Now that the Jewish Holy Season is behind us (me), and I can focus on what I like doing best besides devouring News . . . the time I took away from writing, provided a good mental vacation, which forced me to focus on what I believe to be real, in comparison to the things that are as phony as a three dollar bill.

Anne and I also visited the Cemetery this morning in Montreal, to once again pay our respects to my mother, who would be 90-Years old TODAY (September 24, 2015) if she were still with us. And as I always do when visiting my parents at the cemetery, I thanked her (them) for all that she (and my dad) gave me, and prayed that I am measuring-up to her expectations.


As I wrote in a previous editorial, one of the things I learned from my parents, is that real courage and leadership doesn’t come from being safe, and by doing and saying what you know the people want to hear. REAL COURAGE COMES FROM SWIMMING AGAINST THE CURRENT, by doing and saying what you believe to be true in your heart and soul, in spite of what the people think or believe.


I am still a proponent of Fiorina, mostly because she is really smart, extremely eloquent, seemingly unafraid to be questioned, and responds mostly without equivocation.


TRUMP IS TRUMP . . . with nothing changing there, other than to imagine that his world of supporters within the media, which was always great for a media-moment is beginning to wear thin.

And in spite of . . . and to the contrary of what Trump BELIEVES . . . he needs the Media far more than the media needs him. As the axiom goes . . .

Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.”

TED CRUZ . . . IS NOT TO BE IGNORED, because he’s a street-fighter, who takes on all-comers, asks for no quarter, and holds nothing back. He is also the REAL DEAL who stands on principle, and as candidates begin to fall off, as Walker did in a very sad and ignoble way – room will be made for Cruz at the top.


Just like Trump lit a fire under the USA and his campaign, by shining the power of a KLIEG LIGHT on ILLEGAL Immigration and ILLEGAL Immigrants . . . including what is literally a non existent border, sanctuary cities that in essence GIVE THE FINGER to the American people, and ILLEGAL Immigrant CRIMINALS who are helping themselves to the American Dream, to the DETRIMENT of Honest-To-Goodness American Citizens . . .


When the Media, INCLUDING some Pundits on FOX News, all Democrats, all the way to Obama’s Office, and some Republican Candidates . . . went after Carson, for DECLARING that he WOULD NOT VOTE FOR, NOR SUPPORT A SHARIA MOSLEM FOR THE PRESIDENCYthat was all Carson needed to begin a well deserved launch towards the TOP.

I have admired Ben Carson from the very moment I saw the documentary (Gifted Hands) about his life, where he was portrayed by Cuba Gooding Junior, while Carson was still practicing HIGH-STAKES Neurosurgical Pediatric Medicine, and had no known intention of running for any office.

THEN – WHEN CARSON LITERALLY STRIPPED OBAMA BARE . . . at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast in front of the Nation and the WHOLE WORLD, I knew then, that I had discovered a real HERO, but never imagining I was also seeing a man who was going to run to win the Presidency of the USA in 2016.

TRUMP DIDN’T BACK DOWN FROM HIS IMMIGRATION COMMENTS . . . but his strategies for dealing with the mess of ILLEGAL Immigrants is so convoluted, that they literally don’t exist beyond building THE WALL, of which I strongly approve, but could take years to actually build and cost several HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS amid MASS DEPORTATIONS . . . And that’s just part of it.


1 – Send a message to all adherents of Islam, that if you are not 100% into America, her Constitution and the SECULAR rule of law based upon Judeo/Christian Values . . . YOU’RE SIMPLY NOT IN.

2 – America is not for sale to the highest bidder, or the loudest minority.

3 – And if you really want to be a TRUE American, trade-in your COUSCOUS for MOM’S APPLE PIE, and forget about the CRAP that made your religious culture a misery, and embrace America’s culture which is the envy of the world.

AMERICA HAS CHANGED SO MUCH SINCE 9/11/01, that in many ways, it’s hard to recognize, and instead of going out and answering the call by Islam, that declared war on the USA, American leaders from W BUSH on down, did everything they could to do just the opposite.

BUT IN BEN CARSON . . . he has clearly indicated that he will not be a pushover for Islam, China, Russia, Iran or anyone else, and he will not be an apologist or say things he doesn’t mean or cannot accomplish.

