“O” Canada . . . On The Brink



On October 19, 2015 . . . out of approximately 35-MILLION Canadians . . . all eligible voters will have the right to be heading to the polls, and UNLIKE the USA, we in Canada follow a Parliamentary form of Government, where we vote for the Candidate, and NOT the Party Leader.

But make no mistake about it, WE ARE VERY MUCH VOTING FOR THE LEADER.

Canada has 338-RIDINGS (seats), each one is represented by multiple Party Candidates, plus several Independents, all of whom are competing to win.


1 – The Candidate who wins the most votes in his or her RIDING, even if he or she wins just one vote more than his or her closest rival . . . wins the Riding (Seat), regardless of Party affiliation.

2 – At the end of the one-day-election, all the SEATS are tallied, and whichever Party wins 50% of the SEATS (Ridings), forms the government, which is referred to as a MAJORITY, and governs however the LEADER of the Party, who becomes the Prime Minister of the country deems fit.

(A majority government cannot be voted out by the Opposition)

CANADA has 338-SEATS up for grabs, meaning that to win a Majority, the Party will need to win 169 of all the available Seats, which in Canada, is quite possible by winning as little as less than 40% of the popular vote, depending on how well each of the competition does in each RIDING.

FOR EXAMPLE . . . Let’s assume there are 4-Parties competing in one RIDING. And of the FOUR, three more or less split the votes, and one comes ahead of all the others by just one-percentage point.






So, as you can see, Canada’s Majority government could conceivably be formed with a Party winning as little as 27% of the POPULAR vote, depending on how many people are running in each RIDING . . . what the turnout is, and how the votes split.


If one Party is really popular in one part of Canada, and wins all of its SEATS in that one part of the country by as much as 90%, but another Party wins the majority of all the other RIDINGS by the slimmest of margins, that Party would win a Majority of SEATS.

That’s how screwed-up a Parliamentary system really is. AND IT GETS WORSE.

What if there are THREE Major Parties with a shot to win? . . . Which there are.

THE LIBERALS – want to TAX, SPEND, REGULATE, and embrace the UN, just as the Liberals have always done when they were in power.

Their Leader is Justin Trudeau, a DILETTANTE who never had a REAL JOB before becoming the Leader of the Liberal Party. The closest he came to working was as a High School Drama Teacher and Ski Instructor. And the only thing that can tie him to the Liberals is his name, since his SOCIALIST Rich University Professor Father was Prime Minster of Canada in the very late ‘60’s, through the early 80’s, which Canada will never stop paying for.

THE NDP (New Democrats) are SOCIALIST Flakes, who REALLY want to TAX, SPEND, REGULATE, and WIPEOUT FOSSIL FUELS . . . and set Canada’s Foreign Policy in favor of every LEFTIST BAD ACTOR on the Planet, INCLUDING Islamists.

Their leader is Thomas Mulcair, who is everything political, which everyone wants him to be, And has finally found a home with the NDP SOCIALISTS. I know Mulcair personally, since he was a guest on my Montreal Radio Show, several times during his Provincial Liberal Days.

And what I can say about him with confidence . . . is that Mulcair is a man who is in my opinion the quintessential politician, worthy of screwing anyone who gets in his way.


How can someone with dual Loyalties be Prime Minster of Canada, when he has already sworn to uphold the laws of France?

AND THEN THERE ARE THE CONSERVATIVES . . . who are PRO-BUSINESS, PRO-ENERGY (including Fossil Fuels), ANTI-REGULATION, PRO-GUNS, ANTI-HANDOUTS, PRO-ISRAEL . . . and all the other good stuff that has steered Canada’s Economy and Social Peace steadily through the GLOBE’S very troubled waters.


As of the writing of this editorial, these three parties are virtually locked in a DEAD HEAT, with the election being too close to call.


Unlike the election in the USA, in Canada, we are not permitted to form PACS (Political Action Committees). We can’t donate more than $1,300 in total to a Candidate. We can’t donate more than $1300 in total to a Party. And we CAN’T buy ads with our own money to promote the Candidate, any Program we favor, and the Party of our choice. SO CAN YOU SEE MY PROBLEM?

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . I’m 100% CONSERVATIVE, and I let everyone I meet know it . . . BUT:

Recently, Anne and I spoke with a couple that own a small and struggling business, the wife said to us – “I hate Harper, he’s such a piece of work, I just hate him”.

So I asked . . . What do you hate about him? Under the circumstances, he’s kept our economy pretty good. He’s lowered taxes, he’s streamlining government services, in-so-doing he’s reducing the size and cost of government.

Her answer was . . . “I JUST HATE HIM” – so how do you argue with that?

Harper also eliminated the draconian TAX PAYER contributions to Parties, which were FORCED on the entire nation, which no one was given a choice but to pay.

