the left know that we are ready to fight to re-take our countries. I’ve always considered myself as a peace-lover, but I can see that I may have to stand up and fight for my country very soon. God bless Canada and the USA!

  42. It sounds like Trudeau will be FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING Canada like Obama did to the USA. God help you all! HOPE and CHANGE were promised to us as well, and BOY–did we ever get them because we’ve undergone a lot of CHANGE [not for the better], and NOW, we HOPE that Obama will soon be replaced! Sad to say that we live in a ZOMBIE and GIMME-GIMME society/world where very LITTLE REALITY now exists. The LIBERALS want VOTES so badly that they will promise anything in order to win. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  43. G-d help us! Trudeau, an inexperienced pretty boy, will never be half the leader Harper was. I’m so disappointed in the Canadian public – how can they be so naïve as to think they can get stuff for free? I’m sad to hear Harper stepped down as leader of the PCs. Trudeau will only last 1 term. In 4 years, we will NEED Harper to get Canada back on track again. Please Mr. Harper… don’t give up on Canada – there are Canadians who voted for you, because you were a great leader, we’ll need you.

  44. Prayers for you Howard and your fellow citizens in Canada. But as we have learned here in the States, the devil has a big following of idiots.

  45. Both Canada & America will have to lose everything before they see what was lost. Trudeau, like Obama, is a puppet of the One World Order. The world will spiral in chaos before she rights herself again. God will not be mocked by such greed, lies, & corruption. Keep up the good fight, Howard, until we are no longer allowed to fight & speak freely. The train has left the station, & most people don’t have the spirit left in them to fight back. How very sad. God bless you…..

  46. The saddest part is that Trudeau’s right hand man, Gerald Butts, was Ontario’s McGinty’s right hand man. Butts directed him and Ontario from rich to a beggar in 10 years. $300 billion debt. Trudeau believes in the Liberal “Ontario Model”. Just great! Screwed up one province, now he has a country to work on. Plans for a “carbon tax”, deficit spending, wind power, decrease industry, stop all oil pipelines, and so on. Baby Trudeau’s advisor. Are we ever screwed or what?

  47. It’s quite amazing to see this happen. After watching the uncontrolled downward spiral of the United States over the past seven years I would have thought our brethren to the north would have had better sense than this. Of course, I mistakenly believed that my own people would have had better sense than to reelect our socialist in 2012 and we know how that came out. It seem no matter where you go on our fair planet there’s never a shortage of stupid, is there?

  48. Did they just wake up stupid? Sure. Anyone who is aware of the disastrous results of Socialism in Venezuela, North Korea,Sweden(where 20% of the workers call in sick every week)these are the sickest young people in the world. If the uninformed that voted for Trudeau knew what Central Planning has done to our educational system in America’s inner cities. The supposed beneficiaries of this Central planning was to help minorities. It has done the opposite-just see education in our inner cities.

  49. When I heard the news re Canada, I almost barfed. Always thought the Canadians had a brain a notch ahead of us, but apparently not. Ouch! Mary Curren Port Angeles, WA

  50. Poor Canada, you said something right Howard, let us hope the democrats should win in the US. But Barack is talking about remaining a third term!!! and I think it will happen. He is preparing for that. The Jews will leave, they should go to Australia, or to Israel. In Canada they did the same thing they did in the US, voting for somebody pushed in the front to do what the big one order world command. Keep the fight, but it will be a terrible fight with no end, unless the Canadians will wake up

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