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NO APOLOGY NECESSARY . . . Someone at Trump’s recent Rally, made a point of Obama’s supposed connection to Islam in a question to Trump, and that Obama was not a real American . . . AND TRUMP GOT SLAMMED for not defending the integrity of Obama’s religion and citizenship.

1 – Neither Trump nor anyone else has any obligation to support anything Obama might and might not be. McCain went running to Obama’s defense during the 2008 election, and look how well that worked out for McCain, the USA, and the World.

2 – As far as I’m concerned, I have no idea if Obama was really born in the USA, but, like MOST thinking people, I have my doubts, mostly because it took Obama forever to produce a Birth Certificate that isn’t like most Birth Certificates.

And why would the hospital where Obama was supposedly born in Hawaii, have been so obstinate about releasing his Birth Record?

3 – Obama’s Birth Father was a Moslem. His Adoptive Father was a Moslem. And in his young years he attended a Madrassa (Moslem school) in Indonesia, which is a Moslem country. And according to the Koran, the child of a Moslem parent is a Moslem.

And the FACT that Obama states that he is a Christian is meaningless to me, especially since his Reverend Jeremiah Wright calls himself a Black Liberationist Christian Minister, and in the same breath, HE SCREAMS . . . GOD CURSE AMERICA.


The beauty of living in North America . . . is that we have elections where everyone who meets the criteria can run for office. AND EVERYONE who meets the voting criteria has the RIGHT to chose whom he or she wants to win and vote for ANONYMOUSLY.

So, when someone like me comments on various candidates, and tries to explain them to the best of my ability, jumping down my throat doesn’t prove that you’re right and I’m wrong.

It also isn’t like a football game, where allegiances based upon team and player preferences are in essence meaningless entertainment. How we debate and analyze all the people who wish to become the Republican Nominee is SERIOUS STUFF that DEMANDS close scrutiny.

ALSO . . . Don’t be fooled by CRAP you might read online, because it seems to be legitimate, or because it came to you from a “reliable on-line contact”, or if it is part of a BLOG based upon TRIBAL fidelities, or just part of a less than complete story.

AND REMEMBER THIS . . . The FIRST victim in politics is the TRUTH! And between now and the day the Nominee is chosen, many, if not most of us might change our preferences several times, as we learn more about each candidate.


What Planned Parenthood has done with Partially Born Fetuses, would make a Nazi Blush. It is VILE, INDEFENSIBLE and CRIMINAL. And if this issue does not merit SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT, only because Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Biden, and the rest of the LEFT want to support these EUGENIC Bastards . . . THEN THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.

If the supporters of Margaret Sanger . . . who was the founder of Planned Parenthood, who wanted to send Black People back to Africa, abort Black Children, who hated Jews . . . who is also the HEROINE of the LEFT, and can press its despicable PHILOSOPHY in place of American VALUES and CONSCIENCE . . . then the simple solution is to shut the government down and let the revolution begin.

IT WASN’T LOST ON ME . . . that all Republicans of conscience want to DEFUND Planned Parenthood, but only a few said without EQUIVOCATION – that if it takes a total Government Shutdown SO-BE-IT. But that’s not what I have thus far heard from the leaders of the House and Senate.


PS – In my last editorial, I neglected to comment on Ted Cruz, which I should have, since Cruz is indeed amongst those Republican Conservative Candidates who we should all be watching and cheering for. HE IS INDEED THE REAL DEAL.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  2. AMEN TO ALL AGREED. “TODAY YOUR BRILLIANT MIND IS AT IT’S BEST TODAY”. Had to highlight that, as it was so deserving!

  3. Ted Cruz was born in Canada the son of a Cuban father. I do not see how he can be a “natural born citizen.” Citizen and “natural born citizen” are not equivalent. Unfortunately the writers of the Constitution did not define the terms. A term that may have been understood by the people at the time may have become muddled through the years. The idea was to have a person loyal to the US without conflict.

    A criticism of Obama is met with a charge of racism. That’s why he’s in office.

  4. BHO has shown his allegiance to Islam in many ways such as reducing our military presence in the middle east as well as the Iran deal. I think it’s his contribution to forming the Moslem Caliphate. As for “the FACT that Obama states that he is a Christian”… a friend simply stated, “It’s not a sin in Islam to lie to the infidels.” Trump has already echoed the points you mention re: his obligations. If “violating political correctness” is all the left has to use against him, they are in trouble!

  5. There is no question that Trump had no obligation to defend Obama. What, to my knowledge, no one has pointed out is why Obama would have to be defended, if someone alleges that O is a Muslim. O, the administration, most of the media kowtow to the Muslims, and castigate any who denigrate Islam. So, what then is the problem with O being a Muslim? In the words of a notable (notorious?) personage, “What difference…does it make?”

