A Canadian friend of mine, with whom I knew in Montreal, sent me the following YOU TUBE VIDEO, produced by a very talented Canadian, MATHEW WORTH . . . who reproduced one of the ALL-TIME GREAT SPEECHES, which is more poignant today, than perhaps at any time in the past, from the day it was first delivered.

“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny” . . . Ronald Reagan – 1964

This speech was made by Ronald Reagan . . . more than 50-years ago to promote the Presidential aspirations of Senator Barry Goldwater. It didn’t catapult Goldwater, but did establish this speech as one of the GREATEST insights into the TRUE GRIT AND VALUES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

When thinking of the Candidates in both Parties who want to be President. When thinking of the people in the Republican Party who are positioning themselves to become Speaker of the House . . . ASK YOURSELF JUST ONE QUESTION:

Which of the people who want to lead . . . really measure-up to the words of Ronald Reagan? And then ask yourself this question too:


To my way of thinking . . . as our VALUES & MORAL Compass have become corrupt. As our NATIONAL COURAGE and PATRIOTISM have become unwelcomed. As our RIGHTS to DISSENT have become negotiable. And as our RIGHT to INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS is under attack . . . IF WE DO NOT FIGHT BACK – WE DESERVE TO LOSE.

IN MY WORLD OF CONSERVATIVE VALUES . . . there is no compromise. No debate. No surrender . . . JUST VICTORY.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The first 3 policemen arrived on the scene by bicycle. When they discovered that the terrorists were armed, the police ran away because they (the police!) were NOT ARMED. When the terrorists fled the scene, two police wrestled them to the ground. But those police were also unarmed, so the terrorists shot the cops to death and fled. This is a perfect example of how evil flourishes in a “gun-free” culture where being helpless may be righteous, but it’s deadly.

  2. That “rendezvous with destiny” does NOT need any “pussycats” like Paul Ryan, we’ve had enough of those…we need a Gang Buster desperately…to get the very LEAST done…perhaps primarily TO ASSURE THAT Obama IS GONE…FOR GOOD!!! SADDLE UP NEWT! Bud Farrell B-29 Gunner

  3. As the Speaker of the House doesn’t have to be a Member, Allen West is an obvious choice.

  4. You are absolutely correct. Any compromise with the liberals is a loss to our country and has been a move toward larger socialistic government. I am afraid of the actions in Washington any day that the power is on. Obama has assumed powers not vested in the president and our elected representatives do not challenge him.

  5. Right on, Teri. Allen West is perhaps my most-admired living American patriot. He’s retired military, served in Congress and is a brilliant, courageous, solidly conservative American who cherishes the Constitution and does not suffer fools readily, if at all. I am almost afraid to dream of Col. West as Speaker as I dread being disappointed.

  6. I’ve seen that video before. Every American needs to watch it over and over. It is a terrible shame that there are people in this world that do not want to live in peace. Misguided people that always want more of what someone else has. We would all like to live in a peaceful world, but in order for us to remain free, we have to continue the fight. God help us do what is necessary to rebuild our might and our country. Our current administration won’t!!!

  7. The vote has started here in Alberta & looks like people are doing what they should = VOTE!! We’ll just have to wait now…

  8. I am a lover of History. I am also, a US Constitutionalist! I am a Conservative, but, not an Ultra Conservative. The Liberals have been in charge basically, since, President Woodrow Wilson, that means 100 years of Liberal-Progressive laws and structure. FDR really instilled the Liberal-Progressive ideals, with his New Deal, during the Great Depression. I know that I have good moral standards, good principles and faith in my G-d.

  9. Allen West would be a great choice for a “housekeeping” speaker.

    Another name that was mentioned who would have great potential is Newt Gingrich.

  10. We desperately need a Ronald Regan or a Churchill now. thank you for reminding me of the potential great men have to save our civilization. The cost will be astronomical in blood and treasure but it cannot and will not be avoided, but who has the will and determination to lead?

  11. I’ve seen that video before. It should be aired on all media stations! Dare I say WE DON’T HAVE LEADERS LIKE THAT TODAY (Mr Reagan) & DARE I SAY, WE DON’T HAVE A PEOPLE THAT ARE WILLING TO PAY THAT ANYMORE. I do dare. If only Newt Gingrich would reengage. I’m more familiar with Newt than I am with Allen West. But I know Mr. West is not PC and does not pussyfoot around & is a Patriot. God Please forgive America and once again Guide & Help us. Lest we disappear into the fog of history.

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