It’s Time To Ban Chicago


In 2013 – according to the FBI – 8,583 people of all ages, and under all circumstances died from some form of FATAL SHOOTING.

In 2013 – according to the US Department of Transport – 10,076 people of all ages died specifically at the hands of DRUNK DRIVERS.


THUS FAR . . . from January 1, 2015 to DATE – And I really do mean up to the minute, because from the writing of this editorial (October 4, 2015), there have already been 2,332 SHOOTINGS IN CHICAGO.

From this Chicago Tribune Statistic . . . the only conclusion I can make is . . . BAN CHICAGO.

FOR GOOD MEASURE . . . I should also include Detroit, St Louis and Baltimore, where DRIVE-BY Shootings have become a part of their culture.

And once again, if we were to follow the Obama and LEFTIST conclusions . . . let’s BAN Detroit, St Louis and Baltimore . . . no one in the USA would miss them all that much anyway.


Guns do not kill . . . and there’s no stopping MENTAL ILLNESS.

And in spite of what the LEFT and Obama have to say, the only way to STOP someone with a mental grudge from killing innocent people . . . is an innocent person with a gun of his or her own.

THE NRA CANNOT SAY IT TOO OFTEN . . . The only way to stop a BAD GUY with a gun, is with a GOOD GUY with a gun. IT CANNOT BE CLEARER THAN THAT.

Anne and I have come into contact with plenty of LEFTISTS, who think guns should be banned, and no one outside of law enforcement should have the right to own and carry guns. And our response to these people is always THUS . . . no one forces you to own or carry a gun. SO DON’T.


Later into the evening, as I was sitting with Pamela Geller in the lobby of the 5-Star Hotel where the function was held after her speech, which was delivered on behalf of our Pledge Ride, Anne was walking Stryker in the rear of the property, when a man approached her to make conversation about Stryker (our 92-pound German Shepherd).

And just to the side of where this man approached Anne and Stryker, were two security guards looking-on. But given Stryker’s size, weight, and carriage, no one in their right mind will mess with Anne in his company.

Personally . . . I figure he was hitting on my wife, for which I can’t blame him, but I digress. Initially, he asked Anne about Stryker, which everyone does when making small talk, which led to where he asked Anne where she was from.

So, when she said Canada, this guy lit-up like a LEFTIST Christmas Tree, gushing about Canadian FREE Healthcare that he wished was in the USA, and Canadian GUN LAWS, which he also wished were in the USA. To which Anne said; that the HYPE about either was better than the reality.

AND OFF HE WENT AT THE LIP . . . talking about gun violence, and the need to BAN guns. So imagine how he felt when Anne with the BIG German Shepherd said that she is a Gun Owner – AND THAT SHE DOESN’T DEBATE WITH LEFTISTS?

With that said, and his mouth agape . . . Anne just walked away, leaving the jerk all by himself, near the two security guards who were now smiling with appreciation, as Anne walked by them with Stryker in tow.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov
Proud Canadian Gun Owner

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  1. Why aren’t you speaking out on the ethnic cleansing of Middle East Christians, Mandeans, Yazidis and the other groups also?
    I think Israel has a real strong army, intelligence agency that Iran is in fact no match for it. Israelis won’t be intimidated and in fact will annihilate these bums if push comes to shove.

    I’m worried about the minorities who’ve been bullied for years now.

  2. If facts do not sway the argument, where do we go from there?

  3. The problem with the USA is that they have gone too far The gun culture in the USA means the good guys don’t carry guns but the bad guys do

  4. Good job howard. I wood sure hate to be caught in a situation. Where i would have to watch innocent people be slaughtered. It would make a man feel nacked. If he didnt have a gun to help them with.

  5. Same way we’ve been going, Richard, straight down-hill! (Seems to have escallated the past 7 years, somehow!!!) So sad to see this once GREAT Country deteriorate the way it has, I won’t live long enough to see it’s come-back, (if it does) I mourn for my great grand children and beyond……..

