TRUMPED-OUT . . . Hyped On Fiorina – CNN DID FINE


Fiorina was ON FIRE Wednesday night (September 16, 2015) at the CNN Debate, which was panned as being too long, too confrontational, and unprofessional by some candidates who didn’t do well, some candidates who wanted attention by bitching, AND BY ALL OF THE COMPETING MEDIA.

But to me . . . I didn’t tune-in to rate CNN, a network for which I have little regard, expecting their hosts to impress me. I tuned-in to see and hear the candidates, and as such, I came away quite satisfied.


1 – Trump . . . who is always fed an inordinate amount of publicity by all media, not because he has a game plan to back-up his rhetoric, but rather, because he is good for their ratings, WHICH HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH WHAT’S GOOD FOR AMERICA.

To the Trump Lovers, he did great on the debate. But to me, he said nothing that was new, special, or memorable . . . outside of several unprovoked ad hominem attacks on other contenders.

2 – Carson is a great speaker, which didn’t show during the debate, because of the format. But, given the right atmosphere, he is sensational. He’s as analytical as you’d expect from a BRAIN SURGEON, and says what he thinks in a way normal people can understand. And he’s not BEHOLDEN to Lobbyists, special interests and/or BIG MONEY.

3 – Rubio did exceptionally well, by focusing on REAL and PRESSING issues, without savaging any of the other candidates, which showed a great maturity and understanding of world and domestic events.

4 – Bush was Bush, and said absolutely nothing to change my mind about his RINO candidacy. I guess to the BIG Money backing him, he has become a serious disappointment.

5 – I really liked Bobby Jindal, when he said as clearly as possible, that IF the Republicans in Congress (Senate and House) aren’t willing to fight for their principles, WHO THE HELL NEEDS THEM (my words)? Which perhaps was the most important and honest statement of the night.

6 – Scott Walker, who had very little time to debate, because he didn’t push himself through the “mob” – and should have . . . didn’t help himself.

7 – I saved the second to last critique for Chris Christie, who I have DISLIKED long before he declared himself as a candidate to be the Republican nominee. In my NOT-SO-HUMBLE opinion, to me, Christie is every inch as much a NARCISSIST as Trump . . . but without any private sector successes to point to.

As a matter of fact, outside of feeding-off the PUBLIC PURSE, what has Chris Christie ever done to really create a job or get his hands dirty on his own PRIVATE volition?


Did Christie ever create a business? Hire his own employee(s)? Make a payroll with his own money? Compete against someone with a better product, cheaper price, and better service? Did Christie ever have to stand cap-in-hand in front of a bank manager, literally begging for money to keep his business going? Or, doing without, just to pay his employees for their weekly work?

So who’s Christie, to think he really knows something about running a business and creating jobs?

Christie is also a BULLY, as we’ve repeatedly seen through the media, as he embarrasses, yells at, and castigates people he doesn’t agree with. Which in his case is real easy, being the governor surrounded by kiss-asses and armed police.

ALSO . . . in spite of anything Christie says – during the Romney campaign he did two things that were unforgiveable.

a – When given the tremendous privilege of being the Keynote Speaker for Romney’s Nomination at the Republican Convention, he hardly whispered a word about Romney, but spoke all about himself. It was embarrassing, infuriating, and showed him for the SELFISH EGOMANIAC he really was.

b – And what is absolutely UNFORGIVEABLE, no matter how Christie tries to spin it, was Christie’s French-Kiss of Obama during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, that did REAL damage to the Republicans and Mitt Romney.

And in addition to the preceding, Christie could have chosen any of a plethora of great lawyers to sit on the Bench of New Jersey’s Supreme Court. So, why did he pick a Moslem Lawyer who was a known and proud defender of Sharia?


