Over the years of writing this BLOG, I’ve made reference to the RUBICON several times. To those who might not know the meaning . . . the RUBICON is a shallow River in North Eastern Italy, where Julius Caesar was warned not to cross with his troops, because once he did, there would be no going back.

By SURRENDERING American EXCEPTIONALISM on the ALTAR of international APPEASEMENT, Obama and the LEFT have forced the USA and America’s allies and closest friends, TO CROSS THE RUBICON . . . from where the entire security of the FREE WORLD has already changed in incalculable ways, with ZERO CHANCE OF EVER GOING BACK.


As I see and hear Russia, through the mouth of Putin, tell America through Obama’s White House, that America’s DAYS ARE DONE in Eastern Europe and the Middle East . . . AND IN RESPONSE, all I hear from the White House, the State Department and Secretary of Defense – is STUPID TALK, which leaves me NUMB AND FURIOUS, with the IDIOTS who repeatedly voted for Obama and his sycophants.


Are the LEFTIST IDIOTS still laughing at Romney, who said in a one-on-one debate with Obama in 2012 . . . that Russia was America’s foremost threat, only to be CONDESCENDINGLY answered by Obama, that the Cold War had been done for several decades?


I spend a great deal of my time and energy reading, listening to, and watching LEFTIST media, so I could know what they’re saying to their audiences. I also watch many of the FAIR & BALANCED debates on FOX News, which pisses-me-off to no end, because I just hate listening to LEFTIST HOKUM, but nonetheless, they show just how SICK the LEFT really are.

I watched Ash Carter, Secretary of Defense deliver an afternoon Press Conference today (September 30, 2015), which was as BIZARRE A STATEMENT ON RUSSIAN AGGRESSION, and American SURRENDER as I could have NEVER imagined from any US LEADER, before the election of this SICK Obama administration.


4-YEARS AGO . . . in 2011, I was in Virginia Beach on a Motorcycle Ride to Remember the Holocaust, when a well dressed Southern man, somewhat younger than me, struck-up a conversation in the elevator, after seeing my Motorcycle Jacket festooned with a large patch of the STAR OF DAVID over my heart, with an even larger STAR OF DAVID on my back.


He asked me why there were so many Jewish Bike Riders in Virginia Beach? To which I replied: Our purpose is to Promote the Memory and History of the Holocaust, so that it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.


TO WHICH THIS “CHRISTIAN” GENTLEMAN REPLIED . . . “I did three tours in Iraq, and now with Obama in the White House, and seeing what he’s doing to our country, I am convinced that he will not only sell-out Israel and get this country into a real war, but Israel might wind-up being the best friend we’ll ever have. Thank you for wearing the STAR”.


That evening, during a large Kosher Bar B Q, I had the opportunity to listen-in to a few of many conversations amongst several hundred Jewish RIDERS, from across the USA, who I soon discovered were mostly Obama supporters.

And then there was one guy, who owned a small transport business, who was really interested in Canada’s “FREE” Healthcare system, to which I replied that it was hardly FREE, and unless it was a catastrophic illness or injury, the wait-time for treatment could be MONTHS if you’re lucky.

JUST AS A SIDE NOTE: I called our family doctor for a general appointment to verify my blood-sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol – etc, and was given their earliest appointment; THREE MONTHS AWAY . . . how’s that for FREE Healthcare?

My conversation with this LEFTIST FOOL came close to blows, as soon as I had enough of his Socialist GIBBERISH, enough so . . . that first thing in the morning, I saddled my BIKE, and rode home. I wanted nothing to do with these LEFTIST USEFUL IDIOTS.

And from there, I determined that RIDING to promote the MEMORY of the Holocaust and STANDING-UP FOR FREEDOM AND ISRAEL, is so very important, that I will continue to do so with Like-Minded Jewish RIDERS, which led to my close relationship with Evangelical Christian BIKERS, in this case led by Pastor Gary Burd of the M-25 . . . Mission of Hope Riders.


1 – If the USA does NOTHING, and allows Putin to treat the USA through Obama, as if Obama is his BITCH, the FREE WORLD will go into panic, if it hasn’t already.

2 – If Obama sucks it up and confronts Putin FACE-TO-FACE, Putin won’t back-down, and Obama won’t be able to vote PRESENT . . . THEN WHAT?


NOT IF . . . BUT RATHER – when it all hits the fan, I will have ZERO sympathy for anyone on the LEFT, most of whom will undoubtedly be left on their own inadequate defenses, as the government which they put all of their faith into, will not be there for them.

