I READ THEM ALL – and even though many of you agree with much of what I write, many of you do not . . . and whether you agree or not, your opinions are all appreciated. And unless you are being insulting or verbally confrontational, I am always pleased to read letters and comments of support and opposite views.

I have no better way to state – what I’ve been writing for months . . . SO PLEASE:

1 – Try to stop being so upset, because of how I choose to look at candidates or other issues, since our FREEDOMS are built upon the concept of conflicting ideas and beliefs.

2 – Stop believing all the crap you read on the Internet about the candidates and other issues, since much of it is wrong, slanted and/or are outright dishonest. AND UNDERSTAND THIS – Anyone can post anything claiming all sorts of BONA FIDES. So, because it seems LEGITIMATE – does not necessarily make it so.

3 – The general election in the USA is more than ONE YEAR AWAY, and everything can and will change between now and then. And the reason for such a long campaign . . . is for VOTERS to have every opportunity to study all the candidates, which is something we all really need to do.

4 – We also need the time to research their past, their affiliations, and where they stood on specific issues before entering this contest. We want to see how they respond under pressure, how they evolve in an honest way towards changing some of their opinions, and who is pumping money into their individual campaigns.


They have to eat regularly. They have to groom themselves. They agonize over what to wear at the next event (men and woman), and they ask people for approbation on how they look and sound.

And many if not most of them have fragile egos.

If they have children, they tell them to behave, and how to look on camera, and to say NOTHING to the media. And they all have SEXUAL DRIVES like the rest of us . . . AND THEY ALL GO TO THE BATHROOM.

There are neither Supermen . . . nor a Superwoman amongst them.


SO START FROM THERE . . . Start with the premise that none of them are fundamentally different from yourself, and that they have fears and challenges just like you. And just like you, they also get physically sick and mentally stressed and overwhelmed. THEY JUST HIDE IT BETTER.

AND ONCE YOU REMOVE THE ILLUSION THAT THEY ARE SPECIAL . . . from that point, you can start to understand and analyze whom the people really are . . . who so badly want your vote, that they will say almost anything to win your support.

AND REMEMBER THIS . . . every candidate, mostly through an army of publicists, PR people, marketing specialists, spin doctors, pollsters and handlers, create the persona he or she wants to project, which is far too often NOT AT ALL THAT CLOSE TO THE REAL person behind the political mask.


I think that of all the candidates, the one that is the most honest and least pretentious to his persona is Ben Carson. Ted Cruz also seems to me . . . to be whom he projects himself to be. And then there’s Donald Trump, who can be no one else other than who he really is, which might be part of has problem or strength.

And now that Carly Fiorina is in the spotlight, a great deal of attention will be placed on her persona, figuring out who she really is.

BUT WE WON’T KNOW SQUAT . . . until we have the full opportunity to check them all out by using every reasonable, honest and accountable venue possible. Read all that you can about each candidate, and where they come from . . . from their childhood experiences.

READ ALL THE MEDIA . . . LEFT, CENTER & RIGHT – concerning each candidate. And through the Internet, we can all access VIRTUALLY every newspaper, magazine, radio station, television station and BLOG on the planet . . . SO LET’S DO IT.


You cannot imagine how hard I try to make certain that whatever I write as FACT, especially with an historical perspective is checked, checked again, and re-checked, because, if ever I write and publish something that is NOT TRUE or ACCURATE, I would feel horrible, knowing that I deceived the people who place so much of their trust in my integrity, even if my error would be a legitimate mistake.

THAT’S THE WAY THE MEDIA USED TO BE . . . When I was growing-up, to me, there was no greater calling than journalism, but I never really got involved, because I never thought I measured-up.

For a time, I was an editor of the High School Student Newspaper. I was also an editor on the Montreal Sir George Williams University Newspaper. And I cut my teeth in the advertising business by writing product and services editorials for the City Wide Newspaper (Montreal Sunday Express) where I worked, predominantly selling advertisements.


Until now, I never pursued a life in Journalism, mostly because I didn’t have the confidence in myself, and felt that I was substantially beneath the men and women who were the HONEST TO GOODNESS GUARDIANS OF THE TRUTH AND DEMOCRACY . . . but things have indeed changed, where today, far too many people who write the news, surreptitiously inject their LEFTIST opinions, and are not particularly honest in how they write and slant their “stories”.

PERHAPS . . . in my case, waiting and learning from life experiences before writing editorials as I’m doing now, was all for the BEST, because I’ve learned a great deal over my 65-years, and perhaps learned how much I still have to learn.

I’ve also developed an incredible appreciation for how many challenges our FREEDOMS face everyday, and not necessarily from our adversaries, but more precisely, from people who know nothing, but none-the-less have extreme opinions.