AND HE’S DRAWN A LINE IN THE SAND . . . between those who should be our friends, and those who are our real enemies like Iran.

And as the President of the USA and all other non-Moslem countries are falling over themselves to take in as many so-called Moslem Refugees by the TENS & HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS, Canada is not bringing in any beyond the number of Immigrants we decided to accept long before the Islamists decided to invade Western Democracies.

YET . . . with all of this, there is a real chance that Harper and his Conservatives might just win a MINORITY government that will fall almost as fast as it is elected, because the Opposition will vote down the THRONE SPEECH, causing A LOSS IN CONFIDENCE from the House of Commons, which is enough to trigger an election in Canada.


Anne and I had the distinct pleasure of taking Stephen Harper out to supper (just the three of us), at a Lebanese/Syrian Restaurant in Montreal, which was one of several occasions I had to meet with him. And each time I walked away from our conversations, it was clear to me that this guy knew what he wanted. He was really serious, very quiet and deliberative, but had very little charisma, which is something that goes a long way in politics.

SO HOPEFULLY YOU CAN SEE MY DILEMMA – There is a great deal I would love to do to promote Harper and the Conservatives, but, with the suffocating rules the way they are, there is little that I can do, other than to keep on spreading the word wherever I go, since the vast number of readers to Galganov.com are American, and are more concerned with 2016.

And who can blame them?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The US Government is proof of Parkinson’s Law. At peak employment, the Colonial Office of Great Britain was absorbed by the Foreign Office because the number of colonies had diminished to the point that there was little to do. The US Government is more resourceful. It continues to expand by taking over decisions and functions of the daily lives of its citizens. This requires studies, policies, and enforcement regarding how to control our lives which increases the power of those at the top

  2. If only the US had someone as brilliant and honest as Stephen Harper… What a different world this would be.

  3. We are in deep trouble in Canada. 2 of the leaders (NDP, Liberal) come the racist, bigoted (bills 22, 178, 101…) heavily in debt province of Quebec. Where they have spent the last 5 decades wiping out the English language and culture . The other leader will not touch the language issues (forced bilingualism only outside Quebec) , the debt or equalization and he has added over 100 billion to our national debt. So who do we vote for? Not an easy decision in Canada at all.

  4. For the first time ever, I do not have a clear view of who I am voting for, but I will vote just so that I have the right to complain later on.

  5. Your editorial only proves that the people in Canada are just as stupid as the Americans, who not only voted Hussein Obama in one election, but after his miserable first term as President, votes him in again!

  6. Re the average voter, my room-mate at university had a great quip-whenever a prof would refer to “the public at large,” Earl said, “Should the public be at large?” A few years ago at our office after reading a newspaper, I commented to the receptionist about some calamity. A lady in the waiting area asked what it was, I explained & she said-“Oh, I don’t read the papers, watch tv or listen to the radio-but she votes! Pogo-“We have met the enemy & it is us.” God help Canada!

  7. My biggest disappointment is Trump last night’s 60 min. t.v. episode proved that to me. Goodbye Trump Hello we shall see. Trump is irrational, a time bomb ready to go off. Could this be another Obama episode we’re facing either YES or he’s a “bull in a China closet”. Case closed for me on TRUMP, short and honest this is what I saw last night!

  8. The US does have several very honest candidates that are not establishment, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Rand Paul is very honest and decent and he is a” conservative” libertarian. I don’t think we need brilliant, just a good leader. Oh and did I mention Billionaire Donald Trump, who is very rich and a great businessman? Did I mention how rich he is (he’s really rich), and builds great companies, really great companies and he’s really rich!

  9. The comment above by Mr. Innes who quoted the woman who said, “I don’t read the papers, watch TV…”, is quintessentially where the majority of Americans fall. My daughter is an assistant dean is an enormous mid-west state university, she has a PhD, and the culture in that city is SO liberal, your head spins. They are delusional to think the well won’t go dry. I’m not a pessimist, but I think when we die, our culture will also die. As falls Canada, so falls America. Keep up the good work H!

  10. One major problem with Canada’s election finance rules is that there are no constraints on the heavily liberal biased main stream media

  11. Voting in either Mulcair or Trudeau will turn Canada into a province of Quebec! Pierre Trudeau refused to join the military to fight for his country during WW2 and Mulcair’s father was otherwise engaged!

  12. Gloria, above or below, has the right idea,”vote just so you have the right to complain later on! We have about 170 million of those down here in the USA! C’mon down! Bud Farrell

  13. Good Luck, Mr. Stephen Harper! One can only PRAY that he will have a chance. It’s unbelievable how people are so “ignorant” about the “politics of the day”. As a matter of fact, it’s quite scary! Due to our ENTITLEMENT society, many only support and vote for those who will provide them with GOODIES, and this type of system won’t be REFORMED any time soon! It sure will be interesting to hear about TRUMP’s so-called tax plan? He definitely needs a “booster”, due to a small apparent decline. AMEN!