  6. Howard, you are totally right about Ted Cruz: he IS the real deal, and I sincerely hope that Republicans, Conservative, Libertarians, Independents, will rally in his favour when all will have been said and done.

  7. Well done. I just wish that the electorate were as informed and had the ability to think, as nearly every one of your readers.

  8. Spot on, as usual. The one giveaway with Obama’s fake birth certificate is that the hospital named as the place where he was born was not in existence for two years after his birth. When he was born, the two hospitals were just that. Two years later they joined together with the name claimed in that certificate. Also, I am more and more in agreement with you about Cruz. There is the GOP worry of his birth being in Canada, and that’s a shame.

  9. So much has been written about Barry Soetoro a/k/a Hussein Obama and it is all true. He is an undereducated Charlie McCarthy, just a mouthpiece. He is not an American and is not black. He will go down as the worse President that this Country has ever had.

  10. Our choice of candidates WILL change, as we learn more. For many, it already has. DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD, at least the ABORTION SECTION. Put the BILL on BHO’s desk, and SHUT DOWN the GOVERNMENT, if needed! Sadly, CONSCIENCE plays a VERY SMALL role in this decision-making, as will soon be proven! BHO claims to be a CHRISTIAN, but supports MOSLEM activities (e.g., IRAN DEAL) vs. PROMOTING support for our ALLY, ISRAEL? WHY HAS BHO’s PAST HISTORY BEEN SO SECRETIVE? The TRUTH is “SEALED”! AMEN!

  11. You got it, Howard…. Cruz is a good one, and should be POTUS! He’s more American (in his heart and behavior) than B.O. ever was!!! You’re so right about your comments about the politics of the U.S… and I generally follow them. But these days, I can’t even figure out our own (Canadian) politics, since an election is up-coming. The debates are a farce, and the 3 PM incumbents all leave a lot to be desired… O Politics!

  12. I’m with you Howard. Shut down the government if need be but we HAVE TO “DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD”!!! They are CRIMINALS!!! I also agree that “Senator Cruz (sic) IS THE REAL DEAL”!!! He was not given the time he deserved at the last debate on CNN, nor was several others. Senator Cruz has his heart in the right place for sure.. he loves America and will do whatever it takes to take back Our Country!!!! God Bless & Save America……………….

  13. I wonder how many know that Tom Mulcair, who wants to be PM, holds both Canadian and French citizenship, the latter he applied for as an adult. His wife, from France, ran to represent French citizens living in Quebec in the Paris based French National Assembly. There is definitely a conflict of interest for Mulcair. Jack Layton even stated that no one with another citizenship should run for elected office in Canada. Yet there is Mulcair wanting to be the NDP PM of Canada.

  14. Should babies born to people who are “on vacation” or who are illegals who walked across the border be given immediate American citizenship??

  15. When Obama was running for the Democrat Party’s nomination for president, no less an authority (of the LEFT wing variety) than the New York Times ran an op/ed piece by a contributor pointing out that as the son of a Muslim, Obama is considered by law in many Islamic countries as a Muslim and if he then became a Christian as an apostate. The concern was raised by the writer that this would impact his safety if he visited such countries as the penalty for apostasy in some of these places is death.

  16. Keep up the good work, Howard. The check will be in the mail come Monday. Appreciate your hard work….Bill M

  17. You favor planned parenthood defunding, as do I. One question to I have is how many tons of fetal tissue is required before we can stop the excuse it is for “research”. To those who fear the shutdown, have congress defund and pass the bill to Obama to veto. To those who claim no government money is being spent by PP on abortions, do a forensic accounting on expenses including salaries of the abortionists and the percentage of facility usage. Lamborghinis salaries are into the infamous 1%ers rate

  18. Would a Christian president have the religious statues in a Christian Church covered before he made a speech, and then take his shoes off and bow when he enters a mosque? I don’t think so.

  19. A true leader knows how to rally a people to make it a “WE” vision. NOT an “I” vision! A true leader also knows how to serve! I will save time and space by saying I agree with you Howard. I also agree with Defunding Planed Parent Hood is a MUST!

  20. Dual citizenship of non Jews is just another way to blur national boundaries to make another one world government which is contrary to the what God did at Babel. We are supposed to be divided according to nations and tongues to prevent another Tower which was a one world government. Jewish dual citizenship was to protect Jews so they could go to Israel whenever they needed for safety. This is not the case with other dual citizenships. U R doing good work, Howard!

  21. If the published stats are correct: Planned Parenthood spends only 3% of their budget on abortions, I wonder why they should be punished by denying them $500 million/yr. The law usually considers proportionality before establishing a penalty.

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