Also . . . in spite of whatever Christie says about his so-called defense of the 2nd Amendment, no one, in has or her right mind will travel through New Jersey with a Firearm that is not registered in New Jersey, no matter how securely it is packed, because of the ABSOLUTE THREAT OF INCARCERATION if a gun (legal) is found in your possession by the New Jersey Police.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . on our way to Georgia, Florida, and then onto Texas this winter, Anne and I will make a huge detour, so as NOT to travel through Christie’s New Jersey with our LEGAL guns and ATF permits, which otherwise gives us permission to transport our registered FIREARMS throughout the USA.

And when it comes to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, Christie . . . NOW – all of sudden, he’s talking tough, but where was he BEFORE he decided to run for the leadership of the Republican Party? Aren’t there SANCTUARY CITIES in Christie’s New Jersey?

8 – Carly Fiorina, who I have been touting from the very beginning as a FIRST RATE CHOICE, has now become a target of the other candidates, which is to be expected . . . but what Christie said near the end of the debate, which was said so ACRIMONIOUSLY by TAKING FIORINA & TRUMP out to the woodshed, because they were debating their business pasts (successes and failures), is the absolute height of HYPOCRISY, coming from a man who can’t make a sentence without bragging about himself.

RIGHTLY SO . . . Fiorina has to defend and explain her past business successes and FAILURES, so that the American people would have a complete and honest opinion of the woman who wants to be President and Commander-In-Chief of the USA.

SO TO ME . . . The Christie castigation had nothing to do with ignoring real issues, as much as it had to do with the New Jersey Governor NOT getting to shine in the spotlight.

9 – As for the rest of the candidates who I didn’t mention, until things change dramatically, I can’t see them going anywhere any time soon.

CNN hosted the debate that people are loving to criticize . . . but to me, it revealed an awful lot about the people who came to fight, those who just came, those who had a real handle on the issues, those who came to name-call, and those with the TENACITY NOT TO WAIT TO BE CALLED-UPON, but rather put themselves forward to be seen and heard anyway they could.



Even though received very little financial support this month, there were people who visit this BLOG who did help-out, for which I am extremely GRATEFUL. And hopefully, next month (mid October) . . . we will do better.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Want to do something constructive today to reclaim America? Call your U.S. Congressman at their DC office today ahead of tomorrow’s vote for House Speaker of the new 114th Congress. All we need is 29 Representatives to grow a backbone and vote for someone, anyone except the incumbant. That will force a second vote and open up real choice. Did you know the Speaker does not even have to be a current member of the House of Representatives? Hey, Newt. Want your old job back?

  2. Howard,
    I am a senior citizen on a fixed income, but I think your blog is well worth supporting. I have cut a few of my extras to help you get the word out. Yours is one of the voices I would not like to see silenced. You and Dr. Ben Carson are two people I have invested in for my children’s future.
    Thank you for all you do for your nation and mine.
    Rita Y. Chiavacci

  3. To Ron Powers, apparently you are misinformed .. Jindal WAS a participant in the earlier round and was quite impressive.
    To Jon Walker, I for one, disagree and sincerely wish Howard was an American citizen,he is much more informed that most I know and have read.
    I agree with your analysis, Howard, and think Fiorina made a good show of it all.
    I am still pro-Trump but I qualify that with ‘it is still early in the game’. A lot can happen between now and the primary races.
    As always, thank

  4. Jindal was in the first round which included him, Graham, Santorum and Pataki. My greatest enjoyment watching that came from him humiliating Lindsay Graham by saying the senate republicans should be ashamed of themselves for agreeing so much with Obama’s policies. Graham squirmed like a little schoolgirl, and his defense of “well, Obama would have vetoed…” was, as expected, purely pathetic.

    Mr. Galganov, thank-you for these great editorials. They make my day!

  5. I hear McDonald’s is looking for a new front man. That’s a job suited in the private sector for the clown Christie.

  6. Interesting observation.
    I thought Carly, who I kind of like, came across with a “staged” performance? Her concluding comments were “classic” in the extreme. Now she is a neat lady. Has all the exec ability for “numbers”.
    She could be a great one perhaps. But then again, anyone would be infinitely better that the “community organizer”? And YES, Trump was right in not correcting the questioner re hussien! The pres IS a muslim!
    Only the press who have always refused to recognize it!

