No apology from Trump . . . No apology from Carson – AND NO APOLOGY FROM OBAMA FOR SURRENDERING AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. The big difference though . . . is that neither Trump nor Carson have anything to apologize for.

Trump had every RIGHT to ignore answering a question that dealt with Obama’s religion and citizenship. And CARSON HAD EVERY RIGHT to his opinion about not wanting to vote for a Moslem to become a President of the USA.

AND IF YOU WANT TO GET RIGHT DOWN TO IT . . . how can anyone who loves his or her country (Canada or the USA), could ever want a Moslem in charge of our society and culture, which is 100% ANATHEMA to our Judeo/Christian VALUES?


AFTER all these years of biased, slanted, and outright Media LIES to promote the LEFTIST agenda, you’d think we’d be used to it. But, it’s impossible to ever get used to YELLOW JOURNALISM on this scale in North America, which is historically in lockstep with LEADERS of TYRANNIES.

THE NAZIS desperately needed a compliant media. THE SOVIETS desperately needed a compliant media. ARAB leaders desperately need a compliant media. AND SO DO WESTERN LEFTIST POLITICIANS.

INSTEAD OF THE MEDIA looking for or creating GOTCHA scenarios for Conservatives, perhaps they should be questioning and exposing REAL ISSUES THAT ARE NOT AMBIGUITIES ON THE LEFT.

Other than for FOX News, Conservative Radio Talk-Shows, Conservative Print, and BLOGS like this one, who else is questioning the greatest DEBT any country has ever amassed, especially in this extremely short amount of time?

Where was the LEFTIST Media to lay-waste to the Democrats, for voting for the single largest government commitment, expense, and entitlement, since the founding of the United States of America, WITHOUT READING ONE SENTENCE OF THE HEALTHCARE BILL BEFORE VOTING FOR IT?

You would think that the ABJECT ABUSE OF POWER of the State could only happen in a TOTALITARIAN society, where there isn’t a FREE PRESS. So how does the incomprehensible ABUSE of the IRS, the NSA, the FBI, and the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT (Fast and Furious) escape Media Criticism in the USA?

And what about Clinton’s Benghazi, Clinton’s Emails, Clinton’s Server, Clinton’s Foundation, and BILL CLINTON’S Mega-Million-Dollar speaking fees courtesy of Hilary Clinton’s State Department? And those might just be the tip of the iceberg.


Given just what I listed in the preceding, which is only a fraction of the OUTRAGEOUS abuses of power from the President’s Office, right through to the Justice Department, to the IRS, State Department and beyond . . . you would think there would be mainstream media OUTRAGE. So where is it?


NOTHING HAPPENS IN A VACUUM . . . especially a political vacuum, and as much as what is happening today in Ukraine, throughout Europe with the Moslems, the entire Middle East, Iran and Syria – NOT TO MENTION WHAT CHINA IS DOING IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA . . . it’s all the responsibility of Obama, his LEFTIST administration, the State Department, John Kerry and HILLARY CLINTON.

But . . . if you had to rely solely on the Mainstream Media to know this, you’d think these nightmare issues have been created in a vacuum. But anyone watching FOX News, listening to Conservative Talk-Radio, and reading Conservative Newspapers and BLOGS like Galganov Dot Com know better, which is both a tragedy and blessing, since the Internet gives anyone who cares, the option to buy the propaganda of the LEFT, or learn the TRUTH.


We can listen to all the CRAP the LEFT wants to feed us, that America is the most powerful nation on earth . . . that it has the most powerful military that ever was, while in reality, and at the same time, AMERICA’S GENERALS ARE RINGING PANIC BELLS about how UNDERFUNDED and INEPT the American Military Machine has become.

While the Russians are FOCUSED on World Dominance and how to crush her enemies, Obama’s America is focused on promoting women in Combat.

AS THE USA HAS BEEN IN A STEADY OBAMA RETREAT . . . Russia has been on a steady march to power. Where Obama is in FULL SURRENDER, Putin is in FULL CONQUER MODE . . . And as the US is walking away from its Middle East commitments and ALLIES, like Israel, Egypt and JordanRUSSIA is sending in the troops, tanks and fighter-jets to the enemies of Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

What Obama, Clinton and Kerry have done to America’s ONCE-UPON-A-TIME EXCEPTIONALISM doesn’t just border on being criminal . . . IT IS CRIMINAL, and will lead to wars and strife that will be unimaginable.

Israel . . . Led by Netanyahu, with two of his TOP GENERALS for a closed door several hour sit-down with Putin in Russia today (September 21, 2015), isn’t there with cap-in-hand looking for FREEBIES, and a Russian promise not to incite, or countenance Arab/Moslem incitement of hatred and violence toward Israel.

Netanyahu, as I best understand it from reading various Israeli Sources over the past while, is in Russia to let the Russians know, that Israel will do whatever Israel must do to defend itself in any way it deems necessary, and if Russian TROOPS or Russian EQUIPMENT gets in the way . . . SO-BE-IT.

MITT ROMNEY made it clear during the 2012 Presidential debate that Russia and Putin were the NUMBER ONE THREAT TO AMERICA . . . Obama laughed. So who’s laughing now? Certainly not Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. AND NEITHER SHOULD WE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are absolutely right on how bureaucracy has taken over North America and it will take massive steps to change this BRUTAL regime.
    Your the one voice in the wilderness, that is telling it like it is.
    Please keep up the good work.

  2. What’s that old expression about “laughing all the way to the grave”? Bud Farrell

  3. There is not another person than can spell it out better than you, period! I value having access to your editorials.

  4. It was Obamas goal from the start to ruin the USA, and I must say that he has done this in a Moslem way, no ifs or buts about his intentions.
    To achieve the destruction he has wrought, makes one wonder about the citizenry who would still vote for the bleep, bleep, bleep.

