If Wishes Came True . . . Beggars Would Ride


The Pope’s message was fabulous . . . A Gentler Kinder World, Clean Energy, Education, Happy Complete Families, A Chicken In Every Pot, No Wealthy People, And No One Living In PovertyAND WORLD PEACE.

AND THEN THERE’S THE REAL WORLD . . . where we live, breath, compete, and struggle every day. Where EVIL really exists. And no matter how hard we try; we always have to be vigilant and prepared to FIGHT to defend what we have.


It’s impossible for me not to support the Pope’s WISHES in a Perfect World, but until people who are full of a lust for power at any and all costs . . . who will murder, rape and torture in the name of anything – THIS WILL CONTINUE TO BE AN IMPERFECT WORLD.


I heard Kevin McCarthy, who wants to replace Boehner as Speaker of the House, who said on FOX News this morning (September 29, 2015), that the US Government in the House, Senate and White House is based upon COMPROMISE, “so you can’t expect to get 100% of what you want”.

So my question to McCarthy and all others who think like this – is . . .


When Obama first became President of the USA, the LEFT held the House and the Senate, which would explain how Obama was able to GET MOSTLY 100% of everything he wanted. But, how then can anyone explain how Obama continues to get ALMOST 100% of everything he wants, without holding either the House or the Senate?

AND IF MCCARTHY STARTS WITH THE PREMISE . . . that the Republicans CANNOT get 100% of what they want, even before he wins the position as Speaker of the House. . . WHERE CAN HE GO FROM THERE?


I might be wrong, BUT I DON’T THINK SO . . . as I see it, Obama is playing for a much larger and far more INJURIOUS role than being President of the USA. I am convinced that Obama wants to be the SECRETARY GENERAL of the United Nations, far more than he wants to be JUST the President of the United States of America.

AND I DON’T THINK THIS IS A RECENT THOUGHT . . . since in retrospect, Obama has done everything he could get away with . . . to DIMINISH AMERICA’S STANDING IN THE WORLD – from his Apology Tours – to his EMBRACE of Islam, from the first day he took his oath of office.


It is not a THEORY that there is indeed a GLOBAL group known as SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL, where global political leaders like the Clintons and governments everywhere, have for generations supported it at the highest levels.

SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL is Global, and recognized in its full form by the United Nations. And if you would like to know who supports this WORLD WIDE SOCIALIST MOVEMENT CLICK HERE: It’s really important that you do.

THINK ABOUT IT . . . There really is a VAST LEFT WING AGENDA, where LEFTISTS have being working diligently to create a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that will NEVER be based upon PERSONAL FREEDOMS and a MERITOCRACY, more than on the distribution of wealth and power under selective determination.

And if Obama is not a part of this, how then could anyone explain why Obama went to the UN for approval on his Iran DEAL, opposed to the US Congress?

Why would Obama negotiate GUN RIGHTS at the UN? Why would he spend so much American Security and Treasure on the FALLACY of Global Warming? And why would Obama have CREATED TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN US DEBT, which only weakened American EXCEPTIONALISM and the US Military?

BUT PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY . . . Why would Obama have America RETREAT from the WORLD STAGE, only to have the power structure of Eastern Europe and the Middle East turned over to the Russians?


The FACT that Netanyahu went to Moscow to meet with Putin last week, before meeting with Obama in New York or Washington . . . SCREAMS VOLUMES, about where the power is shifting.

AND THE OTHER FACT . . . that Egypt’s President (Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil) el-Sisi is calling for Arab (Moslem) Nations to make peace with Israel, also SCREAMS VOLUMES, since Netanyahu and el-Sisi are both realistic, tough, and pragmatic WAR TESTED leaders, both of whom see the world for what it is, and world players for who they REALLY are.


I‘m not in the least bit surprised that Obama is the way Obama is . . . ‘CAUSE HE’S NOT THE FIRST. I am also not in the least bit surprised that half the American people, and more than three quarters of American Jewish Voters, voted for an empty suit like Obama, who spoke in exciting PLATITUDES – not just once, but twice . . . ‘CAUSE THEY’RE NOT THE FIRST EITHER.

I’M NOT SURPRISED . . . because that’s the way HISTORY repeats itself, and just as HISTORY plays itself out, it never holds back. And just as in the PAST, we are heading for a NIGHTMARE because of BEGGARS . . . who believe, that if they wish hard enough, they too will ride. It simply does not work that way.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Our politicians may have the right idea when they are first elected but when they get into parliament’s trough they only look after themselves. Instead of governing.

  2. I have long said that he would be happier at the UN. NO ONE LISTENED TO ME. Thanks for your view

  3. Thank you for the continued great editorials! I believe you are right on track here! But is there any way to stop this?

  4. Maybe he would move the UN to Kenya? I have always said he is given way to much credit. He is not capable to do what he has done by himself, he is only the front man. The first event is that he leaves the White House. He is crafty, don’t count anything out. Yogi Berra said it right.

  5. I agree. I do not trust any one world government advocate no matter WHO. they are. WHY is this pope backing Palestine when many Christians are being killed in Syria? Because of PC? Someone who is PC is not facing reality unless they have their own agenda. Christianity is a spiritual movement, and not meant as a government, hence separation of church and state. This is what the Reformation and Religious wars were about…separation of church and state, and many have forgotten history.

