WINNER – Putin . . . LOSERS Obama & The USA



Russia is a Democracy in Propaganda name ONLY. Putin is far more like a Czar, than he is a democratically elected leader. FREEDOM of Expression in Russia is determined by whose FREEDOM is referenced. And FREE Enterprise depends upon where the ENTERPRISER is ranked in Russia’s THUGOCRACY.


The Russian people are TOUGH, not just a little bit TOUGH, but maniacal TOUGH. Just as the Nazis, who found a people willing to throw their own bodies in front of Bullets, Howitzers and Tanks, the Arabs will soon enough discover for themselves, just how tough the Russians really are.

To the Russians . . . a war strategy is to burn their own cities and crops, just to keep them away from the enemy, even if it means Russians will Freeze and Starve along with the enemy. THAT’S TOUGH!


1 – We do the best we can . . . not to target anyone close to civilians. And then get on our hands and knees pleading for forgiveness if and when we accidentally do.

2 – We warn our enemies before we attack.

3 – We setup education centers and hospitals . . . to educate and treat people who hate us.

4 – We flood our enemies with money to buy their love.

5 – And we tell them when we are coming and when we are PULLING OUT.


They slaughtered everyone who got in their way . . . END OF STORY!


HOW ABOUT NONE . . . So where’s the difference between how we did in Afghanistan in comparison to the Russians?

After the POUNDING the Russians took at the hands of the MUJAHIDIN in Afghanistan, and the short-term political outrage amongst the Russian people, you would think that Russian Politicians and the Russian People would want nothing to do with Islamists, even in Iran, Iraq and Syria. WELL . . . YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

First of all . . . Iran, Iraq and Syria are NOT Afghanistan, and in these three countries, Russia is winning the JACKPOT, and for American analysts to say otherwise, speaks volumes about the incredible incompetence, dishonesty and perhaps outright stupidity of the analysts.

IT ALSO SCREAMS VOLUMES ABOUT OBAMA – who is . . . either STUPID, a LIAR, or a calculating ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN people from within. And in all reality, I DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER.

BUT, because I have to guess, I have to assume that OBAMA is so NAÏVE, and so FIXATED on his ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT through the UN, which I believe he wants, so he can become the Secretary General once he leaves the White House, that he has no idea what he’s doing, and how badly he’s being played for an incredible fool by Putin.


Where Obama wants the UN to become the center of the NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT. Putin wants to become the WORLD’S POWERHOUSE, which the rest of the world will bow before . . . INCLUDING THE UN.

UNLESS I’M WRONG . . . which I don’t think I am, Obama was right about Russia’s failed economy, but now that Obama and Kerry’s despicable agreement with Iran, which turned over as much as ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS to Iran, with which to buy countless BILLIONS of Dollars of ARMS from the Russians . . . RUSSIA IS POOR NO MORE.

And unlike the Americans, who spent as much as TWO TRILLION DOLLARS . . . I mean that’s TRILLIONS with a T (2,000 BILLION), trying to bring democracy to Iraq, while getting nothing out of it, and because Obama decided to walk away, PUTIN GETS THE OIL.


Putin played Obama and Kerry for the FOOLS they are, pretending to negotiate a tough deal with the Iranian Nuclear Program, with China salivating for the moment Obama’s signature hit the document, knowing full well, that once that happened, China will have access to one of the world’s single largest OIL RESERVES, courtesy of a Tough Guy name PUTIN and a Wet NOODLE named Obama.


Obama can insult and degrade Netanyahu and the government of Israel all he wants to. He can try to embarrass Israel by ordering his Ambassador (the always anti-Israel Samantha Power) to NOT ATTEND NETANYAHU’S UN SPEECH as he did last week, BUT TRUTH BE TOLD . . . Netanyahu knows where the Power of the 21st Century is shifting.

IT SAYS AN AWFUL LOT . . . when the Prime Minister of Israel pays a serious SECURITY MEETING, with his TWO TOP GENERALS to Moscow, to meet with the man who will be wielding virtually all the power in the Middle East, just a week before going to the UN.

IT ALSO SAYS EVERYTHING . . . when Egypt, the most powerful and most important Arab country, is telling all other Arab countries that it is in their BEST INTEREST to make peace with Israel.

AND NOW . . . coming soon to Washington DC, Obama and Netanyahu will sit down to talk, which baffles what they could possibly talk about, since Israel is starting to HEDGE ITS BETS WITH RUSSIA.

But, from everything the Americans seem to be saying to stop the HEMORRHAGE of anger at the Obama Administration, at the way Obama/Kerry threw Israel under the Obama BUS – the USA is opening the Military Cookie Jar to Israel, which as I see it, Israel isn’t all that grateful to accept in exchange for the SCREWING Israel got.

