The Value Of A Rock’em-Sock’em Campaign


Before beginning this editorial . . . Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, for which I will convey to all Conservative Canadians and Americans, as to how THANK FULL I am for the people who read these editorials and pass them on.


I’ve written, that this campaign to win the Republican Nomination is a long Political Process, where our favorites are going to change multiple times. And what makes the long campaign really great . . . is that it is almost impossible for people who wish to be President, to hide their serious flaws forever.


But, for someone like me, who is fascinated with the American political process and the candidates, who really wants to get some skin in the game, I did the next best thing, and asked a close friend of mine who lives in the US, who is as much a political JUNKIE as I am, to write a check of $100 to Carly Fiorina.

Therefore, I didn’t break the law. My friend didn’t break the law, and Carly Fiorina enjoyed a benefit.

Fiorina is the FIRST candidate I asked an American friend to donate to, but she will not be the last. AND BEFORE SOME OF YOU START GIVING ME THE GEARS with this Moslem Pagan Moon-God Crap, and her alleged failure at HP . . . I’ve changed my opinion of Fiorina, but for JUST ONE REASON, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the aforementioned.

There is no question in my mind that Fiorina is REALLY SMART and exceptionally TOUGH. She speaks better than most people could dream to speak. She has a tremendous capacity to arrange and convey her thoughts, and a command of the issues . . . BUT.


I’ve also been an Independent Candidate in Canadian Elections, which didn’t end well for me at the polls. But no matter how poorly I had ever done, I can stand with my head held really high in the knowledge that I always did the best I could, and pulled-out all the stops, including financing.



If a campaign is long enough, and enough people really DIG DEEPLY, a whole bunch of truths come out, even those truths made public by pundits and campaign opponents on either side of the debate, many of whom I have ZERO respect for.


After Fiorina’s hard fought Senatorial Battle against Barbara Boxer, in the last California Senate Election, she owed a great deal of CAMPAIGN MONEY to workers, product companies, service suppliers, and herself . . . SHE SHE PAID HERSELF FIRST!

AS BUSINESS PEOPLE – MY WIFE AND I never put ourselves before the people who worked for us. When the compay didn’t have money to meet the payroll, we went to the bank to borrow through the cash machines on our PERSONAL credit cards. We went for long periods of time without taking incomes, worrying about paying our personal bills and putting food on the table.


And given the money I owed to sign-makers, the media, and whomever else I depended upon for services and products I needed to campaign, I BORROWED the money I needed to pay them-back right after the campaign, rather than stringing them out for as long as I could.

SO . . . WHEN I JUST LEARNED, that Fiorina, who is worth a great deal of money, paid herself FIRST, before she paid the people who worked for her, and just recently paid the balance of what she owed before getting into this campaign – SHE PROVED TO ME THAT SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE MORAL COMPASS THAT MEETS MY CRITERIA.

And that is very sad indeed.


But that’s not possible, so I guess I’m going to have to ask another American Friend to write a check, because I can’t.

So . . . anyone who thinks that a long drawn-out ROCK’EM-SOCK’EM POLITICAL STREET-FIGHT, where no quarter is asked, and none given, doesn’t have merit . . . Think again.

TO ME . . . VALUES are at the top of my criteria for choosing a leader. If a wealthy woman like Fiorina puts herself FIRST ahead of the people who provided her with services, I am certain that she will do the same thing with the commitments she promises to the people who will vote for her.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I met you for supper at Perry Birmans house. I read all your blogs but this one is the best ever. The French at the Magazine were brave people and did not deserve to be attacked, maimed and killed by the scum, but I have no sympathy for the other French. They will go back to the UN and vote for a Palestinian state again. Well, dears Frogs, the Muslim fascists still won’t like you

  2. After the “60 Minutes ” interview of Obuma by Steve Croft last night, I had to find SOMEPLACE to say this…THE KING IS A DUD…LONG LIVE THE KING!” God help us that we have to worry that our pre side dent apparently has nothing more to worry about AND that he really believes he has had a major effect on climate change! We truly are doomed!
    Bud Farrell

  3. I couldn’t agree more….I will never know everything there is to know about any candidate, (I didn’t know until lately that Ms. Fiorina had not paid her debts from her California Campaign…) I do feel I need however, to understand a candidates principles, where he, or she stands, what he or she believes in; because if I know their principles, I will most often be able to judge where they will come-down on issues in the future, not discussed in the campaign…. The non-payment is unfortunate…

  4. Amen to that. Values are of primary importance in a politician. If the country in its entirety shared that conviction, we would not be in the present mess.
    John Ross

  5. I totally agree, Mr. G. She also lost me when she said “Kim Davis needs to just quit or do her job.” Doesn’t sound like someone who will stand on her principles but will easily give in to the left-wing agenda.