THE WORLD IS LITERALLY AT OUR FINGERTIPS ON THE INTERNET . . . yet, so many people use it not to learn, as much as to give themselves approbation for what they think they already know.

SO WHEN I THANK THE PEOPLE WHO READ THIS BLOG . . . I mean it wholeheartedly, because of the comments and private emails people send to me, asking questions, providing real insight, and keeping me sharp and grounded.

ALSO . . . from the email and comment exchanges I have with so many of the people who regularly visit, I know that there is an army of thoughtful and knowledgeable people out there who are quite capable of carrying the debate to the other side. And that makes me PROUDER than just somewhat.


1 – Goodbye John Boehner . . . Unlike the departure of most political leaders, when Boehner announced that he was leaving the House yesterday, there were very few tears, and quite a bit of PUBLIC JUBILATION. If that didn’t say all that needed to be said about his management, or rather mismanagement, nothing else could have.

2 – As I receive letters online and by conventional hard mail, it is becoming more and more obvious to me, that a great many of the readers of are older than me . . . seemingly by quite a stretch, which, is incredibly harkening, knowing that so many people in their EIGHTIES, and even NINETIES are so engaged, aware, in the fight, Internet SAVVY and deem this BLOG to be worthy.

AND ONE LAST POINT . . . The American person who I wrote about a month or so ago, who sent a $5 BILL in the mail without any return address or identifier of any kind, has done so again. THANK YOU.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s a conundrum, isn’t it. We must have a government, even knowing that it will grow and that it will be self-serving, never serving the people for long. I hope we can get our government smaller, but with the banks running it, which is what we now have, it’s unlikely unless we actually go to war and fight, one way or another. Knowing this, those who govern now mean to take our weapons, that one Amendment which adds: ‘This shall not be infringed.’ Our founders knew it; we know it.

  2. The key to “education” is one’s ability to recognize that the “facts” upon which one base their view of reality may be wrong. Therefore everyone, if they truly want to be educated, have to allow other facts to be presented for consideration. If after that presentation those facts cannot be supported then, and only then, should they be discarded. The problem I see is that many do not allow the process to take place opting to blindly believe in their facts only. No one is always right.

  3. Howard, your columns are always a breath of fresh air! I don’t always agree with you, but that’s called freedom! The one thing this old retired school teacher sees in your columns and others like it is that people ARE waking up! Not as many as one would hope, but if we all speak up and speak out, others will join us and we will restore our nations!

  4. Yes, GOODBYE, Mr. Boehner! – Being older does have its benefits, especially re: the various experiences one has undergone. It IS too early to be able to determine who the Republican nominee will be because there are still too many candidates “in play”. By December, we should have a pretty good idea, however. My choice for Pres. for NOW is still Trump with either Cruz or Carson as VP. There’ no doubt that Carly is in for a “rude awakening”, especially when Trump decides to confront her! AMEN!

  5. It’s amusing that the day after I email Boehner “that if he can not be a man & stand up to the Democrats, he should quit & give the job to a real man.” he quits. Not my just doing I know but I like to think it helped. It looks like another RINO will take his place & not a true republican. God save our nation.

  6. Howard thank you for your suggestions to slow down and analyze every candidate and follow both liberal and conservative media before latching on to one candidate. When Trump first announced his candidacy and said he was going to fix illegal immigration, build a wall, defeat radical Islam, fix the economy, etc. I thought wow Trump is da man! No more Rinos, no more Caspar Milquetoast candidates. Now his badmouthing all his competition with personal attacks and no specifics I have second thoughts

  7. I just want to say “Thank You Howard” for putting yourself out there for all of us. God Bless You Always.

  8. Thank you for your honest commentary and good riddance to Boehner, it took him way too long to step down.

  9. Interesting though, that the media is vetting the republicans, digging into their backgrounds so deeply and analytically, when in 2007, they didn’t question anything about obama.

  10. Howard, I read all kinds of stuff from everywhere, and by so many different bloggers, editorials, etc. Yours is the most thought provoking – especially when I don’t agree with you (which isn’t often), but when that happens, it really makes me stand back, and re-think the facts as I understand them. Thank you for making me think and re-think! Keep up the good work, sir – from what I see, you have a good audience, and from what they write, you’re dealing with some very smart folks!

  11. Perfect! So amazing isnt it? A community organizer gets illegally elected as Pres and suddenly he becomes
    the free world “leader”!
    A simple everyday individual becomes PM and we are all suppose to blindly accept the
    idiotic nonsence he and “party” profess?