  6. I’ve been thinking the same way for a long time. God help us all because the future looks bleak to me. And it may be closer than we think.

  7. Have you noticed that, as anxious as the Pope is for America to “resettle Syrian refugees.” he has yet to “resettle” any Syrian refugees in Vatican City?
    Obviously, someone in his administration doesn’t wear rose colored glasses.

  8. Paul in Florida has it right. I don’t believe Obama or anyone in the White House has ever had an original thought. It is the puppeteers like Soros and his ilk who are the real threat. Though he may be crafty, they will continue to employ Obama as a useful idiot.

  9. I may be too far off the wall but I have long thought along the lines you laid out herein but I believed that the players are folks like George Soros in concert with the Saudis. Off the wall? Maybe but both of them have a specific world view agenda that they have had put into play for decades. Their concept also transcends the players because the end is not what normal folks think of it to be.

  10. I wish just once I could disagree with you, never happens, especially today’s Editorial. It’s a sad world because of the Morons out there in the Electorate and in D.C. Let’s see what Trump can do for us. He will be elected his Tax structure will make that possible, and rightfully so. He’s different, in so many ways, but like you he’s brilliant, maybe he sees what you see, and is the reason he’s running. A strong possibility, our only hope for change!

  11. Like most Americans, I anxiously await the end of the Obummmer reighn, and quite frankly I never even thought about him trying to become Secretary General of the UN, (an organization I am far from enamoured with myself). But the audacity, the total ignorance and attitude he presents,…well now I’m thinking twice about resigning from the UN as our best option as a country. He can’t run if we don’t belong I HOPE!!!

  12. Per your suggestion Howard, I went to the WWSocialist link. Horrors! It lists Canada’s NDP as a member. Even the US does not have a “legitimate” party listed!

  13. I agree +++ ex.: Ebola, a recurring African problem = no one cares Bring it to N.A. intentionally=a vaccine in 1 month
    Obama is pro world , anti N.A. . You may not agree with the “world plan ” but it exists , and every so often surfaces in times of “need” . Need being the ongoing redistribution of wealth/food/water/oil/power, on a worldwide scale.
    The world is not N America by the way. We just happen to have what “they want” and the Elitists intend to make us share.

  14. The United States is on a glidepath to destruction. Washington DC is not capable of pulling the nation from this death spiral. The centrifugal force of the spinning has torn apart key components of our nation, including the Constitution. Yet there is still hope in this old aviator as God is my pilot: If My people who are called by My name will turn from their evil ways and seek My face, I will hear their prayers adn heal their land. Let go of the stick and let God.

  15. OMG — I never even thought of Obama wanting to be, the Secretary General of the UN. It makes total sense, though. What also, surprised me, the USA has a “legitimate” socialistic party, called the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The more I learn, the harder I see, that the USA may not overcome, all of it’s trials and tribulations. Very sad, indeed.

  16. Putin definitely OUTSHINES Obama, but look at what the COMMUNITY ORGANIZER has accomplished—-almost 100% of what he wished for! Great point about the GLOBAL SECRETARY GENERAL possibility, as he has FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED our Country enough to prepare himself for this ROLE! This man has been more interested in SUPPORTING [embracing] ISLAM than our Country. Instead, he has slowly DESTROYED our Country. This is NO ‘conspiracy theory’—-it’s the TRUTH! Yes this IS the “REAL WORLD”. AMEN!

  17. Some are saying Trey Gowdy ought to be the next Speaker of the House. We could do far, far worse. I hope he gets it. He is cut from the right mold for the job.

  18. I clicked on the link and it shows the U.S. Member party as the Democratic Socialists of America and if you go to their site they list 70 members of the U.S. Congress as members, including John Conyers and Bernie Sanders who has a real shot at the dem presidential nomination. The Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves, God help us.

  19. The day fo reckoning is closer than we imagine or will admit.
    It is going to be time to “Cowboy up” very soon!

  20. Fighting wars is non productive use of our time. But we must protect our freedoms. May God have mercy upon our souls!

  21. Definition of Conspiracy: con·spir·a·cy (kən-spîr′ə-sē) n.
    1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
    2. A group of conspirators.
    3. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
    4. A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design.

    Sounds like that’s exactly what we have going on.

  22. Russia is beginning to take over the Middle East; China is sending a large destroyer to the gulf there. Between the two, they look to take over the oil production of that region. We have no aircraft carrier in that region now, thanks to the MauMau in the White House. We are being eclipsed world wide, being set up as a second rate nation with a reduced military to defend our country and our allies. Yet here, we worry about pop tart guns, the Confederate Battle Flag, and football season.

  23. I didn’t know that about McCarthy. Perhaps establishment republicans (RINOS) are trying to bait and switch by simply giving us the appearance of change while keeping the same type of squish in power hoping no one will notice. It took us a few years to figure out Boehner was WORTHLESS and maybe they think it will be the same thing again; we won’t realize until it’s too late.

  24. Outstanding as usual Howard. After Obama’s apology tour, I wondered if he was gunning for the UN Sec Gen post. After he started deferring to the UN, I knew it. As for the US Congress members who are also members of the DSA, that explains so much about why our government is so dysfunctional. The Founding Fathers truly are weeping at what they worked so hard to win and we have so quickly surrendered without a whimper. God help America!

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