Would Israel Hit Russia?


If you’re not familiar with the Russian S-300 . . . it is a no-nonsense military GAME-CHANGER that has the capability to shoot almost anything out of the sky . . . and it’s on the way to Syria and Hezbollah.

If you’re not familiar with Yakhont Missiles . . . just like the S-300, it is also a military GAME-CHANGER that is designed as a deadly SHIP KILLER, that too is on the way to Syria and Hezbollah.


Do you believe that Israel means what it says? Or is Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu blowing smoke, just like Obama has done for almost 7-Years, emphatically lying about three major issues?

1 – Obama’s RED LINE that Syria cannot cross.

2 –All OPTIONS are on the table vis a vis stopping Iran’s Nuclear Program.

3 – America has Israel’s Back.

I don’t know if you believe that Israel will NOT ALLOW Russia to bring weapons of this sophistication and ability into Israel’s Back Yard, BUT OBAMA DOES, and that’s why he has sent his Director Of The CIA . . . John Brennan to Israel, to meet with his Israeli counterparts.


Obama can say all that he wants to, that the reason for Russia’s incursion into Syria is only because Russia is desperate, and because of it’s failed economy, and potential loss of its ONLY Arab Ally (Syria) . . . YOU WOULD BELIEVE IT, only if you would also be stupid enough to buy the Brooklyn Bridge from a guy in the shadows, who says he holds title to it.

While Obama was living in his delusion . . . Russia has moved a huge number of WAR SHIPS into the Eastern Mediterranean, establishing THREE NAVAL BATTLE GROUPS, claiming even more Mediterranean Military Supremacy.


Netanyahu paid a rush visit to meet with Putin, just days prior to Netanyahu’s UN Speech. Netanyahu didn’t show up to meet with Putin ALONE. With him were his TWO TOP GENERALS, which to me says the following:

You don’t bring Combat Generals, especially your TWO TOP GUYS, to see how nice everyone can get along. You bring them to make a real point.

A) That you are 100% serious about protecting your National Sovereignty.

B) That you are laying down the ground rules that could lead to combat.


Ask yourself this simple question . . . Given that Obama LIED to Israel about EVERYTHING that had to do with stopping Iran from getting the BOMB, and how Obama has bullied, threatened and sullied Israel’s reputation worldwide, if you were Israel – HOW MUCH TRUST WOULD YOU PUT IN THE USA UNDER OBAMA?

Since there is only one answer to the preceding . . . The last thing Israel is about to do, is place any trust whatsoever in anything Obama says, to the point that I sincerely doubt that Israel is at this juncture, even willing to share information and their true intentions on what Israel will, and will not do.

And this is a BIG problem for Obama, since the next steps taken by Israel, without consultation or approval by Obama, will make the USA and its President even that much more irrelevant than Putin has already done.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, made it 100% clear, when he just said to Israeli News (Channel 10) . . . that Israel “will not permit the transfer of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah”, which to me, says that Israel will do whatever it has to, to make sure this does not happen,


THE BIG QUESTION . . . comes down to this – IS ISRAEL BLUFFING?

Would Israel really fire on a Russian plane, ship or ground transport, that would be bringing S-300 and/or and Yakhont Missiles to Hezbollah, to make certain it won’t happen?


Kissinger . . . the German/American Jew, who was Secretary of State in the Nixon Administration, was no friend of Jews or Israel, and was very much responsible for almost destroying Israel at the lead-up to the Yom Kippur War (1973), said many years after that war, and not all that long ago, that in his opinion, Israel would not survive 10-Years.

There are a great many people who would like to believe that . . . and that’s why Netanyahu and every Israeli leader with a brain, will not have that happen on his or her watch. NO ISRAELI LEADER WANTS HIS OR HER NAME TIED TO A HOLOCAUST.


THERE IS NO QUESTION IN MY MIND – NOT ONE . . . that if Israel has no option it is willing to accept, Israel will be FULLY prepared to go to war, and do EVERYTHING it has to do to survive, INCLUDING the use of NUCLEAR WARHEADS AGAINST THE RUSSIANS.

Israel would indeed go to that extreme.

AND PUTIN KNOWS IT . . . Putin knows that in Netanyahu and Israel’s TOP Generals, he is not dealing with an American PUSSY called Barack, but rather, is dealing with a man and men who are BATTLE TESTED with war, and the horrors of war, who at one point will neither negotiate nor compromise . . . but would rather fight to the death.