  14. Howard, excellent job of explaining our parliamentary system, succinct and accurate. To Mr. Silvestro in Sudbury, did you read Howard’s editorial? Not an ‘easy ‘ decision? Surely you jest!

  15. Phew!!! Thanks, Howard! I was beginning to think I would be the only one supporting Harper – just about everyone I know personally will be voting for baby Trudeau, and the few others, want to give Mulcair a shot at it. Oy! Harper may not be perfect, but so far, he’s the best around, and in my humble opinion, he’s supported Canada quite well, without be bullied by that Obama, south of the border! Keep up the good work!

  16. Very cogent explanation of the Canadian Election Process. Thank you very much. I am curious what would happen in the US if multiple parties were able to achieve “seats” in our legislatures, (shudder). Personally I thought the Tea Party here was a good move at the time, but it has obviously resulted in the emasculation of the Republican Party, to the point that the “Tax and Spend” Democratic party has been able to subtlely control this country’s legislative process, while crying “But we are the m

  17. Yes Harper has done some good. Not enough with the rogue Que . He has promoted Affirmative Action for French Canadians at the Federal level with enforced Bilingualism . He has cared very little for our non-existent right to protect our lives. even with a stick , let alone a firearm . And he’s the Only choice based on the two incompetent options. I will not vote to support either of these fools or a long term PM who has ignored My Rights in MY Country. Bring it on , I plan on watching it FAIL.

  18. Very good explanation of your political system. I thought we were strewed up. It’s just like I have always said, “Common sense in Washington is not too common”. Sounds like Canada needs something as simple as “majority rules”? One party candidate must have over 50% of the vote to win. That should pare down the number of candidates by attrition. It’s about time for you and Anne to become full time Texans? You are our kind of people….

  19. Elizabeth May, the Leader of Canada’a Green Party, was born in Conneticut. Ted Cruz, aspiring to become the Republican nominee for President of the U.S., was born in Canada. If the Greens won a majority government (not a chance, but go with me on this) and Cruz was elected President, you’d have a U.S-born Prime Minister in Canada and a Canadian-born President in the U.S.

  20. I agree with Rabbi Abrams! My thoughts: “We are all attracted to the strongest magnet” While most of the world’s governments are egregiously screwed up, there are a few countries where people enjoy a peaceful life. e.g. Chile and Singapore. An acquaintance, Simon Black, owns an agricultural farm in Chile. He is a former intelligence officer from the US military. The only thing stopping me from moving, is the language. So, I’m considering Singapore, where almost all speak English.

  21. Your editorial explains our very complicated electoral system but fail to explain that our 1982 Constitution is really what is at the root of our problems. Too many people don’t understand that this 1982 Constitution was designed by P.E. Trudeau to ensure that the French-speaking minority (22%) be given the key to our Halls of Power with laws like the OLA & the Charter. Harper’s majority is not strong enough for him to change that constitution although he did try. Why didn’t you explain that?

  22. Thank you for turning your attention back to Canada, the Americans surly are facing a critical decision, but they have more time. In my opinion this is the most critical point Canada has ever seen. If we do this wrong we may never again see the Canada we love . It is to bad that so many people can be bought with their own money, e/a Trudeau & Mulcair’s promises.

  23. I believe that John Kerry also has French citizenship. Something about his anti-American activities during Vietnam (cut and run Kerry). I do not understand the Liberal attraction to Islam and the blind “we can agree to disagree” that comes out when we say facts that disagree with their Liberal beliefs. James Hines, Arvada, Colorado, USA (original spelling was Heinze). PS, my Galganov blogs have stop coming, please keep them coming!

  24. Harper may not be the “ideal” choice – but he is the BEST choice. Whether you agree with him or not – he has a clear plan and is following it – the other 2 have big ideas, but can’t begin to tell you how they’ll be accomplished or what the impact will be. Harper is not afraid to take an unpopular stance if he believes it’s right – the other 2 will tell 3 different groups 3 different things if they think it’s what they want to hear. Harper supports language “rights” – the other 2 , FRENCH.

  25. USA foreign policy has been a gigantic disaster. Vietnam was a 100% failure. “We” gave Stalin North Korea in 1945, what wonderful deal that was. 🙁 . then came Iraq. How could things get worse.? I met a refugee from Iraq and he says Saddam was bad, but was still a hundred times better than the American occupation. Then came Libya Ukraine and Syria. No refugees anywhere till after the Americans destroyed their legitimate governments. And there is Harper, the tail on the American Jackass.

  26. As Plato said, democracy is the authority of the crowd. When enough of “the crowd”
    realizes that they can suck a living from the government, democracy descends into
    despotism. We have almost reached that point.

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