I’m not going to write much about the Democrat Debate last night, which I watched from beginning to end, because as far as debating goes . . . it was a JOKE.

A real debate pits people of diametrically opposite and opposing opinions and philosophies against each other, where they each do their best to push their own political beliefs, while laying their opponents to waste. BUT NONE OF THAT HAPPENED.


If you want respectful . . . go to Tea At High Noon somewhere. BUT, IF WHAT YOU REALLY WANT IS A DEBATE . . . look forward to the NEXT Republican Battle, where the Nominee WANABEES come looking to win a televised STREET BRAWL – with nothing held back.


Actually, I think all the Republicans won last night, because, in comparison to the staged and “respectful” Democrat Speaking Club, where nothing was resolved, other than competing with each other to see which candidate was going to give away MORE FREE STUFF, the Republicans during their debates, and on the stump are dealing with REAL ISSUES, REAL EVENTS & REAL SOLUTIONS.


FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WANT GUN CONTROL . . . they should have a look at what’s happening in Israel, where Arabs are attacking, wounding, and murdering innocent Jews every day with KNIVES, HATCHETS, CARS, and whatever else they can use for mayhem.

I guess you don’t need guns to be a murderer.

And by the way . . . as Jews throughout Israel are under constant attack by Arab Moslems, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon – is focused and upset on how the Israeli Jews are defending themselves.


SO . . . HERE IT IS – Russia has just pushed the US out of the most important part of the Middle East, Israel is negotiating with Putin opposed to Obama, Egypt is encouraging Sunni Arabs to make peace with Israel, Turkey is coming apart at the seams, Iran is launching transcontinental guided missiles capable of carrying Nuclear Warheads, ISIS is going all-out to harden their Caliphate, there’s still a killing-field in Syria, Libya is a country in name only . . . AND THAT’S JUST SOME OF IT, but you wouldn’t know any of it from the Democrat TALK-FEST last night.


While Obama and the LEFT, including all the Democrats on the stage last night, who want MORE Moslem “REFUGEES” (200,000) . . . NOT A WORD WAS WHISPERED ABOUT THE MOSLEM INVASION OF EUROPE, with the cultural, social, economic, and constitutional devastation being wrought throughout the continent.


IN Canada . . . we are less than a week (October 19th) away from what seems to be a TSUNAMI of LEFTIST CHANGE, with what appears to be a Liberal Juggernaut headed for a MAJORITY government, that will SPEND and TAX with no end, and will go back to screwing-over Israel at the UN, will reduce gun-rights, push for MORE recognition of Islam, Gay and Lesbian Rights, and suck-up even MORE to the UN, while creating even MORE anti-English Affirmative Action for the Anglophobic French speaking Canadian minority.


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is on RECORD, as part of his campaign, to recognize Iran and open a Canadian Embassy there, the moment he wins. He’s also on RECORD as saying TERRORISTS with Acquired Canadian Citizenship . . . are Canadians FIRST & FOREMOST, entitled to all protections under the law, and CANNOT be stripped of their acquired citizenship to be deported.

TO KNOW THAT CANADA’S POPULATION . . . is moving to vote for this POT-PROMOTING piece of work, who never had a Real Job, in spite of Canada’s successes at home and abroad, during the past 8 years of international strife and economic collapse, under the stewardship of the Conservatives is mind-boggling.

It’s impossible for me to reconcile the utter stupidity of so many Canadian People, BUT TO BRING IT HOME . . . think about this. There is a very upscale (rich) community within Montreal that has a predominantly Jewish Community (Mount Royal Riding).

The two candidates competing for votes are essentially the same age (mid 50’s). Both of whom I know well. One is the Mayor of Cote St Luc (Anthony Housefather), which is probably more than 90% Jewish, who in my opinion is at best a DUFUS, carried by special interests. The other was also the Mayor of Cote St Luc (Robert Libman), who is very much a ME FIRST kind of guy. Neither of them is my cup of tea . . . or worthy.

Housefather is a Liberal. Libman is a Conservative . . . so, given Harper’s (Conservative Leader) incredible support for Israel, his record of fighting for business rights, lower taxes, smaller government, controlled immigration, and open trade . . . compared to Trudeau (Liberal), who stands in total opposition to Israel and everything else the Conservatives stand for – you would believe that the overwhelming support from Cote St Luc would be for the Conservatives . . . WRONG!

So how screwed-up is that?

IN MY NEXT EDITORIAL – I’M GOING TO ASK FOR SUPPORT . . . because without as many forceful Conservative voices we can muster, the LUNATICS will overpower us . . . FOR WHICH THEY’RE ALREADY WELL ON THEIR WAY.

Also . . . I am in the process of moving forward to a very serious initiative, in reaching as huge a population as possible. I will write about this in the forthcoming editorial when I ask for your support.

Hopefully you will be impressed.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I would only hope that the rest of the sissyfied population of all these countries where the Moslem scourge has landed will realize that if they don’t start playing Cowboys and Muslims they will no longer exist as a nation. And that includes this one with our closet Muslim in the oval office.

  2. Thank God there is a Conservative voice remaining in Canada…..

    The 19th will be the day we will know if Canada as we have known it will survive, or if our Country will go the way of the world….into a new day, with our collective heads where they shouldn’
    t and needn’t be….

  3. It is impossible to convince someone that red car is truly red when they see it as being blue. It’s an exercise in frustration.
    There is no cure for stupidity.

  4. I completely, understand your frustration!!! It is no different in the USA. Stupid is – As stupid does. Bottom line, you can lead a horse to water – But, you can NOT make him drink. I chose NOT to watch, last night’s debate. I literally, can NOT stand hearing or looking at Hildebeast. I have had complete disdain for her, since, 1992. As far as Sanders is concerned, he is a complete nut case. The rest were nothing but, fill-ins, to make the stage look good.