  7. Howard what do you think of Senator Ted Cruz? I feel he is a true American who will do the right thing for We the People and “GET OUR COUNTRY BACK on TRACK AGAIN”.. He did not get enough time to “show his love for his country”. Thank you Howard for all you do, for sharing your thoughts, and for loving our countries. God Bless You & God Bless America, Canada, and Israel.

  8. Thank you Howard… To maintain your conservative credibility… I’d like for you to also focus on Trump’s two major policy papers he’s released so far. The one on the second amendment yesterday. The one thing that no one else has been able to do is focus on the great American spirit. Not even this blog.. and editorials. Trump is a successful business man, much more so than I suspect people are here.

  9. Carly is a smart lady but I have not made up my mind about her as I keep hearing about the bad things about her. Carson is much too mild. I think both Carly and Carson could be bought by the highest bidder if either one was picked to run for President, reason being it takes millions to even run for President which they don’t have but someone else does. Now Trump is a different story as he can tell the special interest people to kiss his butt which he already has, most people like that.

  10. You’re once confused commentator. First for America’s salvation, then thinking you’ve met the love of your political life, abandon her for another. Trump gone? You’re typical of most Canadians. You suffer from the fact you’re not American and seem to go to any lengths to prove yourself wrong. Suck it up. Ms. Fiorina is the intellect of the Party. Trump is it’s heart and soul. Together? Who knows.

  11. They are going after Carly’s business record. What will happen when they come across her selling technologies to the Arab countries when they were they were under embargo and sanctions by the US? This is anti-american and in my opinion corrupt and money hungry. I llived on the Mexican border for 20 yrs and had friends in the top of the PAN party. One friend told me we were a bunch of wimps. Trump knows how to handle them and he will. He is not going to show his hand/hands with everyone.

  12. If Ted Cruz can do what he says if elected I am for him 100% Tear down everything this present so called president has messed up

  13. ok, here is what I think. We have a bunch of “Do Nothing” kind of people (Elected by the People with all kinds of Promises if the People will send them to Washington, when they get there they do nothing they Promised) They Criticize Trump for Not Being a Politian and yet they are “Trying” to run the biggest Business in the World and have never run even a Hot Dog Stand. (They have been a Total Failure at it) Trump on the other hand is a Success At it and we need him or some one like him to

  14. I suppose everyone thinks differently and rightfully so. This debate was but a minute parcel of time allotted to those who have put their hat in the ring. It is to early to really make right “judgements” and I don’t really like that word as to who is the right person for the job. I will reserve. . . Let us research the facts and then make a decision.

  15. I too find far to many thing wrong with Carly’s track record in business (Re Lucent) and all the people from HP who were glad to see the back of her. Her praising of all thing Muslims just after 9/11 as well. I am still for Trump as he seems the one that’s needed at this time.

  16. Given today’s political, economic, military climates, Trump leads polls because of anger/emotions of “we the people” who have been ignored by Washington politicians, both right and left, constitution trashed. Voters should be VERY careful, because the SUBSTANCE of Trump’s “make America great” is not much different than “Hope and Change” or “yes we can” crap. Decisions based on emotions are more often wrong than right. Without anger among voters, Trump likely wouldn’t be above 2% in substance.

  17. Good analysis Howard. I am becoming more impressed by Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson every time I listen to them speak. It’s unfortunate there is so much misinformation about Carly’s business record and comments she made about Moslems years ago. Most business leaders and politicians have made similar comments. I too used to think there were moderate Moslems but having read the Koran that delusion is gone and I think Carly also understands the problem better than she did years ago.

  18. Another great post Howard. I’m sure the Democrats are running scared with “the Donald” saying and doing what ever he wants. They have always been able to keep the “enemy” in line until now…………I also agree with your statement. Why should he respond on Obama being a Moslem???? I think Trump has really tapped in to a topic that people are afraid to discuss.

