The Republican Revolution Has Begun

“Of The People, By The People, For The People”


If the Conservatives are going to win back the USA, and reestablish America as the TRUE Republic it was created to be in 1776 . . . IT IS NOW OR NEVER.

The FACT that Kevin McCarthy says he removed himself PARTLY because of his Benghazi remarks, only begs to wonder what the other reasons were? But at this point, the other reasons are IRRELEVANT.

What is relevant . . . is that the VOICE of the PEOPLE must be heard. And PROMISES made to the American PEOPLE must be kept. And if it comes to FORCING THE PRESIDENT TO SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT – SO-BE-IT!


Also as I’ve written multiple times, Donald Trump is low down on my list of Republicans Campaigning to become the Republican Nominee . . . BUT – at the same time, Trump is at the TOP of my list for changing the DYNAMICS of Politics in the USA, and for STOKING the courage people needed to say what they really mean, and mean what they really say. AND THAT’S WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH THE REPUBLICAN HOUSE MEMBERS.


I have no idea how much this will change the face of the Republican Party, to the point of, if the Party will survive as a Conservative Party, living-up to the PROMISES it makes during campaigns, or if it will SPLIT into two Parties.

The fact that Boehner refused to hold the vote for Speaker, right after McCarthy announced that he will no longer run . . . says all that needs to be said about why the current Republican Leadership DESERVES not to exist, which only adds an awful lot of FUEL TO THE FIRE, since there were still two viable REAL CONSERVATIVE candidates in the running . . . Dan Webster (FL) and Jason Chaffetz (UT).

Instead of Boehner holding votes and debates here-and-now . . . it appears that he is stretching this misery out to the next election in 2016, which will be certain to tear the Republican Party apart, which might be for the VERY BEST, because the way it was, was like picking at a scab instead of just ripping-it-off.


From the Canadian Election to be held on October 19th of this month, which Anne and I will vote on . . . in an early election poll tomorrow (Friday October 8th) . . . to the Civil War being fought amongst American Republicans, this is proving to be the MOST monumental year of elections in North America during my 65-Year life.

And listening to the pundits, who are saying how good this is . . . and how bad it is, only says how much they don’t know, and how far out of touch they are, just like the politicians are with people.


“Of The People, By The People, For The People” . . . Abraham Lincoln – Gettysburg Address.

This was delivered on Thursday, November 19, 1863, during the throes of the American Civil War, while the BLOOD of Patriots was still being absorbed into the Earth of Gettysburg.


Of The Lobbyists, By The Lobbyists, For The Lobbyists

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard….I’m sitting here with my hat spinning….thank you again. Every once in a while you reach down into the grain bin of articulate excellence and ‘knock one out of the park’. This is such an occasion. The attached comments by your ‘listeners’ were excellent as well. I will save this one for future reference….after I share this with as many folks as I can. I look forward to re-reading it again and again over a few sips of a fine Port and muttering to myself…YESSSS! I’m not alone!

  2. Wonderful to see you quote Lincoln who, along with Ronald Reagan,are very likely the two greatest American Presidents ever.

  3. I also like Reagan but there is one Democrat I like from years gone by, Harry Truman. Harry told it like it was and had a sign on his desk that said; “The buck stops here” and he did NOT (like the current person in the office) try to place the blame on someone else.

  4. This is a great day for Conservatives’, cause we do not need another “RINO” in charge of the House.

  5. Obama doesn’t trust our police nor military to carry out his plan for the control of the citizens, so he is joining with the UN and bringing those forces into our cities to enforce his rule(Strong Cities Network). He plans and executes the demise of the US as we knew and liked it. I wonder how many of the Republican leadership are part of that plan. It is time to defund the UN and get out while the country can be saved. Otherwise, each citizen who rebels must be willing to fight for sovereignty

  6. Hope springs eternal but not where the Republicans are concerned with me. Their timidity has allowed Obama to become more brazen and dictatorial as the days go by. The Republicans are counting those days until his term ends but they dare not confront him in the meantime, their cowardice is palpable.

  7. If you like Trump or don’t like Trump one thing for sure he says what he thinks which is what most good Americans think. He is an outsider which is good and he needs no money for campaigning. He can’t be bought like most of our congress has sold themselves. He has a big ego and balls to go along with his ego, let’s elect Trump and see what happens.

  8. You are right about The Donald. He has helped mainly Ben Carson by ridiculing the politicians, pointing out their “stupidity”. Donald is really smart! I’m thinking that he is trying to influence voters to support the non politicians, very smart. I really don’t believe he has the desire to be President, this is a game to him and did I mention that he’s really smart!

  9. “And the Lord said, ‘Let there be light.”, I’m still waiting. As a devout Catholic, and American Patriot, the best I can do is refer to the Scriptures. We are NOT an experiment, politically. nor philosophically, we have survived 200+ years! Why does our citizenry no longer teach, nor explain the meaning and value of our Declaration of Independance and Constitution to our youth?
    You can not “support, defend, and protect” that you are ignorant of because of “political B/S”.

  10. Today was great! I am so proud of my Congressman, Mark Meadows! He is one of the Freedom Caucus who refuses to play the “old” DC game. He sends his constituents (me!) e-mails asking our opinions about every important vote. Boehner does not like him because Mark says, “I’m voting the way my constituents tell me, NOT you!” I urge every American to look for candidates like Mr. Meadows- we see some in the presidential race! (smile!!!)

  11. As usual, I see nothing to disagree with, spot on, Howard.
    Sean Hannity interviewed Newt today and floated the notion of his return to the house. The speaker apparently does not need to be a member of the house. I have fond memories of Newt, bring him on!

    John Ross, Vero beach FL

  12. It is not time for Boehner to resign his Speaker position. It was time for Boehner to leave ages ago. If he wishes to make some effort to right any wrong he has done, he could smuggle Mitch McConnell out the door with him.

  13. If Trump is down the list for people you would vote for president, I hope Carly is even further down. Her foundation was just exposed for donating $500,000 to them just negating her claim that she would drive them out of business. We do not need another fraud in the oval office. Her love of the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam was her first out. Her game is over! Cruz or Carson deserves the vote!

  14. FYI: Mark Levin said last night that Chaffetz made McCarthy look like a genius; Levin is seldom wrong.

  15. Kate ….. I totally agree with you ….. I’m a bit surprised it has not already happened.

  16. “It is time to defund the UN and get out while the country can be saved” – by John F. Morgan, Dalton, GA USA

    I feel it’s long passed time for us to be out of the UN, entirely. What would the UN be without us in it? That’s what I hope to see in my life time.

  17. McCarthy pulled out, mainly due to his mea culpa, about the Benghazi investigation and he could not recover. Yes, the Conservative Caucus would have limited his chances of winning, anyways. Rep. Chaffetz has his own issues, he is the author of a “new” Tax bill, on the Internet. In my book, that eliminates him and his supposed Conservative ideals! I am not sure, that any good Conservative will win the Speaker position. In a month, we will all know.

  18. We DO NOT need a lawyer, a professional politician, or a smooth talker for a president. We need a businessman. We need a good negotiator to negotiate FOR US with congress and other countries. A good businessman (good doctors are businessman too) will negotiate the deal. A good lawyer can then help write the deal up for signing. Businessman negotiate contracts. Lawyers write contracts.

  19. Nothing is taught about our Constitution and Declaration of Independence because they want to keep control. Government dependency overrides American History!Give me a leader who is Patriotic,has a heart for it’s people, a heart for God & is unashamed to seek His Guidance for the nation. If I remember correctly both Clinton and Obama asked our military if they would fire upon American citizens. “Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face”. Ronald Reagan

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