I still like Cruz and Fiorina . . . BUT CARSON HAS WON A REAL SPOT IN MY ESTEEM.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson a bit: “That government that governs best does not govern at all”. For what it is worth!

  2. Absolutely brilliant analysis, so much i cannot wait to post. You left no stone unturned. And to the point that I have changed my stance. I do think Trump is a candidate with potential, but as you say no explaining to validate. Carson came out of his shell, “BRAVO FOR HIM AND I LOVE WHAT I SEE”. fIORINIA HANDLES HERSELF SO MATURELY. answers ques. right on explains herself with every ques. I am waiting for the WINNER to show themselves till then I think it should and will be one of the 3.

  3. I said it from day one: Carson/Fiorina on the same ticket is a first class trip to the White House!

  4. i see you’ve come around to my way of thinking. way to go howard. carson and fiorina: two people who have actually worked for a living. jim connell, myrtle creek, OR

  5. Howard, I agree with most everything you say BUT why are you so focused on the American Republican leadership race when our own country is immersed in a critical election? As I see it we have only one choice and that is Stephen Harper and his party. Commie Tommie will destroy our country and burden us with debt. Justin Trudeau, well being Prime Ministet would be his first real job. Then there is the NDP candidate in Hamilton whose apology is based on the fact that she has never heard of Auschwit

  6. I do not care how smart carly is. She has shown her colors and that she is in the camp of the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam. The enemy of the apple of God’s eye. The chosen ones who Jesus will return to save their hides when He comes back to defeat the entire world army at the battle of Armageddon. Howard, OPEN your eyes!!

  7. If any of these candidates doesn’t pick Kasich for the VP slot, they are blind. The president needs someone who knows the ins and outs of Washington and the 50 State Houses. He’s worked in both. The top 3 candidates don’t have the Washington edge and could fumble during the learning curve. I like Fiorinia as she seems very focused , studied and serious…probably wouldn’t see her yucking it up on the late night shows, I hope.

  8. Trump the executive producer and host of the NBC reality show, The Apprentice, in which a group of competitors battled for a high-level management job in one of Trump’s commercial enterprises. Contestants were successively “fired” and eliminated from the game. Seemingly, Trump has tried to apply this to the other candidates, and as you said, he is just fading away. His place is what he builds and by no one else. Carson, Fiorina and Cruz are definitely in for the race.

  9. I’ve been pushing Ben Carson since that prayer breakfast in 2013. He is the only candidate who has taken the right stand where a Muslim president is concerned; the only one who understand Islam and its drive to win the entire world for Islam, as Mohammed set forth in his final hadith (saying). All the others have taken the politically correct stand, and Carly even said that Islam is the most enlightened religion. How can you support her, Howard? I cannot ever back her.

  10. Fiorina – Carson. Intellectually, demographically indestructible. They neutralize cynical Demon-crat grievance-group pandering with conservative, patriotic power. A bunch of black folks and a whole lot of people with vaginas would support a ticket like that. Role models who scream loud and clear: In America you can achieve anything you can MERIT. The only barrier to achieving greatness is of your own creation.

  11. Howard, you are wrong about Fiorina, she is a “for hire” CEO, she prepares and interviews well but I don’t trust her. She was on THE JIMMY FALLON SHOW, last night! HP did business with a third party foreign company that sold good illegally to Iran while Carly was CEO, see Chris Wallace interview. She is an establishment plant, Bush/Fiorina…wake up Howard. #1 Carson #2 Cruz #3??.

  12. I am a staunch fan of Cruz and Fiorina, but when Dr. Carson correctly stated his opposition to a Muslim in office, these two jumped on him like the mainstream press. I lost a bit of respect for them when they did that. I think Dr. Carson is the ascending star in the GOP candidates line-up.

  13. If Carson should become our President I hope he follows up with what he says. The same with Trump and Cruz along with Carly.

  14. We have developed and idea.
    I believe that the Vatican is trying to spread the “refugees” all over.
    Since the Vatican is rich, let it take lets say 10000 Muslim refugees, provide jobs for the, health insurance, housing etc, inside the Vatican. Just as though. We must all help… or…

  15. Carly projects well. Has a good handle on the “numbers”. I like her as VP to?????
    Trump could do it but I don’t see his style lasting through to the elections themselves. Too much, too fast.
    Carson concerns me in that he will not get the foreign leaders respect.