  5. We can only work towards, and pray, that the takers don’t outnumber the makers in our election next year. For any red blooded American with any sense to vote for any of the socialists last night is beyond me!!! Heaven help us.

  6. I’m finding that those who would vote Liberal or NDP are chomping at the bit to get to the polls or have done so already. Those that would vote Conservative are saying, meh, what’s the point, the Liberals or NDP are going to get in anyway. I’ve done my best to convince those people to go and vote. The biggest problem – the people I spoke with have no idea what’s at stake, what’s going on in the world! They are too busy trying to make a living and just survive. The main stream news is a joke!

  7. Howard you are so right on with your statements. I’m so afaid the Liberals in both our countries will fraudulently steal the elections (AGAIN)!!!! We have to bring God back into our lives, our countries, and pray for His forgiveness and to DELIVER BOTH OUR COUNTRIES. That has to be done! God Bless & Save America, Canada, & Israel.

  8. In the past 8 years it appears Canadians have use their brains more than the Americans. We twise elected at muzzie socialist. I do not have much faith we can do better, its more free stuff competition.

  9. Nothing new, programmed and planned like a pow wow to support Hillary for the nomination as she is the only one that has a chance NAME RECOGNITION. It was a soap opera where the theme is to support Hillary so obvious. She held her own hate to say it she did. Easy ques. No Benghazi ques. No e-mails she had it made. It was her day a gift on a platter all planned and regulated. More than ever we have to combine our efforts to WIN, WE MUST WIN!

  10. Last night’s Democratic debate WAS definitely a BIG JOKE! Today, they all bragged about having been “nicey-nicey” to one another vs. the Republican debaters, while their main focus was on GLOBAL WARMING-CLIMATE CHANGE…whatever… vs. the TRUE ISSUES of the day which are destroying our Country! The only thing which encouraged me while watching it was that I could PICTURE Hillary in an ORANGE PANTSUIT in about a year or so! God! The TRUMP-CARSON team is looking better and better every day. AMEN!

  11. “Stupid is as stupid does.” It has come to the point that the only hope for Canada in this election is for those who pray …. to PRAY! Pray hard! Pray long! People are so often like cattle, following the crowd …. even to the point of following off the edge of a cliff! And that’s where we are headed if Trudeau (I have seen it spelled somewhere as ‘Trudope’ – that might not be far off!) wins the election! God help Canada!

  12. If the liberals get in, we are in deep, deep trouble. Like daddy, like son, spend, spend, spend, Quebec, Quebec, the french, French power…$$$. We will never recover from this. We are still a mess from daddies spending…hide what you have left, because they are coming for it. What a mess!

  13. Here’s a different spin : Maybe Canadians deserve Justin ? Ontario certainly deserves what it got and is getting . Never met anyone in Ontario who says they voted Liberal, for a leader who’s only qualification I’ve ever heard of is her sexual orientation. I am tired of worrying , fretting , trying to convince the apparently “slow” . Give them what they claim they want and let it ” Blow To F*&%$ Up.” at least I’ll be in a position to say “Told You So ” . In French of course !!!!!!!

  14. Number of times Israel was mentioned by the Dems last night: ONCE, and that was by Jim Webb. I think that in itself should establish where the Democrat’s priorities lay. In my opinion it’s safe to say that a Republican will occupy the White House come 2017. Hillary should be forever precluded from occupying public office, because of her several crimes with respect to Benghazi and her email scandal.

  15. Watched Dr. Carson on Charlie Rose recently, he’s phenominal, the same as Trump but much more composed.
    Both determined to make America great again, “America will always be there and not back away” per Dr. Carson.
    My preference for USA is Dr. Carson for President, Trump for V.P. For Canada, I’m optimistic for grey hairs like myself to come out on 19th to keep P.M.Harper and the P.C.’s in government. It will be a disaster if Trudeau ever comes to power; as said above, like father, like son.

  16. Russia was waiting for an opportunity and they
    got it. Hussein Obama who spends his time playing golf and flying around in his space home. You are correct, Russia will control the Middle East AND ITS WATERS BY JAN 1. The real concern for THEM and us are the Muslims, and they are on the move with no one to control them. To me that is the Worlds very first concern. Life has no value to them but it sure does to us.

  17. This far left radical & anti-Colonial Admin is trying to undo the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 to allow the Muslim Brotherhhod to have their Caliphate (old Ottoman Empire). In the meantime Russia has had their own agreements with Syria. Russia is protecting their interests and is ahead of the U.S. militarily. Egypt messed up this Admin’s plan by outlawing the Muslim Bros & put in their own leader. It is the failed policies of Globalist O vs Non-Globalist Putin taking care of business.

  18. I have three grandchildren living in Lower BC of voting age. We discuss the issues and they know that their GP’s support Harper; however, they don’t always understand why. We explain to them TANSTAAFL! The Libs and NDP are promising everything from free higher education to free baby sitting but someone has to pay for it. Furthermore, we explain that there are not enough taxpayers in Canada to cover the cost; which means debt financing. Their kids and GK’s will pay for today’s freebies.

  19. Howard, when you have a party of people. Who are sold out to an exacted agenda. To destroy our Nation with the same discreet plan. Accepting the same “EVIL” intentions and devices as the means of destruction. ?? What is there to debate about without cutting their own throats as well. I am sorry ? did it sound like I was condemning the “DEMOCRATS”. By the way Howard I believe Donald Trump is far more legit than you think. But we will support Conservatism as best we are offered Carly is a Liberal

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