Canada MIGHT Be On Its Way To A Disaster



Hey Canada . . . if you don’t really think about what your vote is worth, just have a look at how America is faring, after almost 7-years of Obama and America’s LEFT.

Think about WHY Americans are SURGING to support NON-POLITICIANS. And why they’re doing backflips to vote for either . . . a Surgeon, one of two Captains of Industry, or a politician who HATES the political process, who has plenty of experience to understand how bad it really is.

So, while THINKING and Patriotic Americans are trying to move Heaven and Earth to throw out the Political Class, and get rid of the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING policies that are rapidly killing the USA . . . there is more than half of the Canadian Electorate who are BLIND, DEAF, & DUMB to political and social realities and consequences to make the right decision. AND THAT’S FRIGHTENING!


Canada’s National Election is just TWO WEEKS AWAY, and if the polls stand true, it appears that the HARD LEFTIST Islamic Supporting Liberal Party of Canada, headed by a DILETTANTE, with perhaps LESS experience and LESS common sense than Obama had when he ran for the Presidency . . . WILL BECOME CANADA’S NEXT PRIME MINISTER.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU . . . is the young Pot-Smoking, cool-looking leader of the Liberal Party, who before being catapulted into the Leadership of the LEFTIST Liberal Party of Canada – could add Ski Instructor and High School Drama Coach as his most important resume accomplishments . . . AND NOTHING ELSE.


I watched an incredible YouTube documentary the other day, showing how Germany is desperately trying to cope with Moslem Immigrants . . . and it’s NOT looking good.

IN FACT, it is looking so bad, that much sooner rather than later, it will EXPLODE in incredible violence, ending all the way with full-throated political recriminations all around.

You see . . . even German Born Islamists have no use for the FREEDOMS of German Citizenship and their Constitutional GUARANTEES . . . THEY PREFER SHARIA!


I watched this YouTube not knowing at all . . . that Canada was going to be a major player in Germany’s desperate search for solutions.

As it turns out, Germany is JEALOUS of Canada’s incredibly well-conceived Immigration Policies, Created by Harper’s Conservative Government, while the Canadian LEFT (Liberals, NDP and Greens) were dragged along kicking and screaming all the way to commonsense and some National Pride.

Canada’s Conservatives have created the following:

1 – Canada has a system that leans exclusively on a number of would-be Immigrants, which Canada NEEDS to sustain and improve our society.

We don’t take people we don’t need . . . and certainly not ones we don’t want.

2 – Anyone wanting to come to Canada has to fill out a DETAILED Application, spelling out everything from his or her education and skills to his or her lifestyle.

And they have to prove they will have a job and/or a sponsor before they come.

3 – Canada has two official languages (English and French). And whoever wishes to Immigrate to Canada, must prove a proficiency in one or both of our languages before they can set foot inside our border.

4 – ALSO . . . Immigrants come to Canada with the clear understanding that they MUST obey all of our SECULAR LAWS, and if they break any of those laws, they will be DEPORTED without delay.

And if an Immigrant receives citizenship . . . and then breaks any of our Secular Constitutional Laws, Canada will revoke that citizenship and DEPORT the Immigrant.

And as I’m writing this . . . Canada is fighting against our LEFTIST Courts, which have decided that Moslem Women can take their OATH of Citizenship wearing a (full face) BURQA, which is supported by Canada’s two LEFTIST Political Parties.


The Trans Pacific Partnership Deal opens a VAST world market to the people to Canada, making our products and services available in countries where they never before had a chance to compete. AND IT WILL MAKE THE IMPORTATION OF OTHER GOODS INTO CANADA LESS EXPENSIVE.


This DEAL has an enormous positive potential for all Canadians, from our businesses on down, which all Canadians should be rejoicing . . . BUT NOT AMONGST THE LEFT.

And for Americans and Canadians who don’t know or remember, it was Canadian and American Conservatives (Prime Minister Mulroney and President Reagan), who brought NORTH American Free Trade to our two countries, which worked out fabulously for both of us . . . TO THE CONSTERNATION OF THE LEFT.

SO HERE WE ARE IN CANADA . . . facing a stark choice between two diametrically OPPOSING Political and Social Philosophies.


1 – Larger government.

2 – More spending.

3 – Less Fossil Fuels (gasoline, diesel and gas).

4 – Higher Energy Prices.

5 – Higher TAXES for the MAKERS.

6 – MORE Entitlements.

7 – MORE Regulations.

8 – MORE Islamic Immigration.

9 – More RESTRICTIONS and CONTROL on Freedom of Expression.

10 – MORE Gun Restrictions.

Just to list 10-Points of many they’re proud of.


Everything OPPOSED to what the LEFT stands for.

SO . . . If you’re a Canadian, and you care about COMMONSENSE, your FREEDOMS, and your RIGHT to have a good life without LEFTIST BIG BROTHER looking over your shoulder, STAND-UP, SPEAK-UP & VOTE CONSERVATIVE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, As usual, you make far too much sense. You should probably establish Texas as your permanent residence. We are fixin’ (Texas term) to secede. There is already a website dedicated to doing just that.