  6. Howard, you really scared me when I read about your donation to Carly F. She SOUNDS good, but that’s it! Does anyone believe that CARSON would accept the VP position for TRUMP? Their PERSONALITIES certainly COMPLEMENT each other, so they COULD make a great team. They also both APPEAR to TRULY WANT to serve the PEOPLE and TRULY CARE for our Country. Yes, we “CAN MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN!” It will take some time, however, due to Barack HUSSEIN OBAMA’s INCOMPETENCY and FAR-LEFT VIEWS! AMEN!

  7. I’ve been donating to Carson for several months. His interviews continue to show the man’s intellect. and his ability to answer tough questions with direct answers regardless on the spin from the bias media. Our country needs a leader that is not a cookie cutter politician. That fact that the front runners in the republican party race are all non-politicians speaks volumes. We are all sick and tired of political platitudes.

  8. Thanks Howard! I, too have had second thoughts about Carly lately! Carson was always been my second choice………until now! He just moved into the #1 spot!!!!!!!!! As for Trump……..he’s a blow-hard, wouldn’t even consider him for VP….. I am now leaning toward Rubio or Cruz for VP.

  9. My heart still says Rand Paul. But right now my head says Donald Trump. But remember, it is still early in the race. An awful lot can change. Time will tell, but I hope with all my might that we chose a candidate who will WIN. To my little mind, electing a Republican President is far, far more important than which one it is. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!

  10. Dr.Carson has been on my radar since the prayer breakfast. He is a God-loving man, honest & full of integrity–a character long missing in most politicians! I’ll send a cheque to a friend in S.C. as a thank you for her donation to Dr. Carson’s campaign. I sent a cheque to the Herman Cain campaign but it was returned, of course, coming from Canada directly.

  11. She is called Car-lie Fib-orina. She is just a Republican Hillary, who, is a glib public speaker. Dr. Ben Carson is one of the finest men I have ever met. He is brilliant, sharp wit, excellent easy going public speaker, but we don’t have time for on the job training. Trump is the only candidate who has international business, knows monetary fluctuations, he will get Mexico to pay for that wall (I know how) This is not a popularity contest. We need a strong leader with knowledge, experience

  12. I, too, am disappointed with the issue of payment of debt related to Carly Fiorina’s earlier campaign. Would be interested in the source of information re paying herself before her creditors. (I have also heard this story from other sources!) Perhaps I am just a little skeptical of all of the dirt that is being thrown around by the LEFT and other political enemies.

  13. i WROTE Fiorina off before the $ deal on her staff, that of course would end any Fiorina support as she did pay them just before she ran against Boxer in Calif. She had no choice and it speaks volumes abt the woman. I so agree with you. Carson is coming out of his shell following Trumps playbook to a “T”. I like the new Carson my call for the elec. is TRUMP TOP/CARSON V.P.!

  14. I would not call her love for the pagan moon god followers crap. It is truth. The fact that she owed money to campaign workers from her previous run and then paid herself before the workers got a dime just confirms what I said that she is not a choice for president. Nice to see some people wake up.

  15. Carly Fiorina is as establishment RINO as they come. She couldn’t beat a nutcase like Boxer even with the support of the RNC (which is more than I got against the incredibly corrupt Costello) and she moved to VA and has been ingratiating herself to the GOPe ever since. She’s not even remotely what she appears to be and she was a terrible CEO at HP according to many sources, most of them pretty credible. She may be tough and smart but she’s in the political class and I can’t support her.

  16. I have sat quietly by while so many people have lauded all over the Carly bimbo. I would just shake my head and it is Obama all over again, voting blindly for a total looser. It is hard to believe that so many could fall for that fake. My take at the moment would be a Trump-Carson team, it would be hard to beat.

  17. Howard says his independent candidacy didn’t end well at the polls. Well, I beg to differ: in ’97, he garnered 20% of the vote in the strongest federal Liberal seat in the country (Mont-Royal). I’d say that’s a pretty darn good outcome considering…

  18. I’ve already “invested” in a beautiful Ted Cruz t-shirt from his offical website store, and am loving the fit (and the message it conveys!)… maybe I should purchase some Carson apparel as well, the man is growing on me by the day. Heal Inspire Revive 2016. All the best to yourself and Anne.

  19. I never considered Fiorini as a viable candidate. Cruz has always been my first choice, and will continue to be. Personally, I would love a Cruz/Carson ticket: Cruz as the conservative to repeal all of the obama executive actions, obamacare, ad infinitum, and Carson to become the moral leader of our country and a man to help heal the troubles caused by the communist/muslim in the White House.

  20. Makes me wonder why people talk about all the things wrong with America. And the need for a President with the experience and proven ability to turn things around. Then when one steps up to the plate without the Financial strings attached to him. Openly speaking out what is wrong and what needs to be done to turn America back to prosperity and safety. He gets flack about his ego, hair peace, political correctness, personality. or his financial struggles to a Billionaire status. Fiorina is a lib.

  21. There won’t be any decent people running for office as either a Democrat or a Republican. The job doesn’t attract good people. It does attract sociopaths and psychopaths, and that is what we will get for President. I know we want good honest people, but it hasn’t happened, and will not happen.

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