Voting Canada Style – The GOOD, The BAD, The IDIOTS.

Freedom Isn't FREE And Voting Shouldn't Be A Joke

Anne and I just voted in Canada’s National Election, by taking advantage of early voting. And even though we were instructed almost from birth . . . that we should NEVER reveal whom we voted for, I guess you can figure it out.

BUT JUST IN CASE YOU CAN’T . . . with Anne’s permission, we certainly didn’t vote LEFT. OK MR HARPER, we did all we could, now it’s up to you and your Conservatives to move the polls.

I will keep writing and doing whatever else I can to promote Conservative VALUES, but like anyone and everyone else . . . we can do just so much – so, if you want to see a Conservative victory . . . VOTE. And tell your friends to VOTE Conservative, and don’t be shy to speak to those who aren’t sure who to VOTE for, to help them see the TRUTH.

And if you need any help in persuading people to VOTE RIGHT, send them to, and refer them to CANADA MIGHT BE ON ITS WAY TO A DISASTER.


EXCEPT . . . To vote in Canada, EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE . . . you have to PROVE that you are an ELIGIBLE voting Canadian, UNLESS YOU’RE A MOSLEM, courtesy of Canada’s LEFT (Liberals, NDP and Greens).

CLICK HERE . . . to see how anyone wearing a MASK can vote, because FEDERAL LEFTIST CANADIAN JUDGES have determined that Moslem women can take their oath of citizenship, and vote wearing a mask. So, if a Moslem woman can vote with her face covered, why not a man, a clown, a member of the KKK . . . etcetera?

As a matter of FACT, quite a few Canadians, especially in Quebec did VOTE wearing FULL-FACE coverings, including a potato sack. Has the LEFT not screwed-up Canada to the point of ludicrous?


If you are a Judeo/Christian Canadian . . . THESE RULES APPLY TO YOU.

1 – You have to be registered to vote.

2 – At the Polling Station, you have to verify your registration in order for government agents to mark your name off, so the voter can then proceed to the VOTING Booth.

3 – At the VOTING Booth, you have to provide PHOTO ID and your VOTER Registration Card.

4 – Before being handed the Ballot, the government agent handwrites your full name and address on a Ballot LEDGER, to which the Voter is compelled to sign.

5 – Then the Voter is handed a FOLDED Ballot, with an ID number on an extended serrated edge, corresponding to the voter ID number.

And only then can you enter VOTING booth where you make your mark.

6 – Once the Voter makes his or her mark on the Ballot, the Ballot is folded back in a very specific way, without any chance of the agent seeing how you voted.

7 – You hand the Ballot to the agent, he or she tears off the numbered serrated end to record proof that the person voting, actually VOTED.

There is no ID on any part of the cast ballot.

8 – The agent hands the Ballot back to the Voter, who then deposits it into the SEALED Ballot Box.


9 – Before you leave the Polling Station, you have to deposit your Voting Registration Card in another sealed container.

AND UNLIKE HOW IT’S DONE IN THE USA . . . this is how it’s done in every part of Canada with ZERO EXCEPTIONS.

The Canadian people have it right. The LEFTIST Judges and LEFTIST Political Parties could not be more wrong.

And that is indeed a Canadian TRAGEDY, in what is otherwise a tremendous accomplishment in the exercise of FREEDOM.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m posting this on my Facebook page.

    Morton Bodanis

  2. Dear Howard, no matter what the election outcome we must continue to defy, deny and fight the left every way, every day. The planet can only stand so much idiocy. Keep on trucking my friend.

  3. Why do we view CONSERVATIVES as representing the TRUTH–and the LIBERALS as MASKING the TRUTH? Well, it’s not too hard to figure out because all we have to do is take ONE GOOD LOOK at our present LIBERAL administration which has consistently LIED to us, e. g., OBAMACARE…”You can keep your doctor.”; Benghazi (4 deaths)…”At this point, what difference does it make?”, etc… People must WAKE UP before it’s too late and vote for a CONSERVATIVE. Our Country’s FATE and SURVIVAL depend on it. AMEN!