  12. I believe John Boehner is a decent individual and, regardless of what he might say, wisely chose to leave at exactly the right moment, even though that might not become evident for quite some time.
    I genuinely liked both Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee, but I feel both have “shot themselves in the foot” by some of their recent actions. Donald Trump might not be as conservative as we might like, but still could do the job very well as could Carly, Ben and Ted GOD BLESS AMERICA !!

  13. If you are listening to the mainline media for “valid and untainted” inside info on the candidates, you are probably not hearing the TRUTH! Plain and simple! Our news media is so far to the “left” it is unreal. All I am saying is be ye careful as to what you take as the true message. This includes Donald Trump. . .

  14. Howard great editorial. You are right our citizens have to start researching our candidates as well as our leaders. I randomly research our congress and the senate. One thing I learned is that Mitch McConnell introduced a bill in 1995 to repeal the 22nd amendment allowing the president more than two terms. Totally against this. I did e-mail him to ask why he introduced this bill–never received an answer back!!!

  15. Boehner had an impossible job, Obama was trapped by Obama at every turn, and he trusted Obama at one point that trust turned into mistrust as Obama never lived up to the promise made to Boehner. How could Boehner ‘TRUST HIM STUPID AND DESPERATATION YES. Paul Ryan was asked would ht take the job emphatically NO his reply. I cannot see anyone in line past Mccarthy!

  16. Howard, as known, we have an over abundance of ‘opinion’ writers blathering daily on pertinent issues. But not to stroke you to aggressively – you are in the top echelon of the lot of em! I’ve emailed Roger Ailes (Fox News) telling him he NEEDS YOU as an interviewee ( participant) on any of his discussion panels. . . so, have you heard from him yet? looking forward in Mt.!

  17. Re: Speaker of the Hous resignation; Just like our Football, sometimes a Quarterback has everything going for him but just can not get the ball over the goaline in the Big game, and John Beohner realized it, and just like a good QB will realize he can’t do it and ask to be pulled from the game. Good decision, The problem in this case is not the QB, it’s the entire Coaching Staff who are just bad politicians, they just want to keep their cushy jobs, but forgot where and what the goal actually u

  18. I believe the reason the media is vetting Republican candidates so thoroughly is that they are trying to destroy that candidate rather than discover that persons true virtue. And they try to emasculate that person if and when they say anything out of line with their own thinking. (Ben Carson commenting on a potential Muslim president.) Dick Morris thinks Carly is unelectable due to her handling of HP personnel, etc. I hope otherwise but he is probably correct. Keep up the good work Howard.

  19. You write from the heart, the gut, and the mental intellect. Can’t fault that. Won’t fault that. Keep it up. God bless.

  20. A nice piece on the American election, which as you correctly point out is over a year away. While our Canadian election is just over three weeks away, not a peep. But I guess you know your readership better than I.

  21. Howard
    I believe the new media is gaining in influence. Our present government is the creation of the old media. I wish you guys all would promote the many new books that are available that make the conservative case. You all have tremendous influence and can make them best sellers. Conservative books could dominate the best seller lists. Many are excellent.
    I also wish you all would network to compound your influence. Promote each other. The stakes high.
    Tom Kelly
    Naples Florid

  22. I wish the Dems would have vetted Obama, but, who knows what Hillary would have been like. Lord knows, the Dems had a long time to vet him, but, the stinking mainstream media was the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party.

  23. As time goes on and the elimination of candidates, through the Primaries, we will see the better candidates. In the end, it will be the GOP Convention, who will elect their next candidate for President. All of this will be done, by the delegates, who happen to be, good Republicans, in every state. These delegates are the closest, We The People have to Common Joe. Plus, the voting by the delegates is open and honest. No secret ballots. Good blog, Howard, on spot and point.

  24. Well written Howard. People had really get their head’s in-line to put the right person for the PotUSA. This is at the point of no return for America if she stabs herself a third-time in this next presidential election.

  25. Share your address (as you probably already have) and expect the Lord to inspire others to follow suit. Simply a suggestion, that I’m sure will work (sorry, a 4 letter word), if only for someone like myself. Laurel Springs,NC

  26. The most marked statement in John Boehner’s Departing statement. Was that he was sure that his “Democrat “colleagues” would vote with him to avoid Government shutdown.

  27. Newt Gingrich for Speaker. No damn holdovers from the Boehner era (haha).

    McCarthy is dumber than a box of rocks. If in doubt. Contact Inga Barks, a local conservative radio personality in Bakersfield, CA. McCarthy’s district!

    Scalise is a CINO. McMorris-WTH is another zero. Clean house NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If your rep doesn’t want to clean house now, ask it how they would like to be unemployed.
    The pultroons are running scared, put the fear of God in them, and keep it up

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