Putin’s BITCH . . . America’s Misery



It makes no difference how the LEFT spins it . . . CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times, National Public Radio (NPR) – ETC . . . as to how Putin routinely takes away Obama’s breakfast, and then comes back to eat his lunch.

BUT UNDERSTAND THIS . . . whether the people like it or not, Obama represents the entire United States of America, and as Putin treats Obama as his personal BITCH, that’s the way Putin’s treating the USA and the American people.

And none of this is lost on the world . . . ESPECIALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST.


I bet you know someone who you think is a stand-up kind of guy, who everyone likes and trusts. The neighbor who keeps the perfect house, the impeccable lawn, and the best turned out wife and children who are always polite.

But what you might not know perhaps . . . is that behind closed doors and shut windows, this stand-up-guy might be a Class-A abuser.

It seems to me, that Obama is a REAL Tough Guy, ONLY when it comes to beating-up on Israel, the Republicans, and America’s MAKERS . . . but when it comes to taking on the Russian BEAR, the Chinese, and the Islamists, he’s a toothless declawed pussycat, without the backbone to stand-up straight.

Obama is America’s abuser.


IF THIS WAS 1776 . . . Obama would have been dragged from power in chains. He would have been tried as an ENEMY OF THE STATE. And at BEST, he would be left to rot in prison for TREASON. And at WORST – he would have been hung by his own PETARD.

BUT WE NOW LIVE IN A SOCIETY . . . where we’ve become so frightened of standing-out and speaking-up, that silence has replaced FREEDOM, to the point that MOST of our media would never write or say something like I just did.

YEARS AGO . . . I took on 4-MAJOR Montreal Newspapers, 1-English . . . 3-French, for publishing government propaganda ADS for profit, knowing full well that they were promoting a lie, but doing so anyway to make money.

I WON THE CASE AGAINST ALL OF THEM . . . and when I was told of this victory by the Canadian Advertising Council – I was also ORDERED BY THIS SAME COUNCIL, NOT TO MAKE THIS PUBLIC, because they would deal with the false advertising internally.

On the very day this verdict was hand-delivered to me by the Canadian Advertising Council, ALONG WITH THEIR ORDER FOR ME TO SAY NOTHING, the first thing I did, was take to the airwaves and make their verdict as PUBLIC as possible.


If the State, which holds and wields the power of the LAWS, which itself creates, uses THEIR LAWS to intimidate FREEDOM of SPEECH, whether that imposition is ORDERED by a Media Council, a Political Law, or a Judgment from the Courts . . . IT IS AN ALL-OUT ATTACK ON THE FOUNDATION OF FREEDOM.

THINK ABOUT IT . . . We are witnessing a VIOLATION OF AMERICA’S FREEDOMS in California, where a judge has ordered the producers of the Planned Parenthood INFANTICIDE VIDEOS not to make them public . . . WHY NOT?

I WOULD NOT COMPLY . . . and would fight any punishment they would throw my way. Because I think more than anything, whether in Canada or the USA, this is the greatest weapon in the despicable arsenal of the LEFT . . . SILENCE OF SPEECH.

YEARS AGO (1996) . . . when fighting for Freedom of Expression in Quebec, standing up against a cowardly LEFTIST and compliant English Media, I commissioned a talented friend of mine (Noah Salzman), and co-founder of the Quebec Political Action Committee (QPAC), which I founded after the Referendum to SEPARATE French Quebec from English Canada in 1995, to write an ANTHEM for our group. The title and first line of the song was: DON’T LET SILENCE BE THE VOICE OF QUEBEC, because people were terrified to speak out.

Retail businesses wouldn’t speak-out, because they didn’t want to lose business, or become a target of French Nationalistic Vandalism or Boycotts. Agencies, including School Boards didn’t speak-out, because they didn’t want to lose government grants and contracts. Companies didn’t speak-out because they feared an audit . . .


