At Sundown tonight (September 22, 2015), Jews worldwide will remember an event that DEFINES us to the CORE.


Today is the beginning of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, which began after Moses’ second trip to Mount Sinai, where he received the SECOND SET OF TABLETS WITH THE TEN COMMANDMENTS INSCRIBED upon them, where today, several thousand years later, observant Jews will stand before the OPEN ARKS IN ALL SYNAGOGUES everywhere upon this planet, confessing our sins against GOD . . . begging HIM DIRECTLY for his forgiveness.

From Sundown today . . . to Sundown tomorrow, observant Jews will fast, neither eating nor drinking anything, not wearing makeup, not listening to music, and abstaining from personal pleasures, including sexual relations, to show our penance to GOD, and our commitment to our PLEDGE to do better in the new year to our observance of GOD’S LAWS.

And as Yom Kippur begins in Synagogues, the prayer known as Shehecheyanu, which begins all major religious Jewish endeavors, including our Sabbath Evenings during the Pledge Rides is recited:

Blessed are You our God, creator of time and space, who has supported us, protetced us, and brought us to this moment.

And Yom Kippur will end with the BLOWING of the SHOFAR (Ram’s Horn), releasing the Jewish people to resume our lives and begin a New Year of FIDELITY to the  COMMANDMENTS of GOD.


As I am writing this . . . prior to my trip to Montreal with Anne, where we will stand before the Gravesite of my PARENTS before the Day of Atonement begins, I will thank them as I always do, for the wonderful life they gave to my two sisters and myself, feeling sadness that they are no longer with us in body, but knowing that they will be with me in SPIRIT till the day that I die.

I WILL THANK THEM for giving me a MORAL COMPASS that has defined who I am, and has given me the strength to stand-up for the things that need to be defended, and to fight for our FREEDOMS, which neither of my PARENTS had ever taken for granted.

I WILL THANK THEM for encouraging me to learn about politics, social responsibility, and for instilling in me the courage to swim against the current and understand that we all have a duty to make things better.

I WILL THANK THEM for giving me the Wisdom to Marry Anne, and for giving Anne the fortitude through their acceptance and love for her as a daughter, more than as a daughter-in-law, to tolerate me for the past 42-Years.

I WILL THANK THEM on this Yom Kippur as I always do, for giving me a LIFE WORTH LIVING.

And whether you are Jewish or not, all of us should take inventory of our past year, and reflect upon how we’ve conducted ourselves with our incredible gift of life, and PLEDGE TO DO BETTER.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Governments do for you in direct proportion to what they do to you.

  2. What a beautiful article. Your giving thanks for what you have was very moving and we should all give similiar thanks at this time for the wisdom to select and marry our wives as well as enjoying a life worth living and remembering what our parents did for us. than ks very much Mr Galganov

  3. That was very moving Mr. Galganov. It is good that you have reminded us to give thanks for all we have and all we are, even if we aren’t Jewish. I would like to add to Patrick’s comment “God Bless Canada”.

  4. Amen. I too am very thankful to my parents and grandmother for my moral compass, my independent way of living, and for only liking one man that I dated, my husband of 47 years. They were right he is the one for me.

  5. May you and yours be inscribed and sealed for a wonderful year, Howard, with an abundance of faith in His lovingkindness, long and healthy and happy life, and may we live to see our souls redeemed, our faith renewed, our Holy Temple rebuilt and her service restored, and Mashiach’s reign on earth!

  6. Beautiful email. Thank you, Howard, for reminding me again of our great heritage and what our parents, grandparents and forefathers have taught us and given us through God.
    May you be inscribed in the Book of Life forever.

  7. II Chron 7:14 -If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, & pray, & seek my face, & turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, & will forgive their sin, & will heal their land. Often I’ve seen this verse mentioned about salvation for the USA, but the stress is on humbling oneself & praying. They leave off the rest. Is it any wonder this country is STILL in the shape it’s in, & worse daily? Cannot leave out seeking God and repentance. God bless you & Anne

  8. Many thanks to you and yours! I look forward to reading your insights! BE BLESSED in all you do and say!!

  9. All sorts of laws are created by WHOMEVER and consistently REVIVED to suit “the times”! There are no better guidelines than the Ten Commandments, but one has to have a CONSCIENCE and a sense of MORALITY to be able to observe them. The Commandments never need to be revised either! Due to the many people who have chosen to disregard them, we now have a very LIBERAL and ANYTHING-GOES SOCIETY. Sadly, it’s not about to change any time soon either. If ever we needed God’s ASSISTANCE, it is NOW. AMEN!

  10. We should all be thankful for the way Elohim has taken care of us to make us the greatest countries on this planet. We have not done it on our own I can garantee you. In the last several years, we have not been as faithful as our forefathers. Instead of putthing “In Elohim We Trust”, we are putting our trust in the things of this world which is passing away. Elohim have mercy upon our souls!

  11. God Bless You, Howard and Anne, and all the people you love and who love you, and thank for for this wonderful piece celebrating Yom Kippur, by atoning for our numerous sins towards God and other people. Like you, I am also thanking my dear parents, Szajndla and Moses, from having saved us from the Holocaust, and for having lived according to the Ten Commandments, transmitting to my sister and I the values, courage and perseverance which made them so special.

  12. May the Great Creator of the Universe and all within it bless you and yours forever. I hope to see you when that time arrives for each of us to answer the call or our God to come home.

  13. Mr. Galganov, I never realized Yom Kippur was a holiday of thanks and atonement…all in one! Best to you and Anne for a beautiful holiday. My favorite holiday in the US is Thanksgiving Day. A whole day to thank God for all of our blessings. Perfect.

  14. howard..thank you for extending God’s hand and helping those of us pull away from the herd and the idolatry in news headlines and the worship of the false gods of ‘the state’ and to think deeper and act forthrightly on the things that really matter….your work helps those of us who know the eternal truths to defend them as best we can and to lead by example in our everyday lives…good health and safe travels God Bless the Galganovs always! john hosemann rising sun wisconsin

  15. Howard:You have been telling me for many years that you are not a religious Jew! I have come to doubt that as I have become aware of your principals. If the world was half as committed to those commandments that God gave to Moses on that first Yom Kippur, as you are, we would be living in the beautiful world that God made for us, not this world torn apart by pride and greed. So don’t worry about fooling us just keep up the good work.

  16. excellent article – the great thing it was the heart not just the words that is so moving. I will just say ‘so be it’

  17. Howard over the years of following your editorials I have developed a lot of respect for your cincerity. And I also have a loving memory of my parents. And as a Christian I have a Thankful heart of their teachings of Christ. Who affords me the adoption into the Jewish Family. That I through him Jesus Christ, will also find the reward of Eternal Life. God Bless Israel That our Nation may be blessed of GOD. Enjoy your days of FEAST.

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