  4. The last thing we need is another parasite ( pro bill 101 bigot) from Quebec running this country.

    Try to digest this you over paid politicians, unions, government
    bureaucrats, police, teachers, executives, CEOS of crown corps….Who do you think is going to pay off all
    this debt you are leaving your children,& grandchildren? That’s what I
    thought, you don’t care! You greedy, greedy scum bags.

    Look to Greece you scum bag unions, government thugs…its coming your way and you will what you d

  5. When is the actual date of Canada’s election? I have begun prayers for Canadians to do the right thing!!

  6. i can’t understand the court ruling on face covering as I believe the issue of religious rights vs public safety was already addressed when the Hutterite Brethern were forced to have pictures on their driver’s licences

  7. Dear Howard: yesterday I left home at 7:15AM, drove 50 kilometres (return) to take part in a hastily organized Conservative reunion to see and hear Stephen Harper extol the absolute need to vote for the good guys. He was in complete command of the contents and the delivery of his message (en Français aussi, s’il vous plaît), also sending packing the jackass media (CBC, etc.) trying to find fault with him. I hope Canadians still have enough decency to do the right thing.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Howard, you’re very lucky to have been able to vote early with a paper ballot. In America, that’s not the case, and I would strongly advise any American to vote ONLY on Election Day & ONLY with a paper ballot. The touch-screens are compromised.

  9. The two elections, first in Canada and then next year in the US, will be the watersheds for where our way of life is headed. I fear that if sanity doesn’t rule the day on each side of the border by electing Conservative/Republican leaders, then it just might be that the right may never rule again. Liberalism surely is a form of dementia. Good-bye guns. Hello Sharia.

  10. So in Canada do residents of cemeteries vote (Some more than once?) as often happens in such conservative bastions’ (I tend to exaggerate a lot!) as Chicago?

    A story going around is as follows: “My Uncle Jim was a life long Republican. But since his passing he now always votes democrat”. More truth than poetry I’m afraid.

  11. I fervently hope and pray that Steven Harper is re-elected as Prime Minister! I have nothing but great admiration and respect for this gem of a man who is currently Israel’s best friend in the world! I’ll never forget his visit here in Jerusalem almost two years ago! It was mostly a Canadian crowd waving Canadian flags (I’m American, as well as Israeli), while we all waited for his car to pass by. I just had to have a Canadian flag to wave, too!

  12. It is OK for a muslem woman to cover her face, yet a man in Calgary was arrested in Calgary on Thusday evening for covering his face and head (eyes excepted) by Police and charged with a hate crime at an all candidates forum. I’m afraid we have lost the battle!

  13. Another good one Mr. “G”!!! What Anthony Silvestro from Ottawa said up above times 1000 for my wife and I. We did our best for Mr. Harper the first day of the advanced voting as well. We’re 70 and I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do now with this crazy Ms. Wynne and her ‘nanny’ Provincial Liberal Government with one mismanagement/spending scandal after another and paying other provinces and US states to take our excess electricity and running the Greek model of fiscal responsibility.

  14. Geez, what is our country coming to? PLEASE, Canada.. vote for Harper – there is enough crap going on, without adding the garbage and debt the NDP and Liberals will add! And, according to today’s Toronto Star, the country “Needs Trudeau”. On CBC radio this morning, callers think Trudeau is the next G-d! Unbelievable! Thank goodness most are not interested in NDP, but the Liberal followers need to smarten up or we are heading into big time trouble!

  15. This is not news. There are more and more instances where special treatment is given to Muslims, whether it be on university campuses or wherever. Racism and fascism is alive and well from the left – with the intended targets anyone who is not Muslim. How pathetic and how wrong is this entire situation, there are no bounds.

  16. I am praying, that your country has less idiots, than the USA!!! In fact, our idoits are literally, brain dead. Your elections this year is just as vitally important, as our 2016 election. Voter Fraud has been a big issue with the USA, in the last 20 years or so. I am praying that the 2016 elections, will not have a lot of Voter Fraud, but, I will be honest, I am not holding my breathe, either. I am also, praying that the Liberal idiots, stay home, especially the Black vote.

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