BUT . . . Anne and I – with our Conservative friends, Jewish and Christian alike, will stand strong in support of each other with our specific skills, and all the things we will all bring to the table.

And for the LEFTISTS who will look like DEER standing frozen in place, in the glare of an oncoming train, they will be entirely on their own, because as far as I’m concerned, they will be the reason for whatever EVIL befalls all of us . . . and I will not want any part of any of them, no matter how much they will need help.

PS – I just heard Secretary Kerry bluster as if he thinks all people are STUPID LEFTISTS – who will buy the lies . . . LOCK STOCK AND BARREL. And why shouldn’t he, since half of America has proven to be stupid enough to do so.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes, it is true that Canada has traditionally been more “big government” than the U.S. However, this situation has been reversing. The best economic indicator of “big government” is government spending (for all levels of government) as a percentage of a country’s GDP. In Canada, this has been declining over the past 15 years and in the U.S. increasing. For the first time the U.S. will soon bypass Canada.
    See the “Govt. expend.% GDP” column under “government spending” in Wikipedia.

  2. “Lock, Stock & Barrel?” UHUH…LOCK, STOCK & LOAD! Bud Farrell B-29 Gunner

  3. Now, those of us down here who are the Makers are known for our long-suffering and willingness to give out enough rope to eventually use for, you-know-what. BUT, when the shit finally hits us after going through the fan and our backs are against the wall, and we finally do say (WWI and WWII) enough is enough, look out. THAT is when you will be correct in saying there is no going back, at least not for the vaporous LEFT. Love you Brother.

  4. I never thought there were enough STUPID, BLIND voting adults to elect then be dumb enough to re-elect Obama. I was wrong and am now like everyone else, paying the price for their inability to see/hear what this man really is. Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren will pay even a heaver price. We (the US voting public) better be very careful who we next elect as POTUS. VOTERS NEED TO UNDERSTAND, THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST.

  5. Putin’s bitch . Pretty well sums it all up . I may be corrected but Putin made a point of being late enough to the UN meeting to avoid listening to Obama’s “getting tough ” speech . Just as well . Putin is NOT a master of his emotions. Lack of respect is the least of it. His attitude is dismissive at best … sad state of affairs but predictable , Obama’s world does not include tough guys like Putin and ISIS , unfortunately they are just not “civilized” enough to see the error of their ways …

  6. I will have Bud Farrel’s back as I once did many years ago. Also, I have no worry that he will have mine.

  7. Complaining about Obama is a waste of time. He did not get to the presidency by revolution. Unless the American voters are going to smarten up they are only going to elect another Obama. Further more with the Republicans in charge of the congress, Obama seems to be more successful moving his agenda then when the Dems controlled congress. Again it was the voters who put a useless opposition in place.

  8. How can we “negotiate” from a position of strength when so many of our military leaders who didn’t cower to O’wussy’s, pentagon’s, State dep’t’s ideologies have been fired?? The commanders in the field know what needs to be done. Our foreign relations are a joke.
    The U.S. is plagued by liars & cowards in high places.

  9. When I believed it couldn’t get worse it did. Can anyone step in and fix this? That is my worry as the situation has reached a point which we haven’t faced a danger as great as a possible WW111. Obama has destroyed the world, Is anyone strong enough to confront Russia, Isis Iran and Syria, and growing every day. I honestly don’t know! “THAT IS MY GREATEST WORRY”!

  10. Nailed it, Howard. I, a conservative and a Jew, am right there with you and Pastor Burd. The Leftist idiot Obama is marching us ever more quickly toward the inevitable war. And with his importation of illegal immigrants and Syrian jihadis, he’s bringing the war to us here in the USA. Make sure your guns are clean, well lubricated, and you have lots of ammo. We’re going to need it sooner than later. May God help us all to survive.

  11. My father was in WWll & Korea and retired after 30 plus years. I spent 6 years in the Army during Viet Nam. One of our son’s was in the Army during the first Gulf war and spent 2 tours in Iraq Another son is in the Navy has spent 2 tours, 1 in Afghanistan and 1 in Iraq. We have not fought for this country to let “Putins bitch” ruin the country more. I just read a quote from Thomas Jefferson “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”

  12. Canadians are facing a general election with one candidate a dual French citizen, another born in the USA, A third with a mother who was giddy about taking street drugs and partying with the Stones while producing her family, and was recently awarded an honarary degree at Western University. If Steven Harper seems boring, I’ll be happy enough to vote for boring but competent!