  5. Who’s kidding who? That sound we hear is the fat lady singing and the death rattle of a republic.

  6. Daily, I ask myself: figures don’t lie, so how could the Left support the figures which will ultimately destroy them? The Left can easily see how socialist governments imploded on the middle class (i.e. Soviets, Venezuela, Cuba, Greece, USA, etc.) Yet, we have Bernie Sanders with high poll numbers, in spite of the common knowledge, any of his programs will require funds which higher taxes cannot support, therefore the government must borrow from other countries.

  7. Thanks, Howard. Thank you for ‘telling it like it is’! So many people today have their heads in the sand, it seems, and have no idea what is going on …. or they don’t care, don’t pay attention. They are going to have a very rude awakening at some point, which I don’t think is too far off. Keep up the great work!

  8. Great job! You’re on a roll today. These are exactly the reasons why TRUMP has RESONATED with his “We will make America great again” statement. People are sick and tired of the LEFT’s rhetoric, LIES, and disastrous actions! They want POSITIVE ACTION, and they want it FAST! BHO and his cohorts continue to deceive us with their tactics, and want Conservatives to be compliant with their LIBERAL views. Why should Trump & Carson apologize for their own views? The TRUTH hurts–that’s why! AMEN!

  9. Just tragic and many on the left buy this crap! There is no justice, only greed and the elite! Probably no way out of this debt.

    Terry Shively, Whitehouse, Ohio, USA

  10. I also appreciate your comments and thoughts on the state of our union, but what do we do about this?

  11. The main stream media is obsessed with controlling and setting the liberal agenda. With more and more completion from conservative radio, social media and Fox News, it can only be expected that the main stream media will only be screaming louder and louder.

  12. We can’t say he didn’t tell us of his intentions. “Fundamentally change the US of A”. There was another monster that told the world of his intentions not really all that long ago and the world was the recipient of the most destructive and bestial behavior that ever was. Now the sleeping morons that refuse to open their eyes here and (around the world) are permitting this newest monster and his clan to destroy civilization as we know it. Incomprehensible, absolutely incomprehensible!!!!

  13. Kudos to Dr Ben Carson for elaborating his opinions on Muslims. Every candidate running for office should echo his opinion. Muslims have spoken openly, and the Koran speaks of this, that non-believers of the Islam religion should be done away with. They want to replace us, not co-exist. The constitution and Sharia law will never coincide!!!

  14. I respect both Trump and Carson for their stand. I guess we all knew that the left would beat them back as hard as they could. However, it is still beyond my comprehension how Obama and his gang are getting away with all that they do. Are the American people that stupid?

  15. Unfortunately, the right has underestimated Obama. He had a plan and he is executing it masterfully. If he continues to execute, the US will become a second rate nation equivalent to a third world country. He has been apologetic to other nations about the US. To me, this means that he plans to make us just another mediocre nation, at best.

  16. Yes Howard, it is difficult … Near impossible to come down on a decision when, by far, the majority bores for oil in the “Leftists” hole, and a lone voice like yours is shouting to do few, in the wilderness of political,correctness.

    Greetings to Maureen Moss in Lethbridge. We spent most of our working years in your beautiful city, before retiring to Kelowna.

  17. Howard, We looove you man!If only we could figure out a way to replicate you. Take care of yourselves. Boss and Shirlee

  18. RE…Carson not wanting a Moslem president.
    I couldn’t believe the out pouring of anti Carson rhetoric on CNN. Carson should ask them if Netanyahu or any other Israeli leaders would support a Moslem for president of Israel. They keep talking about the constitution. But i am sure the last thing on their minds would have been that someday some would use their words to support a Moslem for president. In those days i am sure most of the framers of the constitution never even heard of Moslems.

  19. Indeed in the last seven years there is much to blame Obama and the democrats for; however, both Bush presidencies share a lot of the blame with Iraq and Afganastan. At one time we were supporting Iraq in its war against Iran and this kept the Ayatollahs in check. The Moslem/Arab world is not in tune to be democratized and the activities of the Neocons was misplaced. Obama and Clinton just made a very bad situation worse.

  20. Was the change in position/status of the USA and Russia what Obama was talking about in Aug 2012 when he thought his mike was turned off? He said when elected he’d have more flexibility. He was perhaps talking about more than missile defense. His purpose has always been to destroy the US and put her on her knees. He’s succeeding aided by idiot Dems and establishment Reps. Lord help us for our representatives surely aren’t.

  21. I can see Russia taking the complete leadership role in the ME and I think this is Putins plan.
    Right or wrong at least this fellow is doing something! In the meantime Kerry is busy having yet more “talks” and barry is figuring out how to draw more red lines. Pitiful.
    Russia could close out isis totally and in doing so become the ME “hero”!
    West sure as heck can’t do it!

  22. Please. The mainsteam media has given President Obama nothing but a free ride. They essentially hung up their investigative and critiquing hats for 8 years and will put them back on again once he goes. Its amazing how the only scandal in 7 years worthy enough for liberal media to address is a crashed gov’t web site under Obama’s watch. Oooo, Aaaaah. That’s some serious stuff and even more hard-hitting, serious reporting, i tell you. The NY Times better watch out!!!

  23. The Bear is growing stronger,while the wings of the Eagle are being clipped.Our Constitution was made only for a moral & religious people.Without this there can be no virtue,with no virtue you can have no liberty.It then becomes inadequate for any other kind. John Adams. Where is the support for Ben Carson, his poll numbers should have escalated. Obama made his agenda clear,”CHANGE” NO ONE ASKED WHAT KIND! How gullible we Americans have become! Liberty lost is lost forever.John Adams (1775)

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