BUT I SPOKE OUT . . . and as a result, Anne and I lived with armed bodyguards for months on end over a period of several years, at an enormous personal cost, at the derision of many compliant ANGLOS, but also with a great deal of GRATITUDE from ANGLO CONSERVATIVES WHO WANTED A VOICE.


ON THURSDAY . . . Obama ORDERED Samantha Power (the American Ambassador to the UN), not to sit in the General Assembly to hear Netanyahu’s Speech, which exhibited to me, just how low Obama’s real regard is for Freedom of Expression.

It is one thing to say that everyone has the right to speak, but another entirely . . . to keep people from hearing what is said.

I AM EXTREMELY PROUD OF THIS BLOG . . . I am not a gifted writer. I didn’t attend the best schools and earn the highest marks. I was usually lucky just to get a pass. And I never ever came close to winning a political election where I ran.

BUT I NEVER BACKED-DOWN FROM A FIGHT . . . and never came close to surrendering or selling-out my values. And I’ve always stood up for people who couldn’t stand up for themselves . . . AND THIS BLOG SAYS IT ALL.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes Howard, you are absolutely right! We are the economic slaves of governments and big business. We need a revolution, and that is for sure. However, how is this revolution going to take place without violence? Governments, as you say, do not fear people. We live under their heels. The only way things will change is with the spillage of blood, which I cannot advocate, if I want to remain outside of prison. It would then seem that the individual is condemned to live a life of quiet desperation.

  2. When the hell are we going to wake up…we’re OVER the line on TYRANNY by BOBO OBAMA! Bud Farrell,

  3. Thank you Howard!!!! A Million times, THANK YOU!!!! I wish only the very best for you and Anne. What you have just said, millions of Americans are only thinking. Be well & Be SAFE!! We need alot more people like you to “open up” on the facts, the truth. God Bless You Sir.

  4. Howard, I am so proud to be your friend. I am gearing up for Holocaust Education Week (November 2-9 ) in the Greater Toronto Area. FYI; it is on the net under Holocaust Education Week. I will be speaking at seven different venues. In essence my presentations will be about he lessons of the Shoah. In my opinion your article just described it. I hope that we are not in the process of repeating history. The remedy is TO SPEAK UP. To be an up-stander not a by-stander. Your fellow Pledge Rider.

  5. One is reminded of the late pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous poem

  6. Does anyone have the BALLS to start “IMPEACHMENT” of President Obama? It has been said that the only way to rid ourselves of a “SNAKE” “IS TO CUT IT’S HEAD OFF!!! This 83 year old disabled Vet wants our country back!!! Capping off “OLE FAITHFULL” is not what I call “ACOMMEN SENCE DECESION!!!

  7. I am one of those ANGLO CONSERVATIVES who is grateful to you for fighting for our English rights in Quebec. Today, because of you we have bilingual signage, even though the English has to be half the size of French. If only the English Media and people had a little of your backbone, we wouldn’t be second class citizens as we are today!

  8. Obama is the personification of the phrase “The Enemy Within” & surrounded with like minded and spineless personnel. While are military is still the best, obama has done his best to defund and weaken it. While seemingly the majority of Americans are duped and sing his praises. Those around the world that shout Death To American & Israel just sit and wait. Did I say sit, there up now and planning our demise. America has changed, alright. Our enemies haven’t they smell weakness.

  9. I totally agree with you and like you, I speak out often and am told I should not speak such words because they might hurt someone or bring harm to me. I do not care, I tell it like it is and if the people do not like what I say, to bad. I especially get after our elected officials by way of the internet, before they had websites to contact them I would send them my thoughts by land letter. Keep up the good work and God bless you and yours.

  10. I’M hoping that we will get a President (an outsider) who will take these people to task for the wrong that they have committed in the last few years. Not only them but also the ones who covered for them. We all know who they are as we see the wrong they do most everyday. Just think how much Obama has done wrong and it did it because he knew it was wrong. He has done his best to turn the Blacks and the Gays against the good people of America.