  13. Stupid people in America–therefore Obama!!! Is it because of all the “Free Stuff”? Thanks Howard for putting out your great editorials.

  14. America may be now at its weakest point since I’ve been alive. As Russian jets launched airstrikes in Syria today, they simply called the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and said, “stay out of our way.” Putin knows whatever he wants (i.e. putting back together the USSR) needs to get done while Obama is still in office. He may never have this opportunity to take advantage of again.

  15. I am without words at this point in watching our coming Holocaust. When I listened to Kerry today being interviewed, with his Russian counterpart standing next to him, I was ashamed for Kerry and our country. How have we sunk so low as to let
    this “Mr. Potato Head” bluster about with his made up rhetoric and end up saying absolutely nothing, be our representative
    to the world? His aura of self importance is stunning. I don’t know if we have any hope left of righting this disaster.

  16. Maybe BHO has “drawn a red line” between him and Putin! If so, we all know that it will NEVER be crossed, hence the reason for Putin’s ‘successful endeavors’. EVIL has always existed in this world, but it has never been as OBVIOUS as it is today. Our Country reflects a SODOM & GOMORRHA society where GREED, SEX & POWER are its RULERS. It’s not surprising that Christianity is constantly being attacked. WHY? It’s because it’s against EVIL. We must bring PRIDE and DIGNITY back to our COUNTRY! AMEN!

  17. I’m afraid that even if Carson/Cruz w/Carly as Sec of State (my picks), it won’t become effective until Jan 2017. By then, w/Obama still destroying what is left of USA, it may be too late. AND, Obama will have created a race war which will come to real uprisings for which he can declare Martial Law and remain in office. That being the case, we are doomed possibly forever.

  18. I had Obama’s number from the first day I heard him speak. I was consulting on Enbridges pipelines in Wisconsin and Illinois and spoke to a great many people. When there were those who praised Obama I asked them what they liked about him? I said, “This is a man who speaks a lot but says nothing.” Hope – for what? Change – What kind of change? I managed to change the minds of several “Die Hard Democrats” to vote Republican. I agree with Bud Farrell, Lock, Stock and Load! Howard, Thank you!

  19. My most important photo’s are of scratches on a gas chamber wall left behind by those who left their belonging’s outside in a field to be picked up after their showers, Says everything about our past, present and future. If you have guns never give them up, if you don’t, you won’t need a towel.

  20. What was Obama’s campaign rhetoric? Hope and Change! I won’t lower myself to say how he thinks. But maybe behind his hope an change was, I hope their stupid & gullible enough to buy into this hope and change crap. He was correct! So America how the hell is this change crap working for you? We’re in debt to China (we were never in dept to any foreign County), Putin laughs in our face, Obama say’s the “cold war has been over for decades”REALLY? What’s it gonna take? Enemy boots on out soil?

  21. I am impressed by both Howard’s straight-from-the-shoulder honest observations, and the many patriotic US commentators. While a Canadian, I spent all my educational life in the US and carried an USMC ID for 6 years. Lock & load is the least emphatic comment I can add to these many patriotic and right thinking people. Thank God for you all! Cape Breton NS.

  22. Howard, your words reinforce the frustration we, who have experienced real life, and struggle along the so called higher road where our integrity is a valued commodity. Unfortunately too many people think there is a free ride and believe empty promises.
    Mankind has turned away from appreciating and worshiping the Almighty Creator God that can be found in the words of the Bible which He gave us through His Prophets. He warned His chosen people about wanting a King rather than only following God

  23. Standing with you Israel – Howard and all my Jewish brothers and sisters. Thanks for the opportunity to participate with you all in our annual Never Again Rallies. Current activities truly troubles me –

  24. Russia is bombing the terrorists in Syria, those same groups Obama has been arming and feeding. I can’t help wondering where this will lead, too, Howard. WWIII? Is Obama that stupid? I think he is; he’s only interested in destroying us and Israel and he doesn’t care who dies for that end, other than himself, possibly. Putin is a Christian; he is doing what this nation should be doing. I don’t fault him for that. Putin will also be there for Israel; I wish Obama would honor our pledge to Israel.

  25. As you well know, he told us in 2008 that he was going to “Fundamentally change the United States”. We had better circle our wagons!!!

  26. Great article once again! The only way to figure out Obama and understand why and what he has done is to simply see him for what he is a traitor! He is the anti – all American. He was put there to destroy the heart and soul of America and to destroy
    Israel and promote Islamic insane beliefs. God help us all and especially the country of Israel – a shining light in a world of increasing darkness and hate.
    Ralph Esposito, Calgary Alberta

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