BESIDES . . . now that the US has SURRENDERED its Middle East Power and Influence to Russia – IT IS IN AMERICA’S NUMBER ONE INTEREST to make certain that America will still have a semblance of influence in the Middle East. And the ONLY way they can do it . . . is through Israel.

SO ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION . . . With the Israelis making nice to the Russians and the Egyptians promoting Pan Arab PEACE with Israel . . . who needs whom most?

The way I see it . . . In the space of a BLINK of an eye, Obama totally SURRENDERED all the gains made by Bush’s White House, to Russia, which hasn’t yet invested a dime in BLOOD AND TREASURE, and probably won’t.

It is INCONCEIVABLE how one guy, through the DUMBEST electorate in history, not just once but twice, could LOSE so much in such a short period of time to such an inferior foe.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Going back to basics, it’s time governments were run by business people not second rate lawyers. Why that has permeated our system I have no idea other than tradition. Barry has less that 12% of the people in his cabinet who actually have ANY business experience. Any surprise why we have what we have? Worlds largest “businesses” run by legal “minds”. A joke at best.

  2. Howard you left out the best part. Congress backs him 100%.

  3. Howard,
    Your enthusiastic followers must be (should be) multiplying based on your timely observations. As for me I rather think that your suggestion that Obama is: “a LIAR, or a calculating ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN people from within” – removing the “or” and simply making it “a LIAR, AND a calculating ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN people from within”. An increasing number of capable people recognize the Democratic Party under Pelosi KNEW what they were doing manufacturing that Manchurian Candidate.

  4. The middle east and Europe are now confirming what the better half of our country knew from the outset, that Obama is perhaps the shallowest and dumbest of the dumb, no matter how you cut it or what they attribute to him! And we’ll pay for it!
    Bud Farrell

  5. For my money? hussein is the “enemy from within” Howard.
    Will go down in history as one of the greatest conspiricies ever perpetrated!

  6. Your paragraph that begins with “It says an awful lot” You meant to say wielding, not yielding. After that miniscule critic, I gotta say that I share your opinion of our CIC. Which is he? Traitor or just severely incompetent. Kerry seems to be the useful idiot.. I can only pray that our electorate becomes severely enlightened or we are all doomed to who-knows-what.
    With all respect;

  7. Nailed it! It is tough to negotiate away everything that was fought (squanderingly) over and claim to be the winner. Similar to the Chinese Chiang Kai-shek during WWII. Lost all but a tiny island when he had the whole mainland, but corruption squandered it. The US forces complained about how much bribe money it took to accomplish anything in China.

  8. I’m a supporter of Putin & Assad because they are the Guardians of the minorities, especially Middle East Christians. That’s where my concern is only and Assad & Saddam provided that stability since a long time ago. Neocon Bush I should never had interfered in Saddams claim of Kuwait. We should have let him have it back then.

  9. History tells that the Russian people have been made tough by 1000 years of being brutalized by their leaders

  10. Barry IS the “ENEMY FROM WITHIN”, as proven by all his DECEITFUL actions AGAINST the USA! Are we that BLINDED that we should or can think otherwise? NARCISSISTS never have enough. He wants to RULE THE WORLD and is very well on his way to doing so [Secretary General]! “It ain’t over yet”, however, because his foes, Netanyahu and Putin, are very STRONG LEADERS who supersede him. Barry is the one who will soon be “thrown under the bus”–like he’s done to many others! Kerry’s also a disgrace! AMEN!

  11. When Russia & China control the mid-east oil, it will be interesting to hear what the U.S. elite–Hollywood, professors, teachers, politicians etc. have to say about Canada’s “dirty oil.” We may have to keep it to meet our own domestic needs! Am I playing “Bugger your neighbour?

  12. Thomas W. Childs ….. I agree with you 100% regarding your reference to the Manchurian Candidate! In Obama’s very first debate with Romney, that moniker came to my mind, very strongly. And it has proven to be true. How the American people were bamboozled into thinking they had to have their first ‘black president’ whatever the cost is still mind-boggling! Oh wait!! Perhaps they didn’t THINK at all!!

  13. Your 5 points how America and the west fight in Afghanistan, very much the same as Israel fights neighboring terrorists. Maybe they should follow Russian example. The west is so keen in helping refugees, they will welcome Palestinians with open arms. They always condemn Israel anyway, but that will solve the problem once and for all and like every thing else it will settle down and there will be peace in the region. Have you ever wondered why no Arab country has ever helped the Palestinians?

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