  2. Very well stated Howard. I truly believe however that enough of our populace will use sound reasoning on October 19th and reinstate Stephen Harper as Prime Minister….with a majority.

  3. Bonne chance!

    The U.S. has the Bill of Rights and we can only hope to defeat obama’s march to destruction when Americans wake up to the disaster which is even now taking hold in this country.

  4. Exactly, Howard! If the Conservatives don’t win this election, I really do fear for Canada’s future! HOPEFULLY the majority of Canadians have enough BRAINS to make sure the Conservatives continue. The ‘agenda’ of either of the other ‘major’ parties is frightening indeed!

  5. It is not over until the Stupid Liberal Voter Croaks! I am voting Conservative and anticipate a minority at the least!

  6. Howard, you are a good man and a patriot (a term that I believe most Liberals and ALL socialists neither understand nor appreciate), As for Mulcair – I will never forget Churchill’s definition of Socialism – “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”. All we have to do is glance at Obama, Mulcair and Trudeau and those words blaze with righteousness. Never has a socialist community survived in history.

  7. The Road to Serfdom. F.A. Hayek. More people want than to give and therefore that will be their demise.
    Freedom is only a word to some but to many it’s a way of life.

  8. sent to my email list

    Come on Americans, show some ignorance.. Galganov is saying THEY have the most stupid voters. WE Americans have
    more stupid voters and politicians than Canada. The nerve of them……….We Americans keep voting Idiots
    in office and have backups for them. tsk, tsk, the nerve of them.

  9. Again, excellent thinking and well stated on your part. We can only hope that sound thinking (conservative) citizens will turn out and vote. To some, anything that Harper, or any conservative does is wrong.

  10. I’m astonished by how many people who should know better believe all the lies spread about Harper. My two next door neighbours who are retired social services teachers from St. Lawrence college said they would vote for Trudeau because they think he’s just as good as anybody else. If that’s the case let’s have a lottery for Prime Minister. Actually if we did we would have a better chance of getting someone better than the narcissist unemployable Justin. Gee my dad was PM so I should be too.

  11. The last thing we need is another parasite from Quebec running Canada. The damage done by Trudeau senior has never been repaired, repealed. – the charter, bilingualism, multiculturalism, massive debt…just a mess, and Trudeau junior, well what a useless pylon.

  12. Elected twice in On. Equally stunning group elected in AB . I suspect Liberals all the way . Justin for PM . Unfortunately the population that reads your blog , and generally support your ideas are not the majority. The majority are the teachers , the fireman , the gov workers, the police, THEY all support the Liberal ideals because THEY are supported by “others” . THEY live in artificial worlds supported by “others”. Us “others” pay for it all . And “THEY” all vote to ensure their survival.

  13. I would love to vote Conservative..but for one unhappy circumstance.
    Our dept of “offence” now spends over 20 billion a year. Never in its history has Canada ever been threatened by anyone. In ww1 our participation helped force Germany to install Lenin in Russia. In ww2 we fought and died for “uncle” Joe Stalin and gave him most of central Europe..and later much of Asia. And recently we waste our money creating more refugees in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

  14. Thank you, Howard, for telling the truth! I wouldn’t trust Mulcair or Trudeau if my life depended on it! Harper isn’t perfect, but he does have Canada’s best interests in mind and heart when he does something, such as the TPP.
    Wake up, fellow Canadians…. think, and then vote smart – vote Conservative!!!

  15. Unfortunately, here in Canada, the Media Party has been in overdrive against PM Harper since he won the last election. They are still very angry over that. Regardless of his good stewardship, and the only world leader to tell Putin off to his face, everything the Conservatives do is reported negatively. Misappropriation of funds, double dipping, dirty tactics by the NDP and Liberals is barely given lip service. Its difficult to win an election when the über left Press is against you.

  16. Civil war is coming to Europe. Sadly, it will be the odious extreme right that will be the initiating force that will of necessity start the process of fighting back against Islam and Sharia because no other elements of society, citizens and/or political leaders, have the will and/or foresight to see the gravity that lies ahead once the Islamic population reaches the critical mass vs indigenous people. Eyes open, North America still has a chance to avoid this coming storm.

  17. Right you are Howard… the prospect of the corrupt Media Party fooling enough LIVS to vote for either the citizen of France Mulcair or the terrifyingly inept Trudo gives me shivers. Hopefully Canadians will see through the Media’s fog of deceit and vote Conservative, if not the consequences for Canada in the future will be depressingly severe… think Greece.

  18. The Conservative government got us through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression —
    They reduced the GST by two percentage points, a 30% reduction on a tax that we pay on everything —
    They introduced pension splitting
    They instituted tax free savings accounts, which benefit anyone willing to save —
    They negotiated a number of international trade deals which will stand us in good stead in years to come —
    They stand four square in favour of Israel, a country threatened with

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