In the space of less than a month, Putin has secured a huge slice of the Middle East. He has all but driven out the USA. He has a terrific NAVAL BASE, a tremendous Military AIR BASE, his combat troops and military hardware including Battle Tanks and infrastructure are well established, and he now has an extremely significant route for a Russian Pipeline, right to the Mediterranean through Iraq and Syria . . . so why risk what he has already won, by pushing Israel to the edge?

NOT ONLY THAT . . . Russia still has a significant and very wealthy Jewish Community, which is better to have as an ally than an enemy.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard….you’re on a roll this morning!!! This is what you get when you ‘invite’ foreigners (namely muslims) to come and populate your country. There isn’t a country in Europe that is not facing this overpopulation of muslims that DO NOT want to assimulate into society…period! Angela Merkel/Germany is in denial. Heaven help Germany. Muslims recreate like bunnies, and the rest of us are down to less than 2 children per couple. You do the math. It will happen here also.

  2. Obviously Obama doesn’t care as after his stop in the Pacific Northwest, he is now in San Diego doing what he is not good at, but all he cares about…… GOLF!

  3. How eloquently you portrayed the real situation brewing in the Middle East. GOD SAVE US ALL.

  4. As usual Howard, you nailed this one right on the head. Putin knows Netanyahu is serious and he doesn’t want to ruin a good thing. I think he’ll be taking whatever steps are necessary not to rile Israel. But I really would love to see Israel kick Putin’s butt right out of the Middle East!

  5. “Netanyahu is no Barack Obama”, says Howard. I think back to the Cuban Missile Crisis and would add “Barack Obama is no John Kennedy.”

  6. Amazing how oblivious Americans seem to be as the world grows perilously closer to possible global nuclear war. I sincerely hope Netanyahu doesn’t blink. Obama has grown irrelevant. The free world needs at least one leader who means what he says.
    Thank you for your article. I didn’t know about the S-300 and Yakhont missles. God help us!

  7. The one problem I see with what you say is that Israel may not have the capability of getting to Russia. Bibi wanted the US to help with that problem. Saudi is more inclined to help Israel than the US is under Obama. I hope Russia won’t make any move against Israel; so far Putin has targeted only ISIS/ISIL, whatever you like to call it. That gang hates Jews as well as Christians, so is a natural ally to Israel.

  8. I certainly believe what Benjamin Netanyahu says. Obama is all talk and smoke screens. He never says what he means. It’s the Muslim way. Say anything to reach your goal. I support Israel. That however, doesn’t help any body much.
    I agree with Karen Smith.
    To Tony Kondaks, Barack Obama is no nothing!
    Our world is in peril.

  9. If Netanyahu feels he needs to take action against Russia, he WILL! Depending on the outcome, the U.S. [Israel’s ally], would probably also need to get involved. Sounds like “the chickens are finally coming home to roost” for the LIAR-IN-CHIEF. Thanks to the LIBERALS this president has been ALLOWED to place our Country in a very dangerous predicament by alienating our allies, reducing our military, catering to the Moslems, etc… Where’s that RED LINE? Does anyone FEEL SAFE? I don’t! AMEN!

  10. Canada and the U.S. and any other Allies that have spare Ground-to-Air Missiles as well as Anti-Tank Missiles, MUST supply limited numbers of them to the Ukraine as well as the anti-ISIS groups in Seria, in order to down Russian war planes and tanks and military vehicles. Shoot, Destroy, run and Hide…that is the way the other side fights Guerilla Warfare. If these weapons had been available, Russia would have abandoned Ukraine as many Russian Aircraft and Tanks and Vehicles were destroyed/

  11. I am hoping Bibi is not bluffing. If the transfer happens, Israel will be attacked and her offensive and defensive weapons almost useless against this weapon system. The only options left are either to attack before transfer or use the Samson option.

  12. Obama is not irrelevant. Seeing Iran strengthened, America weakened, the American populace disarmed and Israel destroyed is his calculated game plan. Don’t be fooled, Obama is not a fool. He is a cold and calculating Islamist. He couldn’t care less that we of the right call him a modern day Chamberlain. He’s laughing at us all as he damages America as much as he can in his final year in office. Shame on Democrats but more shame on Jewish Democrats.

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