  6. One way to stop these mass shootings is to publish the death photos of the killer(s) in their bullet riddled , blood puddled grotesque ending and maybe publish photos of their autopsies if their is one. Maybe this may deter a few people from doing this…but it’s worth a try! The dream of glory they are seeking would be doused by the nightmare of those who came before with this foolish idea.

  7. Haha. Nice story about Anne. Also, many of us in attendance were prowling around the Pledge Ride event armed and ready. It was at that moment, arguably one of the safest spots in America 🙂 Now, as politically incorrect as it may be, fully 50% of gun murders in the US are black on black crimes in ghettos. If we subtract that from the whole, the rest of America is quite peaceful. A HUGE part of America’s gun violence problem is rotten culture in the ghettos. Not guns, rotten people with guns.

  8. Hilarious article, but unfortunately so very true. How about we add D.C. to that list?

  9. I couldn’t agree more….

    By all accounts the Police handled themselves in an exemplary manner; arrived in 5 minutes, engaged the shooter in two minutes more and confirmed the shooter was neutralized two minutes later….

    The only problem with that, ‘as good as it can get’ resolve is that given the College’s anti-gun stance all of the students were by design, left defenseless for nine minutes….

    Too many are willing to make decisions for others based on their emotions, as opposed to fa

  10. The Media and the 24hr non stop reporting , giving the crazies what they want ,is no help either . You are missing the main point, most of the numbers are generated by a sub-culture shooting itself . Let’s be clearer , this sub-culture , their violent bent , their total lack of respect for anything , including life itself, are the problem, BUT NOBODY WANTS TO PEG it down to what it is . What is the demographic of the cities you have listed ? Maybe that might be the root of the problem.

  11. Take away legal guns, illegal ones still available. If those intent on killing don’t have guns, they will use bombs or something else. My daughter continually says, “It is not guns that kill, it is the one pulling the trigger.” We are reaping the change from basic teaching of Biblical principles -‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’- to ‘do them before they do you’, because it’s all about me. Self-centered focus & a warped psyche because of it.


  13. I had a 5th great Uncle who died from wounds received at Lexington and Concord, his two sons were also involved in that battle. On a daily basis the left dishonors those who fought and died that day and every day after in the defense of freedom. As long as the left’s ideology is tolerated, America as constituted is in grave danger.

  14. If guns are banned those with nefarious intent will always find a way to get one. Heroin is illegal, but if one wants it they can find it anywhere in America. Banning firearms will only leave the law abiding innocents defenseless.

  15. “If Americans loose their right to arms, the light of liberty will go out on planet earth.”

  16. People who talk about Canada’s great gun laws are unaware of the 14 killed and 14 wounded at University of Montreal1989, 4 killed at Concordia University1993, 1 killed 19 injured at Dawson College 2006

  17. I had a heated interchange on FB with a couple of my ultra liberal friends who live in the greater Ottawa area. They asked for statistics when I pointed out that the mass shootings have consistently occurred in gun free zones. They were shocked to learn that schools and government facilities are gun free and even security people are defenseless. These locations are safe haven for killers. Thankfully, Canada prevented a massive catastrophe. Sgt. at Arms, Kevin Vickers has access to one.

  18. Great story about Anne and Stryker! You’re so right about all these gun crazies. Without the good guys WITH THE GUNS, there would be even more Gun Violence. I grew up in St. Louis and it was never like it is now. Soooo very sad. I now live within approximately a half hour’s drive from there. I want to see my former city brought back to be safe once again. God Bless America, Canada, & Israel.

  19. Well put. Savvy + a big protective trained dog + a gun + someone also trained how to use it Legally. Case closed. The end.

  20. The 2nd Amendment says it all, but of course, BHO is not obeying the Constitution. He is, instead, trying to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE it—as he’s done to our Country! He’s not about to address CHICAGO’s gun and multiple-murder issues either because it would bring attention to HIS HOME TOWN. Also, RACISM can’t be used as a reason for its problems either! It’s very obvious that the LEFT won’t dare discuss CHICAGO’s MESS. Surprise, surprise, surprise—CHICAGO has some of the STRICTEST GUN LAWS. AMEN!

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