  16. Richard Nassano – you are correct … Fiorina’s #1 Donor is Univision … The media is all in for her to take out Trump … She was an advisor to McCain in 08 … She is an establishment plant … Sold to Iran thru Saudi Arabia while at HP … She has stated how the Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest civilizations … She IS very smart … But Commander In Chief and President? … She is not qualified … You need to keep an eye on her … She says what people want to hear … BEWARE!!!

  17. Fiorina handles the press well, but her background is too questionable for me. Her recent muslim comments took her off my list of top people. Look at the candidates record: that is the most important thing a voter can do. Trump and Carson have enviable records in their professions, but they are not running for CEO or Doctor of the year. Cruz is the staunchest conservative of the group, and his voting record proves it. Do a little research on these people before going gang busters on them.

  18. Ken Oldfield, you have it wrong. After so many years of living through and watching the slow train wreck of America allowing herself to become a global doormat, it’s about time foreign leaders started to worry about America respecting them! I agree that Fiorina is not what she seems to be. Cruz, Carson, Trump in any configuration of a ticket. It’ll be a winner! If the Dems win, just as the Liberals in Canada, we will all live to regret the permanent loss of our way of life. US of Arabia.

  19. Carson with Cruz as VP. Since Carson has no political experience, Cruz would fill the gap. Both are strongly principled and willing to go out on a limb in standing on those principles. We all know there are few morally/ethically principled members in Congress or the Administration. Cruz is one and has paid dearly from the “establishment” because of his principled stands. It’s time for a REAL change, from the top on down. One or two in Congress can’t fight the herd of sold-outs.

  20. You should look into Carly’s background Howard. She’s NOT EVEN CLOSE to the outsider she is pretending to be. She’s locked in to the DC GOPe people just like Jeb. Both sides want Jeb but will settle for Carly. Trump would be unbeatable if he’d STFU with the personal attacks and lay out a good plan for America while he is the center of attention. That he has not done or doesn’t realize this knocks him down a few pegs and will keep him from winning and his advisers are idiot plants from RNC.

  21. I have read too many articles by Conservative ‘bloggers,’ which I put on my FB page, that puts some very big question marks, for me, after Fiorina’s name. I am re-thinking what I’m thinking! 😉 Tops on my list and not necessarily in this order are: Carson / Rubio / Cruz. All a passionate, all a Patriotic, all sensible Conservatives, all want The Rule of Law and to abide by and respect our Constitution! For your Canadian followers, Go Harper!! Thank you.

  22. Dr Carson has turned into my man, at first I was afraid he did not have the stamina it took but I now know he does. He is not a politician, ergo, has not really coalesced all his ideas yet. I say Carson/Cruz or Cruze/Carson. For pitied sake do not let Carly fool you!!!!!

  23. I am glad some people are starting to look at Carly and finding her a bit wanting…There are so many things against her, oh she talks a great game but in the end if you look at her past track record she is not the person you may think she is.

  24. Hi Howard — I haven’t commented on your excellent writing in a long, time — but must on this one! GOOD for you and your assessment of Dr. Ben Carson. I couldn’t agree more — and followed the same path you did to realize we were looking at a very courageous man of integrity and perseverance with God-given wisdom. The “real deal”. I first saw his life story in the movie “Gifted Hands” and later viewed the 2013 Prayer Breakfast — where I gave him a standing ovation in my living room.

  25. Hi Howard, thanks for the great editorial as usual. I too am looking forward to your commentary on the Canadian election, especially given how the polls have been so close as of late. As for Walker, it’s unfortunate to see him drop-out considering he seems like such a genuinely nice man, with noble intentions. He really is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things for his state (and country). All the best to yourself and Anne.

  26. We do not need massive deportations, just take away all of the freebies to illegals, health care,housing, jobs, schooling and fine employers for hiring illegals. When they have no more freebies, they will deport themselves. If we want a wall between the USA and Mexico, hire construction companies from Mexico to build it. It will cost a lot less than the Billions we spend on the illegals now.

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