  11. Middle East? Barry achieving exactly what soros and buddies want.
    Is there any sane individual who cannot appreciate what this clown has achieved in the destruction of the US?
    Who speaks up? The press? Give me a break. Run by Dem affiliates!
    Reps? What a sad bunch of zeros!
    I hope there is a “white knight”, male or female, out there to save us all!

  12. I have nothing to add, you, Howard, and everyone commenting before me, has pretty well nailed it!!!!! Keep SPEAKING OUT!!!!!!!

  13. Great editorial (as usual) Howard. Keep writing and standing up for truth!

  14. I have often wondered in recent years if Obama isn’t knowingly intended to destroy America.

  15. The Enemy Within and The Manchurian Candidate come to mind when I think about Obama. Nixon got impeached over Watergate, which was such a minor thing compared to this individual that occupies the WH now…..what the hell is wrong with todays ‘Republicans’….are they scared, has Obama got something on all of them? Watch your back Howard, they may stop you at the border from crossing this winter because of your blog. Keep up the good work.

  16. Our founders had the Bill of Rights in the right order; freedom of speech and religion are the two most important things for our nation and remaining armed is right up there with them. These are the things the Libs have attacked for a good many years for just that reason. Dr. Carson wants to do away with political correctness; he’s right. It’s the first step in destroying free speech.

  17. EXCELLENT Editorial! You ARE a GIFTED WRITER because you’re able to TRUTHFULLY describe the issues-at-hand and without, as you said, “surrendering your values”. Most of your readers appear to feel the same way! It is said that ‘people will take ADVANTAGE of you only as much as you ALLOW them too’. That’s exactly what’s happened in the USA…BHO is/was ALLOWED to do as he pleases! “WHEN WILL HE BE STOPPED and BY WHOM?” Congress had made many promises, but have failed to carry them through. AMEN!

  18. Outstanding, you are the most informative writer, as you see what most don’t, and your expressions come “from your heart”. You are a one of a kind, and no one can sum up any crisis situation as Howard does. A deep thinker, like no one I have ever conversed with all of them. If you were on a podium of Presidential candidates, I could compare you to Netanyahu, different but the same. ‘YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH ALWAYS AS ONLY HOWARD CAN!

  19. You are right on target – as usual. Seems as though nothing we do will light a fire under our representatives. Only a few I can count on one hand “get it”; however, those few can’t do it alone. The others have no back bone whatsoever, and seem to be brain-washed. Waiting until the next election could possibly be too late. People are beginning to get furious. Obama should be sitting in a cell right now along with others. This country needs a REAL leader. WE DON’T HAVE ONE!!! God help us!!

  20. To all lovers of Liberty as defined in the Declaration of Independence and in the US Constitution: I recommend you read the book “Liberty’s Secrets” by Joshua Charles, and then give a copy to your children and grandchildren. This book brings tears for the loss of our values over the past hundred years. As an 80 year old great-grandmother who lived under Nazi occupation during WWII, and came to America in 1949, I can tell you that we are at war, don’t kid yourself!

  21. Another great editorial. I am concerned about Obummer’s bringing in the UN to help police against so called terrorists. Huh!!! Likely the definition of terrorist will be anyone who defends the Constitution, who objects to run away government, and anyone who thinks for him/herself. This is the first open step toward “One World Government” and the true objective of Agenda 21. Watch your back. Just differing with the objectives of Obummer may constitute us as being potential terrorists

  22. Obama must go ASAP! Cowardly and feckless, he makes Jimmy Carter look good.IMO:LET those bastard Islamists kill each other. Putin has stepped into quicksand from which there is no rescue. He has to support military actions with a failing economy and frenemies that will slit his throat the moment he shows weakness. Did O plan this? He’s not that smart.

    Also Florida Dems are going Trump!.. Alan A, Jupiter,Florida.

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