  19. Howard, I enjoy your reading your blog and do very seldom disagree with your comments. However, I have to disagree with you this time with your assessment of Carly Florina. I believe that she is a cold and calculating person because of her previous history in the corporate world and a possible Rino because of her past comments about the Muslim history. Yes, she is smart, intelligent and can think on her feet quite well when needed. But I do believe that your faith in her is misplaced.

  20. You’ve heard my likes and dislikes recently. You and I are pretty much mirror images on these peeps (That’s a Texas term you’ll understand). Marco Rubio continues to amaze. The man is so resolute, and articulate, that his answers sound like they’re read from a teleprompter. He is right on with his understanding of the problems, both foreign and domestic. I think he a is a serious front runner!!!

  21. Excellent assessment I thought. Agreed on most comments. However, I have been reading quite a lot about Carly Fiorina lately because, I too have become a fan. I am including one piece I read recently and it is definitely “food for thought!” The Conservative Case Against Carly Fiorina. I wish you were an America! Pffftt! To Jon Walker from Huron, OH

  22. Howard, as always, I enjoy and learn from your comments. I have been a fan of Carly Fiorina since the first debate. I keep seeing comments in articles and blogs about her “muslim comments” and have researched that for myself. Right after 9/11 many leaders were trying to calm us and keep us from thinking all muslims were bad. How we have evolved! But you know what I like most about her since the debate? Every single veteran I’ve talked to likes/respects her!

  23. ~ Carly did do well; Jeb seemed to have more passion; Ben is an amazing man whose integrity is what the United States desperately needs. I am one of those Trump lovers you alluded to and believe that’s the only Republican candidate would could run against Clinton and win. Despite Benghazi (and her many other sins) she has biased media support and she will finish off the remaining tatters of the once great U.S. of A. What stands out to me is how far we have fallen as a society and it’s scary.

  24. Carly didn’t know the questions beforehand; however, she IS a calculating person, thus had prepared herself quite well for the anticipated debate questions. Much of the CNN debate was focused on ATTACKING TRUMP as well as creating a very negative environment for the other candidates. The questions should have focused on ISSUES, not on accusatory factors. Ironically, Trump won the debate by NOT being his usual self which, no one expected–as proven by CNN’s aggressive approach and tactics. AMEN!

  25. Cruz is the one that the rinos and the media hates the most, because he is the true conservative in the race, the smartest and most principled. On the rare occasion when he got a question in the debate, he would be interrupted or cut off before he could ever get his opinion across. Carson is smart, nice guy, etc., but too wishy washy in answering questions. Men like Putin would eat his lunch while he was trying to decide yes or no to a question. Jindal is a for Jindal; ask a Louisiana resident

  26. Howard (and appreciative audience),
    Carly is NOT what Carly seems. I leave it there. Bobby Jindal is an empty suit. I’ve lived in Louisiana for 40 years and monitore the political intrigue over that time. When Bobby came back from Washington back-when…(please, somebody tell me when) after serving in Bush II’s administration, one of the first things I remember him saying was that he was looking to unite LA, hoping to ‘reach across the aisle’… ‘NUFF SAID”. Forget him. He’s an air-head.

  27. While I agree with your analysis, I just wonder why everyone is trying to ditch Ted Cruz? I wonder why no one is asking Fiorina on her stance on the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam?? Why won’t she make her stance public? What is her stance on common core?? While I agree with her comments on planned murdersrus, these issues should be right up there demanding an answer.

  28. Be Careful about Fiorina – her biggest Donor is Univision … The media is really elevating her to takedown Trump … Fiorina’s past will haunt her as more people find out about her dealings selling technology and hardware thru Saudi Arabia for Iran skirting Federal laws … Keep vetting Fiorina – she will not win the GOP nomination but maybe good for a cabinet position if she doesn’t criticize Trump too much …

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